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Welcome to the city where I was born and welcome to the section of Jaipur city blog. This is where I tell you amazing facts about the pink city. Jaipur is also called officially the pink city of India. However, my fellow friends, there is more to Jaipur than its pink-red tinged buildings and historic splendour. In this section, I will tell you everything about Jaipur city. I would publish a post daily here. Furthermore, I am a big fan of cycling and photography. So I would be inducing Jaipur guided tours, Jaipur photography tours, Jaipur cycling tours, guided city walks & Jaipur bike tours.

Since I was born in Jaipur, lived most of my life here, I thought of unveiling my city to the world. This city is not just about famous tourist spots, but it more about festivals, chaotic streets and market. A must-visit destination and a prominent one when we talk about the golden triangle. It’s just 6 hours from Delhi, the capital of India and 4 hours from Agra. So whatever you need in Jaipur like Jaipur guided tours, Jaipur photography tours, Jaipur cycling tours, guided city walks & Jaipur bike tours let me know. I have another category where I would focus on places to eat in Jaipur. Click here to go to that category. Furthermore, if you have any question related to Jaipur please drop in a comment or send me your query by visiting my contact us page. 


Lockdown in Jaipur! The ugly truth as seen by my lens!

Before I start, this is not an attempt to mislead anyone. I am just clicking pictures and keeping facts in front of everyone. I am not in favor or against any political party. Sharing what I see happening around me and most of which frustrates me to the core. I stay in Jaipur, so I am going to tell you about the lockdown in Jaipur 2021 imposed by the state government. Lockdown in Jaipur today marks the 4th day when most of the things are shut. This article will also be synced with the lockdown in Jaipur news figures. Read more about Jaipur on my blog. So keep on checking this article for regular updates. Lockdown in Jaipur, timing is from, well usually starts at 5 AM and ends at 8 PM. Before I take you further, look at the alarming COVID-19 stats below.

Alarming COVID-19 Stats

Let us talk about Covid-19. Over 185,000 dead just in India. If we talk about the world that figure goes to 3,075,916 dead and counting. Check the real-time COVID-19 stats here. If you look at the % at such an immense level almost 0.01% of our country has been wiped out by COVID-19. The world has lost 0.4% of the population as an effect of this virus. Let us come back to the point i.e lockdown in Jaipur and the ugly truth.

Lockdown in Jaipur today

Today is April 23rd, 2021, as usual, I am going to my office. Most of you wondering why am I not following the lockdown. This is because I work in an IT firm. As per the last “Lockdown in Jaipur 2021 guidelines” IT companies and IT-enabled services/firms are exempted from this lockdown. For more detailed guidelines refer to this PDF I am embedding below that comes directly from the government source. You can download the PDF and share it with your friends so everyone is aware of the guidelines and work in tandem with the authorities.

So, now you know why I am out of my home during these tough times. So I got out of my house and drive towards my office. Due to this COVID-19 situation, I am avoiding going on my bike. I love riding the bike more than driving a car. I guess I need to wait some more time to get back on my Royal Enfield Bullet.

So, now you know why I am out of my home during these tough times. So I got out of my house and drive towards my office. Due to this COVID-19 situation, I am avoiding going on my bike. I love riding the bike more than driving a car. I guess I need to wait some more time to get back on my Royal Enfield Bullet.

Lockdown in Jaipur news! What media reports.

I hate these media wars. In other words, half of the news these days is just manufactured. Journalism is dead, sensationalism is what is prevailing in today’s world. Half of them are supported by the ruling party the other half by the opposition and they keep on spreading fake news and a very minute fragment of real news. Exactly, what is happening on the national level too.

The media’s narrative is a little different they just tell you about the lockdown in Jaipur its timing. Most of the news articles online did not mention the complete guidelines. No clue why?

Let me show you the truth, what’s actually happening on the roads of Jaipur when the lockdown is in place. Lockdown in Jaipur today or be it any days is a joke and authorities have completely failed at every narrative.

Essential Services to Stay Open

The government nodded and said yes for the essentials shops to be opened. I have absolutely no clue if “Alcohol” is essential too? Liquor shops are opened till 5 PM. It was quite inevitable since government gets a lot of money from liquor selling.

A big NO to the social distancing

This wine shop got my attention as evident there seems to be no concept of social distancing here. The government doesn’t care about you they care about the money they make. Wink 🙂 This is an essential service though, if not for you then I am sure for others.

Lockdown in Jaipur timing

The time of the lockdown keeps on changing every now and then. Starting Monday the essential services will be open from 6 AM in the morning till 11 AM. Rest of the time everything will be closed. There is another guideline that was released a day before.

What ever be the timings, people out side has no affect or fear of COVID as folks without masks can be seen very often.

Sitting in public transport without mask

It is lockdown in Jaipur today, I went outside to get some stuff and you can see people gathered in groups and not adhering to the guidelines set. Whatever may be the reason, these daredevils need to get their head in the right place. Coz if this continue they will end up in hospital fighting for their life blaming the government.

Lockdown in Jaipur News

News seems to be faulty and baseless. Authentic news is dead and what you get to read or hear is just made up news. Lockdown in Jaipur 2021 has made us realize that the problem is not with the government or the news. It is with us! Look at the images below and you see will see why COVID is spreading not because of government but us.

Seems like daily wage workers do not understand the seriousness here.

Daily wage workers are worst hit during COVID times. Most of the deaths that you are hearing about in the news is mostly with the people who work daily wages. They go out and work and are more likely to get infected. We should have prepared for this a long time ago. Complete system failure.

This madness needs to be stopped

Summing Up

The next coming days are going to be crucial. Wear your masks and avoid going in public. I would have to go out and work as IT companies are being exempted from this lockdown. Having said that not taking any chances the office premises is properly sanitized and we are keeping a strict check on the employees coming to office. I will be posting regular updates and my finding here about lockdown in Jaipur 2021 & timings. If you have any questions related to lockdown in Jaipur please let me know in the comments will try to answer them. Furthermore, be safe and stay at home.

Running Groups in Jaipur

I was looking around on the internet and found not one article where all the running groups are listed together. So, I am creating one. Running is an amazing sport and post COVID I see a lot of people in my city getting conscious about their fitness. Some started cycling some decided to run. Whatever you do keep yourself fit is good. I do not run much. Having said that I am a part of a big fitness community here in Jaipur. So let me list down all the running groups in Jaipur and how you can be a part of those groups. I am going to cover some prominent groups in Jaipur like Jaipur Runners Club (JR), Pink City Runners group (PCR), Joshilay Runners & Royal Rajasthan Runners (RRR). So let’s dive in!

Jaipur Runners Club

Jaipur Runner’s Logo

One of the oldest running groups in Jaipur is the Jaipur runners club. Members call it JR. This group was founded by Mukesh Mishra, a name that is a pioneer in the running community of Jaipur. The mission of the group is clear and precise. Their motto is to inspire and help people by introducing them to a running lifestyle. The group is in existence for the past 14 years and growing. Currently, with over 5000+ members and a strong core team, they are the strongest running group in town. If you want to connect with the group leader refer to the information below. They conduct international standard marathons which attract almost every fitness enthusiast from the town and outside.

Jaipur Road Runner – Good for new runners!

Jaipur road runners logo

If you are a new runner or if you want to start running then this is the group for you. Dinesh Choudhary & Nitika are running the group aimed at inducing running culture especially for folks who want to start running. They are coaching new runners with the pros and cons of running and how to start running without the risk of getting injured. So if you are a new runner do connect with them.

Pink City Runners Group

Pink City Runners group logo

Another big group in the pink city. Pink City Runners group organizes the pink city half marathon. This event is held in the month of December. The race consists of a 21.1 KM half marathon, 10 KM cool run, 5 KM dream run and 2 KM fun run. The vision again is to promote running as a sport. The group was founded by Dr. Namit Sharma, another pioneer in the running community. PCR is also one of the largest running groups of Rajasthan and the winner of 100 days running challenge. If you want to connect with the group leader refer to the information below.

Joshilay Runners

Joshilay Runners Logo

Unlike the above-mentioned groups, this is fairly new in town. However, the group is founded and led by an experienced runner named Rajesh Choudhary. This is what Joshilay Runners have to say about the group. “We are a group of energetic Runners, we love new challenges! Running is the best gift to oneself! Keep Running Stay Healthy !! As a team, we go out trekking and cycling. We run in Jungle, on Roads, stadium, and hills too, we encourage non-runners.” If you want to connect with the group leader refer to the information below.

Royal Rajasthan runners

Royal Rajasthan runners logo

Last but not least. Royal Rajasthan runners are again a highly motivated running group led by Sunil Gour. The group has members who are highly motivated and run daily. The motto behind the group is to introduce more and more folks to run. It is a good group to be in. If you want to connect with the group leader refer to the information below.

Summing up the running groups in Jaipur

So these were the four main groups for runners who are looking for a company to run. They run around the pink city at different places. In case you want to check out amazing places to run in Jaipur check out this article. This brings us to the end of the article in case you know a group that I missed out please let me know in the comment section.

Best Sunset Places in Jaipur

Are you on the lookout for the best sunset places in Jaipur or wanted to experience some epic sunset spots in Jaipur? Jaipur is famous for a range of forts, palaces, and temples that reside on top of the hills. You will find enhancing sunset views in Jaipur. I will guide you on reaching sunset points in Jaipur based on my personal experiences while cycling around Pink City. Let us get into the discussion of the best spots for sunset in Jaipur. I wrote about sunrise spots in Jaipur quite some time back on my blog. Thank you for all your support for making it the top-ranking article on Google. Now let us talk about the sunset points. Before we start do follow me on Instagram. Check out this beautiful sunrise at Jalmahal.

Sunset from Nahargarh Fort

Sunset as witnessed from Nahargarh fort in Jaipur

Nahargarh Fort is one of the epic places for sunset in Pink City. It is located on the hills above the city with an impressive wall lookout. But, you need to pay an entry fee for experiencing the interior view of the fort. It has easily accessible viewpoints and walls. You can enjoy the panoramic views of the city along with the sunset. You can also visit Madhavendra Bhavan, the restaurant, Nahargarh Fort Museum, and Padao bar inside the fort.

Two different paths are available to reach the Nahargarh Fort. One is through a long winding hill road that starts at Kanak Ghati. You can hire a taxi or auto-rickshaw to a destination. The second route is an old route from an old city area for pedestrians. The path almost takes 15 to 20 minutes for walking. However, the way costs a minimum, and you can see some beautiful views of Jaipur city while walking on this route.

Sunset in the pink city from Amer Fort

Amer fort during evening time!

I could say Amer Fort is also the most incredible place to enjoy the sunset in Jaipur city. The viewpoint comprises a series of alluring gateways and arches, spectacular ramparts, intelligent architectural towers, and courtyards.

You can take 20 to 25 minutes of travel from Jaipur city via road to reach Amer Fort. I suggest you start earlier to view the sunset point at Amer Fort. You wouldn’t be allowed to walk on the Fort, unlike Nahargarh Fort. In case you like a morning hike check out the Sagar trek near Amer fort. This place is amazing and very near to the Amer fort.

Sunset in the pink city from Amer fort viewpoint

Amer fort view point is amazing for sunrise and sunset.

You need not go to another distant place to view the sunset from Amer Fort. Because Jaipur Wall or Amer Wall locates opposite the Amer Fort, it is also the popular sunset spot in Jaipur. This sandstone wall resides along the Aravali Mountains. I call this as Amer fort viewpoint, read more.

I enjoyed the location and beautiful scenery of sunset by climbing the wall. You would also definitely admire the incredible views from its tower points. The picture is from the morning as I was unable to find an evening picture for this point. However, you can see how the Amer fort stands proudly in front of this point. Now imagine the sun coming down right in front of where we are sitting in the image. Watch the vlog for Amer fort viewpoint below and subscribe to my channel.

Jal Mahal is among the best sunset places in Jaipur

This place has amazing view of sunrise and sunset both! Don’t miss Jalmahal if you are headed towards the pink city.

Jal Mahal is the must-visit place for sunset in Jaipur because the view is impressive when I observed from the banks of the lake. To explore Jal Mahal’s interior, you should take a boat tour as it locates on the Island within Man Sagar Lake.

You need to travel 4 Km on Amer Road to reach the destination of Jal Mahal. Are you excited to see the best sunset point? Then, you should head on to the Jal Mahal and mesmerize yourself with its magnificent mountain backdrop during sunset. The lake beautified with the migratory birds in addition to the sunset view. If you’re a nature lover, please don’t skip the place in your travel list of Jaipur city. Do you love migratory birds? There is another place near Jaipur which is famous for bird sightings. Check out Chandlai lake near Jaipur, this place is awesome.

Sunset from Surya Mandir AKA Sun temple

Sun temple is a great place for sunrise and sunset!

Surya Mandir’s name itself resembles the sunrise & sunset point in Jaipur. This temple provides an excellent vantage point to watch the sunrise & sunset in Jaipur. When you go to this place, you will find a unified experience of peace and a fantastic sunset viewpoint. This sounds exciting to check out this article that I wrote on the sun temple. This place is as majestic in the evenings as it is in the mornings. Watch the Sun temple vlog and subscribe to my channel.

You will reach the Surya Mandir on the same route of the Galta Ji temple complex, and it resides on a 200-meter hill. If you want to visit the unique place in Jaipur city, this is the best temple viewpoint and letting you experience the devotion with its atmosphere. However, you can take darshan of Surya God and get some relief from stress due to personal issues or working conditions. The place helps you to gain positivity and feel pleasure when you visit this.

Panna Meena Ka Kund (Jaipur Stepwell)

The stepwell of Panna Meena ka Kund in Jaipur

Unlike other sunset spots in Jaipur, Jaipur Stepwell or Panna Meena Ka Kund is different from its unique landscapes and backdrops. It comes under the list of best sunset points in Jaipur and nearer to the Amer Fort.

I could highly recommend you to visit the Jaipur Stepwell for sunset to gain a unique experience. You can also capture the best shadows and symmetrical steps of Stepwell. Before an hour of evening in Pink City, climb the Stepwell and enjoy the epic view of the Fort and Aravalli Mountains.

Sunset at Statue Circle, Jaipur

Plus of statue circle is that besides the sunset you get spectacular Jaipur’s street food

You can also check out the impressive view at Statue Circle. Here, the location is beautiful when the sun is about to set. So, have a lookout at the sunset while traveling on the same route. Enjoy nature’s beauty when you visit this location during the evening. You are going to get amazing Jaipur’s street food here. So, this place is heaven for foodies and coffee lovers. This place is also famous in the running community as it is adjacent to the central park which is a runner’s paradise. Check out these places in Jaipur ideal for run and jog.

Hot Air Balloon to witness all the places to see the sunset in Jaipur

Jaipur Hot Air Balloon is not an exact sunset point, but trust me, it gives you the best sunset point with the hot air balloon ride in Jaipur. Here, the operators are professional and very attentive so that you need not worry about the risk of your life and let enjoy the adventure experience in the Pink City. Check out Sky Waltz Balloon Safari!

If you want to go, plan for a sunrise or sunset in Jaipur and experience the incredible desert landscape with the Jaipur Hot Air Balloon.

Sagar trek in Jaipur

To say frankly, I was not really aware of the very rich, beautiful, natural, and diversified heritage of Jaipur. But, once I came to know about that, I realized through my research that as tourists, we can simply sit at the foothill of Aravalli Hills. If you are heading towards the pink city I highly recommend Sagar trek in Jaipur. This trek can be done in the morning. Sagar trek near Amer AKA Sagar lake trek AKA Sagar hike in Jaipur is very popular among tourists. This place is heaven, especially during the rainy season. Especially the view of Sagar Lake near Amer.

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

From that place only, we can enjoy the wondrous wildlife, scenic as well as floral beauty of the whole place. I found out that the Sagar trek in Jaipur usually starts with the Jal Mahal Place. When I further progressed and delved deep, I found out that there is a wonderful Sagar Lake in Jaipur. A ravishing jungle and a mesmerizing lake cover Sagar Lake in Jaipur.

A small glimpse of what the place has to offer. Now it is time for you to follow me on Instagram.

Overview of Sagar Lake in Jaipur

Once I researched a bit more, I got to understand that Amer is just another name of Sagar Lake itself. Thus this is to speak out to my viewers that, I eventually considered Sagar trek in Jaipur just another version of Amer Sagar Trek. As both were coming down to the same line. On the broadway of my journey, I found out that, the primary interest of this place was Amber Fort.

The trail to the waterfall is amazing and you get to see the beauty of Amer

My Experience in Sagar trek near Amer

Once, I had a view of Amber Fort, I just wanted to see more and more out of this place. It is a very soothing and comforting place for your mind and eyesight. After finishing with Amer Sagar Trek, I was all ready for my next tourist destination. I have found the sinking palace to be the most fascinating spot of this whole area.

Overview of Sagar Waterfall Trek –

Although, while continuing my journey, I wasn’t so sure about the Sagar waterfall trek as I didn’t find any source or reaching point towards it. But, however, I tried to continue. From the guidance of the local people and tourists, I understood that there is a watery place which is covered by greeneries and trees. Local people are not even sure about it, but still, they call trekking towards this place as Sagar waterfall trek. Likewise, I couldn’t even become certain about this.

My Experience in Sagar Lake Trek

Consequently, my thirst and desire to reach the place covered by greeneries and trees increased. I was quite hungry after finishing the trip to Sagar Lake in Jaipur but the way of Sagar waterfall trek was even longer from my finishing point. The road was stony and dust-filled. There were no such shops. Besides, all of this, I still wanted to carry forward because finally, I required to match my dreamy visualization of the place with reality.

I continued and when I ended the view which I found out was much more than spectacular. I can’t describe that in words. My difficulties were worth the view. However, still after returning back from that place, I am not sure that was it really the Sagar waterfall trek? However, that doesn’t matter anymore.

People’s conception about Sagar hike in Jaipur

Near the waterfall is a place where you can go for a swim

People generally consider the Sagar waterfall trek to be the Dudhsagar waterfall trek. Dudhsagar waterfall trek is in Goa and bears another dimension of beauty and charm. Anyhow, many people do not know about the existence of the Sagar waterfall trek. They can come to know about this if they once interact with the local people.

My understanding of the Sagar hike in Jaipur

Initially, during my research and study period about the Sagar trek in Jaipur, I understood that trekking in this will be hectic and strenuous. Furthermore, I couldn’t go with many of my friends as they were all busy with their works. So, Howsoever fewer friends I had got, I sat with them and chalked out the plan of Sagar Trail Hike.

Although, when I reached there, I discovered Sagar trail hike will almost cost us at least 5 Km of walk on a very complicated and tough road. Anyway, we never lost hope and accomplished success in that way. By the way, in our journey, we had some of the best fun and hilarious moment of our lives.

My other experiences around the Sagar lake trek

When I first reached Jaipur, I experienced the heritage and culture of this place to be very ancient. A very rich custom fills the place. One of the other wonders of this place will be undoubtedly its birds and lake ecosystem. We have come very close to the biodiversity of flora and fauna. We have walked through the dense and deep forests.

Eventually, we filled ourselves up with many visual stories and photographs. We are waiting also to bring them in front of our viewers.

The details of Sagar hike in Jaipur for Future Tourists

Here is the basic details, that what you will pass though for completing the Sagar trek in Jaipur. Let us have a look;

  • You will meet with your trek guide at the Jal Mahal Palace where he or she will describe the brief overview and instructions.
  • Afterward, You will progress towards the forest alongshore the valley which is just opposite the lake from your starting point.
  • In the journey, You will see many diversified and beautiful species of birds along your journey.
  • Then you will climb the hill.
  • While going through the forest, you will obviously have the provision of short breaks and custom intervals.
  • Gradually, you will reach the highest point and will have a view of the lake where the proud Jal Mahal is proudly floating.

My Recommendation

After visiting and thoroughly trekking in Sagar Lake in Jaipur, I can only say that it is a marvelous place for rest, mind refreshing, and travel. People will come to know about many secrets and wonders of nature around it. I suggest, once at least people can surely visit and trek on this place as this won’t even cost that much but bring back a lot of precious memories.

if you have any questions related to Sagar Lake near Amer, please leave them in the comment section below.

Places to Run & Jog in Jaipur

If you’re looking for where to run in Jaipur, your search ends here. As Jaipur hosts one of India’s biggest Marathons every year, it should have some impressive running tracks or jogging tracks Jaipur. However, you can find Statue Circle or Albert Hall on any non-summer weekend for long marathons. I have seen some of the best pollution-free running routes while searching for where do people run in Jaipur. Here is the list of best running tracks in Jaipur. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best places to run in Jaipur. So let us answer the question which most of the runners might have. Where do people run in Jaipur?

Central Park

Central Park in Jaipur

When it comes to my personal experiences, Central Park is the best place for running or jogging. Because it is centrally located, well maintained, connected to all major landmarks, and has ample parking space. Do you look out for intense training for long-distance runs, jogging, or for a walk? Then, Central Park is the perfect destination.

Running track in central park

This running track of central park takes you to Rambagh Hotel, Ambedkar Circle, Statue Circle, and SMS Hospital Square after going away from the outer perimeter of 4 km or 2.5 miles. The place has also a long jogging track of 950 m also at the Polo Ground. If you want to make a long run or short run, go to this place. You can again do Yoga in the early morning as it has a good ambiance of pleasantness.

There are a lot of horses, peacocks, and other birds living in the park. Other things you can found out here are Jaipur’s first open-air Gym, Musical Fountain, Giant Indian Flag, and different shops for snacks, ice-creams, etc. This is one of the popular running spots. Let list more options on where do people run in Jaipur.

Smriti Van

Smriti Van in Jaipur is famous of trail running

When I visit this place, I feel like a vacation from the city within the city. Because you might view the beauty of sunrise with the peacocks here while running or jogging. The biodiversity forest has improved for peace and relaxation. Here, you can enjoy your run or walk close to nature.

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Smriti Van is famous for sowing trees in the memory of dear ones. It’s better to go for an early morning to have peace while running or jogging.

Jawahar Circle Park

Patrika gate which is the entry to Jawahar circle garden

Jawahar Circle Park has multiple running routes or jagging tracks, and it locates next to the famous Patrika Gate. The park has still developing running tracks, but you can explore the gardens, view the musical fountains, and enjoy the run.

The park has a play zone for kids and fast food area for the family. The problem is enormous crowds at the food zone that creates a disturbance for joggers or runners. It is well accessible, centrally located, a suitable environment for running or jogging, and maintained by JDA.  

Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh is a good place to run and also is an ultimate test for your legs

If you want to test your strength of legs, the best route is Nahargarh Fort. Start from this fort and walk or climb to the magnificent tiger fort. However, it excites you to visit the Jaipur whenever you see the pink city’s view from the fort. Here, the wind speaks with you and fill you up with zest.

Nehru Bal Udyan

Lush green surroundings and amazing nature trails at Nehru Bal Udyan is ideal to run in Jaipur

Are you looking for a joyful place with a run? Nehru Bal Udyan is the best destination for enjoyment, maintain good health, and participate in some activities. Nehru Bal Udyan is located on Tonk Road at Tonk Phatak area Jaipur, and 2 km away from Sawai Man Singh stadium. It is also called Nehru Palace and Nehru Garden Jaipur.

This is one of the best places to run in Jaipur city

Inside the garden, there is a walking area, boating area, kids playground, a toy train, etc. Specifically, this park is famous for children’s actives, train rides, adventure seekers, and boating.


The highest incline in the city award goes to Choolgiri. This place is a famous among competing runners.

Choolgiri is not precisely for walking or jogging, but it is a spiritual destination where you can watch incredible greenery around the hill. The temple surmounted on the Aravali Hills of Jaipur – Agra Road. For me, the main attraction is 7 feet statue of Lord Parshvnath and other many sculptures with spectacular and speechless artworks. The place gives you pleasantness and gets rid of your burdens.

The view of Agra tunnel is amazing from the top of Choolgiri.

Choolgiri Jain Temple has a rooftop of giant Jain Yantra with powerful mantras and holy symbols. Some statues sculpture by the embarrassment of precious and semi-precious stones. So, I suggest a must-visit location for every deity when they go to Jaipur city because it gives a unique and fantastic space after completing the journey.

Manasarovar Park

Mansarovar park is known for its natural beauty and lush green trails.

Jaipur city will have the most significant running route or jogging track known as Manasarovar Park than the largest central park. Rajasthan government offers a gift of a new destination for joggers and greenery lovers. The main motive is to increase greenery and provide adequate space for walking, exercise, and pure air for the people who live in Manasarovar and other nearby colonies.

Manasarovar Park will feature nearly 10,000 plants and trees and a jogging track of almost 4 km long. The park incorporates CCTVs for security and monitoring at all entrance and exit gates and the jogging tracks. In addition, it will include a musical fountain, butterfly garden, outdoor gym, a national flag post, lake, 3 km jogging track, and 1.5 km internal walkway. Finally, I hope it will complete soon and eagerly waiting for the largest park in Jaipur.

Where do people run in Jaipur? Summing Up

Above all are the popular running routes or jogging tracks in Jaipur city from my experiences. In conclusion, there are some other running routes or jogging tracks in Jaipur subsuming Suraj Maidan, Shivaji Garden, Arihant Public Park, Chhayadip Park, etc. However, you can explore these parks and get some peace. Have any questions related to places to run in Jaipur? Please, drop in the comment box below.

Hathni Kund in Jaipur

How do you imagine Rajasthan’s authentic desert site, where you will find sand dunes that are 20-50 meters tall?
But no! There are several places here where nature will amaze you with its beauty. One of them is Hathni Kund in Jaipur. Where you can visit Kund behind Charan Temple, Hanuman temple Hathni Kund. While this trek of Hathni Kund at Nahargarh passes through a lush green area covered with trees and bushes. This location is uncommon to most people as this is far away from Jaipur and also there are no roads from Charan temple that lead to Hathni Kund. As the place is far away from the city in between the lap of nature. Anyone can admire the beauty of this place after trekking here. This Kund behind Charan Mandir is one of a kind and attracts many folks looking for trail fun.

This sight is most common during the rainy season.

How to reach Hathni Kund

This is the trekking spot located 17 km away from Jaipur, this is the hidden gem of the pink city. You can reach Charan Temple according to your convenience from Jaipur.

The trek from Charan Temple to Hathni Kund at Nahargarh is approximately 4 km. (Both side) Just for everyone to understand the route better I created a vlog on my YouTube channel.

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On the way to Hathni Kund at Nahargarh

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You will glimpse one of the best views of sunrise at Jal Mahal. Jal Mahal is located in Mann Sagar Lake. Both the sunrise and sunset are beautiful to watch. If you love sunrise, check out my article on the best sunrise spots in Jaipur. Especially you will fall in love with the sun if you travel early morning this is the favorite view of every jaipurite and who have visited this place till now. The best time is from 6 am to 8 am and after 4 pm to capture the evening sunlight glow on the Jal Mahal, and after sunset to capture the palace lights. The reflection of the sun around the Jal Mahal surrounded by the mountains creates the perfect scenic view to start your trek.

Charan Temple & Kund behind Charan temple

Charan temple remains a well-known landmark on the way to Nahargarh fort. Before starting my trek with my friends we thought to visit the Charan temple premise. It was a wonderful site beyond my imagination the view from there was astonishing. The Jal Mahal can be seen from there and green cover of Aravalli ranges. Read more about the Charan mandir of Nahargarh here.

Trek started to Hathni Kund in Jaipur

There are two ways to start your trek, one from the right of Charan temple and another from Vidhyadhar Nagar jungle. But we took the route from the Charan Mandir this is the place where we started our trek and ended at the same place. Meanwhile, the way was uneven I will suggest you wear trekking shoes. This place is full of Anogeissus Pendula trees lush green plants after watching this you won’t believe you are in Jaipur. But I will recommend you trek in a group as in this place you will encounter wild animals like panther and snakes. However, you will find many groups heading there. As the place is extremely crowded during monsoon because the best view seen during the rainy season. You will explore many species of beautiful birds and a variety of flora on this trail

Hathni Kund during rainy season

Hathni Kund at Nahargarh

When I reached the top of Hathni Kund I was amazed to watch the beauty of the place and couldn’t resist taking pictures. The place is far away from the hustle-bustle of the city. you can sit there for a long time to soak the beauty in your eyes. After sitting there for a while we headed towards the kund. While there were already many groups enjoying the waterfall and there is another Kund besides the Kund. The place was almost full as it was the weekend.

Beauty of Hathni kund

This water is present not just in the monsoon but even in the following months of the monsoon. But the waterfall can be seen only in the monsoon due to the rain.

The waterfall appears to be the most beautiful phenomenon in this world. Its real beauty and peaceful effect are always incredibly tremendous for almost everyone. The elegance and magnetism of waterfalls are so enormous that no one can avoid confessing ‘amazing view’.

And watching water tumble off a rock face into a pool or raging river beneath. The noise it makes, the sheer volume of water – it’s magical. The giant rock from where the water was falling seems to be thrilling from the Kund. Furthermore, the most important thing I love to do is clicking pictures. I clicked the picture of my surrounding and mine too.

Hanuman temple Hathni Kund.

There were two ancient temples situated there shiv temple at hathni kund near waterfall zone and another one is Hanuman temple. There is one caretaker of this temple, Sheoram where I had a conversation about Hathni Kund about his stay & how he lived there for so many years.

Hathni kund name origin

Hathni kund or Kund behind Charan Mandir is derived from a local Rajasthani word relating to one of the four directions. Many people say that the origin of the Dravyawati river in Jaipur is Hathni Kund. Thereafter it was named as Hathni Kund.

Summing Up

Finally, we returned to Charan Mandir, via the same trail. I had never been to this place earlier but no doubt. It was an amazing experience there and would love to travel there again and again. I will always suggest this spot to everyone who will visit Jaipur.

At last, The one thing that I was disappointed with was the disposable plastic glasses and bottles that were thrown around Kund behind Charan Mandir. It’s a request to everyone please don’t repeat this kind of activity. A reasonable process of waste removal is also a responsibility towards the environment. Be a responsible person think about nature. As a consequence, it will lead to extinct of nature, “save nature, save the environment”.

Would you like to visit this place if you ever been to Jaipur?
If yes then, gear up with essentials and start an adventurous trail with your family or with your friends. In this coronavirus ensure your safety by taking a mask and sanitizer. If you have any questions related to Kund behind Charan Mandir, please comment and I will try to answer them ASAP.

Charan Mandir in Jaipur

Throughout my entire life, I have always been an upfront and enthusiastic traveler as well as a travel lover. Whenever I had some extra money, I always used to travel in hills, seas, or jungles. But this time, I planned for a religious outing as this was equally important to me. I wanted to learn about Indian mythology by exploring the spiritual places of India, thus decided to first visit the Charan Mandir in Jaipur. Later on, I got to know that Charan Temple in Jaipur is an ancient Krishna temple in Rajasthan. It is a holy place of worshipping for Hindus. Charan Mandir at Nahargarh is a place where peace prevails.

When I delved deep, I discovered that the location of Charan Mandir in Jaipur is on the way to Nahargarh Fort. It is in the middle of Nahargarh Reserve Forest. Later on, my friends told me that what I discovered, that was only the Charan Mandir at Nahargarh. It is also on the way to Nahargarh-Jaigarh. My friends also told me that, I can see the footprints of Shri Krishna naturally inscribed here.

Vlog on the temple

You might know by now that, I make a lot of video logs on my YouTube channel. Here is the vlog for the temple. Hope you guys like it. Do share and subscribe, as it motivates me to make further vlogs.

My Agenda behind the Writing

It was the initial stage. In the next phase, I will discuss with you my journey and experience during the visit to Charan Temple in Jaipur. I am sure that readers and viewers will find certain help and inspiration from my write-up. Moreover, I am also hopeful that they will at least visit Charan Mandir at Nahargarh once in their lifetime. Besides, I feel truly glad and lucky to share my experience with you all. So, let us continue.

Reason to visit Charan Mandir in Jaipur

Inside of Charan Mandir

Charan Mandir at Nahargarh is a place, where peace, serenity, and tranquility reside. With the help of the local guides, I got to know that, this Charan Temple in Jaipur especially opens for the devotees at sunrise and closes at sunset. I found it to be quite an interesting fact.

Besides that, I became attracted to the fact that the Charan Mandir in Jaipur is the natural home-ground of forests. I was sure of the fact that I will get to see many species of wild animals and birds in Charan Temple in Jaipur from my research. Not only this but also the place is filled with marvelous bird watching points.

Charan Mandir at Nahargarh offers the best view of Nahargarh forest from the top. The sunrise at this place is also mesmerizing. Altogether, this place will offer you a very sober and refreshing experience.

Click here to see sunrise points in Jaipur.

How will you reach Charan Mandir in Jaipur?

Charan Mandir in Jaipur falls on the way to Nahargarh Fort from Amber Road. Moreover, Charan Temple in Jaipur situated exactly between Jaigarh and Nahargarh. With the combination of these two, you can easily reach Charan Mandir at Nahargarh.

You can easily reach Charan Mandir in Jaipur by car, taxi, or cab. You can also reach there by the mode of renting a bike or car from Jaipur. Although when I traveled, I reached there by the means of renting a car.

For your detailed understanding, here is the nearest bus stand, railway station and airport with their consecutive distances from the Charan temple in Jaipur.

  1. Sindhi Camp Bus Stand (15.3 KMs from Charan Mandir in Jaipur)
  2. Jaipur Railway Station (17.8 KMs from Charan temple in Jaipur)
  3. Jaipur International Airport (26 KMs from Charan temple in Jaipur

What can you do in Charan Mandir in Jaipur?

Drone view of the temple

In addition to the Nahargarh forest, you can also have a breathtaking view of the Jalmahal forest from the Charan temple in Jaipur. I have been an amused witnesser of this forest myself. Furthermore, this temple in Jaipur will offer you a very calm and peaceful environment around.

Likewise you can also remain a spectator of various wonderful and interesting places around Charan Mandir at Nahargarh just like me.

I am mentioning the tourist spots with their respective distances from the temple so that the mapping plan for reaching there remains easy and flexible for you.

  1. Nahargarh Fort (2.2 KMs from Charan Mandir in Jaipur)
  2. Jaigarh Fort (4.2 KMs from Charan temple in Jaipur)
  3. Amer Fort (8.7 KMs from Charan Mandir in Jaipur)
  4. Gaitore ki Chhatriya (9.9 KMs from Charan temple in Jaipur)
  5. Hawamahal (12.4 KMs from Charan Mandir in Jaipur)

The Speciality of Charan Mandir

Finally, once I have completed my visit to the Charan temple in Jaipur, I realized that it is not one of those usual temples of a city with its standard and general architecture and layout. Rather, Charan Mandir in Jaipur is well equipped with an unusual layout with a huge tower attached to it.

In addition to that, there are even complex and fortified walls situated at its perimeter. Charan temple in Jaipur also preserves a large water storage tank. Also for an instance, it is a commendable aspect that, I didn’t have to face any vendors, sellers of beggars in Charan Mandir at Nahargarh. This offered me an uninterrupted journey throughout the temple.

Marigold Sunrise in Jaipur

Fortunately, I was able to capture a moment from Charan Mandir at Nahargarh which is near to the Charan Mandir in Jaipur. I found out that, with the onsets of winters, the sunrise represented the sun in a very mild avatar. Mesmerizingly it replicated the color of a Marigold flower.

It was one of my very unique and exceptional memories from Charan Mandir in Jaipur.

Summing Up

In addition to these, there are also very many beautiful hotels, restaurants, and resorts where you can receive a very comfortable stay. Moreover, these places will give you ample time to chalk out your journey. I have shared the rest of the important details as per my capability.

I hope that these will help you and you will come out with more and more experiences to share. This way we can have a collective experience and acknowledgment. If you have any questions related to the temple, please leave them in the comments below.

Chandlai lake in Jaipur

Although everyone should like birds, only some people love them. If you’re one of them, Chandlai Lake is the best spot for you to enjoy the view of a massive number of birds by sitting at the lake. Chandlai Lake is more attractive for an enormous number of migratory birds than other small resident lakes near Jaipur city. Specifically, a rare bird species known as Pied Avochet can be viewed at Chandlai Lake Jaipur. Other bird species can also be founded. Birds such as Common Red Shank, White Wagtail, Little Ringed Plover, Rudy Shelduck, Black Winged Stilt, Brown-capped Night Heron, Common Teal, Pallas’s Gul, Ruff, and many more. In this article, we would look at chandlai lake history, how to reach chandlai lake, and know a little about chandlai lake dam.

Check out this image below on my Instagram.

Alone tree standing in between Chandlai Lake

Chandlai lake history

Under the development and protection of the Rajasthan Lake ordinance 2015, Chandlai Lake would be declared a protected lake. It has over 140-year-old inland water bodies of historical and cultural significance. Chandlai Lake will become the best tourist attraction in Jaipur city if approved by the government.

Picture credit: Nimit Agarwal If you want to be a part of rides like these join my group: Cycloshot Tribe

Since 1872, Chandlai Lake Dam was established, and the waterbody is very ancient according to the official reports. The lake attracts over 1000 local and migratory birds based on the estimations of the environmental department. This is the second lake after JalMahal to be covered under the act of lake development. Various tourism-related activities would be inculcated for Chandlai Lake Jaipur. Activities such as boating, bicycling, horse riding, hiking, bird watching, fishing, water sports, etc.

However, the proposal can also focus on the conservation and preservation of soil and water, fish, vegetation, and other wildlife. This will be including any changes to the existing structure of the wetland. Additionally, the government should restrict the inlet of polluted water into Chandlai Lake. They need to maintain it and make it environmentally safe for its fauna and flora. This was a little about chandlai lake history.

How to reach Chandlai Lake?

A view from the lake

If you’re a local resident of Jaipur city, you can easily reach out to Chandlai Lake. It just only 30 KM distant from Jaipur Tonk Road, Rajasthan. It is located near the four-lane National Highway 12 from taking a right turn under the overbridge at Shivadaspura. Chandlai Lake is the best spot for birding and can spend half a day with the people who stay nearer to Jaipur city. This is the home for different migratory birds. The best time to visit the location is preferable in the winter season. At Chandlai Lake, various birds can be seen, and no doubt about experiencing the natural beauty especially for bird lovers. If you’re a nature lover, Chandlai Lake Jaipur is an unexplored place, and you would definitely love the destination for its peace and beauty.

Visit Chandlai Lake and seize into its Bird Spotting

If you’re the one who wants to enjoy the beauty of nature and spend most of the time with nature, Chandlai Lake is one of the best attractive destinations. This lake populates with different kinds of species of birds, and you would enjoy the birds chirping and soothing sounds. You can visit alone or with family or friends to see the massive number of birds at one spot. Having said that, these words would not be enough for describing the nature of Chandlai Lake.

Chandlai Lake is a heaven for everyone to look out on the rows of birds on the lake. Especially the nature lovers have a feast for their eyes and feel pleasure by seeing them. In February month, Flamingos visit this lake as migratory birds, and the scenery of birds at the lake could be an amazing view.

Members from Cycloshot tribe at Chandlai Lake

Chandlai Lake is looking like a quite scenic destination as it has dry forests and hills ringing around. The water seems to be uncontaminated and monsoon run-off from the wooded hills. The lake might give many surprises because it has attracted more vivid kinds of birds like Northern Shoveler, Tufted Duck, Pintail, Pochard, Common Teal, Greenshank, Common Redshank, etc.

Chandlai Lake is the best destination to enjoy the nature of beauty along with the birds by sitting alone or with family or friends. It’s a very popular bird haven. This place will ensure to grab the opportunity to mind your own business without any bothering. The best visiting time for Lake is between November and early March.

List of migratory birds seen at the lake

From Jaipur city, it’s effortless to reach Chandlai Lake and have to experience the beauty of nature. It’s an eye feast for bird lovers to view the massive number of birds at one destination. There are various kinds of species of birds that have visited this place, such as:

  • Little Cormorant
  • Green Sandpiper
  • Common Moorhen
  • Purple Moorhen
  • Common Coot
  • Little Grebe
  • Greater Flamingo
  • Spot-Billed Duck
  • Eurasian Wigeon
  • Purple Heron
  • Grey Heron
  • Spotted Red Shank
  • Common Red Shank
  • White Wagtail
  • Little Ringed Plover
  • Ruddy Shelduck
  • Black-Winged Stilt
  • Brown Capped Night Heron
  • Common Teal
  • Ruff
  • Pallas’s Gull
  • Pied Avochet

A video journey to the lake!

Very seldom I go on a motorcycle to this place, this was one of those times

When you want to go to a place that should surprise you with its fantastic view, drive to the Lake. This lake is the best tourist destination for nature lovers and takes into a scenic of the Oasis of Flamingos in Jaipur city. You will enjoy the group of a variety of birds and feel pleasure at the lake while visiting the location alone or accompanied by your friends or family.

If you need to know anything more about Chandlai Lake in Jaipur or chandlai lake dam, drop in a comment. I will get back to your ASAP.

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