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Mobile Photography Tips For Alluring Pictures

Welcome to another photography article. In this article, I would take you through mobile photography tips to keep in mind while clicking pictures through mobile phones. The digital era has made dramatic changes in our lifestyle. Everyone likes clicking pictures and they want their images to stand out. However, not all the people carry an expensive DSLR camera, or GoPro’s. It is literally impossible to survive without a mobile phone these days. Mobile phones not only serve the purpose of being connected but with the market now flooded with the new camera integrated mobile phones.

“Let me show you how to take exceptional pictures with your mobile phone”

Tip’s & Tricks

I go on cycle rides with my friends very often. It is difficult to carry over 2 KG of your equipment, the weight just cuts down your performance. So I do not like carrying my bulky DSLR camera, however, I do carry my GoPro and my mobile phone. Check out how good is your mobile phone and can it adjust to light automatically?

It’s all about the light my friends

Mobile Photography Tips_Light Effect
Click with Samsung A6

Now the most important fact is that It’s all about lighting. More the light your mobile camera sensor catches more beautiful your images comes out.

“Shattering Mega Pixels Myth: Guys, mega pixel is not important, the sensor has to large. The above Image is clicked with a 6 Mega Pixel Camera settings.”

It is never about the megapixels that people keep discussing. I find that quite funny! Always keep in mind that the sensor of the camera should be large

“An image sensor is a solid-state device, the part of the camera’s hardware that captures light and converts what you see through a viewfinder or LCD monitor into an image”

More the light, more clear your picture will be. That is why I always tell people that the subject should always be in front of the light source. So for a cyclist, stand facing the sun and wear your sunglasses. The compare the picture that you clicked while not facing the camera. This is the first tip of the mobile photography tips.

Please Do Not Zoom With Your Mobile Phone

Clicked by Samsung A6

The worst thing that you can do while clicking pictures with a mobile phone is using the zoom. Do not use the mobile zoom ever, always move to your subject or a focused area to click. Why did I say this? Well, the point is that if you are not using a tripod for a stable image, you would end up getting a blurry image in zoom as even a minor twitching of nerves of your hand would get the camera of your mobile out of focus. You can click first and then can crop/zoom through any of the development software.

Keep your mobile stable while clicking

Try not to share your hands while clicking pictures. I use a tripod to get a stable platform and use timer/burst shots to take a stable image. Mobile tripods are cheap and you can order them from Amazon by clicking here. You will get the same in 500 INR. It’s a very effective equipment if you are thinking of taking up serious photography. Very effective while taking timed shots.

Create Angles Riders

Look for fresh perspective people. This is something that if you copy, it looks fake. I have seen a lot of people copying the angles which I use, but they end up doing a worse job when it comes to final results. Use your imagination find unique angles which people have never seen. A fresh and a new angle always attract the audience.

“This is tried and tested! It works all the time! Copying is for losers! “

Clean Your Mobile Camera Lens Regularly

smartphone hand light woman photography color macro lady video picture photograph image elephants single lens reflex camera

This is not done most of the people. They just take out the phones from their pocket, click and then keep it back. Try this: Your phones are in your pocket most of the time. They are bound to get dirty. Always keep a soft cloth to clean your lens whenever you go on a photography trip. Clean the lens and take the picture, you will see remarkable differences in the pictures. A very small thing but creates awesome clicking experience.

Enjoy Your Clicks


This is by far the most important rule. I ride with my friends, most of them are amazing. obviously, if you are emotionally connected with your friends, your pictures would be amazing. A photographer who is always emotionally connected with the subject, bring out the beauty in them on his/her clicks.

Summing up if you keep in mind these mobile photography tips you will click phenomenal pictures.

Fellow Photographers: Please let me know if I have missed any points.

Happy clicking! If you are looking to purchase a new phone from Amazon, check the links for phone phones for mobile photography below.

If you are using DSLR to click your pictures and still getting blurry images? Check out this article.


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