We all know about this premier destination site, Rajasthan. There are a lot of surprises awaiting you. One such is OM Banna Temple, the sacred pilgrimage site near Chotila village, in Pali district. If anyone passes through the Jodhpur-Pali highway they make sure to visit the temple for a safer journey. For your information, the location is 20km away from Pali whereas 53 km from Jodhpur.

Strangely enough, it has an unusual deity of a motorbike. However, the secret local story about OM Banna Mandir many won’t believe. I am embedding a YouTube video from my YouTube channel. This video is from my tour of Rajasthan and has coverage of the entire temple. Also, I would show you OM Banna images & photos. Also, the famous OM Banna motorcycle.

Story behind the temple

OM Banna motorcycle safely displayed at Om banna mandir
OM Banna motorcycle

You must be curious to know the story behind it. The story is all about a Rajput person named OM Singh Rajput. Dated back in 1991, he was returning to his home Chotila. He was riding his bullet motorbike when he met with an accident. He hit a tree and died on the spot where OM Banna Mandir is situated now. Police intervened at the accident site.

To clear the accident site, on the Jodhpur-Pali highway. From below the tree, police shifted the bike to the police station. But to great astonishment, the bike went back to the same location where OM bana died. This incident happened repeatedly. The bike drove to the same tree by itself. Locals became aware of the incident and decided to build a bus stand near the tree. But, in course of time it emerged as an OM Banna Temple.

Relevance of the temple for locals

Om Banna photo along with his motorcycle
Om Banna photo along with his motorcycle

The place began to be considered sacred. It brought a source of income for the localities. Shops selling flowers and worship items sprouted. Travelers and localities gather in numbers to offer their prayer. Whoever trespass the Jodhpur-Pali highway stops to pay homage to bike baba. The majority of truck drivers stop for drinking water. But, mandatorily visit the temple dedicated to OM Banna motorcycle. People strongly believe that blessings from bike baba will make their journey safer.

The motor-bike God of Rajasthan has lots of followers. Local people as well as travelers, flock to the temple to pray. Flowers and even alcohol offerings are made to the 350cc bullet motor-bike in form of offering. It is believed if prayed with sanctity and devotion, the bullet baba will bestow is a blessing. So if you are traveling via Jodhpur-Pali highway never skip a visit to OM Banna Mandir.

Om Banna temple location & time to visit

Does the story of OM Singh Rathore’s bullet motorbike interest you? The bizarre temple can be your next destination to visit. The opportunity to mingle with Rajasthani localities lies at your disposal. You can learn about the Rajasthani culture and cherish it. The best season to visit is September to the end of March. Better avoid the sandy hot weather of summer. The temple is quite simplistic. The Om Banna images depict so.

About the temple

Motorcycle of Om Banna inside the temple
Motorcycle of Om Banna inside the temple

If you are a passionate explorer, and curious to know more about the hidden treasures of Incredible India this temple is a serene place you can choose. Rajasthan is a place also popularly known as the land of kings. There is an ample number of castles, forts, and monuments. But OM Banna temple would be worth visiting.

So if you have plans to visit Rajasthan. Especially eager to visit the temples of Jodhpur and Pali. Make sure to visit this shrine dedicated to OM Singh Rathore. Spending some quality time with family is possible. Come and enjoy the tranquillity of the shrine. Unlike any other temple in OM Banna mandir, the deity is strange. A motorbike gets worshipped with full dignity.

The temple doesn’t constitute any carving or artifacts. It is simple, and modern compared to other temples of the state. Devotees flock to the site with incense sticks and flowers to offer. Utmost devotion and commitment towards bullet baba are seen and guaranteed you would enjoy the peace that prevails in the OM Banna mandir.

The experience

Remember to visit the shrine in the season suggested if you want a comfortable experience. Summers are hot, and it won’t be pleasurable. It would be advisable to mingle with localities to know more history of the place. In the course of the discussion, you may come to know about other destinies of interest similar to OM Banna temple.

The shrine has improved the socio-economic status of the place. Sources of livelihood have developed. Shops have emerged where local people have started earning by selling items of worshiping bike baba. An increase in attending visitors would help them earning handsomely. Courtesy blessing of bike baba, localities can fulfill their wishes. Therefore, the OM Banna motorbike has created a fortune for the localities.

Tour of Rajasthan – Vlog – Ft Om Baana


Summing Up

The lack of knowledge and popularity of the places worth visiting remains obscure. In India, numerous destiny of interest has remained untouched. If you consider Rajasthan, target tourist destinations are Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Dilwara, etc. but, temples bearing rare storyline behind remain unobserved. One such place of worship is OM Banna temple.

Only local people can share stories behind such bizarre temples. Visitors might find them absurd. But belief is a belief no one can challenge. But it remains a mystery how the motorbike returned to its place where the accident occurred. Psychologically locals have believed there must be some divine power that simultaneously grew into a temple. Hence next time you visit Rajasthan, including OM Banna mandir in your visit list. Undoubtedly you will find the shrine fascinating. 

Any questions related to OM Banna images & photos, the famous OM Banna motorcycle, please leave them in the comment section below.


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