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Top 10 Birthday Gifting Ideas

Birthdays are definitely special occasions in every person’s life. Close friends and family members take extra effort to make birthdays special for their loved ones. In this article, we will look at birthday gifting ideas for your loved ones. Birthday gifting options are not limited and we bring you the tops ten from that list.

Planning on a perfect birthday gift surely figures in one of the top priorities and with so many options in hand, it becomes difficult to finalize one.

We might be in different cities yet we can send flowers to any city to our friends easily in just minutes through various gifts and online bouquet delivery websites.

Here are the top 10 birthday gifting ideas that we feel would make your loved ones feel really special

Flower bouquets with personalized messages are good birthday gifting Idea

Flower bouquets with personalized messages looks lovely

Sending flowers to Bangalore or any other place in India with personalised messages to your loved ones is not an issue now.

There are so many websites which easily help in online flower delivery in mumbai.

Flower bouquets, carnations or flower baskets, order any of these and write your birthday messages to make your loved ones feel special.

There are a variety of flowers that are available starting from fragrant red roses to white tulips from which you can choose from.

Gifting flowers on birthdays might seem like an outdated idea but in reality, it still charms people to a great extent.

Personalized cakes

Personalized cake is a good birthday gift option

Cakes are synonymous with birthdays.

No birthday celebration is complete without some cake.

Personalized cakes with messages are surely going to cheer up your loved ones on their birthdays.

You can gift them photo cakes with pictures of your loved ones, fondant cakes or premium cakes. Check out these amazing cake toppings that can make your gift stand out.

There are a whole lot of options that are available today from bloomsvilla. with the help of cake delivery in Bangalore & all India.


Gift chocolates on birthday

All of us love chocolates. Most noteworthy, chocolate is one of those safe birthday gifts that is surely going to cheer up anyone.

You can also gift a birthday card with a special message along with chocolates. This makes the occasion more special.

Teddy with flowers

Teddy bear or other soft toys are good gifts

You can definitely settle for a teddy bear or other soft toys.

Or buy a flower bouquet online as a birthday gift for your friends or family members.

Gifting a teddy bear to your girlfriend with some birthday flowers will surely make her happy.

While this might seem like a cliché idea but such options never seem to get old. It will definitely make them happy.

Dry fruits and sweets

Gift your loved ones dry fruits

Dry fruit boxes or sweet boxes are popular gifts that we generally exchange during festivals.

Most noteworthy, birthdays being no less of a special occasion, these qualify as good birthday gifts as well. 

Some of our family members or friends definitely love dry fruits and sweets. Sp this can be a perfect birthday gift for them.

Combinations of dry fruits with sweets in the boxes can also qualify as good birthday gifts.

Printed coffee mugs

I would like to have coffee mugs

Everyone loves a cup of a nice cup of coffee in the morning. Also, when you have be awake up late in the night for work.

A printed coffee mug with a message or picture printed on top of it describing an aspect of your friend can be a great birthday gift. 

Unlike many other gifts, these can be used for longer periods of time.

Maybe the next time your friend has coffee from this mug he/she would definitely think about you and it will bring a smile on their faces.

Personalized Wallhanging

Photo frames can be a good gift

Photo frames have been popular items for gifts for a long time.

Furthermore, personalized wall hangings are just improved versions of the same which can be a great birthday gift.

You can put the favorite picture with your friends on these wall hangings.

Gifts like these will help your friends recollect all the beautiful times you had spent together.

An online bouquet delivery along with this will be a great combination as well.

Personalized LED cushion is a nice gift option for birthday

Add LED’s to a cushion which is personalized and it makes a great gift.

A cushion might seem like a normal thing but this can be given a twist by adding some LED lights to it.

You can even print a picture of your friends or loved ones on it. This can remind them of the present you had given them.

Personalized T-shirts are amazing Birthday Gifting Idea

Graphic T-shirts with cool messages describing your loved ones are appropriate birthday gifts.

There are a number of vendors these days who can get the t-shirts printed with messages instantly.

Message in a bottle is a nice Birthday Gifting Idea

Some people prefer simple gifts and a glass bottle decorated with colors. Some prefer a message written on a piece of paper stuffed inside it can be a terrific birthday gift.

This would an exclusive and unique gift that would convey all the love you have for your friends. You can also order flowers online and combine them with this.

It is necessary to pamper your loved ones with gifts on birthdays and to make it memorable.

Bloomsvilla is here to provide you with a whole lot of options.  Birthday flowers, personalized cakes or a box of chocolates with a special message.

Bloomsvilla is here to help you make the right choice of a perfect birthday gift for your loved ones and filled with a lot of birthday gift ideas.

Top 5 Terrific Cake Toppings That Woo Your Loved Ones Amazingly

Throughout our life, we have always enjoyed cooking and baking. When you were a little kid, you were always stuck to your mother and watched every move she made when she was cooking or baking sweet delicacies for you. You watched her so much throughout the years that you almost have everything she bakes memorized down to every little detail. We all chose the regular cake because that was one of our mother’s most favorite desserts. We can remember it like we were there with her right now helping her baking it. You all must have gone to buy essential stuff for cakes. In this post, we would discuss the cake toppings & cake decoration that will make your cake extra special. Like: flowers on cake.

But the main question is, what makes the cake more attractive and impressive? When you send cake online to your beloved one, what thing do you notice at first? Creativity and cake’s toppings, there is no doubt at all. We all eat cake in our daily routine or give it as a gift to our loved ones. So, today, here we are going to discuss some glorious cake toppings that will surely woo your near and dear ones amazingly.

Flowers Decoration as cake toppings

Wonderfully embedded flower in the cake

A cake with floral decoration is such a beautiful idea to happier your loved ones. A floral topping cake will not only gratify your loved one’s taste buds but also create a positive aroma all around them. Such a beautiful idea of blooms decoration is used in wedding and anniversary cake. If you are planning to organize a grand celebration for your close one, you should choose this cake, and later you will find your decision of choosing this cake was right. As flowers are the best medium of expressing love and care, you can double up the joy flowers with yummy cakes for your special one.

Fresh Fruits as cake toppings

Fruits on a cake

Whenever you order flowers online for a girlfriend, you have to think twice as you are always worried about their health. And being a mother or father, it’s your duty, there is no doubt. So, when it comes to a sweet and healthy treat for little ones, then a cake with fresh fruit toppings is always an ideal choice. A simple cake covered with yummy whipped cream having fresh-cut fruits on top is always great to satisfy food cravings. Moreover, this is the cake that you can make at home by putting your desired fruits on a simple bread texture. Everyone should give this cake a try!

Moldable Fondant as cake toppings

Moldable Fondant as cake toppings

This is one of the most popular cakes that people choose most nowadays. You can find the moldable fondant at any baking supply store easily. If you are about to bake a cake, you can beautify your cake with this moldable fondant by cutting it into shapes with cookie cutters. Moldable fondant is perfect for dressing up the flavor cake. For example, if you want a barbie cake, then this is the right choice you must choose. The sugary and lip-smacking cake will turn your overall experience of cake you have ever gone through.

Mini Chocolate Candies

This is a unique and impressive cake that is loved by people of every age group. A soft, moist cake texture with crunchy topping on. This lovely topping makes the cake astonishing that everyone is captivated to buy it for their little and grand celebrations. If you are planning to surprise your loved one or looking for online cake delivery in Delhi, then you should go for this cake as this will be the perfect gift that will surely bring a million-dollar smile on the face of the receiver. This is the reason behind that cake is also known for surprise cake!

Spun-Sugar Flowers

Artificial sugar florals are one of the most surprising trends of cake toppings. Colourful flowers in the sweet form are sure to amaze your loved ones when you present them a cake with spun-sugar flowers. This changes the complete look of a simple cake and makes it perfect delight for everyone. There are various online bakery shops where you can get this cake and win your loved one’s heart undoubtedly.

All these are fantastic cake toppings we mentioned above; once you go through with these ideas, you will never go wrong. We hope you loved this article and will go through with one of these cake topping ideas.

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