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How to start blogging with recurring income?

Start a blog

Seems like everyone wants to be their own boss today. Blogging is one of the ways in which you can really become one. I started my blog with a focus on guiding fellow future bloggers. I started a year back and with time this blog has started making steady monthly income. In this section of my web blog, I would take you on a complete guided tour of how to start a website from scratch. By following this section you will understand and will be able to create a website on your own.

In this section, I would explain to you how you can start your own blogsite. Not just start, but also earn from it and make a steady income. Follow this section for upcoming articles and anything that you do not understand please ask me. I would be happy to create the content for the same. Email me at There will be a separate section for SEO for 2019 as well. So let’s start and let’s create a website.

A comprehensive guide for purchasing a hosting plan

Once you purchase a domain name, the next step is purchasing an affordable hosting plan as per your requirements. Before purchasing check this comprehensive guide for hosting plan. If you have not purchased the domain name yet, click on the image below to get a free domain from Bluehost when you purchase hosting for your website. This comprehensive guide for a hosting plan covers all important aspects which come into consideration when choosing to host for your website.

Claim your free domain name with hosting from Bluehost.

Your need for hosting will depend upon the type of site you want to host. For e.g., if it’s a blog site, to start with you won’t need to invest much. If you have a business website that you need to host, you might have to purchase a plan which is a little expensive and comes loaded with professional features. Most of the bloggers make mistakes here. Do not just go and purchase a hosting plan without any kind of research. Research well. That’s the only thing which will save you a lot of money and trouble in the future. I did this mistake and had to switch to Bluehost post getting a traumatic experience with earlier hosting providers.

Things to check before purchasing a hosting plan

I had a few important things mapped out in my mind before I chose my hosting plan. This is exactly what you should do. Make a list of your goals or your requirement that you have before investing money in the hosting plans. Once you have a clear vision as to what you intend to accomplish with your blog, then start researching. This will help you in getting an affordable and hassle-free hosting plan. I am listing down a few parameters that you need to keep in mind before purchasing the hosting.


There are a lot of options in the market today when it comes to hosting. Companies with false promises will try and get your website hosted, however they are often accompanied by a lack of support and less uptime. Now, imagine if you are running a business website where you need timely customer support and 99.9% uptime. Companies that promise 100% uptime are a myth. This is because eventually, these companies need to upgrade their systems as well. So once in a year the website will go on maintenance, believe it or not. We just don’t realize it. So someone claiming that they can give you 100% uptime is a pure myth. Look for companies that have credibility and promise you 99% or uptime with timely communication for any downtime upgrades. So look for two qualities in your hosting provider. I looked for the same in mine.

  • Uptime till 99.9%: This way your visitors are never disappointed if the website goes down for a brief moment.
  • Phenomenal Customer Support: This needs to be there. I mean if you are not techy and need help in setting up things, customer support should be able to help you out. Like me, I am not too techy, however still running a blog.


This is what I look for when purchasing a hosting plan. There might be a time when you might need to upgrade your plan as per your requirement. Ensure that you chat with the technical support and have basic doubts cleared. Questions like.

  • How easy is it to upgrade the plan in the future?
  • What is the cost involved in the upgrade?
  • In case you want to switch the hosting provider in the future, what’s the procedure?


There is so much competition in the market that at times you get confused as to which plan to go for. Make sure that you check and research the quality of the hosting provider. Read the reviews ask in forums & consult other bloggers. I remember my first hosting provider was so messed up, every time I published a post my blog went down. The Cpanel access was useless as port 80 kept getting locked. Make sure that the hosting company provides a secure and robust Cpanel. You should be able to manage your entire website from Cpanel without any issues.


The first thing that you should think about before finalizing the plan is the disk space. It basically means how much storage you would need for your blog site. Once your blog site gets going you are going to need a lot of space for your media and other content. Make sure that you do not run out of disk space. Think long term and not short term. That’s exactly how your goals should be. Long term and not short term. Now if you are running a blog site you might not need a lot of space. However, think about if you have a business website. That would require a lot of bandwidth and storage. Hence even before researching your goals in terms of disk space should be clear. This way you can plan long term goals and not just short term.


I would bring this to the last. If you are planning to start a blog, be ready to invest a little in the hosting plan. An affordable hosting plan is what we need, however, do not compromise on the above-stated factors. Believe me, buying cheap hosting with issues is bad as compared to spending a little more and getting a full stacked hosting package with no issues. If you are looking to host your web blog on WordPress, I would highly recommend Bluehost. This company has affordable hosting plans with full stacked features that are needed for a simple WordPress site. Their customer support is good and the services rarely go down. I have personally never seen Bluehost hosting crumple. A lot of my friends use it, and everyone seems to be pleased with the performance. If you want to buy hosting from Bluehost click the banner below.



In this comprehensive guide for hosting plan, I have included all the major factors to look at before you purchase any plan. In case you have questions related to this hosting guide please leave them in the comments section and I would love to answer them.

Check out this video on my YouTube channel for choosing a reliable hosting provider.

How to choose a domain name?

Welcome to the first article in my blogging category. The first step in setting up a perfect blog is to choose a domain name. It may sound simple to pick a website or a blog name however, let me assure you, it’s not easy as it looks. Choosing a domain name is the toughest task when setting up a blog or a website. I took a lot of time to finalize my domain name. My first blog was a failure. However, it taught me so much when it comes to blogging. In this article, I would take you through 10 tips for choosing a perfect domain name for your blog or website. There are ways to this, like e.g. stuffing keywords in your domain name. Also, we are going to take a look at how to choose a domain name extension for your website.

Choosing a domain name is like giving a name to a new business. You should put in a lot of thought and consideration before finalizing the domain name. “That’s what I did before I came up with

10 tips for choosing a domain name for your website

Should be easy to type

The name for your blog or your website should be an easy word or phrase. I do not recommend using slang or short forms as this might confuse your users. E.g. use of “u” instead of “You”. Basically, do not use slang. Keep the words simple and catchy. Use those words which are easy to pronounce and spell. Easier the domain name easy it is to find for your clients.

A short domain name is easy to remember

Make sure that your website name is short and easy to remember. The longest name in the history of the internet is . I doubt if anyone will care to remember this or type this. Short website names are easy to remember and your user will tend to remember you. The issue with keeping long website names is that your clients might make a spelling mistake and you will lose out on incoming traffic.

Use keywords in your name

Try to make use of keywords in a domain name. For e.g., if you are trying to make a tech blog, use technology-related keywords in your domain name. However, this is of less relevance now. You get traffic when you use keywords specific to your business but not if the content is poor on your web blog. Check my SEO Section for more details. EMD or better known as exact domain match was something that webmasters exploited, however, Google now pays more attention to content rather than a website name with an exact keyword in your domain. However, I still, recommend this to do as a name can be more user engaging and boost interest in your specific niche.

Use your location

Imagine a website name that tells you exactly where you are doing business from. Suppose if you have a catering business based out of let’s say Delhi. A domain name like would do wonders for you. This would get a lot of traffic from your city, the leads will be defined as people who are looking for a catering business in Delhi will eventually end up coming to your website.

Do not use numbers of any special characters

If you use a number or a hyphen it might confuse your audience. Who knows if you have spelled the number or just included a digit in your website name. Do not use any special characters or a number in the name you are selecting. This will confuse your users and you will end up losing a lot of incoming traffic.

Think out of the box

There are billions of domain names registered. Not everyone gets the attention they want online. Try to be picky, selective, and catchy when naming your website or blog. People tend to forget the boring names and stick to something which can be remembered easily. Do you want to buy a domain, check out these attractive deals on at just 99 cents.

Research a lot before purchasing a name

Before committing to purchase research the name you have in your mind. A lot of people had to go through legal stuff as they purchased a domain that was copyright, trademarked, or being used by another company. Ensure that you spend at least a week on the research.

How to choose a domain name extension .***

We all know how popular is the .com extension. Almost all big brands and businesses have a .com domain. However, with more people coming into the website business there was a need for more extensions. How to choose a domain name extension? A lot of folks make mistakes here. These days you get a lot of extensions that belong to your niche. E.g. if you are a photographer you can take .photography as an extension. Similarly, there are other extensions like .edu, .org, .biz, etc. let me list a few of the domain extensions and their popular user group. I personally prefer a .com extension always.

  • .co: an abbreviation for company, commerce, and community.
  • .info: informational sites.
  • .net: technical, Internet infrastructure sites.
  • .org: non-commercial organizations and nonprofits.
  • .biz: business or commercial use, like e-commerce sites.
  • .me: blogs, resumes, or personal sites.

Protect your business

It is recommended that you buy all the domain extensions for your business. For e.g. consider you have a domain by the name of, which you do not. lol! I recommend buying .com, .in and other searched extensions. This way even if your users type in the wrong extension you won’t lose out on traffic.

Be quick

Catchy domain names sell out quickly. Make sure to act fast and purchase the domain name which you selected. With a frenzy of users trying to purchase the domain name. If you’re having trouble finding an available name, domain registrars like GoDaddy will suggest alternate names during your domain search to help you find the perfect domain name.

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Check out my blogging YouTube channel. The video below has step by step instructions on tips for choosing a domain name.

Video tutorial to getting a domain name for your blog

If you have any questions related to choosing a domain name please leave them in the comments below. I would love to get back to you ASAP.

SEO Ranking Factors-On page

Let us talk about the top SEO ranking factors which were upheld by Google. There ranking factors were carefully chosen by the search giant. Earlier ranking factors were scrubbed/modified so as to let the webmasters not get fixated on specific factors. Also, this was done to prevent any manipulation in the search results. In this article let us look at the On-page SEO briefly.

Furthermore, these factors are tough to manipulate. In this article let us look at some SEO ranking factors which are important. Also, let us study in detail each one of them for better understanding. Broadly these ranking factors can be classified into two categories. Most noteworthy on-page factors and off-page factors. I use both of these to optimize my website and videos on my Youtube channel.

On-page SEO ranking factors

  • Quality Content: When I write an article on my blog I pay attention to the quality of content. Google looks very closely at the content which is being presented to the user. Good quality content always scores high in the rankings. Furthermore, if you add videos and images to make your content graphical, it adds to the flair. I use a lot of images in my articles as I have noticed that graphical representation is more engaging than plain text. Try not to overcrowd the article with a lot of advertisements. I try to show the user content which they want to look at. Google specifically looks at the design of the page, so if the page is suitable for a user, it’s suitable for Google as well.
  • Page Load Time: I don’t even need to stress how important is the page load time. Think if you had to wait for a page to load up. In a fast-moving world like today, everyone is too busy to waste the time on slow-loading web pages. It is important that your page loads quickly. Google considers both the bounce rate and exit rate as a negative thing for your web page. So if an unhappy user bounces off the webpage or exits your website, Google becomes unhappy with your website.
  • Internal Links: Internal links help a lot in fully indexing your website by Google. If we talk about sites like Wikipedia, it has a lot of internal links on a single page. If you are browsing content on a site and there is a phrase or word you cannot understand just click on the hyperlinked word and a new page opens up with the information. This helps a lot in building seamless navigation for your users. These should not be mixed with the external links. External links point to different third-party websites. Internal links, however, links to your internal web pages.
  • Bounce Rate: Google pays a lot of attention when it comes to user experience. If a user comes to your website and then immediately bounces back to the SERP, this shows that the user did not find the information on your page relevant to his/her search. A high bounce rate has an adverse effect on your SEO. Google wants content creators to show quality content to its users. E.g. suppose if you are looking for cycling hashtags to use for Instagram, and if a search result page on SERP shows something that is not relevant to the user, the user will bounce page to results page. This often degrades the SEO ranking of that particular page.
  • Session Duration: I pay special attention to this. I want my visitors to stay on the page and read the complete length of the content that is on my website. If a visitor spends more time on your website, it shows that your content is useful and user engaging. You can check this by going to the Google Analytics tool and take a look at your website’s session duration.

Summing Up

Most of these on-page SEO factors are in control of the webmasters. If you put up quality content on your website the above factors and analytics of these metrics improve over a period of time.

I would be on the record of making the point that the first point which is quality content is the one that is most important. Rich content often leads to improved session duration and lower bounce rates. Page speed and internal links need to be optimized by you. Let me know if you have any questions related to this topic. Leave your comments and I would reply to your questions as soon as possible.

Google Page Rank

This is going to be my first article on the SEO module. Before even, we plunge into the depth of SEO, let’s talk about google page rank. This interesting ranking algorithm was made by the founder of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Whenever someone googles something online the SERP aka Search Engine Page Results shows them the most relevant high-quality content. This content is as per the user’s search terms. This page ranking algorithm is one of the over 200+ google factors when it comes to ranking web pages. However, this is not the only considering factor when deciding page rank by Google.

What is google page rank in SEO ranking? In-depth! 

A Google page rank algorithm that ranks web pages on a scale from 1 to 10.

That’s what it is in a nutshell. The quality and quantity of links to a webpage determine a relative score of that page’s importance and authority on a 0 to 10 scale.

Very few websites have a perfect score of 10. This is majorly linking websites like (Don’t forget to follow),, and Adobe reader download sites.

These websites have the highest number of backlinks to their web pages. PageRank 5 websites have a good number of inbound links, PR 3 and PR 4 sites have a fair amount, and brand new websites without any inbound links pointing to them start at PageRank 0.

Big Question. Does google page rank still matters in SEO ranking?

Now if you want to find out the google page rank for your website, it’s not possible.

This is because Google has stopped sharing the page ranks with the webmasters. A lot of webmasters were under the impression that getting backlinks were the only way of getting better in SERP’s.

This thinking, however, was not correct and there are many factors behind amplifying the ranking of a web page rather than just backlinks.

Even though it’s now hidden from public view, however, PageRank remains an important ingredient in Google’s secret ranking algorithms.

Just imagine if google page rank was the only parameter in ranking the pages high, the results would not be relevant. You would have got the results on the basis of how many backlinks are on the page which is making the page rank of the webpage high. Although it might not be relevant to you.

Since PageRank is only one factor in the Google ranking algorithm, it’s important to remember that a high PageRank does not guarantee high rankings — but it can significantly help.

Google page rank toolbar

As we were talking earlier that Google does not share the PR (Page Rank) data. The page rank toolbar which is available as Google Page rank toolbar as a chrome extension does not work.

Chrome extension for google page rank

Even if you add the said extension to your chrome browser, it shows “ERR” in the page rank section. Although it does give out a few other details like the “Alexa Rank” and other shared values. However, the page rank section gives nothing.

Chrome Extension Statistics

Since Google wants to return page one results that are high quality, relevant, and trustworthy. It may return web pages with better PageRank scores higher up in the SERPs. Although, Google page rank is only one of many ranking factors taken into consideration.

Now the question is that how does this page ranking works. Let’s get into the google page ranking methodology. When a website “X” links to your web page it passes on link juice or in other words it is endorsing your site. Basically, it means that the other site is casting vote for your web page. Google takes into consideration all of these link votes.

Google draws conclusions about the relevance and significance of individual web pages. This is the basic concept behind PageRank. When one page links to another it passes PageRank points which are also known as link juice.

The amount of juice that your web page gets when it links to the page which is housing the link depends on two things. Firstly, it depends on the amount of link juice that the housing page has. Secondly, it depends on the total number of links on the webpage that are passing PageRank.

Every web page has a limited about of link juice it can pass the linked pages. For e.g. a webpage with 20 accrued PageRank points cannot pass more than 20 points of link juice per page. If a page with 20 PageRank points links to one other page, that one link will transfer the full amount of link juice to that one other webpage.

But if a page with 20 PageRank points links to five web pages (internal or external), each link will transfer only one-fifth of the link juice. Look at the below-embedded image.

Visualize it: This diagram shows what it looks like when a webpage with 20 PageRank points links out to five other web pages that, accordingly, each receives approximately four PageRank points.

Although Google applies a decay formula to calculate the PR points. However, the actual calculation will be a bit different although the calculation steps are the same as above.

Is Page Linking Possible Without Passing PR Points?

Absolutely yes. Like any technology, it can be amended for the webmasters to use their webpage as per their whims and fancy. So in case you want to aid user experience, however, do not wish to pass on the PR juice, you can do it. 

You can tell Google not to pass PageRank by amending some links with a rel=” no follow” attribute. A no-followed link is not crawled by the search engines, and no PageRank or anchor text signals are transferred.

However, Google still sees the no-followed links as the total number of links on the page, and thus the link juice is reduced. E.g. If you have a webpage with link juice as 100 and it has 4 links. Out of these 4 links, three are no-followed still only 25 link juice is passed to the followed link. It is important to understand this concept, as it helps a lot while setting your no-follow links.

Bad Linking & rel=”nofollow”

Bad linking is worse when it comes to Google page rank. Google is smart enough to identify if the links you are getting authentic or not. Do not ever try to buy the backlinks from suspicious websites. 

The search engines might suspect you are trying to manipulate search results. They might slap your site with a ranking penalty. As we talked about how “no-follow” links affect the google page rank, however, doing this essential for certain types of links.

  • Paid links and ads
  • Links that would dilute your subject relevance
  • Links to untrustworthy pages

Paid-for links and ads on your site MUST have a nofollow attribute (see Google’s policy on nofollow). Google’s penguin algorithms are smart enough to identify any manipulative paid links, so just be cautious.

Also, try to link your pages with other web pages that have similar content. For e.g., if I write about cycling I will not be linking it to anything like fashion as the topics are different and I do not want to confuse the search engine. Just do the white hat SEO.

Linking relevant content pages amplify your topic relevance. So keep your topic silos clear and strategic. The use of the Nofollow attribute can be applied when linking off-topic pages together.

Third and final thing to worry about is when you try to link your web pages to a sketchy website. Google hates un-trustworthy websites and getting the backlink from them will not do you any good.

Final Word Of Caution

Hey, now that we know what google web page rank is all about we can start building page links. So if you are thinking about whether setting up a backlink is important or not? Well, they are very important.

Just because Google does not show us the page ranking data it does not mean that it is not important. Also, It’s not true that the more links you have, the better off you are. it’s all about more quality links that you should have on your web pages.

When it comes to Google, quality is more important than quantity. Check out this video tutorial which I made to understand web page rank.

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Words Of Wisdom for SEO ranking

Poor quality links from spammy sites can deteriorate your search engine rankings. Only get links from quality sites and especially those links which are relevant to your subject and niche. Never ever try to buy the links. I will keep updating this article to match the changes which Google might have in the future.

So this brings us to the end of this article for SEO ranking, in case you have a question related to the SEO ranking please drop a comment at the end of this article.

Major Changes To YouTube Partner Program

YouTube partner program (YPP) has done major changes set to come into force this year. Quite honest the terms now set will allow serious contributors to make quality content. So much bad content was uploaded last year. This led to a wastage of time and I had to dislike a lot of videos. Let us take a look at what things have changed under the YYP. This is though a good change as only YouTube channels with good content will be promoted. All the unethical ways of YouTube channel promotion will now be of no use. In this article let us go over youtube partner program policies & youtube partner program rules for new creating a new channel. Youtube partner program terms are easy to adhere to, but this is where most new YouTubers make mistakes.


Reason For Change in YouTube partner program terms

Research done by YouTube shows a lot of channels made a lot of content, however we not able to cross the threshold of 100$.

They just kept on uploading useless content which was not a value-add to YouTube.

As a result of which about 60% of the channels made content not worthy of watching and somehow YouTube algorithms kept’s showing those videos/content under the suggested option.

This is what “Susan” the CEO of YouTube had to say last year for people making content which is not acceptable under YouTube’s guidelines.

What were the rules previously?

YPP did a change in the month of April 2017. YouTube restricted channels to monetize their videos if they did not have 10,000-lifetime views.

However, these rules were very lenient and it failed to have the effect which it should have.

Most of the channels were able to cross the 10,000-lifetime views even when the channels did not have any quality content.

YouTube has now realized that the standard which they ought to have should be a little strict and the channels stats a bit on the higher side.

Thankfully my YouTube channel surpassed that limit a long time back and met the eligibility criteria as per the YPP program.

YouTube channel promotion however, will now be getting difficult. 

Recent Changes In The Rules for YouTube Partner Program

Once YouTube realized that the rule set by them of 10,000-lifetime views is not enough to make YouTube a quality platform for people. They have not done certain strict changes.

As per YPP, firstly to be eligible to monetize the videos, the YouTube channel now must have more than 1,000 subscribers.

Secondly, the channel should have more than 4000+ watch hours in the last 12 months.

Only when your YouTube channel is in accordance with the above two rules, only then you can monetize your videos.

This change would be effective from February 2018.

How To Meet The Criteria for YouTube Partner Program

There is only one way you can meet the YouTube Partner Program criteria, which is to make quality content and follow all youtube partner program rules.

I started with randomly uploading videos and not bothering them about specifics. Over a period of time, I have changed and so has my YouTube Channel.

Always remember it is important to make and upload content regularly. However, the content should be worthy of being uploaded and should be in line with your passion.

For an e.g. we all know that prank videos are the one watched by all and they tend to get a lot of views.

However, this is something that I don’t do, and neither do I have any interest in them.

My interest lies in Photography, Cycling, Travel, and Fitness, and my videos are related to my passion and interest.

Watch the complete video here!

Note: Do the stuff that you really like doing, the idea is not just to make money, but to showcase your talent to the world.

Now, if you have any questions related to the youtube partner program policies please leave them in the comment box. I would love to answer them.