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Cycling Benefits, Tip’s & Tricks

I now cycle on a daily basis. It keeps me fit and furthermore it helps to ease depression. Believe me, it does. Another cycling benefit that it does is that boosts your stamina. You will find your self more active during intense physical activity. Welcome to the cycling guide for the newbies. Cycling is a good habit, pick it up and make a huge difference to your environment.

As a result of this daily activity, I have lost a considerable amount of weight. Now I not only cycle, but learn tips and tricks for riding on different terrains. Most noteworthy is the fact that cycling helps you in boosting your confidence. My social circle just went ballistic since the time I started to cycle. I joined a few local clubs and there you go! Have rider buddies all the time to give you company.

I am more confident, better in shape and more outgoing than ever before. I urge everyone to pick up this good habit and cycle at-least 5-10 Km’s day to enjoy all these benefits.

I will post articles in this section of cycling guide. So stay tuned and learn all about it from a newcomers perspective.

How To Prepare For Long Cycling

Ever since I bought my first bike, which was a HUGE HDT 10, I always wanted to ride long distances on my bike. I read a lot of articles online about long-distance cycling and was confused and did not know where to start from. the long-distance cycle ride is something that every cyclist want’s to do, however only a few succeed. Even though there are a lot of articles on the web to help you make it happen, no one explains in Lehman’s language. So let’s start. Always remember long-distance cycle ride is more of a mind game than a physical assault on your body. We will also look at the merits of long-distance cycle touring.

A Day Before long-distance cycling ride or long distance cycle touring

The first step before attempting a long cycle ride is to check whether your bike in good condition or not. Check the tire pressure, make sure the gear shifting is perfect, check for anything that might get you into a problem while on the ride.

I rode my bike a day before in the evening just to make sure that everything is ok with my bike.

I found that the air pressure was not right on the rear wheel so did the needful. By the time I got back home, my bike was perfect for the next day-long ride.

Ride Day

There are a few important things before you start your ride. I am listing all of them below for your understanding.

Before long-distance cycling starts

Firstly make sure that you start early. The ideal start time would be anywhere from 4 AM to 5 AM. Of course, you do not want to miss your office. In the place that I come from, summers are unforgiving. (Jaipur, Rajasthan, India) The temperature here in summers can go as high as 50 degrees Celsius that is about 114-degree Fahrenheit. Enough to boil or roast you. Everyone likes those tanned cycling legs, however, I prefer not to have them. I start as early as 3 AM on the ride day.

Eat Before You Ride

One of the most important things is to eat something before the ride. Never ever ride an empty stomach. You will be needing a lot of energy for the ride. The idea behind eating is that your body only stores a little number of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates act as a fuel for any form of exercise that you may do. Keeping your body fueled up is the most important thing to do before you go on any kind of ride. Keep it topped up! I usually eat a couple of bananas or a peanut butter sandwich before I start any ride.

Warm-Up before long-distance cycling

To prepare your body for the long cycle ride ahead it is advisable to do few warm-up exercises before you begin.

I have prepared a video to show you some basic warm-up exercises that one should do before you begin your cycle ride. Watch the video below.

Things to carry on a ride

There are quite a few things that you need to carry while going for a ride. Especially long-distance ones. Firstly hydration pack or ample amount of water which of course as you know is a life savior in any life-threatening situation.

I usually carry two water bottles while going for a ride. Carry a hydration pack if you can get hold of it. For eating although there are numerous options available out on the road, however, I do carry few energy bars with me. In case I am riding on a stretch where there is a scarcity of places to eat.

“My friends suggested having another bottle with an energy drink like glucose, electrol, enerzal or elecrobion. If in case you need sudden energy boost it would be very helpful”

“I also recommend carrying a simple cycle toolkit, extra tire tubes, puncture kit in case you know how to use one. Also, keep an ID proof with handy cash. Also, try and get a sticker that can have your name and emergency contact number in case of any trouble on the road.

On The Ride

Ride With Your Group

I usually ride along with my group as it’s fun and this way I cover more distance without getting bored. Also if I get into any trouble there is plenty of help available. This is always not the case at times when I ride solo and get stuck I have to deal with the problem myself. (PS: This will, in fact, make you a stronger cyclist)

Ride Strategy for long-distance cycling

This is what usually I prefer and do. I break my long cycle ride in three halves. So supposing if it’s a 100 KM ride. I break the distance into three parts. First 40 KM’s I ride at a steady pace and try not to stop for anything. I have the hydration support on my bike so I do not have to stop. I also make sure that I do not exert more during the first 40 KM’s of my ride.

You have to save energy for the rest of your ride. After 40 Km’s I take a break of 10 to 15 minutes max, as taking more breaks might settle you in that uneasy and unwanting muscle fatigue phase.

You might not want to ride more. The second phase is when I use my energy levels to keep the steady pace that I had before. Post about completing 80% of my ride I take a second break, and again the rest is of not more than 10 to 15 minutes.

Hang on your journey is almost complete! Long distance cycle ride is coming to an end.

The last phase of your journey is the most important and will drain all your energy by the time you reach home. Make sure that you eat something in the second break to replenish your energy level.

If you want to keep the same pace, give it everything you got. I normally ride slow not exerting too much. The idea is to complete the ride successfully without causing any muscle fatigue.

“I would also recommend carrying a power bank on long-distance cycle touring to support your phone battery. In case you are tracking your ride on STRAVA”

After the long-distance cycle ride or long-distance cycle touring!

Welcome back, home buddy! Your body will now demand serious rest and will force you to lie down or sit for some time and have plenty of water.

Don’t do this! You will need to do some stretching exercises to make sure your body cools down. In the same way, it’s important to warm up your body. It’s equally important to cool down your body to prevent any injuries. The best way to do this by stretching exercises.

Visit my YouTube channel for more cycling Vlogs.

Now once you are back from the ride and are done with the stretching of your body. Its time to relax and few beers as they are well deserved.

And that feeling when Your Strava stats look like……!

I hope there are a few good things that you may have picked from this article. In case you think I have missed something out, please let me know in the comments below.

Watch the video of 100 km cycling tips below on my YouTube channel.

Check out my brevet journey of 200 km

Leave the comments and I will try to get back to you ASAP.

Happy cycling!

Mobile Photography Tips For Cyclists

Welcome to another photography article. In this article, I would take you through mobile photography tips to keep in mind while clicking pictures through mobile phones. The digital era has made dramatic changes in our lifestyle. Everyone likes clicking pictures and they want their images to stand out. However, not all people carry an expensive DSLR camera, or GoPro’s. It is literally impossible to survive without a mobile phone these days. Mobile phones not only serve the purpose of being connected but with the market now flooded with the new camera integrated mobile phones. So in this article, I would give out a few tips and tricks for mobile photography for cyclists

Let me show you how to take exceptional pictures with your mobile phone.

Tip’s & Tricks

I go on cycle rides with my friends very often. It is difficult to carry over 2 KG of your equipment, the weight just cuts down your performance. So I do not like carrying my bulky DSLR camera, however, I do carry my GoPro and my mobile phone. Check out how good is your mobile phone and can it adjust to light automatically?

Mobile photography first tip for cyclists – Light source

Click with Samsung A6 2015

Now the most important fact is that It’s all about lighting. The more light your mobile camera sensor catches more beautiful your images come out.

Shattering Mega Pixels Myth: Guys, a megapixel is not important, the sensor has to be large in size. The bigger the better. The above image is clicked with a 6 Mega Pixel Camera settings.

It is never about the megapixels that people keep discussing. I find that quite funny! Always keep in mind that the sensor of the camera should be large.

An image sensor is a solid-state device, the part of the camera’s hardware that captures light and converts what you see through a viewfinder or LCD monitor into an image.

The more light, the more clear your picture will be. That is why I always tell people that the subject should always be in front of the light source. So for a cyclist, stand facing the sun and wear your sunglasses. The compare the picture that you clicked while not facing the camera. This is the first tip of the mobile photography tips.

Mobile photography second tip for cyclists – Do not zoom

Clicked by Samsung A6

The worst thing that you can do while clicking pictures with a mobile phone is using the zoom. Do not use the mobile zoom ever, always move to your subject or a focused area to click. Why did I say this? Well, the point is that if you are not using a tripod for a stable image, you would end up getting a blurry image in zoom as even a minor twitching of nerves of your hand would get the camera of your mobile out of focus. You can click first and then can crop/zoom through any of the development software.

Mobile photography third tip for cyclists – Use a tripod

Try not to share your hands while clicking pictures. I use a tripod to get a stable platform and use timer/burst shots to take a stable image. Mobile tripods are cheap and you can order them from Amazon by clicking here. You will get the same in 500 INR. It’s very effective equipment if you are thinking of taking up serious photography. Very effective while taking timed shots.

Mobile photography fourth trick for cyclists – Create angles

Look for fresh perspective people. This is something that if you copy, looks fake. I have seen a lot of people copying the angles which I use, but they end up doing a worse job when it comes to final results. Use your imagination to find unique angles that people have never seen. A fresh and new angle always attracts the audience.

“This is tried and tested! It works all the time! Copying is for losers! “

Mobile photography fifth trick for cyclists – Clean your camera lens

This is not done by most people. They just take out the phones from their pocket, click and then keep it back. Try this: Your phones are in your pocket most of the time. They are bound to get dirty. Always keep a soft cloth to clean your lens whenever you go on a photography trip. Clean the lens and take the picture, you will see remarkable differences in the pictures. A very small thing but creates an awesome clicking experience.

Most Important – Enjoy your clicks!


This is by far the most important rule. I ride with my friends, most of them are amazing. obviously, if you are emotionally connected with your friends, your pictures would be amazing. A photographer who is always emotionally connected with the subject, bring out the beauty in them on his/her clicks.

Summing up if you keep in mind these mobile photography tips you will click phenomenal pictures.

Happy clicking! If you are looking to purchase a new phone from Amazon, check the links for phone phones for mobile photography below.

If you are using DSLR to click your pictures and still getting blurry images? Check out this article.

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Best Action Camera Mount Ever For Stable Videos

One of the always talked about subject when it comes to making cycling videos. Which is the “Best Action Camera Mount” that helps in creating neat videos while using adobe premiere pro as a video editor for GoPro footage. I struggled for a long time with the stability of my videos, most of them were pretty shaky and vague until my friend told me about the chest mount for my GoPro camera.

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The chest mount is by far the most stable mount for any action camera available in the market. Since the time I started cycling, I was always fond of capturing my rides, not just on Strava but on videos as well. So I started making cycling VLogs on my YouTube channel. I am always on a hunt for “Best Action Camera Mount” for my rides.

Why Is The Chest Mount Best For Making Videos?

When you are cycling or running or a matter of fact doing any physical activity that requires the use of your leg, your chest is the most stable part of your body. Since the movement of your chest is very less, it is by far the most stable part of your body under extreme and intense physical activity. You action camera will be completely stable and the videos will have more stability.

Pro’s & Con’s Of Using Chest Mount Harness

let me list down the pro’s and con’s of using the chest mount harness, so you know what are you gaining and what are you losing.


  • it is damn easy to operate the action camera as it’s within the reach of your hands.
  • Since it’s on your chest, it leaves your hands free, unlike the wrist mount that some of us use.
  • it fit’s everyone whether you are 4 feet or up to 8 feet, the harness comes with multi-adjustable clips.


  • You will be stuck with one angle and, you cant aim it at you, or at any other angle for that matter. So limited angle scope!
  • One of the issues with this super comfortable tool is that it’s close to your clothes. So it takes up a lot of external noises like the wind. So if you plan to use it with high speed or at a windy place, the video could be pretty noisy and need some editing at the end.

Summing Up

I use a video editor and mostly now when I upload the videos on my YouTube channel, they are edited. So the external noise part is reduced by the editor. As far as stability is concerned this mount is the best and I love using it on my rides. It is totally your call if you want to capture the POV angle of the front or show different angles.

Check Out My YouTube Channel Video On Chest Mount

Do you have any experiences with The chest harness? Share it in the comments!

Also in case you want to buy this mount for your GoPro camera, just click on the picture below. This is available on

Music while cycling rules to obey on a ride

Needless to say, I love listening to music on my rides. It’s been over a year, I picked up cycling and I usually go on a ride with my favorite tracks buzzing in my ears. However, I do obey five different music listening rules while riding with my buddies. Music while cycling is good, but only when it’s at a lower volume and kept in check. Also, let me tell you some hacks to listen to music while cycling without getting distracted. Light music while cycling while cycling will not hurt. It does when you crank up the volume and do not pay attention to passing traffic.

Does Light Music while cycling helps?

There might be a difference of opinion here and few people might not agree with me. However I love my music on the ride, it makes me ride happier, faster, and harder. I put in a lot of effort as compared to the time when I am not listening to music. In other words, I think music is an approved drug to enhance the performance of any physical activity. It really works for me!

My 5 Rules Of Music Listening While cycling!

  1. Unless you are on a trainer/treadmill you can use a single earbud buddy. There are many companies that provide a single bud for listening to music. For music junkies who can’t pedal without music, would advise them to use the single earbud. Furthermore, If you have two earbuds take one of them out, especially from the traffic side. Like the way, I use my earbud in the picture above.
  2. There exist a 60/60 rule as advised by a lot of doctors. The idea is to limit the volume of the headphones to 60 decibels and limited to 60 minutes a day. Anything more than this could damage your hearing. Fact: Normal human beings talk between 40 to 60 decibels, and most headphone’s maximum volume is around 105 decibels.
  3. Try if you can use portable Bluetooth speakers instead of headphones. There are multiple places on your bike where you can mount these little speakers. They are loud, but not loud enough to distract you.
  4. There are few events where listening to music while riding is prohibited. It is done for considering specific conditions and environments. So if the organizers say that we are not jamming today, please obey the rules.
  5. When I ride with my friends the intensity of the music is almost nill. Sometimes I take out my earbuds and don’t listen to music even though I love listening to music on my rides. This is because social rides as the name suggests are the rides where you enjoy the company of others. I would not like to be called anti-social just because I am a rude idiot with earbuds stuffed in and not talking to anyone. That’s rude in any language buddy!

Professional’s take on listening to Music while cycling

Music while cycling in city

“Music is a booster but not with an exercising regime rather it’s a hindrance to the natural flow. Though the rules are perfect only where one has no control over himself. Your favorite music raises the adrenaline to get a better output but compromises on the safety which I would personally say big ‘NO’ to anyone using earbuds to hear while riding. Can be done in a controlled environment but not on Indian Roads”. “An Avid cyclist”

Summing up on hacks to listen to light music while cycling!

So that is my take on “Music Listening Rules” while riding. If you agree then please leave a comment, if you have more points to add, please leave a comment. Lastly, if you do not agree with my 5 rules, even then leave a comment. It is fun to communicate always.

Having said that, I try to avoid music while cycling in city areas. These areas are red zone and jam packed with traffic and you might miss a horn sound or two. So music is ok for me when on the state highways but in city its a no go. Plus I keep the volume in check so that passing traffic is easily heard.

Check out my cycling Vlogs On my YouTube Channel. In case you are traveling and want to transport your bike around India, read my article on transporting bikes in India.

Squats Day With Merida Big 7

I woke up today at 5 AM. The first 20 seconds of me opening my eyes and coming back to the real world were tough. A part of my brain tells me that dreamland was much better and advised my body to get back to bed. I had other plans in my mind. Today was Squats day! Indeed an amazing exercise that is a part of every athlete around the world. This exercise has been ruling the fitness world for ages.

Upon reaching Nahargarh which is my favorite spot to have breakfast in the morning, I had already clocked 28 KM’s.

Squats History

We all have been squatting from our birth. Now ain’t that the truth! We Indians were squatting all our life, until the time modern age came flushing us down to the lazy hole. Yeah, you’re guessing all right. In a few nations, not exclusively do they keep on sitting in a full squat (once in a while called a “third world squat”), however as opposed to sitting for crap, they squat over it.


Everybody who does not squat think that this majorly a leg exercise. To be quite honest it is, however it does target other muscles in the body as well. Being a compound movement, i.e. it uses more than one joint to (Knee’s and Hip) to complete. You use a weight like dumbells and this monster movement works out all major muscles in your body and not just your legs. In short, squats are great and they burn fat a lot faster than any other exercise”

Let The Squats Begin

The place where I do my workout is amazing, you can practically see the panoramic view of the pink city. Mountains on one side and city on the other, the view is enough to motivate you. Let me list down 8 terrific gains from this exercise to make you understand it’s importance.

  1. Squats build your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves muscles. When you do squats properly it triggers the release of testosterone which is vital for muscle growth.
  2. It makes your body terribly well balanced and with strong muscles, these gains ads on to your overall body performance making your body more effective in real-world situations.
  3. It burns a hell lot of fat, yes and exactly because of this reason this is my favorite exercise. For every pound of muscle gained, you are going to burn 50-70 calories more per day.
  4. As you grow older this exercise id best to keep that strength in your legs to pedal more and longer. Also, they work out your core, stabilize muscles and keep your body balanced.
  5. Weak muscles, ligaments connective tissues results in injury. Squats make these important components of your body stronger thereby reducing the risk of any injury.
  6. As a result of squats, you will run longer, jump faster and pedal more as your leg muscles will be strong. So it has a direct effect on your sports performance. Do Squats!
  7. This exercise will tone your back, abs, and entire body. Doing squats daily showed results which led to a stronger back and a stronger core.
  8. These help in improved movement of feces and regular bowel movement which leads to the elimination of waste. This keeps your body waste free.

How To Do Squats Properly

Now let’s take a look at how to perform this exercise without getting injured.

  1. Do a little warm up, this can include knee raises, running in place, butt kicks, mountain climbers & leg swings. That’s what I do before punishing my legs.
  2. Stand firm with your legs just over shoulder width apart.
  3. Keep your back in a neutral position and knees centered over your feet.
  4. Now bend your knees, hip ankle to take your body lower until you get a 90-degree angle.
  5. Now return to the standing position and repeat 20 times. (Do 2-3 Reps)

Important Tip: Breathing should be rhythmic and is very important. Breathe in as you lower your body and breathe out when you return to starting position”

Added A Little More Resistance

Now what I did was, that I added a 15 KG’s weight while doing squats. My Merida Big 7 weighs a little over 14 KGs. This was enough resistance for me, and I added the same to my squats exercise. It was a little tough, but hey as well know “no pain no gain”. Now you gonna have to properly hold your bike over your head. This is a little risky so, please only try squats if you can hold your bike effectively over your head without any problems. I would also let you know the correct procedure to hold your bike above your head. Check out the video that I made for squatting with a cycle. The link is below!

Squats are fantastic!

After reading this post, you must have got the point that I was trying to make. Include squats in your daily fitness regime to get a stronger body. Reduce fat like a pro and get that toned body that you deserve. All you have to do now is start squatting.

Video On Squats

As you all by now know how I make daily Vlogs, here is what I made for my squat routine. This video is uploaded to my YouTube channel, sharing a link on this page.

If you like the video, give a thumbs up on YouTube and share it with your friends. Any questions please leave them at the end of the page. I will get back to you on your queries.

Increase Lung Capacity

Do This One Exercise Daily To Increase Lung Capacity

After I took cycling as one of the inseparable activities of my daily schedule, I have changed a lot. My stamina has increased phenomenally. Now that I have decided that this year, I will do the Ladakh cycle tour, I need to Increase Lung Capacity to an extent that I do not feel breathless at that unforgiving terrain. In this article, I will share a simple breathing exercise to increase your lung capacity.

I now cycle 3 days a week and run for 3 days a week. That’s how I am developing my stamina for this epic life experience this year. Some of you might wonder why am I cycling to Nahargarh almost every day? This is exactly the reason, can’t take off Ladakh from my mind.

Important Tip Before We Begin

Yes, it’s important to breathe correctly, if you don’t there are some major repercussions. Most of you breathe through your mouth, which is not correct. Breathing should be done by the nose, and let me jot down the benefits of it below.

  • When you breathe through the nose, the hairs that line your nostrils, filter out any dust or dirt particles. These particles are harmful to the lungs. My breathing through mouth no such filtration occurs and hence the damage to your lungs.
  • One more important thing happens when you breathe through your nose. The correct level of oxygen and carbon dioxide is maintained. Unlike when you breathe through the mouth, there is a disbalance of oxygen and carbon dioxide which leads to hyperventilation. (Heavy and fast breathing)

The Exercise To Increase Lung Capacity

This exercise which I am going to demonstrate has worked magic for me. I just do this one exercise daily, and I have seen phenomenal results. You can do this exercise while standing up or sitting down. I am going to elaborate on the points mentioned below.

  1. Stand upright with your back arched
  2. Exhale all the air from your lungs, you can exhale through the mouth, that’s ok.
  3. Breathe in slowly through your nose, filling your lungs as much as possible.
  4. Now you need to hold your breath for at least 10 seconds or more, depends on your capacity.
  5. Slowly exhale through your nose.

If you do this simple breathing exercise daily, and at least 20 to 30 times, you will see a substantial Increase in Lung Capacity. Let me show you how it’s done, please have a look at the video below. This video is available on my YouTube channel.

If you have any questions related to this article, please leave them at the end of the page.

Check out my article on calisthenics workout for beginners.

Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple in Jaipur

Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple is beautiful yet a difficult place to reach if you are riding a cycle. This is one of the iconic places on the outskirts of the pink city, Jaipur Rajasthan India. If you are going to this place on a cycle, you better be fit and healthy. The incline is steep and even in the low gears to conquer this incline, you will have to sweat a lot.

In case you need more understanding of gear shifting on cycle, read my post under the category cycling.

I hate waking up early in the morning, especially in winters. It’s less than 10 degrees in Jaipur these days. Winter is in full swing, with temperatures going down as less as 5 degrees in the morning at some places in Jaipur.

“I have been to Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple before and it was fun then, well what has changed now?”

The rules have become strict now, than ever before. We were advised to keep our cameras inside and not to click any pictures because few young guns fell while taking a selfie some weeks back. You cant even click pictures with our cellphones on the way to the temple.

“I mean really? This is exactly what happened”

I got up at 5:30 AM as we had to assemble at our meeting point. Three riders joined me at an iconic place of Jaipur, Birla Temple. My friends Saurabh, Nimit & Shreyansh, were all excited to be on top of Chulgiri hill. Primarily because Saurabh and Shreyansh were cycling Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple for the first time, whereas I and Nimit have done Chulgiri hill ride a few times before.

Route To Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple

We took JLN road and took a right turn from Trimurti circle and went riding via raja park and transport Nagar. Most of the way till “Ghat Ki Gunni” tunnel is inclined, which is a good workout flat road. From the tunnel, it’s quick decline, and all you have to do is sit on your bikes and enjoy. This leaves you right at the foothills of Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple mountain.

The Way Up

The way up is unforgiving, I mean cyclists with little or no experience have no chance of riding to the top of this hill. Even average cyclists have to stop and then catch their breath and then move further. This is because the incline of Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple hill is very steep. This is by far the steepest ride trail I have seen in and around Jaipur city. You would be surprised to know that the length of this stretch is only 2 KM from the Jaipur Agra highway.

STRAVA Details

Now there are two segments on this hill. The Chulgiri climb and the  Chulgiri downhill.


I am also including specific details for these two segments, so the professional riders are aware of more specific terrain details.

Chulgiri Climb

Strava Segment – Chulgiri Climb

Chulgiri Downhill

Strava Segment – Chulgiri Downhill

Inside Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple

Now let me tell you the temple is beautiful.

Surrounded by Aravali hills, this place is literally door to heaven during the morning. In the year 1953 is entitled as the start of the Jain sanctuary on the slopes of Aravalli. Jain Acharya Shri Desh Bhoosan Ji Maharaj picked the Aravalli slopes for building the Jain sanctuary and named the slopes as ‘Chulgiri’ Building the Jain sanctuary in the Aravalli slopes was the best test before Jain Acharya Ji, yet as is commonly said, nothing can be fixed if the soul is valid.

“Note: In case you are wondering how did I manage to get the images for this place clicked, these images are from my previous trips when the picture clicking culture was still there”

Some More Vital Information

I did manage to extract some more information which was a little too internal for someone who wants to visit this place.

Nearby Main city: Jaipur city, approximately 6 km.

Contact Numbers: 0141-2170773, 5171100

Major Event: Annual Gathering on 28th May.

Temple Info: This Kshetra is located on the hill, with 1000 steps. Vehicles can reach the top after a 4km climb. Google Map shows the exact location of the temple, off Jaipur Agra Road, 11kms from Jaipur.

Management: Trust: Shri Digambar Jain Atishay Shetra, Parshwanath, Chulgiri Prabandh Samiti. President: Shri Sumerchandra Soni (0141 2372689) Trustee: Dr. Subhashchandra Kala (0141 – 2603251) Organizer: Shri Mahendra Kumar Shah (094131 – 57255)

Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple On My Youtube Channel

I made a lot of videos before, some raw some edited. These days it is very difficult to make videos or click pictures as the security is too tough, for some not very logical reasons. However not commenting anything on it though. However, I made a video of my past Chulgiri trip which was uploaded to my YouTube Channel. Watch here and share if you like.

Hope there are few good things that you may have picked from this article. In case you think I have missed something out, please let me know in the comments below.

Leave the comments and I will try to get back to you ASAP.

Happy cycling!

Check out the cycling clubs in Jaipur city.

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Basic’s Of Shifting Gears on a cycle for beginners

I got my first bike in the year 2017. It was an MTB, not very expensive but fairly good for a beginner. I had “Zero” knowledge about shifting gears on my bike. I was given a crash course of 2 minutes literally by the seller and was told to keep on experimenting. Shifting gears on a cycle is pretty complicated. But it’s fun if you learn the basics of it. If you are confused as to which bike you should buy, check out this article.

Bottom Line: Shifting gears make pedalling easy, irrespective of the terrain you are riding on.

I remember the first day I took my bike out for a ride, ended up jamming the chain in the front wheel cogs. Furthermore, the ride was not that entertaining and it ended up my bike being in a closet for a week. But I did not quit! I decided to learn the art of shifting gears on my bike. I am putting this article together for people who have just picked up cycling.

Depending upon different terrain, you will have to shift gears accordingly. Posting a video as well for a better understanding of shifting gears.

Understanding cycle gears

In any geared cycle there are usually two to three chainrings in the front, and 7 to 9 cogs in the back. If you move the chain or in other words shift the chain from the smallest cog to biggest cog, the pedalling becomes easier with each bigger cog. If you shift the chain in the front, chainrings which are smaller are easier to pedal than the big chainring. Usually the shifters for each gear set on your handlebar. Right shifters change rear cogs and left shifters on your handlebar changes front chainrings.

Tip:  Right shifter is for “Rear”! Make you remember the shifters easy!

Terrain Type: Flat Road

I love riding MTB and not a great fan of hybrid or a road bike. Hence I hate float roads. When you live in the city, you really can’t avoid flat roads. I mean, we have few trails in the city, but I need to cover long chunks of flat roads to reach the trails. In the last one year, I rode almost 10,000 plus kilometres on my MTB. Sometimes in the city, sometimes intercity. Now the gear pattern that I use is, that I ride with my chain in chainring 2 or 3 in front hub and the back cogs I keep on changing.

Terrain Type: Incline

This terrain type is the most difficult if you do not know the correct gear combination. Look! the gears on your bikes are to make pedalling easy. If that is not accomplished then the idea or having gears is not fulfilled. Most of my friends have issues in climbing hills or any incline for that matter. Now if you like riding incline and love doing that high-intensity workout, then I would suggest keeping the chain in front chainring in gear 1 or 2 maximum. You can change the chain in the rear cog depending on the resistance your legs are OK with. Smaller cog means more resistance and larger distance covered, and vice versa.

Terrain Type: Off Road, Trails

This terrain is not just difficult, it is unforgiving. Wrong gear combination and you along with your MTB would come crashing down like a meteor. I would suggest practicing shifting gears on a flat or inclined terrain. In the above two terrain types shifting gears is easy as you have time. In off-road and downhill trails time goes by fast and changing of gears sometimes is in a fraction of a second. Although there is no set gear combination for this type of terrain, however, I normally ride in front 2 and rear 3 to 7 combination.

What not to do while shifting cycle gears! important!

Avoid cross chaining please, this would help you in increasing the life of your chainset. In simple words cross chaining means the chain is connected to extreme cogs in comparison to front chainrings. i.e the chain is extremely slanted, either in big chainring up front and the biggest chain cog in the back or small chainring up front and big chain cog at the back. This would put additional stress on your chain, which will result in the chain being stressed and might damage your chain. it also makes the gear shifting difficult.

Cheat Sheet Of Shifting Cycle Gears!

For: Uphills and Inclines
Use: Small or middle front chainring + bigger rear sprockets

For: Downhills & Declines
Use: Large front chain ring + a range of rear sprockets

For: Flat terrain
Use: Small or middle front chainring + ­smaller rear sprockets

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