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Welcome to the city where I was born and welcome to the section of Jaipur city blog. This is where I tell you amazing facts about the pink city. Jaipur is also called officially the pink city of India. However, my fellow friends, there is more to Jaipur than its pink-red tinged buildings and historic splendour. In this section, I will tell you everything about Jaipur city. I would publish a post daily here. Furthermore, I am a big fan of cycling and photography. So I would be inducing Jaipur guided tours, Jaipur photography tours, Jaipur cycling tours, guided city walks & Jaipur bike tours.

Since I was born in Jaipur, lived most of my life here, I thought of unveiling my city to the world. This city is not just about famous tourist spots, but it more about festivals, chaotic streets and market. A must-visit destination and a prominent one when we talk about the golden triangle. It’s just 6 hours from Delhi, the capital of India and 4 hours from Agra. So whatever you need in Jaipur like Jaipur guided tours, Jaipur photography tours, Jaipur cycling tours, guided city walks & Jaipur bike tours let me know. I have another category where I would focus on places to eat in Jaipur. Click here to go to that category. Furthermore, if you have any question related to Jaipur please drop in a comment or send me your query by visiting my contact us page.Β 


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