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Cycling Benefits, Tip’s & Tricks

I now cycle on a daily basis. It keeps me fit and furthermore it helps to ease depression. Believe me, it does. Another cycling benefit that it does is that boosts your stamina. You will find your self more active during intense physical activity. Welcome to the cycling guide for the newbies. Cycling is a good habit, pick it up and make a huge difference to your environment.

As a result of this daily activity, I have lost a considerable amount of weight. Now I not only cycle, but learn tips and tricks for riding on different terrains. Most noteworthy is the fact that cycling helps you in boosting your confidence. My social circle just went ballistic since the time I started to cycle. I joined a few local clubs and there you go! Have rider buddies all the time to give you company.

I am more confident, better in shape and more outgoing than ever before. I urge everyone to pick up this good habit and cycle at-least 5-10 Km’s day to enjoy all these benefits.

I will post articles in this section of cycling guide. So stay tuned and learn all about it from a newcomers perspective.

Fighting Headwinds While Cycling

Fighting Headwinds While Cycling

Let's talk about headwinds while cycling. My friends did over 100 km this weekend. All they complained about was riding in strong headwinds. There is no way to fight mother nature, however,...

Keto Cycling Diet

What in the world is keto cycling — and should you try it? “KETO cycling” is a less restrictive form of the popular keto diet. Furthermore, it is supposed to be better for losing weight...
Trilok Kumar Swami sets a new record by covering over 600 km in 24 hours.

24 Hours Cycling Record By Trilok – Clocked 609 km

Trilok Kumar Swami sets a new record by covering over 600 km in 24 hours.

Jaipur Cycle Tours

Jaipur Cycle Guided Tours - Bicycles On Rent In Jaipur, The Pink City Are you in Jaipur for the holidays? Then do check out guided Jaipur Cycle Tours. Do...
Shifting Gears on a cycle

Basic’s Of Shifting Gears

Shifting Gears On A Bike - For Beginners I got my first bike last year. It was an MTB, not very expensive but fairly good for a beginner. I had "Zero" knowledge about shifting gears...

Bicycle Brakes Type

Bicycle Brakes Assembly - Which One To Choose?  In simple language, "Bicycle Brakes" are a mechanism which stops your bike from moving further. Furthermore, It refers to both the levers at the bars and the...

Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple

A Cycle Ride To Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple In Jaipur Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple is beautiful yet a difficult place to reach if you are riding a cycle. This is one of the iconic places...

Music Listening Rules To Obey On A Ride

Music Listening Rules To Obey While On A Ride Needless to say, I love listening to music on my rides. It's been over a year, I picked up cycling and I usually go on a...

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