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SEO 2019

Welcome to the SEO 2019 category where you get updated tips and tricks about search optimization. We have put together a complete module for the search engine optimization for the year 2019. These articles will help you to boost your search rankings in Google search rankings. Please do drop in your comments for improvement. In case you have something you need clarity on, please comment.

This module is lengthy and filled with complete information about search optimization. So please hold on to your horses and be patient. So, let’s deep dive into the search ocean unlocking Google’s strategy.

pillars of modern SEO which include Quality content, Site organization, Authority & What's in it for the visitor

Four Pillars of Modern SEO

Welcome to yet another article on SEO. In this article, we would discuss the four pillars of modern SEO. In other words, four major SEO ranking factors post Penguin update. Google...

How to create quality backlinks for your website

This article will guide to create quality backlinks to your website.
Google's Hummingbird Update

Google’s Hummingbird Update

So the years 2011 and 2012 were full of activity. Google rolled out first the Panda Update and then the Penguin update. These updated algorithms changed the way everyone looked at SEO....
Site Organization | creating a site map | Clear Hierarchy of website | website organization structure

Site Organization

Welcome to yet another article. In this article, we will discuss in detail about site organization. I have always emphasized that Google is one of the toughest search engines when it comes...

Reasons Why Your Website Need SEO

Why is SEO important for your business? SEO (Search engine optimization) is the most misunderstood term in the internet era. I began optimizing websites for my clients a year back. During my SEO work, I...
Create a sitemap for WordPress and submit to Google search console

What is a sitemap?

Welcome to another article in my SEO 2019 and beyond series. In this article, we would create a sitemap and then submit the sitemap to Google. I use WordPress so this article...
White hat vs grey hat vs black hat SEO techniques

What is the difference between white hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO, and black hat...

In this article we will discuss the differences between black hat, grey hat and white hat SEO techniques.

What are Affiliate Programs?

Complete Understanding of Affiliate Programs Affiliate programs are one of the best ways of making money online in recent times. This article will explain everything about the affiliate programs and how you can make money from...

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