Popular Cycling Hashtags For Cyclists!

Let’s start with the question what is hashtag? A hashtag is a keyword that helps to describe or categorize your image. The beauty of hashtags is that they are clickable and searchable. So that you can quickly pull up a feed of images tagged with a certain keyword. Hashtags help you find images and more importantly, furthermore connect with the people who posted them, around specific themes. Let’s understand more about cycling hashtags. Remember Twitter hashtags for cyclists are same as Instagram.

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How Does Cycling Hashtags Work?

Supposing we clicked a cycling picture, and we wanted to a) show it off, and b) connect with other people who are into cycling. Simply post an image using an appropriate cycling hashtag and you’ll soon be attracting likes and follows from similarly minded cyclists.

The obvious, predictable cycling hashtags

Now you can use #cycling, #cycle, #cyclist and all are popular. But they’re too generic. How many people are regularly searching for images on generic topics? If you can get a bit more specific with your hashtags, the quality of your pictures will go up. Plus, a major factor with high traffic hashtags is that your freshly posted image soon gets buried by all the incoming ones.

“Always try to be more specific for more user engagement and the meaningful audience looking at your pictures on Instagram”

Generic Instagram & Twitter hashtags for cyclists

These tags are way too generic and can be easily guessed by anyone. Even a person with no knowledge of social media can use these hashtags. The issue is that these are way too generic and your picture getting buried will be too common.

#cyclist for cycling insta

For my fellow riders, I have chosen few high ranking and searched keywords. You can directly copy paste these cycling hashtags for maximum user engagement.

“Bike and cycle hashtags tends to be common, just a heads up”

#CYCLING (17 million+)

#ROADBIKE (3 million+)

#CYCLIST (2 million+)

#BIKESTAGRAM (Nearing 2 million)

#CYCLINGLIFE (3 million+)

#STRAVACYCLING (1 million+)

#ROADCYCLING (1 million+)

#INSTACYCLING (1 million+)






Incase you are not getting user engagement even after using the hastags, read my article on Instagram Shadowban.

Instagram cycling hashtags for Photography

There are lots of Instagram hashtags for cycling photos. Of course, all the hashtags are for photos really. Furthermore, these set of hashtags are explicitly around pictures and photos. So naturally, they are some of the most popular cycling hashtags you can use on Instagram. Furthermore, use these cycling hashtags for pumping up your cycling pictures.

#BIKEPORN (4 million, mostly motorcycles though)

#CYCLINGPHOTOS (1.9 million+)

#CYCLINGSHOTS (1.8 million+)

#CYCLINGPICS (1.5 million+)




Instagram Twitter hashtags for cyclists Who love to commute

Cycling Hashtags
If you’re looking for the top Instagram hashtags for cycle commuting, then give these a go. Celebrate your cycle to work!





Instagram hashtags for Cycle Touring

Instagram hashtags for cycling

These hashtags for cycle touring routinely get a lot of posts:





Summing Up

I am also jotting down a few tips and tricks for getting more traffic on Instagram. Furthermore, I would advise experimenting with each Instagram upload.

  1. Don’t use the generic hashtags: as they are so popular that your photo will disappear off the feed within a few minutes. Use slightly less popular, but more niche-specific tags. You’ll be more likely to reach the right crowd.
  2. Post a clear description of the photo, then add all the tags afterward. It’s commonly accepted to see a block of 20 to 30 hashtags (30 is the max), and if you keep them to the first comment (rather than the main description), even better.
  3. Look for accounts where the number they follow is similar to the number of followers they have. This indicates they generally follow people back.
  4. Reposting other people’s content is generally considered acceptable on Instagram if you credit the original poster.
  5. Tag big feature pages in your posts, and look out for feature page hashtags to use. For example, if your #shutterholictv photo is picked up by the @shutterholictv account, I will post on my timeline giving you due credit.
  6. You can’t post links on Instagram. The only place you can have a link is in your bio, so don’t forget to fill that in with your website address, or wherever you want to send them. Like I have the link to my YouTube channel.
  7. This one is completely obvious – post good images. Instagram is a very visual medium so be creative.
  8. Post regularly, I try and post at least 1 picture a day.
  9. Engage with people. Like their posts. Comment on them. Try to post descriptions that encourage people to comment on your own posts.
  10. Engage some more. Because that’s what really makes the difference.

I hope this article would have been useful to you. If yes, please drop a comment at the end of the page. if you want to enjoy the pink city on a guided tour check out Jaipur cycle tours article. 

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