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How to start blogging with recurring income?

Seems like everyone wants to be their own boss today. Blogging is one of the ways in which you can really become one. I started my blog with a focus on guiding fellow future bloggers. I started a year back and with time this blog has started making steady monthly income. In this section of my web blog, I would take you on a complete guided tour of how to start a website from scratch. By following this section you will understand and will be able to create a website on your own.

In this section, I would explain to you how you can start your own blogsite. Not just start, but also earn from it and make a steady income. Follow this section for upcoming articles and anything that you do not understand please ask me. I would be happy to create the content for the same. Email me at There will be a separate section for SEO for 2019 as well. So let’s start and let’s create a website.

How to Buy Server for Web Hosting – How to Create Your Own Server at home?

Hosting is the unnoticeable establishment of the web. Each website needs a ‘home’, a spot where its records are available whenever, anyplace. That is the thing that hosting does. It’s a plot of web land. In the event that you need a website, it’ll be hosted someplace. You can create your own web hosting server. We are also going to look at DomainRacer and it’s advantages.

On the off chance that you have an adequate web association and the hardware to save, create your own web hosting at home?

Web hosting service supplier today has gotten flexible and much of the time is available to examining extraordinary necessities with clients. In most cases, however, utilizing a standard cheapest VPS server hosting plan is normally all that anyone could need.

This is a definitive guide on the web to help those searching for a web hosting supplier to satisfy one’s prerequisites paying little heed to its multifaceted nature.

Here we’ll show the useful link to select the cheapest VPS hosting provider In India, along with some additional resources.

How to Buy a Server for Website Hosting: Step-by-Step

Web hosting organizations offer fundamental support to driving the web by utilizing the hosting servers that host website content.

Here we recommended the DomainRacer Web Hosting Service provider

DomainRacer is the best and cheapest hosting service that offers different types of hosting such as web hosting, dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting. It is a cost-effective and reliable hosting solution to start your business, blogger website.

With DomainRacer, you get unlimited and top features like. Official Website Link of DomainRacer.

  • Limitless SSD disk space
  • Free SSL certificates
  • CloudLinux platform
  • HTTP/3 and QUIC
  • Top tier Server security

In this section, we are discussing website hosting and how to buy servers with some important strategies. You want to buy a server for any website hosting make sure first to set the business goals and planning because it’s a very necessary part.

Follow the below steps to understand how to buy a DomainRacer server for website host:

  1. Research and compare web hosting at home providers
  2. Select the best-dedicated server provider
  3. Select your dedicated servers plan
  4. Setup website on a server
  5. Find clients and grow

Beginning a web host may appear to be an overwhelming undertaking; however, we’ll give an outline on the best way by understanding how to buy domain and hosting.

Step 1: Research and Compare Hosting Providers

There are thousands of hosting providers available in the market. A web hosting platform is a place where your hosting company handles everything for you. Research the best hosting provider by their quality of hosting service. Select the few best host and later compare them on various attributes like support, price, security, etc. As your research is complete now learn how to buy a server for web hosting domain create own.

Step 2: Select the Best Dedicated Server Provider

Picking the privilege dedicated server accomplice will be basic to your prosperity. Your customers won’t need their data migrated on the off chance that you pick an inappropriate data center, and this blunder can slaughter a new web host.

Purchase cheap web space that satisfies your needs and affordable at the same time. The service provider should offer good customer support and the highest level of security. In my opinion, DomainRacer is the best place to purchase the best dedicated server plans. It offers all the benefits like low cost, security, support that you may need in your package.

Step 3: Select Your Dedicated Servers Plan

You will find a different range of plans in dedicated server hosting. There are various options you will get to select the appropriate plan as per your website traffic and the time duration of the plan.

The price increases as you want additional resources or features as your requirement for resources increases. Check for the best prices for the plan while purchasing a website hosting. I hope for now you have understood how to buy a VPS server for a website host to proceed further.

Step 4: Setup Website on Server

So you have dedicated low-cost VPS servers set up or buy Linux servers and all set for clients. Presently make a website as the substance of your business. You’ll likewise require different frameworks before you can begin selling.

CPanel/WHM is the most well-known website facilitating the control board, and it effectively coordinates with Cloud Linux to seclude clients. WHMCS is generally perceived as one of the most exhaustive customer billing and board apparatuses.

It has worked in the help work areas for taking care of client requests. Most new web hosts start off possibly offering email bolster and pick other help channels when important.

Step 5: Configure your Sever

Hardware, internet connection, and operating system are ready then set up the software you need to host your website. There are multiple operating systems. But the operating system you are chosen for your particular server.

So many installation platforms are available which means windows server installation you need IIS, the webserver add on. step by step instruction for Microsoft support documentation.

Multiple options are available such as Apache, Linux, Lighttpd, and NGINX. You want anyone then make sure you need to install. Apache is a nothing but quick installation platform.

Step 6: Find Clients and Grow

Once your website is all set and configure, now you can start finding web hosting clients. There are many methods by which you can promote your business. Staying aware of client growth can represent the moment of truth in any business.

Continuously recollect your fundamental beliefs as you increase new customers, and treat each client as though they could end your organization.

After knowing how to buy a server for web hosting Linux you are free to grow business.

Way to Managing Your Web Hosting Resources

Servers for web hosting will become more critical as your business popularity grows. This is nothing but multiple websites are hosted on the same server.

  • Choose a lightweight CMS
  • Use a third-party newsletter provider
  • Employ a caching system
  • Regularly empty spam content
  • If possible, use external databases
  • Use third-party file hosting services
  • Regularly download and delete log files

Final Easy Guide: How to Buy a Server for Web Hosting:

We have explained free how to buy a server for a website host your own and set up web hosting at home in this article.

It may sound highly technical but it is easy if you follow all the steps and choose the right host. To set you in good shape, you have to pick an appropriate plan to oblige your site. Choosing which hosting plan suits your site and tentative arrangements ought to be simple work on the off chance that you follow these rules.

All things considered, in case you’re totally new to this, and discover the procedure superfluously confused for your requirements, scrap the rundown and go with a dedicated server account. Let me know if you have issues with setting up web hosting at home.

MilesWeb Windows Hosting Review: Yay or Nay?

Selecting the right hosting web hosting option as well as a service provider is essential for the success of your online project. Moreover, Linux hosting is a leader in the industry but Windows hosting may be your choice. Thus I recommend that you check out Milesweb windows hosting.

Check out my detailed comparison of SiteGround VS Bluehost.

The type of web hosting you choose isn’t dependent on the OS of your computer. But it is based on the technologies required for your website.

Windows hosting servers are capable of working with any type of hosting such as shared, cloud, dedicated, and VPS.

Additionally, it can manage any type of content management system. Which means Windows can be your friend when it comes to hosting.

Reasons for selecting Windows hosting comprise of compatibility for Active Server Pages or ASP, .NET frameworks, Visual Basic, SharePoint, C#, content built-in Microsoft FrontPage, and using products in Microsoft Stack.

Windows hosting also provides you several benefits as below:

  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Easy to update.
  • Seamless integration of Microsoft products.
  • Supports ASP, .NET, Visual Basic, and C# scripting languages.
  • Offers complete security and safety of your site from cyber-crimes like hacking.
  • New users can easily use this hosting

Milesweb hosting Origin

In 2012 milesweb started their operations.

They offer several web hosting services such as shared, best reseller hosting India, VPS, Dedicated, WordPress, and cloud hosting to meet the demands of all types of businesses.

Offering affordable hosting services and the best performance with the use of enhancing technologies from big players is what they aim at.

If you get stuck while using their web hosting service, they are always available to help you via live chat and email.

They offer round the clock support to their customers. Their Tier-3 and Tier-4 datacenters are equipped with the latest technology hardware which helps to offer 99.95% uptime which is the best in the industry.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is given in which you can ask for a refund within 30 days of the service purchase.

If you aren’t satisfied with their service.

Best windows hosting in India

Milesweb Hosting plans

Free Domain Registration with Milesweb hosting

If you are worried about your money to buy a domain?

Don’t worry.

This is because at MilesWeb you get a free domain with its W-Swift and W-Turbo plans.

You can register a free .com or .in domain and get your website launched instantly.

Free Website Migration with Milesweb hosting

Website migration has made easy by MilesWeb as they migrate your website at your convenience.

Your data is safe when migration is done by the migration experts.

SSD Drive with Milesweb hosting

SSD drives are installed on all the servers at MilesWeb which use the flash technology for storing the data.

This speeds up the data storage and offers the best website performance to your website.

Plesk Control Panel

The industry leading control panel, Plesk is offered with their Windows hosting plans.

Now, seamlessly manage your web hosting account with the Plesk control panel. Moreover, you can manage your domain, website, emails, and databases.

1-Click Installer with Milesweb hosting

You can install the app in just one click.

With this, you can save your time as well as efforts for downloading and installing the apps on the server.

MilesWeb offers over 400 applications such as Joomla, Magento, WordPress, and so on.

Secure Email with Milesweb hosting

You can access emails from any web browser with the help of Webmail on Windows, Mac, or any mobile devices securely.

Webmail supports email protocols such as POP3/ IMAP/ SMTP for sending as well as receiving emails.

Programming and Database

Different programming languages are offered with their Windows shared hosting plans.

These include ASP/ASP.NET 3.5 and 4.6, PHP, GD Library, MVC, SSICurl, AJAX, MySQL, and MS SQL 2012 Express.

Instant Account Setup

Waiting for long hours to get your account setup is no more a headache.

This helps you to take your business online in just few hours.

MilesWeb also offers Windows Hosting Addons as below:

  • Google Webmaster at Rs.975 one time
  • Analytics Integration at Rs.975 one time
  • Website Backup at Rs.99/mo
  • SiteLock Basic at Rs.1625/yr
  • SpamExperts at Rs.195/mo

Customer Reviews about Milesweb hosting

Milesweb customer reviews

Bottom Line when it comes to Milesweb windows hosting

There are several web hosting companies that offer you Windows hosting plans.

However, prior to selecting one check if they offer all these features offered by MilesWeb.

I am sure many might lack some of the features that they offer. So, better sign up for MilesWeb’s Windows hosting plans and take your business online.

Top 10 Birthday Gifting Ideas

Birthdays are definitely special occasions in every person’s life. Close friends and family members take extra effort to make birthdays special for their loved ones. In this article, we will look at birthday gifting ideas for your loved ones. Birthday gifting options are not limited and we bring you the tops ten from that list.

Planning on a perfect birthday gift surely figures in one of the top priorities and with so many options in hand, it becomes difficult to finalize one.

We might be in different cities yet we can send flowers to any city to our friends easily in just minutes through various gifts and online bouquet delivery websites.

Here are the top 10 birthday gifting ideas that we feel would make your loved ones feel really special

Flower bouquets with personalized messages are good birthday gifting Idea

Flower bouquets with personalized messages looks lovely

Sending flowers to Bangalore or any other place in India with personalised messages to your loved ones is not an issue now.

There are so many websites which easily help in online flower delivery in mumbai.

Flower bouquets, carnations or flower baskets, order any of these and write your birthday messages to make your loved ones feel special.

There are a variety of flowers that are available starting from fragrant red roses to white tulips from which you can choose from.

Gifting flowers on birthdays might seem like an outdated idea but in reality, it still charms people to a great extent.

Personalized cakes

Personalized cake is a good birthday gift option

Cakes are synonymous with birthdays.

No birthday celebration is complete without some cake.

Personalized cakes with messages are surely going to cheer up your loved ones on their birthdays.

You can gift them photo cakes with pictures of your loved ones, fondant cakes or premium cakes. Check out these amazing cake toppings that can make your gift stand out.

There are a whole lot of options that are available today from bloomsvilla. with the help of cake delivery in Bangalore & all India.


Gift chocolates on birthday

All of us love chocolates. Most noteworthy, chocolate is one of those safe birthday gifts that is surely going to cheer up anyone.

You can also gift a birthday card with a special message along with chocolates. This makes the occasion more special.

Teddy with flowers

Teddy bear or other soft toys are good gifts

You can definitely settle for a teddy bear or other soft toys.

Or buy a flower bouquet online as a birthday gift for your friends or family members.

Gifting a teddy bear to your girlfriend with some birthday flowers will surely make her happy.

While this might seem like a cliché idea but such options never seem to get old. It will definitely make them happy.

Dry fruits and sweets

Gift your loved ones dry fruits

Dry fruit boxes or sweet boxes are popular gifts that we generally exchange during festivals.

Most noteworthy, birthdays being no less of a special occasion, these qualify as good birthday gifts as well. 

Some of our family members or friends definitely love dry fruits and sweets. Sp this can be a perfect birthday gift for them.

Combinations of dry fruits with sweets in the boxes can also qualify as good birthday gifts.

Printed coffee mugs

I would like to have coffee mugs

Everyone loves a cup of a nice cup of coffee in the morning. Also, when you have be awake up late in the night for work.

A printed coffee mug with a message or picture printed on top of it describing an aspect of your friend can be a great birthday gift. 

Unlike many other gifts, these can be used for longer periods of time.

Maybe the next time your friend has coffee from this mug he/she would definitely think about you and it will bring a smile on their faces.

Personalized Wallhanging

Photo frames can be a good gift

Photo frames have been popular items for gifts for a long time.

Furthermore, personalized wall hangings are just improved versions of the same which can be a great birthday gift.

You can put the favorite picture with your friends on these wall hangings.

Gifts like these will help your friends recollect all the beautiful times you had spent together.

An online bouquet delivery along with this will be a great combination as well.

Personalized LED cushion is a nice gift option for birthday

Add LED’s to a cushion which is personalized and it makes a great gift.

A cushion might seem like a normal thing but this can be given a twist by adding some LED lights to it.

You can even print a picture of your friends or loved ones on it. This can remind them of the present you had given them.

Personalized T-shirts are amazing Birthday Gifting Idea

Graphic T-shirts with cool messages describing your loved ones are appropriate birthday gifts.

There are a number of vendors these days who can get the t-shirts printed with messages instantly.

Message in a bottle is a nice Birthday Gifting Idea

Some people prefer simple gifts and a glass bottle decorated with colors. Some prefer a message written on a piece of paper stuffed inside it can be a terrific birthday gift.

This would an exclusive and unique gift that would convey all the love you have for your friends. You can also order flowers online and combine them with this.

It is necessary to pamper your loved ones with gifts on birthdays and to make it memorable.

Bloomsvilla is here to provide you with a whole lot of options.  Birthday flowers, personalized cakes or a box of chocolates with a special message.

Bloomsvilla is here to help you make the right choice of a perfect birthday gift for your loved ones and filled with a lot of birthday gift ideas.

Creating A Website Design – What Do You Need To Know About?

Are you planning to build new website design and don’t know how to go about it? Contrary to appearances, this is not difficult, but to achieve real success, you need to stick to some important principles. If you want to learn more about them, look now at this article.

Nowadays, an authority website is already standard equipment of every entrepreneur who aims to achieve real success on the market.

He/she cares for a good image and wants to effectively reach the widest possible group of potential customers.

The plan to build such a site, regardless of its nature, is just a really small step to finalize your assumptions.

Yes, we are well aware of the fact that you can easily find hundreds of completely free tools on the web.

These tools guarantee the possibility of building a website even for people with minimal computer skills.

We will not hide that the use of free site builders can quickly turn against us without bringing success.

Even worse, if your site is created without a clearly defined goal, idea and a well thought out plan.

Have you clearly defined the purpose of your site?

Imagine starting a business without first determining the purpose of such a business.

It’s exactly the same as the site.

The goal is extremely important here because the site should look different.

For example, which is only a simple business card of the company. Another site will be built more to encourage customers to take advantage of the offer.

The online store will look different.

The goal, however, is not only to determine the very nature of the page.

It is also a thorough reflection on who should be the recipient of the created site.

At this stage, it is also worth starting to prepare the first plans related to the functionality of the site.

Let’s think about whether the site will be purely informative.

Whether there will be modules that allow the user to interact.

For example, contact the company, compare prices, set up a user account, order something and so on.

Minimalism sells well today

Many people certainly remember the 20th and 21st centuries, when websites were full of content.

Lots of information, often completely unnecessary for anyone.

These website’s designs were complicated and often even difficult to locate the menu, graphics saturation, flashing banners, and also intrusive ads.

Interestingly, such sites are still being created, and if you hit such a place, do you abandon it as soon as you enter?

A modern website is usually directed towards a minimalist style, or at least such that the content on it does not cause the user to feel overwhelmed.

It’s best to try to put yourself in the role of an Internet user.

By accessing a site with a specific topic and you know exactly what you would like to find on it.

Therefore, the interface should be created in such a way as to literally (and figuratively) lead the user by the hand to the purpose of his visit to the site.

The basic principles to build new website design in this style include:

  • Uncomplicated and immediately visible navigation section
  • Home page in the form of a “landing page” encouraging the user to perform a specific action
  • Transparency, i.e. the use of graphics and content only in the volume necessary to convey the most important information
  • Adequate readability, on which a huge impact on a thoughtful choice of font type
  • In most cases, the site’s graphics should be just the background, the secondary hero of the entire creation
  • CMS system tailored to the needs

Most modern sites are based on free CMS scripts for content management. They have a lot of significant advantages, which include, for example:

  • Quick construction
  • Low implementation costs
  • The simplicity of modifying the page by adding or removing modules
  • Intuitive and easy to use administrative facilities.

Interesting graphic website design has an impact on the conversion rate

A well-made graphic design is often responsible for half the success of the entire site.

Remember that in most cases only the first few seconds decide whether the newly arrived visitor stays on it for longer, or almost immediately escapes from it.

Graphics should be interesting – it must refer to the theme of the site, and to this should harmonize with its content.

It also cannot overly obscure content and make navigating the site difficult.

Remember also that although we have thousands of ready graphic templates for popular CMS systems, they are not always a good solution.

Our site becomes a copy of many other pages, which is why it doesn’t look very professional.

Similarly, using too many free graphics available on the web.

Think about how much more reliable the company presents itself, which in the contact section instead of the standard graphics from the network presents.

For example, a photo of its own team of employees.

For example, a construction company website background can be another example.

No free and well-known graphics from the photo bank will look as professional.

For example, a photograph presenting a job actually carried out by a company, e.g. building a house.

6 Reasons Why Your Kid Needs to Learn a Musical Instrument

Many parents nowadays make their children learn some sort of musical instrument or music of different types. And let’s just say that they are right in making their kids do so. Learning any type of instrument just changes the way things are thought. There are tons of benefits in introducing this to kids from a very early age. Let’s look at the top six reasons as to why kids should play a musical instrument of their choice.

1. Ups the Creativity Level

Kids are generally considered to be creative. They think very differently from the usual logical way of how things are done.

The music further serves as an impetus to improve this trait. This is done by giving them the freedom to explore the instrument.

There are a variety of musical instruments out there like guitar, bongo drums, keyboards and many more.

Let your kid choose and explore its various nuances which then helps them expand their thinking.

This creativity has a direct impact on how to further situations are handled by the kid and helps to foster out of the box thinking.

2. Serves as A Confidence Booster

Confidence is an important trait that is required at every point of a kid’s growth.

The confidence that is built in them as they slowly learn to master an instrument through its various levels is one of the greatest benefits of playing it.

The fact that they can slowly and skillfully put their talent to use and impress others with it becomes one of their strengths and further pushes them to excel at it.

This trait helps them increase their self-esteem and shows its fruit when the kid grows into an adult.

3. Patience Level Is Increased

Learning any instrument is no easy feat.

Even though young children have the highest ability to intake new knowledge, they have the least amount of patience to continue to do so.

By the time they have slowly started learning to handle the instrument, they have a really increased level of patience.

Throughout the whole training session, the child learns greater self-discipline by setting aside time each day for practice.

4. Builds Social Life

The classes in which they learn to play can serve as a good environment for them to start interacting.

This is especially true for single children who will find the surroundings to be a great welcoming change.

Children will be able to interact with others through the common language of music.

Being exposed to such an ambiance will have a great impact on children during their course of study and also as they mature.

They will then find communication quite easy while also learning how to work together as a team.

5. Improves Coordination

During the early years of growth, a child’s coordination can easily be molded as they are more receptive during those years.

During the course of learning an instrument, the mental and physical coordination is improved many times.

For example, if your child plays an instrument like acoustic drums or guitar; not only do all areas of the brain have to work together to learn to play, there should also be good communication between the hand and the reflexes.

This structures the kid into being able to multitask while concentrating on all the tasks given to them.

6. Leads to A Stronger Memory

While going through the stages of learning an instrument, the brain coordination ultimately gives the benefit of improved memory.

Studies have also shown that children who are exposed to music at an earlier age, have far lesser chances of being susceptible to memory degrading diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The stronger memory will further serve their purpose of helping the child retain everything that they learn as they grow up.

Music for kids can lead to better grades and makes the child perform better in their school life.

The benefits of letting kids pick an instrument of their choice and encouraging them to pursue their interest in that are innumerable.

So go forth and let your child explore their curiosity in music for their better future. Music for kids is essential in their growth.

Check out this article as to why the education system is failing in modern times.

5 Tips That Will Keep You Secure On Google Chrome This 2021

Are you much paranoid when browsing the web using the Google Chrome browser? In this article let us talk about Password Saving in Google Chrome, Incognito mode in web browsers, VPN for Google Chrome, Access HTTPS Sites and, what Google thinks when you use chrome.

If that is you, know that you are not alone.

Even though it is the most loved and widely used internet browser in the world right now, the fact that it was developed by a data-hungry company (read: Google) brings concerns of its own. The good news, though, is that you can enjoy all the goodies of the Google Chrome browser and still stay safe on the internet at the same time.

Here are some things to do to make that happen.

Prevent Password Saving in Google Chrome

I save passwords all the time. Not all though, as I do not really trust browsers

Chrome has a neat feature built-in that offers to help you store the passwords to websites which you visit frequently. Password Saving in Google Chrome is ideal for webmasters who work on several platforms. The aim of that is to reduce the amount of time you spend trying to remember each password – and the rate at which you click on the Forgot Password button.

This is unsafe because anyone can get access to your computer and log in to your accounts without even having to hack your passwords. At the same time, the actual passwords can be revealed if an unauthorized person gains access to the Google Chrome dashboard. Go into the settings tab to disable the offer to save your passwords, and go for a dedicated password management software instead.

Try Incognito Mode

If you want to be safe use the Incognito mode in Google Chrome

This is a tricky one, and we will let you know why here. I use Incognito mode in Chrome all the time. If you know what I mean. Wink wink! When you access any website on the Google Chrome browser, the browser itself remembers the website you went to, when you accessed it, and the things you did there too.

Likewise, all cookies that were saved on your browser during that session will remain. All these are not true with Incognito Mode, helping to keep you safer from targeting and data monitoring. However, Incognito Mode will not prevent your employer or ISP from seeing what websites you are on.

Even though your browser is not saving your internet history at this time, they can still see it on their administration panels. Incognito mode in web browsers keeps your web surfing privacy as other users who use the same machine will not know what you surfed.

Employ a VPN for Chrome

Using a VPN is a good option rather than an incognito mode

A better alternative to incognito mode is Chrome VPN software options. VPN for Google Chrome is easily available for free online.

You might have been seeing a VPN as a piece of software that allows you to change your location at will, but they work for much more than that. By changing your location, it means that they have connected to another server location.

That automatically makes it impossible for even your ISP to determine the physical location of your computer from your IP address information. At the same time, your internet traffic is being passed through a ton of servers, obscuring the data from prying eyes.

Access HTTPs Sites only

Access HTTPs Sites only on your browsers, this will not get you in any trouble

HTTP is an abbreviation for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is a protocol over which the URL entered in the address bar gets translated into the website you want to visit. For a while now, you might have started seeing an extra ‘s’ at the back of this acronym (thus reading HTTPS).

This last ‘s’ stands for Secure. Many websites now have an ordinary HTTP address and an HTTPS variant from when they moved to the new protocol. It is your job to ensure you are only accessing the HTTPS variant.

A good way to do this is by using the HTTPS Anywhere plugin which forces every website you enter to render in the HTTP format, if available.

Listen to Google when it comes to Chrome browser security

Google did not get to the top of the internet browser game by slacking, and they would like to stay there for much longer. That is why they have also devised a way to inform users of possible malicious sites before they get into it at all.

Google has no business gunning down another website, so you should take their warnings seriously. When they tell you a website is unsafe to visit, you better believe them – or proceed with utmost caution lest you lose sensitive information and data to such websites.

Summing up on Google Chrome browser security

I use Google Chrome all the time. It is my favorite browser, however, in these times when data privacy and user security is at risk, these tips help me in keeping myself digitally safe.

My recommendation: Use a VPN for Google Chrome instead of Incognito mode in web browsers.

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How to qualify for Google AdSense

The facts in this article are based on my life experience with running blog sites. Google did not approve my first blog site which was The second site was again a failure which was Both these domains are not with me now. My current blog site which is is approved for Google Adsense. Furthermore, my YouTube channel is also Approved for AdSense monetization. Let me guide you and layout the points that tell you about the eligibility for AdSense. Especially focusing on AdSense for WordPress as I use it for my site CMS. Blogger AdSense eligibility is something that every blogger is looking for however, very few articles tells you the inside story.

Let us start with the basics first.

What is Google AdSense?

This program enables website owners to act as publishers and display Google ads. This is the most simple way I can define AdSense.

The ads which run on the website can be text, image, video or interactive ads. The ads are usually text, image, video or interactive ads.

This way a lot of publishers like me can showcase their talent or nurture their hobbies and earn from it. Bloggers AdSense eligibility is same as it is for other website owners. be it a e-commerce or a visual only website.

Thanks to Google many publishers are now working full time and earning a massive amount of income every month.

Yes, Google pays you every month, provided you cross the threshold of $100.

Do you know that there are over 10 million websites using Google AdSense? I am one of the publishers on the list too.

Why apply for AdSense?

Yes, I mean why do you need AdSense. There are a ton of other advertisers online. There has to be something special.

AdSense had a lot of plus points. Let us look at these USP’s one my one.

  • The usage base is huge, they have over 10 million websites who are using this monetization platform.
  • They help you in choose different ads format like text, image, video and interactive ads to drive maximum revenue. Most noteworthy, they help you in doing this by their auto ads.
  • AdSense has a very detailed security, transparency and safety for advertisers and publishers. Google acts as a link between these two entities.
  • The set up easy and most of the publishers with little knowledge of website creation can integrate their website with AdSense.

Most note worthy, you can customize your own ads sizes as per your placement on your website.

Strategically places Google ads in sidebar of my blog site

How to integrate AdSense to your website?

Integrating Google AdSense is easy. All you need to do it place a short code to your web pages and Google takes care of the rest.

I use WordPress as a CMS for my blog site. AdSense for WordPress is easy to integrate. I use newspaper 9 theme which gives you options to place your advert codes for header footer and other sections on your website.

Place to input your ad codes from AdSense in Newspaper 9 theme in WordPress

Once you place your codes Google will start displaying ads on your websites. Ads will appear based on the browsing history and other relevant factors related to user browsing behavior.

Do not try to click your own ads of use methods for increasing revenue by telling people to click on the ads. Google systems are intelligent enough to catch if you are using malpractices.

Furthermore, once caught Google can permanently suspend your ad account.

So folks this was a little over view of Google AdSense, likewise let us take a look at the eligibility for AdSense in 2020.

What are google AdSense eligibility criteria?

All the articles that you see offer you information close to approximation of how you can get approved.

There are a few things that I learned from my failures and now running a successful AdSense approved blog site.

Below are the most common rejection reasons. Before applying however, I would recommend you check the Google guidelines for AdSense.

1. Poorly written content

I would also quote here that this is the most important google AdSense eligibility criteria.

Not only your content should add value but should be neatly crated without any grammatical mistakes. Furthermore, a grammatically incorrect content will get you rejected straight away.

Most noteworthy, Google pays a lot of attention to your content. They check if it adds a value to user experience.

2. Pay attention to your blog design

The web pages should not hurt your eyes. I went on a website recently which a bright yellow background and black text poorly organized. I immediately bounced of as the color combination started hurting my eyes.

Create a website which is easy for your visitors to understand and the color combinations are soothing.

Similarly, blogs which are difficult to understand gets rejected by Google AdSense. Layout. blocks, color combination and other elements should be places with a strategy. Just do not put them just for the sake of it.

For bloggers AdSense eligibility is a bliss. I have seen many full time bloggers who made a fortune from AdSense. Do not create a hideous website.

3. Do not miss important pages

Many of my friends run WordPress websites. Few of them got rejected from AdSense. They sought my help and after looking at their sites I found that few important pages were missing.

Pages like About us, contact us, privacy policies & terms and conditions. These pages give a very professional look to the website.

This induces a trust factor in the visitors making them feel that the website is trustworthy and the knowledge of the information is authentic. Hence it is always important to have these pages.

Getting approved for AdSense for WordPress is easy if you follow the tips that I am sharing. Above all please note that a privacy policy page is a mandate by AdSense now.

4. Your website does not comply with Google AdSense guidelines

The guidelines are strict and Google AdSense does not approve certain niches. If your website is related to violent Content, sexual content, child abuse content, gambling, etc you will not get approved.

Poorly written content with grammatical mistakes will get you rejected. If your website have no organic traffic or if your traffic is coming through illegal sources you will get rejected.

So what should you do?

Well I am going to share 12 key points here. If you keep in mind these points your blog will get approved from AdSense. Consider this as google AdSense eligibility criteria broken down in smaller points.

These are helpful especially when you want AdSense for WordPress website and other type of websites.

Bloggers AdSense eligibility check list

1. Pay attention to content

Write epic content with adds value to a Google user. High quality content with proper heading, sub-headings and bullet points will help. There is a human who will approve your application so in short write content to impress the one who will approve your blog site.

2. Create privacy policy page

Create a privacy policy page which is an easy task. You get online privacy creators which are good enough. Remember this is now a mandate by Google AdSense.

3. Create about us page

Create a about us page that tells your visitor that there is a human behind the blog. This helps in strengthening visitor blogger relationship. This inspire trust.

4. Create contact us page

Create a contact us page. This will help your visitors to connect with you in case they needs anything. This also helps in regular improvement of the blog as you keep getting feedback.

5. Create menus easy to navigate is one of the bloggers AdSense eligibility criteria

A clear and easy to navigate menu is what impresses visitors. They should not get lost when they come to your website. Have you categories listed down in your main menu. Make sure all important pages as discussed above are visible and there is an email on the contact us page. Same email that you are using to sign up for AdSense. This way Google knows you are the same person who is applying.

6. Number of posts for AdSense for WordPress

There is no clarity on how many numbers of posts are required to get approved. I have seen people with over 100 posts getting rejected and also seen 3 post website getting approved. So I believe the meaningful content in 3 posts are more important than 100 plus bad content posts.

7. Google AdSense eligibility criteria includes having a good blog design

There are over a million themes when it comes to WordPress. Choose you theme as per you blog niche. A clean fast loading blog design is loved by all as there is no wastage of time.

Below mentioned features will expedite your approval process.

  • Simple design with a professional touch
  • Easy and clear navigation
  • Menus are to be strategically placed and as per blog niche
  • Good website load time
  • No useless elements just to crowd the page
  • You should do SEO from the start of your blog

8. You can apply only if you are 18+

You need to be above the age of 18 in order to earn from AdSense. If not the application will get declined.

Mostly new bloggers get rejected as they are below the age of 18 and they do not understand that this is a prerequisite to apply for AdSense.

Moreover, do not lie to AdSense when it comes to age as they need an ID proof which gets cross checked as well.

9. Check your niche

AdSense for WordPress does not get approves if your blog niche is under the restricted categories from Google. Below are the categories which Google does not support.

  • Porn site/Adult sites
  • Pirated or copied content
  • Unethical hacking information websites
  • Illegal drugs information sites
  • There are limited languages which Google Ad-sense supports, check if your language is accepted or not.

10. Remove other ad networks

Bloggers AdSense eligibility also tells you that if you have other ad networks approved on your blog AdSense will not work.

Usually other networks are easy to get approved like Clicksor, Infolinks, etc.

Google AdSense will not be approved if you are running other ad networks. When you are applying to AdSense make sure that other ad networks are turned off, else you will be rejected.

11. Traffic sources and Google AdSense eligibility

Google hates when yo get traffic to your website from paid adverts. Google wants you to do an extensive SEO and make sure that you are getting tons of organic traffic.

If you have not done the SEO, or if you are running paid ads to get traffic to your website forget about getting approval from AdSense. Google will straightaway reject your application.

You need to bring traffic to your website organically through search engines by doing extensive SEO.

12. Using top level domains

This has been a recent change to Google AdSense policies. If you are using a sub domain blogging site like blog spot. It is highly unlikely that you will get approved.

You need to have a top level domain of your ow hosted, only then Google takes a look at your application.

Choose a short and preferably .com domain name. This will tell Google that domain name belongs to you and you are there for a longer run in blogging business. Blog spot’s blogger generally are there for a short term and tend to close their blog or rather don’t update the blog regularly.

Another important thing that I have noticed is that especially in Asian countries blogs which are not over 6 months old do not get approved. So this is an important point when it comes to getting approval.

What if you get disapproved for AdSense for WordPress site?

Or for that matter any website, I just keep on mentioning WordPress as my site is built on this CMS.

  • Firstly work on your grey areas as per the list above and improve you blog. Make sure that you cover up every loophole before applying for AdSense again. Although, bloggers AdSense eligibility is a little different from the ads running on e-commerce site, try to make your website meaningful for the visitors.
  • Secondly, if you are not able to fulfill google AdSense eligibility criteria, there are other ad networks where you can apply. Like Infolinks,, Bidvertiser Etc. When it comes to payout they are not as good as AdSense however, something is better than nothing.

Summing Up

Getting approval for AdSense is not that tough if you follow the above check list in 2020. With extensive experience with AdSense I am able to generate a decent amount of income which is growing steadily.

If you have questions further, please leave them in the comments below. Especially if you want AdSense for WordPress let me know as my WordPress site is approved for AdSense.

GTmetrix Vs Pingdom vs Webpagetest: Which is the best?

I opened my Google analytics dashboard today. The stats of my website went ballistic in the last week. The new Google update about its broad core algorithm somehow is having a positive effect. I recorded a massive 230% increase in my blog traffic. One important task that I always do is the website speed test. In this article, we will take a look at GTmetrix Vs Pingdom vs Webpagetest tool and its features. Website speed check tools play an important part in amplifying your website SEO.

One of the important tasks that I have every morning is doing the website speed test of my blog. GTmetrix, Pingdom, and webpagetest are the three topmost testing sites.

I do this without fail. So let me show you how I am able to get less than 3 seconds load time of all speed testing tools. Besides showing you the speed stats for my blog, I would also tell you why different website owners choose different speed tools as per their website structure.

So, I got up today and started my blog work by web page speed test. As usual, I went to GTmetrix, Pingdom, and webpagetest to check the speed. I am going to share the stats with you.


The page speed of 2.4 seconds is ideal and optimal for your visitors

I am in love with this tool. GTmetrix not just tells me my website load time, but also tells me what areas I need to work on to improve my load speed.


So the load time here is 760 MS. That’s pretty impressive

Pingdom is a Swedish website monitoring platform. They were acquired by Austin based solar winds.


Web page speed test done by for my blog

This is again one of the top three website speed test platforms. Furthermore, this website speed check tool gives out a very detailed analysis of your website.

Now if you think that getting the above results which are excellent is easy, not it’s not. I have worked hard to get this speed. I have optimized and covered every loophole which was increasing my site speed.

At first website speed tests are confusing

Yes, these platforms spit out tons of data and analysis. For someone who just started their website might get confused. Furthermore, you might get confused as to which metric to look at and which one to pass.


At first, when I started blogging, these speeds were too confusing for me. Even now, if you are looking at the above screenshot almost all of you are confused. Why the speed is shown by GTmetrix is 2.4 seconds, on Pingdom 760 ms and, on webpagetest, it’s 2.17 seconds.

So you might be wondering which one is actually correct? I wondered the same and then started digging down further. Let me show you why these speeds are different, and most noteworthy give you a detailed analysis and comparison of GTmetrix Vs Pingdom Vs webpagetest.

So let’s get techy.

The speeds are calculated based on different indicators. Let me take you through these indicators one by one.

Test Location

Test location plays an important part in speed analysis

My blog site is hosted on a server located in Chicago. The distance between the hosting server location and testing server location plays an important role in determining speed. You can check your hosting location here.

So consider this, the hosting server location for my blog is in Chicago. The testing server of GTmetrix is in Vancouver Canada, The location for the Pingdom testing server is somewhere in the western US (They did not specify which city though) and for webpagetest, the location is Dulles VA.

Now let us look at the location distance comparison of their servers from my hosting server location.

Hosting ServerTesting ServerTesting Server LocationGeographical DistanceSite Speed
Chicago, Illinois, USAGtmetrixVancouver, British Columbia, Canada3539 KM2.4 Seconds
Chicago, Illinois, USAPingdomNew York, USA1269 KM.76 Seconds
Chicago, Illinois, USAWebpagetestDulles, Virginia, USA1113 KM2.17 Seconds

The above table shows that the more the distance more is the load time with Pingdom as an exception. Pingdom is an exception as there are more factors to consider while calculating page speed. We will discuss all those articles here.

When you test the site speed with various testing server location speed always varies. This is because a change in the distance means a change in the quality of the network and latency.

So which server location is the best? Answer: Depends on your traffic, If my visitors are from a specific location I would test my site with the server from that specific location.

Let us look at the server locations for Gtmetrix vs Pingdom Vs webpagetest.

GTmetrix Vs Pingdom vs Webpagetest test locations

Webpagetest is able to have so many locations as anyone can host a location for them on their server. However, each server will have different hardware and hence the difference in the speed because of the difference in performance.

Testing TAT in web page speed test

Let us understand the testing turn around time

Supposing you are checking the speed of your website in any of the Website speed check tools. The moment the tool starts analyzing your website when you click start to the point where the analysis is over, that is called testing TAT.

If you start the testing on Gtmetrix Vs Pingdom Vs webpagetest at the same time, you will be surprised that the testing TAT is not the same for all of them. Different tools decide differently when it comes to stopping website analysis.

Let me tell you why?

The website speed analysis end is determined by two loading mechanisms. These two mechanisms decide when to stop the analysis of a particular website. Let us discuss this in detail.

Loading Mechanisms

Onload Time: This loading mechanism means that the webpage has finished serving all the resources including text, images, and scripts. There might be other requests initiated by some custom coded JavaScript after the onload time that may result in inconsistent load time.

A classic example is of exit pop up. This popup gets loaded when a user decides to leave the webpage. So this resource is not taken into consideration when calculating load time is the platform uses onload time as a loading mechanism.

Fully Loaded Time: This is a measure of when a user comes to your site and your website serves all the content including all script which was not being considered in the above onload time.

In other words, the time when you arrive on a webpage till the time there is no buffering of network activity. In this kind of loading mechanism that load time is generally longer as the testing platform waits for all the resources to load.

Now let us look at these loading mechanisms with respect to our testing tools.

GTMetrix: It has full load time as default with an optional onload mechanism for testing. (My blog result 2.4 seconds)

Pingdom: Onload time mechanism only (Now you know why I got a blazing load time of .76 second. (My blog result 0.76 seconds)

Webpagetest: It has full load time as default with an optional onload mechanism for testing. (My blog result 2.17 seconds)

Another classic example is a slider. When websites using sliders test their speed, the first image of the slider is taken into consideration for speed and the testing stops. However, other slider images still might be loading which is not considered. So choosing the testing platform depends on what mechanism exactly you want to test.

Performance & Speed recommendation in website speed check tools

Web page speed tests will always differ because each of the testing platforms uses its own set of hardware configurations and speed recommendation factors. Take a look at the webspagetest custom 6-speed parameters.

GTmetrix: They use Google recommended 27-page speed contributors & 19 Y-slow page speed recommendations. In case you are wondering what is Y-Slow in GTMetrix, this is Yahoo’s way of speed factors on which they judge high-performance websites.

Pingdom: They use 11 Google recommended page speed contributors in their free version. In paid they use more recommendations however, there is not concrete or substantial data for it.

Webpagetest: In the above screenshot it is quite clear that webpagetest uses a set of 6 Google recommended custom factors. So these platforms use a different set of Google recommended factors individually that make them different and also they give our different speed statistical data.

Extra Features in web page speed test

Let us compare the extra features given by Gtmetrix Vs Pingdom Vs webpagetest

Coming to the final point of speed testing between GTmetrix vs Pingdom Vs webpagetest. These platforms also lure more traffic and users by giving or testing their websites on some additional features or metrics. Let us understand them one by one.

Note: You might need to switch to a paid account with these platforms in order to get these extra features.

Using Real Browser Like Chrome

There a number of website speed testing platforms, however, the three in discussion tops the charts. This is because they use real browsers when testing websites rather than using virtual or emulated browsers.

In this way, they are able to tell an accurate speed of the website bypassing all the emulated or virtual factors. They use Chrome by default which is the most used browser in today’s world. This way they are able to judge what the user will actually see and encounter when they land on your website.

Additional Support form HTTP/2

For people who are not familiar with HTTP/2, this is a revised version of HTTP/1 which was a further refined version of HTTP. HTTP/2 is much more advanced than HTTP/1 and HTTP. Furthermore, this helps in multiplexing and concurrency. Concurrency means the passing of several requests on the same TCP connection.

Also, HTTP/2 supports include benefits like stream dependencies, header compression, and server push. When HTTP/2 is implemented it gives a boost to the website speed. However, for this feature to work both the host and client-server need to have HTTP/2 support on their servers.

As per a study done by W3TECHS around 42.9% of the websites all over the world use this technology.

Hardware configuration

GTmetrix, Pingdom & webpagetest use different server configurations. As a result of which site speed statistics are impacted and are different when using different platforms.

GTmetrix & Pingdom have different guidelines when using different testing servers at different geographical locations. They are so much fine-tuned that the difference in speed from different locations are almost similar.

Unlike webpagetest which lets you host their services as long as you have a server with minimum configuration met, GTmetrix and Pingdom have stringent server hosting criteria.

Connection Throttling

How fast your users can connect with your website on different internet connections will change your site speed statistics. For e.g. someone using a 3G connection might get the website loaded faster than someone using a 2G.

Pingdom does not have this feature where you can simulate different internet connections and test speed on different connections. However, GTmetrix and webpagetest can help you simulate different internet connections to check speed on different metered connections.

Below is the breakup of GTmetrix & webpagetest simulated internet connecting support.

GTmetrix: Cable, DSL, 3G mobile, 2G mobile, and 56K dial-up

Webpagetest: Cable, DSL, 3G Slow, 3G, 3G Fast, 4G, LTE, Mobile Edge, 2G, 56K dial-up, FIOS, Native Connection, and custom speed

Mobile Testing

Almost 60% of the searches in today’s internet world is done on a mobile device. Be it mobile or tablet, it is important for you to optimize your website as per mobile visibility too.

Out of these three website speed check tools, Gtmetrix and webpagetest both give you an insight into mobile testing. Webpagetest has emulated around 14 mobile devices as a part of their mobile testing suite. All you need to do is choose the mobile device to choose the server testing location from the drop-down to test.

Gtmetrix, on the other hand, uses galaxy nexus mobile phones to test the mobile speed. They know that the searches are more on mobile phones than desktops. So they have prioritized their testing server for mobile testing first. However, in GTmetrix the mobile testing is only available for the Vancouver server.

Summing up the page speed test article

I hope I have cleared all the doubts when it comes to the comparison between Gtmetrix Vs Pingdom Vs webpagetest. These website speed check tools are brilliant and give thoughtful insights into your website speed.

Each of these web page speed test tools is different and gives out different metrics based on the factors listed above. Deciding which tool to use can be tricky, however, let me put up a shot selection help module for everyone.

When it comes to…

General Testing of your website: GTmetrix, Pingdom, Webpagetest

Historical Testing of your website: GTmetrix & Webpagetest

Comprehensive testing of your website: GTmetrix & Webpagetest

Location Testing of your website: GTmetrix, Pingdom, Webpagetest

Advance Testing of your website: GTmetrix & Webpagetest


If you have any questions related to checking the speed of your website please drop them in the comments below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.