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Search Engine Optimization – SEO 2019

Welcome to the SEO 2019 category where you get updated tips and tricks about search optimization. We have put together a complete module for search engine optimization for the year 2019. These articles will help you to boost your search rankings in Google search rankings. Please do drop in your comments for improvement. In case you have something you need clarity on, please comment.
This module is lengthy and filled with complete information about search optimization. So please hold on to your horses and be patient. So, let’s deep dive into the search ocean unlocking Google’s strategy.

How to Buy Server for Web Hosting – How to Create Your Own Server at home?

Hosting is the unnoticeable establishment of the web. Each website needs a ‘home’, a spot where its records are available whenever, anyplace. That is the thing that hosting does. It’s a plot of web land. In the event that you need a website, it’ll be hosted someplace. You can create your own web hosting server. We are also going to look at DomainRacer and it’s advantages.

On the off chance that you have an adequate web association and the hardware to save, create your own web hosting at home?

Web hosting service supplier today has gotten flexible and much of the time is available to examining extraordinary necessities with clients. In most cases, however, utilizing a standard cheapest VPS server hosting plan is normally all that anyone could need.

This is a definitive guide on the web to help those searching for a web hosting supplier to satisfy one’s prerequisites paying little heed to its multifaceted nature.

Here we’ll show the useful link to select the cheapest VPS hosting provider In India, along with some additional resources.

How to Buy a Server for Website Hosting: Step-by-Step

Web hosting organizations offer fundamental support to driving the web by utilizing the hosting servers that host website content.

Here we recommended the DomainRacer Web Hosting Service provider

DomainRacer is the best and cheapest hosting service that offers different types of hosting such as web hosting, dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting. It is a cost-effective and reliable hosting solution to start your business, blogger website.

With DomainRacer, you get unlimited and top features like. Official Website Link of DomainRacer.

  • Limitless SSD disk space
  • Free SSL certificates
  • CloudLinux platform
  • HTTP/3 and QUIC
  • Top tier Server security

In this section, we are discussing website hosting and how to buy servers with some important strategies. You want to buy a server for any website hosting make sure first to set the business goals and planning because it’s a very necessary part.

Follow the below steps to understand how to buy a DomainRacer server for website host:

  1. Research and compare web hosting at home providers
  2. Select the best-dedicated server provider
  3. Select your dedicated servers plan
  4. Setup website on a server
  5. Find clients and grow

Beginning a web host may appear to be an overwhelming undertaking; however, we’ll give an outline on the best way by understanding how to buy domain and hosting.

Step 1: Research and Compare Hosting Providers

There are thousands of hosting providers available in the market. A web hosting platform is a place where your hosting company handles everything for you. Research the best hosting provider by their quality of hosting service. Select the few best host and later compare them on various attributes like support, price, security, etc. As your research is complete now learn how to buy a server for web hosting domain create own.

Step 2: Select the Best Dedicated Server Provider

Picking the privilege dedicated server accomplice will be basic to your prosperity. Your customers won’t need their data migrated on the off chance that you pick an inappropriate data center, and this blunder can slaughter a new web host.

Purchase cheap web space that satisfies your needs and affordable at the same time. The service provider should offer good customer support and the highest level of security. In my opinion, DomainRacer is the best place to purchase the best dedicated server plans. It offers all the benefits like low cost, security, support that you may need in your package.

Step 3: Select Your Dedicated Servers Plan

You will find a different range of plans in dedicated server hosting. There are various options you will get to select the appropriate plan as per your website traffic and the time duration of the plan.

The price increases as you want additional resources or features as your requirement for resources increases. Check for the best prices for the plan while purchasing a website hosting. I hope for now you have understood how to buy a VPS server for a website host to proceed further.

Step 4: Setup Website on Server

So you have dedicated low-cost VPS servers set up or buy Linux servers and all set for clients. Presently make a website as the substance of your business. You’ll likewise require different frameworks before you can begin selling.

CPanel/WHM is the most well-known website facilitating the control board, and it effectively coordinates with Cloud Linux to seclude clients. WHMCS is generally perceived as one of the most exhaustive customer billing and board apparatuses.

It has worked in the help work areas for taking care of client requests. Most new web hosts start off possibly offering email bolster and pick other help channels when important.

Step 5: Configure your Sever

Hardware, internet connection, and operating system are ready then set up the software you need to host your website. There are multiple operating systems. But the operating system you are chosen for your particular server.

So many installation platforms are available which means windows server installation you need IIS, the webserver add on. step by step instruction for Microsoft support documentation.

Multiple options are available such as Apache, Linux, Lighttpd, and NGINX. You want anyone then make sure you need to install. Apache is a nothing but quick installation platform.

Step 6: Find Clients and Grow

Once your website is all set and configure, now you can start finding web hosting clients. There are many methods by which you can promote your business. Staying aware of client growth can represent the moment of truth in any business.

Continuously recollect your fundamental beliefs as you increase new customers, and treat each client as though they could end your organization.

After knowing how to buy a server for web hosting Linux you are free to grow business.

Way to Managing Your Web Hosting Resources

Servers for web hosting will become more critical as your business popularity grows. This is nothing but multiple websites are hosted on the same server.

  • Choose a lightweight CMS
  • Use a third-party newsletter provider
  • Employ a caching system
  • Regularly empty spam content
  • If possible, use external databases
  • Use third-party file hosting services
  • Regularly download and delete log files

Final Easy Guide: How to Buy a Server for Web Hosting:

We have explained free how to buy a server for a website host your own and set up web hosting at home in this article.

It may sound highly technical but it is easy if you follow all the steps and choose the right host. To set you in good shape, you have to pick an appropriate plan to oblige your site. Choosing which hosting plan suits your site and tentative arrangements ought to be simple work on the off chance that you follow these rules.

All things considered, in case you’re totally new to this, and discover the procedure superfluously confused for your requirements, scrap the rundown and go with a dedicated server account. Let me know if you have issues with setting up web hosting at home.

How to use the Google disavow tool efficiently

It is been a while since I wrote a blog post in my SEO category. In the last few weeks, I was extensively researching the Google link disavow tool. This bad link removal tool tells Google’s algorithm not to consider a few links when calculating search rankings. Especially those links which are low in scores and can potentially harm your rankings in the search engines. All you need to do is create a disavow file with all the links which you do not want Google to consider and submit it to the disavow tools in the search console.

Before we even begin if you are new to link building read my article on “8 effective ways to create backlinks”.

Link penalties are still happening. Yes, this is true. A bad domain authority website purposely linking to your website will do damage.

Let me answer these two questions one by one. The meaning of disavowing a link is telling a search engine that their algorithms should not consider the ranking of a particular link while calculating the SEO ranking for your website.


However, we have always believed that a link pointing to your website is always good. Isn’t it? Well not always. Webmasters have always exploited this link building feature to set up backlinks from spammy websites for their clients.

We know that a bad quality link hampers the ranking of your website and a good quality link will always increase your website score.

Check out this article on how to effectively build backlinks for your website.

Now we know that poor links will affect our site ranking. So should disavow all the links pointing to our website? No, this tools have to be used very cautiously. Just do go on a link disavowing spree.

In-fact they have a warning up front for you.

Warning from Google

So use it with caution and be careful as a mistake can hamper the ranking of your website.


So I answered why to let me explain as when you need to use this advance feature.

If you see the links pointing towards your website from either of the below-mentioned website categories then it’s time for you to report these links.

  • Websites that are created only for link promotions and sharing
  • Sites that are considered spam in nature
  • A lot of people try to embed links in comments to make sure that you use a comment filtration plugin for WordPress like Akismet.
  • Backlinks coming from non-targeted countries. E.g. my website is in English and I got a few backlinks from Russian websites. It makes no sense.

So if you see links coming from the above categories of websites, it’s time for you to remove backlinks with the Google link removal tools.

Google link disavow tool helps you to remove backlinks that are affecting your SEO score, however, You should first try to get these removed by speaking to the link owner first.

I will talk about this in the next section. So this was the answer to when you should use the link removal tool

There are a lot of tools available but I use MOZ. I did not use the paid version at the start, but now I have their paid version and it rocks.

My advice would be to start by creating a free account and check the backlinks to your website on MOZ. Once you need more extensive analysis you can check their pricing plans.

Now I checked the backlink profile and found few links pointing to my site which had no relevance to what I was blogging about.

An unsecured website in a difference language is a red alert

Another example of a Russian language website linking back to my website.

You need to remove backlinks like these to jump start your SEO rankings

So Moz gave me all the links which were pointed towards my site. I started copying all these spammy links in a note pad and saved this note pad file.

I named this file a disavow file. This file will be submitted to the backlink removal tool in the search console.

Disavow file has to be a note pad file with all the links that you want to disavow.

I had about 32 bad links pointing to my website. This was a huge red flag and I wanted to disavow all of them. So I sent emails to all the webmasters requesting them to remove the link or place a no-follow link attribute.

I did get a response from four sites. However, after waiting for 4 weeks now I was getting impatient. So I decided to disavow all the backlinks.

I sent emails to a lot of people who were the owners of the website links. These links were affecting my ranking and I wanted to get rid of them quickly.

There are different ways by which you can find the contact details of the website owners. Check their website, it should have a contact us page.

If not you can use the WHOIS domain finder tool. This tool will give you all the information of the domain owner including their contact details.

Details of my website on WHOIS domain finder

Just be polite in your approach and I can bet that 90% of the owners will honor your request.

So you identified the bad backlinks, contacted the owners to remove them but still, a few are left. So it is time to disavow them with the help of the disavow tool.

I hope you have created the notepad that has all the bad links pointing to your website. Keep it handy. As you need to submit this to the bad link removal tool.

Using the tool is so simple thanks to Google.

Open the Google links disavow tool by clicking this link.

You should see a scree like the screen shot below.

First step to disavowing links

Now once you click on DISAVOW LINKS you will see a warning from Google.

Warning from Google before you start disavowing links

Now when you click the Disavow Links again you will get a pop again telling you that this is an advance feature. Also, you will get the option to upload your .txt file.

Next screen in the link disavowing procedure

So you upload the notepad file and click on submit. You will get a small notification in the same window if your submission is successful or not.

After I submitted the .txt file I got the below mentioned notification.

Notification after successful submissions of bad links.

There you go. It’s all done now. You should see the change in the search rankings and traffic in about few days.

Just make sure that you make this disavow file with utmost caution. Double check all the links before submissions.

So that was all about the Google Links disavow tool folks if you have any questions related to removing backlinks, please leave a comment below and I will answer you back.

Ultimate SEO Trends And Techniques For Small Business This 2020

Digital marketing is a tool used in maximizing the Internet. Since the Internet is one of the predominantly-used mediums of communication. It has a broad reach of the audience from across the world. And the existence of social networking sites is the common ground where most Internet users are found.  Instead of using the conventional ways of messaging through texts, people can conveniently communicate in a split second. There are a lot of online platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, which are accessible for all. And because of this, many businesses, whether small or big, have taken an opportunity to expand in the virtual world. In this article let me shed light on SEO trends and what SEO experts do to make them rank better, especially SEO for bloggers.

With the advancement of technology and changing tides in the market, digital marketing is indeed a great solution.

There are social influencers who have been mostly used in the form of promoting products and services online.

As a result, many people recognize various businesses in any industry. Also, the Internet is one of the trendsetters in the world, and the chance of expanding your business potentials is high and feasible.

Through social networking sites and web pages, your business, especially if small, may gain popularity. You can also give due branding for your products and services online. It’s a win-win.

Having a well laid out SEO strategy is a need for every online business

7 tips for new webmasters and SEO for bloggers

To make sure that your site is always on the go, you have to optimize it better. The process of optimization works a lot for the website.

You can seek the best help from an SEO contractor for the adequate tools and resources which your websites can use to increase its ranking and search visibility.

If you are a small business, SEO is significant for you. It helps your web page and online marketing a lot easier to promote.

Apart from that, it has been away for your site to achieve the virtual standards for sites. You can even further establish your online presence and business branding.

But first, make sure you know what SEO is all about.

To give you some insights, here are some of the latest SEO trends and techniques that SEO experts should know for your small business, especially if you are a beginner on the market path.

Give digital marketing a chance so it can bear more exceptional results after time.

Here’s how it goes.

Make A Mobile-Friendly Page Or Site

You should keep your website mobile-friendly.

Since most people are now using phones surfing the Internet, you should make your site accessible for both desktop and mobile users.

Program your site with mobile features too. You can seek for mobile programmers or any pros that have the knowledge and background for it.

Make sure you invest in this aspect as it will most likely affect your site’s performance or development.

Since you are a small business, it’s your goal to break into the virtual world and establish your brand.

Go For Engagements In Your Contents

Contents are essential. Your write-ups or articles about your products and services offered are necessary.

Most users of the Internet click websites when the contents are engaging with matching catchy headlines.

So, be sure you can create content that immediately captures most of the attention of your target audience. Put factual information in your articles as well.

Make it coherent and concise all at the same time. Write with the sense of promoting your small business too. So, give your all in informing your audience about what you aim to provide online.

Use Keywords Efficiently

In terms of making high content, one of the things you could do is to make use of keywords efficiently.

You can ask an SEO freelancer on this one to help you out. And to give you more ideas, the keywords contribute actively to your website’s search visibility and ranking as well.

So, the more keywords which are relevant to your article, the better people can access your site in a search engine. Don’t hesitate to use keywords. But in choosing, make sure that the words are relevant and by far, the best.

High-Quality Photos And Videos

Do not post low-quality resolution of photos and videos on your website. The technology and trend today are a few of the reasons why many Internet users are expecting to see high-quality content of images and videos online.

Since you are a small business, attention from the people is essential and necessary.

So, make sure you capture only the best shots for your website. You can check for tools and resources to enhance your visual presentations online.

Use Social Media as an SEO for bloggers

Since social networking sites are very much in demand today, it’s significant that you use these to help promote your website.

You can attract more online following through social media. Most of the time, promotions from social media are influential and have been successful lately.

So, it’s a great chance to take it. It’s a gateway for online recognition and maintaining your online presence too. You can hire SEO experts to help you all the way.

Utilize The Voice Search Engine

Since the Internet is ever-changing, one of its features is the voice search engine so people can easily access information by using their voice command.

Make sure that your website is ready for this feature. To make sure that more people can access your site, you have to remain using keywords. Also, it will increase search visibility once your site popped out through the voice search engine feature.

Have A Map For Your Business

You should have a map for your small business. It can help your online audience to determine where you are, especially if you have a physical store.

Localize your plans for easier searching and access. To give your online platform an idea makes your small business sound more credible. So, don’t hesitate to use maps all the way.

You can even seek for an SEO consultant to guide you. But, maps are significant to keep your target audience or customers closer.

Final Word on Ultimate SEO Trends

These are the SEO trends, tips, and techniques that are commonly used by SEO experts. So, for small businesses, these are helpful. Keep in mind these straightforward ideas and make sure you follow them for your website to grow further.

SEO for bloggers can get a little confusing if you have a doubt related to anything please drop a comment and I will get back to you. I am an SEO expert and have helped a lot of new bloggers to optimize their blog sites.

Google crawl and indexing update March 1st 2020

Welcome folks to another article. Google is all set to launch another update related to no-follow links. This comes after the broad core update which they launched in January this year. Google’s crawl update and Google’s indexing update for no-follow links is something that Google was planning to launch from a long time. In fact Google’s crawl and indexing update will change the way Google bots looks at the no follow links.

So, what is this Google’s crawl and Indexing Update?

Prior to this update Google bots we not crawling or indexing any no-follow links. This is going to change on 1st March 2020.

Google bots will not take into consideration the no-follow links. This would not be for the purpose of link juice sharing.

However, this will be solely for the purpose of craw and indexing.

They did mentioned this before. Take a look at the tweet done in 2019.

All the no-follow links as mentioned in the tweet above will now work as hints for Google from 1st March 2020.

This is what Google quoted

No-follow policies and implementation

First questions what kind of web pages webmaster dot not want Google to crawl or index.

Pages like the login page, user profile or for that matter any web page that does not hold any value. Sometime, also called as the thin pages.

I have seen a lot of webmasters using the no-follow attribute to block Google crawling their pages.

This is never a good practice. I personally feel that meta robots no-index directive is more effective way of telling Google which pages to exclude.

What will be the effect on rankings?

As of now, I am not sure. The reason is the even Google knows that thin pages are not to be crawled as they are of little relevance.

However, I do not know how this update algorithm is going to behave.

They might set some rules as well in the update algorithm. This will ensure that good content sites do not get penalized just because of thin pages.

I am going to publish another article on this update once it’s rolled out and If I see a variation in the daily traffic on my blog.

Taking guard before the Google’s crawl and Indexing Update

I would say there are a couple of things you might want to pay attention to. Listing both of them below.

You can check all your no-follow links here.

Google’s Crawl and Indexing Update Results for my Blog
  1. Review your no-follow links: This is the first thing you should do. I did the same. I went through all the no-follow links. There were few which needed attention. Any poorly set up no-follow links can get you into trouble. So remove them and move to a meta robots no-index.
  2. Beware of the update: Keep a tab on the traffic on your website. Especially after 1st March 2020. If there is a negative flux you might want to check your no-follow links once again. If you see a dip check and investigate how the update is affecting your website.

That’s about it folks, if you have any question which I reckon you might have please leave them in the comments below.

Check out more about SEO on my blog and other Google Updates by Year.

Difference between white hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO, and black hat SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the method to make a website visible on the search engine results page. There are various tasks to perform, in order for the prominent presence of the website in the search listing. These tasks include having keyword-rich content on a webpage, content optimizing, creating good backlinks to a specific page, and many others. SEO techniques make the website receive traffic from free, natural, and organic search results. Let us discuss in detail the differences between a black hat SEO, grey hat SEO, and white hat SEO.

Whenever a search phrase is triggered on a search engine server, the in-built algorithm gets into action. These algorithms display the best result that the search bot considers appropriate for that particular search term. The entire directory of billions of records is scanned and filtered to display the finest result to the visitor. 

Get the page indexed in Search Directory

The question is, who decides, what is best? Who puts some pages on top of the list while others get buried deep down 20 pages? The answer is: it all depends on how these pages were optimized. Google and all other search engines have their own set of algorithms, rules, and regulations on how a page shall be optimized.

Search engine optimizes a webpage by various means which can be categorized under White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. In simple terms, if one follows the algorithm sets without breaking the rules, it is White Hat SEO or else, it will fall under Black Hat techniques.

What are the white hat SEO techniques?

White Hat SEO is a collection of strategies, techniques, and methods of optimizing a webpage following the guidelines that Google or other search engines like. These optimized pages are more human-centric. They are made to please the visitor with accurate information, clear readability, and authentic data.

There are various factors that contribute to the successful White Hat SEO implementation. Following the ethical way of promoting webpages, yields result for a long time. The following are a few of the basic White Hat SEO implementation options.

Effective usage of keywords

Keywords are the backbone of the SEO process and are most sought after by search engine bots. They look for keywords and key phrases at all places, be it in Content, Image Alt text, Backlink, and many other areas.

The entire game of SEO plays around the effective usage of keywords and their placement along with a number of occurrences in a webpage.

Effective usage of Meta tags

Search engine crawlers hunt for Meta tags. The title tag, Description Tag, Keywords tag, and various others form a part of the META tag family. The length of each Meta Tag varies, so one has to make sure to insert the proper keywords within the permissible limit.

Getting a one-way link referring to the webpage gets a good page rank score. Do not indulge in spamming and stop using getting backlinks from low-ranked web pages. Try to get a one-way backlink pointing towards your website from a reputed and high-traffic generating website.

High-quality content

Content is King and this still holds true. No other SEO trick works better than fresh content associated with the effective use of keywords. Do not over-play with keywords and limit the use of them when and wherever necessary. 

What are black hat SEO techniques?

As the name suggests, Black Hat SEO is used to achieve good search engine result ranking by means that can be categorized under spam or another-way-around methods. It manipulates the algorithms to get higher rankings.

However, these achievements are only a short-term gain and may result in a ban or bad ranking for webpage in time to come. Few of the Black Hat SEO strategies that web developers use are:

Keyword stuffing

This is the most common error that all happily accept to commit. Stuffing all the keywords multiple times just for the sake of their presence will kill the entire readability score of the webpage.

The tradeoff is to get good points for keyword usage, which sometimes is not fruitful at all.

For example, the stuffing keyword in the following manner will certainly have no impact. “We are the best website designer in India. In India, we are the finest web designing company. Come to us for good quality website designing because we are the best web designing company” 

The above text looks so odd when reading.

Link farming is collecting as many backlinks as possible by link exchange programs. You promote my site, I’ll promote yours.

However, search engine bots are smart to know the difference between true one-way backlink, link farming, and triangular link-exchange as well. Do not fall into the trap of such link exchanges with low-ranking websites promoting your web page.


Cloaking is some sort of cheating in its true meaning. Crawlers cannot read images, they read the codes, related alt- attributes, and other links and anchor text.

With the help of the Black Hat trick, one can design a page where a visitor is reading or viewing some info, whereas the crawlers are fed with hidden spa, content to get good ranks. 

What are the grey hat SEO techniques?

This SEO technique uses ways that are neither white hat nor black hat.

Even though they are manipulative in nature and its strategies, they are yet not featured in the bad-books of Google search techniques.

They don’t follow the exact process following all the rules, but neither do they break the rules. They actually bend them as per the need. 

For instance, White Hat strategies say that one shall have usage of prime keyword 3 times in the first 500 words. On the other hand, Black Hat developers use these keywords more than 30 times, stuffing for various unwanted reasons. This is where Grey Hat SEO analysts play their role and use such a keyword between 5-10 times. They take the safe option. 

Under any circumstance, one shall prohibit the usage of Black Hat SEO or Grey Hat SEO methods to avoid any sort of webpage ban or facing any penalty issues from search engines.

Conclusion & which search technique to use?

SEO takes time.

Similarly, webpages optimized with White Hat methods take time to reach on top of SERPs. However, once they reach the first page, they stay for a longer duration and attracting more traffics that is organic.

Time, money, and effort invested in White Hat strategies will pay in due course of time. No matter, Black Hat’s prompt results will lure you to embrace it for an easy and quick win, but it would be just a temporary one.

White hat followers do not have to worry regarding regular algorithm updates. It follows ethical guidelines, does not violates or breach and rules, and will yield long-term gain for webpages.

Long term positive result is what we all are fighting for. So, just forgetting about any black hat and grey hat. Simply ask your website developer to look no further beyond White Hat SEO strategies. 

If you have any questions related to search techniques please leave them in the comments below. Check out the latest trend in SEO for new and small businesses.

What is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is a word written on web content that when clicked, redirects the user to another page or area of the website. They are traditionally blue-colored underlined text which can be altered with HTML coding. In some cases, these anchor text can also lead to a new web page as well. In this article let us, deep dive, into understanding different kinds of these hyperlinked texts like Generic Anchor Text, Branded Link Text, Exact Match Link Text, Partial Match Link Text, Long-tailed Anchor Text, Image-based Link Tags, Naked Link, Brand & Keyword Link Text and, LSI Link Text.

These anchor texts are very important for Search Engine Optimization of any page.

Links placed strategically on the texts.

These tags provide insight to visitors and search engine bots about what the linked page would be like and what content can be expected.

Web developers shall make it a point that anchor texts are very important to get a good position on SERP’s but overstuffing the web content with links will dampen the overall ranking.

Different types of Anchor Text

In order to optimize your webpage for better visibility, easy readability, and comfortable navigation, you must understand the different varieties of anchor text that one can utilize.

This will not just make you have a clear idea of varieties but will also enhance your understanding of which anchor text to use under different circumstances for better SEO results.

Following is the list of varieties of anchor text that one can use on a webpage.

Generic Anchor Text

Generic Anchor Text is the most commonly used anchor text and readily found on almost all the websites.

As the name says, they are very generic in terms and use words like ‘Click Here’ or ‘Click here to download’ and so on. At times, they are also used as a part of a sentence like, ‘Click here to know more about Anchor text’, where ‘Click here’ is generic anchor text.

Branded Anchor Text

Similarly, as generic, they are also widely used where the Brand names are used as anchors for easy understanding. In any sentence, one can use these tags to lead the visitor to the respective page.

For example, “We sell all range of laptops including AcerAsusLenovo and Dell”, where each brand name links take the user to a dedicated page for each brand.

Exact Match Anchor Text

Exact match anchor text is used by many but must be used wisely. The exact anchor means that you link the exact keyword or key phrase to a new page. It holds a good value but overstuffing of a key phrase may penalize the webpage.

For instance, “There are more than 100 Indian restaurants in New York that cater to all Indian cuisines.” Here, the exact search term is used as an anchor link. Here the user is trying to find a restaurant but those you serve Indian cuisine.

Partial Match Anchor Text

Partial matches, as the name describes, are having only partial keywords in the anchor text.

There are more than 100 Indian restaurants in New York”. Only a partial key phrase is hyperlinked.  Here the use is only looking for a restaurant in new york.

Long-tailed Anchor Text

Long-tailed anchor text is generally used to describe the content of the page in a long way. For example, “There are more than 100 5 star rated Indian restaurants in New York “. Long-tailed anchor text contains a long-tailed key phrase and helps in filtered search results.

Image-based Anchor Tags

For better image SEO, one shall always use the ‘alt tag‘ associated with an image. Search engine bots rely on these ‘alt’ tags to read and decipher the images. Use keywords widely to describe the images.

The simplest form of anchor text where the website URL is linked to itself. It can start with either HTTP, HTTPS, or simply www. They redirect the user to the webpage mentioned as a link anchor.

Brand & Keyword Anchor Text

Using keywords with any brand name is a rich anchor text. It holds a strong position from any SEO ranking if properly used. For example, “Running shoes by Nike” is a perfect example where people use the branded keyword for their search term. 

LSI Anchor Text

When you search for a key phrase, in the search results, you may find alternate search helps. Using those suggested keywords along with the main one will help in more visibility. For instance, just using ‘Running shoes by Nike’, you can also opt for ‘Nike running shoes’, ‘Nike discount’, ‘Nike online shoes’ etc.

Tips for effective usage of Anchor Text

Anchor text has the power to make or break the reputation of a website for search engine crawlers. Use internal links wisely and the web page will appear in the top results. Overstuff and the anchor text in the wrong way, and there will be no one stopping the webpage to move out of visibility.

Using the black hat methodology will also penalize the web page. If one follows the guidelines to use the anchor text in a proper manner. One will soon see the effective result in few weeks.

Short and meaningful

The first and foremost rule for effective usage of anchor text is to use it on a relevant page for a meaningful purpose. Placing them at the right place will help in getting a better webpage rank.

Keyword Anchor density

One cannot define what overstuffing of a keyword is. However, using it more than 5-10% is not good. I use Yoast as my SEO plugin as it is an amazing resource for neatly doing your SEO on your WordPress website. Use the main keyword twice or thrice on a page whereas you can use other supportive keywords once.

It is a well-known fact that cross-linking or backlinks helps. But too much of link farming for the sake of getting reciprocal links will spoil the effort. Do not link to spam, gambling or porn sites. Getting a one-way link from other sites without reciprocal help will generate better results.

Do not use too many internal links.

Use it wisely and effectively. Where you redirect the user to a new page which describes the link text in an elaborate way. Use internal links only when necessary.

Under any circumstances, make sure that your page does not be the host for any dead links. They are not at all liked by search engine robots. Check all links at regular intervals for proper functioning. 


No matter that algorithms for various search engines change at regular periods, but the importance of link text is here to stay for long.

Investing time and money on effective usage of these links will pay back for sure. 

Have more questions on using link text? Leave them in the comment section below.

How to create quality backlinks for your website

There is no doubt that backlinks are one of the most important on-page ranking factors in modern SEO. There are a lot of backlink building guides available on the internet. However, the one that I am sharing with you today is created focusing on WordPress websites. This is going to be a very comprehensive link building guide that will help a new webmaster to create high-quality backlinks for the website. Creating high-quality backlinks is an art. To be quite honest not everyone gets it in the first go. This takes time and patience and a lot of research. I would also expect readers to wait patiently for results when getting into link building. Furthermore, do not use any of the free backlink generators available online. These fall under black hat SEO methods that Google hates.

This is how Google weighs different ranking factors.

Is link building always good for SEO? I would say no. This means that link building helps in SEO if the backlink is coming from a high authority website.

If the link is coming from a low authority website, gone are your rankings. Read about it more in an article I wrote about link building.

This backlink building guide is for newbies, so I would be clear in terms of the effort you need to put in the get to page 1 in Google. When you are searching about SEO techniques Neil’s website usually grabs the first spot in the SERPs.

I looked up his website in the online tool to check backlinks to a website. The number of backlinks referring to his home page is ridiculous. Take a look at the data image below.

Neil’s website has a whooping 464 K backlinks and counting.

These many backlinks will take years to build. Yes, no one speaks about it, most people will tell you that they can build high-quality backlinks in a short span of time. Do not get fooled. The above metric takes a lot of time and research.

In this backlink building guide, I have clearly differentiated the types of links there are in SEO. Most noteworthy, which links are to created and which links are not beneficial to your website.

To name them there are two high-quality backlinks & low-quality backlinks. Before we move further let me define these two link types.

  • High-Quality Backlinks: These are the links coming from high DA & PA websites. These links pass on the so-called link juice and help in boosting your website ranking.
  • Low-Quality Backlinks: This is as the name suggests opposite to the above backlinks and even though they pass on the link juice, they do more harm than good as they are low authority website links.

Ok, so this was a quick brief about what we are discussing in this backlink building guide. Let me now tell you the strategy I use to improve my rankings by creating backlinks.

How do search engines work?

Its reach is immense. To ensure that all websites have an equal playing field, they provide sites that are built with time. The process must be natural without any sign of manipulation.

Unfortunately, with technology comes illegal methods, where some websites can gain an unfair advantage over others.

This helps their rankings increase within a short period of time. This is when backlinks come into play. SEO experts cannot influence or play around with external backlinks, got from other high-ranking sites.

It has to come naturally. This makes backlinks popular among not only marketers but also website owners who realize its ability and power on search engines.

Due to too many malpractices, over the last few years, Google has come up with methods that have tightened loose ends.

The days of manipulating results are over. Having said that, backlinks are also used in some sneaky methods to gain an advantage. As a website owner, you may want to avoid implementing those methods.

Some of them tend to use websites with the same IP. Doing so causes an immediate increase in rankings and suspicions raised too. This method is known as backlink bombing and is part of what is known as black hat SEO methods.

White hat SEO methods are proper methods implemented to improve the rankings of a website. Since we have now had an idea of what we are dealing with, let us delve into the subject of backlinks and find out more about it.


The more people you meet the more traffic you get.

This has done wonders for me. Let me explain, how? Last year I started a YouTube channel just for fun. I had no intention of monetizing it. I did not have enough subscribers.

This channel was all about my cycling trips and places where I travel. I am an avid traveler too. My blog did not have reader strength and there was hardly any traffic coming on my blog. Once I started socializing the traffic just went ballistic.

People started knowing my name and my blog, at least in my city. I started looking at daily traffic from 10 users a day to a few hundred users a day. This happened as I started introducing my blog to all the people whom I was meeting.

Furthermore, I started indulging in discussions related to SEO, WordPress, and other stuff that I write about on my site. This helped in knowing my competition and other fellow bloggers.

Few people or bloggers whom I knew sent me emails stating to exchange backlinks. Off-course I was looking at their authority first before doing a follow link. People will link to your site when they know you. You do not have to be a celebrity to get a lot of links, just tap people around you and that should get you going.

Write Epic Content

Epic content is something that people want to link back to

Writing good content requires time and a lot of research. I wrote an article about creating quality content online earlier in my blog.

The purpose of writing epic content is to make people link to your content. The only way people will link to your content is when you would have comprehensive and well laid out content written on your website.

If you do not have the content worth linking to, no one will. It’s that simple.

I was reading about this method a few months back and boy did it worked. This is the easiest way of creating backlinks. All you need to do is tell a webmaster that some of the links on his/her site are broken. Furthermore, provide content which the webmaster can show on that broken link. Simple!

The next question that comes to your mind is how do I find broken links?

Your Keyword + links

Keyword + Resources

keywords inurl: links

For e.g., if I have to search for websites related to cycling hashtags. I will simply type in cycling hashtags + Links. Once you find the list of all your keyword website, you need to find broken links (404) in the search itself. You can do this by installing a Chrome Plugin for finding 404 bad links. The plugin is known as check my links.

The red depicts link which is broken

All you need to do is contact the webmaster, be friendly and introduce yourself. Make the webmaster aware of the broken link and offer him a piece of content that can compensate for the content on his broken link.

A very few webmasters might say no to this, however, most of them agree to place the content on their link. In a way, you are helping the webmaster more than you are helping yourself.


This is something new and trendy. I mean ask your self, don’t you like visuals instead of boring text. YES

Infographics can help you to get traffic

Infographics have becomes the most popular way of getting traffic today. Furthermore, they are easy to understand and saves a lot of time.

Now, just do not go around making infographics just for backlink purposes. Try and include a story and show some stats. E.g. take a look at this infographic that I created comparing Bluehost with Siteground. You need to download this.

I have strategically placed links in this PDF. Furthermore, I have optimized this PDF for SEO. You should learn how to optimize your PDF for SEO, this brings an amazing amount of web traffic.

Most noteworthy, you do not need to hire designers to create infographics for you. Go to Snappa and Canva, theses are amazing free tools to create infographics.

Try to include some research or statistics, these are eye candy and people love these. Once your infographic is ready its time to distribute it. I send emails to my subscriber list with the infographic in it. There are other platforms where you can share your infographics. This list has over 100 places where you can share your infographics.

Guest posting

This is another way of creating backlinks. A most noteworthy, effective way of creating high-quality Backlinks.

You can create easy backlinks through guest posting

So all you need to do is write articles for others to put up on their website. Ensure that you have the links for your pages embedded in the content.

Website owners are constantly looking for free and great quality content. This is because it is impossible to write all the content of the website on your own. Furthermore, not everyone has a budget to invest in content writers to get quality content.

Not only guest posting will have your embedded link in the content, but it also amplifies your relationship with other website owners.

Now the question comes that how to search website accepting guest posts? Simple use below mentioned search strings in Google to find out these websites.

  • your keyword + inurl:write-for-us
  • keyword + guest-posts
  • your keyword + inurl:guest-post-guidelines
  • keyword + become a contributor
  • your keyword + bloggers wanted
  • keyword + submit an article
  • your keyword + want to write for
  • keyword + contribute
  • your keyword + become an author
  • keyword + guest post by
  • your keyword + now accepting guest posts

Users on social media constantly post gues posting messages for link building. If you are a part of writing groups of guest posting groups on Facebook keep a check on their posts.

You will get a lot of guest posting websites there.

6. Spying on your competitors

You need to take a look at what your competitors are publishing in order to be in the link building race. I have subscribed to a few of the leaders in the SEO industry. Neil Patel is a name often heard when we talk about SEO.

Neil Patel’s Newsletter

I keep on getting his newsletters periodically. This not only enhances my knowledge but there is additional stuff that I do. I visit the link in the email read his article and make a comment there.

When you interact with the site owners frequently there is a trust that develops. Post which you can also request them to exchange links. An easy way of doing this to create a Google alert. This way whatever is changing on your competitor’s website you get get a prompt from Google. Like I have for Neil All you need to do is just type site: “Domain Name”.

Google Alert Dashboard

One interesting platform to keep a track of all your backlink possibilities is backlink monitor.

Write testimonials

Who doesn’t like testimonials? I mean everyone does. If you write a testimonial for someone they would love to display that on their website. All you have to do is include your page link in the testimonials.

Every testimonial will have a place for the author. This is exactly where you can place your link. Take a look at the example below. This is an example of a well-written testimonial with “cole mize studios” acting as a hyperlink to the page of Cole Mize.

Promote your content

If you want people to link back to your content they should know that the content exists. Hence, it is important to promote your content.

Besides the SEO that I did to get organic traffic, I share my content on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. There are directory submissions that I do when I write an article.

Here, I am not just talking about sharing content on social media. Furthermore, I am talking about making an introduction to your website to other bloggers and site owners in your niche.

If your content is strong in quality they will try to link your content on their website. Just try to create resourceful content and see the magic when people link to your content.

Summing Up

Creating high-quality backlinks takes time and a lot of work. Do not get bothered if you are constantly working on this SEO technique but getting no results. It took me a year to get a lot of organic traffic through backlinking. However, when it starts there is no limit to it. So these were 8 steps for creating backlinks in this backlink building guide.

If you have any questions related to link building and High-Quality Backlinks please leave them in the comments below.

GTmetrix Vs Pingdom vs Webpagetest: Which is the best?

I opened my Google analytics dashboard today. The stats of my website went ballistic in the last week. The new Google update about its broad core algorithm somehow is having a positive effect. I recorded a massive 230% increase in my blog traffic. One important task that I always do is the website speed test. In this article, we will take a look at GTmetrix Vs Pingdom vs Webpagetest tool and its features. Website speed check tools play an important part in amplifying your website SEO.

One of the important tasks that I have every morning is doing the website speed test of my blog. GTmetrix, Pingdom, and webpagetest are the three topmost testing sites.

I do this without fail. So let me show you how I am able to get less than 3 seconds load time of all speed testing tools. Besides showing you the speed stats for my blog, I would also tell you why different website owners choose different speed tools as per their website structure.

So, I got up today and started my blog work by web page speed test. As usual, I went to GTmetrix, Pingdom, and webpagetest to check the speed. I am going to share the stats with you.


The page speed of 2.4 seconds is ideal and optimal for your visitors

I am in love with this tool. GTmetrix not just tells me my website load time, but also tells me what areas I need to work on to improve my load speed.


So the load time here is 760 MS. That’s pretty impressive

Pingdom is a Swedish website monitoring platform. They were acquired by Austin based solar winds.


Web page speed test done by for my blog

This is again one of the top three website speed test platforms. Furthermore, this website speed check tool gives out a very detailed analysis of your website.

Now if you think that getting the above results which are excellent is easy, not it’s not. I have worked hard to get this speed. I have optimized and covered every loophole which was increasing my site speed.

At first website speed tests are confusing

Yes, these platforms spit out tons of data and analysis. For someone who just started their website might get confused. Furthermore, you might get confused as to which metric to look at and which one to pass.


At first, when I started blogging, these speeds were too confusing for me. Even now, if you are looking at the above screenshot almost all of you are confused. Why the speed is shown by GTmetrix is 2.4 seconds, on Pingdom 760 ms and, on webpagetest, it’s 2.17 seconds.

So you might be wondering which one is actually correct? I wondered the same and then started digging down further. Let me show you why these speeds are different, and most noteworthy give you a detailed analysis and comparison of GTmetrix Vs Pingdom Vs webpagetest.

So let’s get techy.

The speeds are calculated based on different indicators. Let me take you through these indicators one by one.

Test Location

Test location plays an important part in speed analysis

My blog site is hosted on a server located in Chicago. The distance between the hosting server location and testing server location plays an important role in determining speed. You can check your hosting location here.

So consider this, the hosting server location for my blog is in Chicago. The testing server of GTmetrix is in Vancouver Canada, The location for the Pingdom testing server is somewhere in the western US (They did not specify which city though) and for webpagetest, the location is Dulles VA.

Now let us look at the location distance comparison of their servers from my hosting server location.

Hosting ServerTesting ServerTesting Server LocationGeographical DistanceSite Speed
Chicago, Illinois, USAGtmetrixVancouver, British Columbia, Canada3539 KM2.4 Seconds
Chicago, Illinois, USAPingdomNew York, USA1269 KM.76 Seconds
Chicago, Illinois, USAWebpagetestDulles, Virginia, USA1113 KM2.17 Seconds

The above table shows that the more the distance more is the load time with Pingdom as an exception. Pingdom is an exception as there are more factors to consider while calculating page speed. We will discuss all those articles here.

When you test the site speed with various testing server location speed always varies. This is because a change in the distance means a change in the quality of the network and latency.

So which server location is the best? Answer: Depends on your traffic, If my visitors are from a specific location I would test my site with the server from that specific location.

Let us look at the server locations for Gtmetrix vs Pingdom Vs webpagetest.

GTmetrix Vs Pingdom vs Webpagetest test locations

Webpagetest is able to have so many locations as anyone can host a location for them on their server. However, each server will have different hardware and hence the difference in the speed because of the difference in performance.

Testing TAT in web page speed test

Let us understand the testing turn around time

Supposing you are checking the speed of your website in any of the Website speed check tools. The moment the tool starts analyzing your website when you click start to the point where the analysis is over, that is called testing TAT.

If you start the testing on Gtmetrix Vs Pingdom Vs webpagetest at the same time, you will be surprised that the testing TAT is not the same for all of them. Different tools decide differently when it comes to stopping website analysis.

Let me tell you why?

The website speed analysis end is determined by two loading mechanisms. These two mechanisms decide when to stop the analysis of a particular website. Let us discuss this in detail.

Loading Mechanisms

Onload Time: This loading mechanism means that the webpage has finished serving all the resources including text, images, and scripts. There might be other requests initiated by some custom coded JavaScript after the onload time that may result in inconsistent load time.

A classic example is of exit pop up. This popup gets loaded when a user decides to leave the webpage. So this resource is not taken into consideration when calculating load time is the platform uses onload time as a loading mechanism.

Fully Loaded Time: This is a measure of when a user comes to your site and your website serves all the content including all script which was not being considered in the above onload time.

In other words, the time when you arrive on a webpage till the time there is no buffering of network activity. In this kind of loading mechanism that load time is generally longer as the testing platform waits for all the resources to load.

Now let us look at these loading mechanisms with respect to our testing tools.

GTMetrix: It has full load time as default with an optional onload mechanism for testing. (My blog result 2.4 seconds)

Pingdom: Onload time mechanism only (Now you know why I got a blazing load time of .76 second. (My blog result 0.76 seconds)

Webpagetest: It has full load time as default with an optional onload mechanism for testing. (My blog result 2.17 seconds)

Another classic example is a slider. When websites using sliders test their speed, the first image of the slider is taken into consideration for speed and the testing stops. However, other slider images still might be loading which is not considered. So choosing the testing platform depends on what mechanism exactly you want to test.

Performance & Speed recommendation in website speed check tools

Web page speed tests will always differ because each of the testing platforms uses its own set of hardware configurations and speed recommendation factors. Take a look at the webspagetest custom 6-speed parameters.

GTmetrix: They use Google recommended 27-page speed contributors & 19 Y-slow page speed recommendations. In case you are wondering what is Y-Slow in GTMetrix, this is Yahoo’s way of speed factors on which they judge high-performance websites.

Pingdom: They use 11 Google recommended page speed contributors in their free version. In paid they use more recommendations however, there is not concrete or substantial data for it.

Webpagetest: In the above screenshot it is quite clear that webpagetest uses a set of 6 Google recommended custom factors. So these platforms use a different set of Google recommended factors individually that make them different and also they give our different speed statistical data.

Extra Features in web page speed test

Let us compare the extra features given by Gtmetrix Vs Pingdom Vs webpagetest

Coming to the final point of speed testing between GTmetrix vs Pingdom Vs webpagetest. These platforms also lure more traffic and users by giving or testing their websites on some additional features or metrics. Let us understand them one by one.

Note: You might need to switch to a paid account with these platforms in order to get these extra features.

Using Real Browser Like Chrome

There a number of website speed testing platforms, however, the three in discussion tops the charts. This is because they use real browsers when testing websites rather than using virtual or emulated browsers.

In this way, they are able to tell an accurate speed of the website bypassing all the emulated or virtual factors. They use Chrome by default which is the most used browser in today’s world. This way they are able to judge what the user will actually see and encounter when they land on your website.

Additional Support form HTTP/2

For people who are not familiar with HTTP/2, this is a revised version of HTTP/1 which was a further refined version of HTTP. HTTP/2 is much more advanced than HTTP/1 and HTTP. Furthermore, this helps in multiplexing and concurrency. Concurrency means the passing of several requests on the same TCP connection.

Also, HTTP/2 supports include benefits like stream dependencies, header compression, and server push. When HTTP/2 is implemented it gives a boost to the website speed. However, for this feature to work both the host and client-server need to have HTTP/2 support on their servers.

As per a study done by W3TECHS around 42.9% of the websites all over the world use this technology.

Hardware configuration

GTmetrix, Pingdom & webpagetest use different server configurations. As a result of which site speed statistics are impacted and are different when using different platforms.

GTmetrix & Pingdom have different guidelines when using different testing servers at different geographical locations. They are so much fine-tuned that the difference in speed from different locations are almost similar.

Unlike webpagetest which lets you host their services as long as you have a server with minimum configuration met, GTmetrix and Pingdom have stringent server hosting criteria.

Connection Throttling

How fast your users can connect with your website on different internet connections will change your site speed statistics. For e.g. someone using a 3G connection might get the website loaded faster than someone using a 2G.

Pingdom does not have this feature where you can simulate different internet connections and test speed on different connections. However, GTmetrix and webpagetest can help you simulate different internet connections to check speed on different metered connections.

Below is the breakup of GTmetrix & webpagetest simulated internet connecting support.

GTmetrix: Cable, DSL, 3G mobile, 2G mobile, and 56K dial-up

Webpagetest: Cable, DSL, 3G Slow, 3G, 3G Fast, 4G, LTE, Mobile Edge, 2G, 56K dial-up, FIOS, Native Connection, and custom speed

Mobile Testing

Almost 60% of the searches in today’s internet world is done on a mobile device. Be it mobile or tablet, it is important for you to optimize your website as per mobile visibility too.

Out of these three website speed check tools, Gtmetrix and webpagetest both give you an insight into mobile testing. Webpagetest has emulated around 14 mobile devices as a part of their mobile testing suite. All you need to do is choose the mobile device to choose the server testing location from the drop-down to test.

Gtmetrix, on the other hand, uses galaxy nexus mobile phones to test the mobile speed. They know that the searches are more on mobile phones than desktops. So they have prioritized their testing server for mobile testing first. However, in GTmetrix the mobile testing is only available for the Vancouver server.

Summing up the page speed test article

I hope I have cleared all the doubts when it comes to the comparison between Gtmetrix Vs Pingdom Vs webpagetest. These website speed check tools are brilliant and give thoughtful insights into your website speed.

Each of these web page speed test tools is different and gives out different metrics based on the factors listed above. Deciding which tool to use can be tricky, however, let me put up a shot selection help module for everyone.

When it comes to…

General Testing of your website: GTmetrix, Pingdom, Webpagetest

Historical Testing of your website: GTmetrix & Webpagetest

Comprehensive testing of your website: GTmetrix & Webpagetest

Location Testing of your website: GTmetrix, Pingdom, Webpagetest

Advance Testing of your website: GTmetrix & Webpagetest


If you have any questions related to checking the speed of your website please drop them in the comments below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.