Aasavari Mata temple, Goner, is a famous place of worship. The temple is one of the most important shrines in the region, and it is of great religious significance for Hindus. This temple in Jaipur has been a tourist attraction for decades. Many people come to see the views from up here, and it’s not just tourists but locals.

Aasavari Mata temple location

Aasavari mata temple location is a little outside Jaipur’s central city. You need to go towards Jagatpura and then take the road to Goner. Check out the map below for a better understanding.

Aasavari Mata temple’s History

Aasavari mata, the sister-in-law of Devi Parvati, is a joyous devi per the Hindu scriptures. When Mata Parvati came to Kailash, she used to feel lonely and wished for someone with whom she could talk.

She used to think if Lord Shiva had a sister, she could speak with her and share her thoughts. Lord Shiva learned about his beloved wife’s wishes and created the goddess Aasavari. 

Goddess Aasavari was fat and had cracks in her feet. As the legend goes, Mata Parvati was happy to have found a companion in Aasavari. She wanted to do a lot of things for her. As Mata Parvati cooked food, Aasavari ate it all by herself, and nothing was left for anyone else. Further, when Parvati thought of gifting new clothes to her sister-in-law, nothing fit Aasavari.

Aasavari was mischievous. She hid Parvati in the cracks of her feet. When Lord Shiva came looking for Mata Parvati, she giggled and refused to tell where Mata Parvati was. In the end, Mata Parvati asked Lord Shiva to send her sister-in-law to her home. 

Hike to Asavari Mandir

I visited the Aasavari temple in Goner. It was an excellent trek. On the Jagatpura Flyover, you will only encounter a little traffic heading toward Akshay Patr. As you progress towards Goner on the flyover, you reach a roundabout.

Take a left from the roundabout. Go straight for a while, and you will have a petrol pump on your left. You can refuel your vehicle or take a loo break here. There is no fuel station beyond this point on this way. Headed straight, you will reach a T-point. Take a right turn from here to reach Aasavari Mata Temple. 

You will start witnessing hills and a good view. The flag of the temple is visible from the T-point itself. You can catch the fantastic sunset and sunrise from the high point. So going a bit further, you will see a board for “Vilay Kunj Vihar” from here; go ahead on the road to your left.

View from the top!

You are now traversing through Goner village. There is a rough incline to the temple; you can choose to walk. Finally, after a short trek, you reach the temple. The fantastic views from here are worth the hike. From here, you can see both Goner and Sitapur Industrial areas. 

The small temple is peaceful. The cool breeze is fantastic here. You can bring some snacks to the top to enjoy the view and the snacks. This temple is a small, private place that is not crowded and often forgotten.

Here, you can find peace, enjoy the view from the top of the mountain, and snack on some snacks. You will need to bring water with you to stay hydrated. Climbing up can be exhausting. When I visited, the temple was not locked, nor was there any rush. Small steps lead to the temple. I had a peaceful darshan. 

Watch my Vlog on this temple below.

Asavari Temple near Goner in Jaipur. Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

A small trail goes behind the temple. I was curious, so I went up the route. People frequently use it. You can ascend the hill to a higher point by following the trail. It’s the perfect place to watch the sunset. You will get a fantastic city view from the mountain. A few black goats roamed around, and it was nice to be connected to nature away from the city. 

I recommend these peaceful, adventurous, and holy places to all travel enthusiasts. Suppose you are running low on time but want to explore some offbeat location, head straight to Aasavari Mata temple. Seek blessings and enjoy the picturesque view from the hilltop.

If you have any questions about Asavari Mandir in Jaipur, please leave them in the comment section below.


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