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Ganesh Mandir at Moti Doongri

Ganesh Mandir at Moti Doongri

Ganesh Mandir at Moti Doongri also known as “Riddhi Siddhi Ka Mandir” is a must-visit if you are heading towards Jaipur.

Though there are a lot of temples dedicated to Lord Ganesha, in Rajasthan. But there is a temple which people come and visit from every part of the Nation to get blessed by the God of prosperity and Wisdom himself.

The aura of this temple is so good that even those who come here with worries become content after entering the temple. The meaning of the Dungri is called the ‘top of the hill’ and it appears to be a pearl from far away.

Thus the place has become famous with the name of Moti Dungri. When in Jaipur, you must visit the gloriously built, auspicious temple of Ganesh Mandir at Moti Dungri. 

History and establishment of the Ganesh Mandir at Moti Doongri

Jaipur was the epicenter of attacks by Maratha and a lot of bloodsheds happened here.

Madho Singh, the ruler of Jaipur, before becoming one prayed to Lord Ganesha that if he became the Ruler of the place, he would take Lord Ganesh from Mavli to Jaipur.

The idol is said to be more than 500 years old, originally situated in Mawali, the hometown of Madho Singh’s wife from where the Idol was brought under the supervision of Seth Jai Ram Paliwal to Jaipur when Madho Singh became the king.

The city of Jaipur has been at peace thereafter. The peaceful times have prevailed in this glorious city ever since. 

Idol of Lord Ganesha with the trunk bent to the right side at Ganesh Mandir at Moti Doongri

The temple has a huge, attractive Idol of Lord Ganesha with the trunk bent to the right side at Ganesh Mandir at Moti Doongri in Jaipur. The temple sanctum has idols of Lord Ganesha, his wives Riddhi and Siddhi, and his sons, Shubh and Labh. This also contains an idol of Mooshak, the vehicle or vahana of Lord Ganesha.

The establishment dates are engraved on the base of the Mushak Idol in Ganesh Mandir at Moti Doongri.

The throne of the Lord Ganesha idol is made out of silver and gold and is flanked by two large silver pillars on both sides. A big Golden chakra adorns the wall behind the idol while a golden umbrella or chhatra is atop the idol.

The temple offers peace and good vibes to all visitors. Many devotees come here to seek blessings for a better future and health. Lord Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva is known to be one of the most benevolent Hindu Gods. 

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Specialty and Belief of Ganesh Mandir at Moti Doongri

Lord Ganesha is the Primus inter pares among the Gods, and is worshipped first.

He is considered to be the God of prosperity and Wisdom and is called Vighnesha which means One who takes away all the hurdles. There are several beliefs associated with the temple of Ganesh Mandir at Moti Doongri.

Before observing any auspicious event in their lives, People invite Lord Ganesha to the event. People pray to Lord Ganesha to take away their worries and hurdles of things they are facing problems at and tie Red-colored threads in the temple which has a section dedicated to it.

If Prayed wholeheartedly, Lord Ganesha blesses them with whatever they pray for, and symbolically, they open up one of the thousands of threads there. 

Temple has a usual crowd and is filled up with Devotees on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but the temple looks unique on the Ganesha Chaturthi festival when people from every corner of the country come to visit the temple here. The temple Moti Dungri is revered by all the people around the country. Often people from abroad also visit the temple to get blessed and worship Lord Ganesha. 

There is another belief that people come here to get their new vehicles blessed. So every Wednesday you might also come across a vehicle fair, Those who come here directly from the purchase. It is said that vehicles blessed by the Lord never meet any accidents. Lord Ganesha is known to protect vehicles and the people traveling in the vehicles which are blessed here. You must be cautious when visiting the temple on Wednesday. 

There is a Shivalingam in the Moti Dungri fort complex, which is open to visitors once a year on Mahashivaratri, the festival of Lord Shiva, the Father of Lord Ganesha. The Birla Temple shrine dedicated to deities Lakshmi Narayan is situated in the south of Ganesha temple.

The Temple is Built in the Nagara style and is based on the Scottish castle Model. The temple has three entrance gates and a few steps at the front.

The walls are adorned with scenes from Mythology that leave visitors spellbound. It was built using limestone and marble and construction was completed in 4 months.

People also visit the temple to explore and enjoy the architecture of the temple and the astounding design of the temple sanctum. 

How to reach the Ganesh Mandir at Moti Doongri

Moti Dungri temple is located centrally and one can reach it using any mode of public transport like Cab, or E rickshaw. You can also go to the temple walking if you are staying nearby. The ways in Jaipur are simple to maneuver.

You can also hail a cab or take the metro to reach the temple. The walkway leading to the temple is lined with prasad sellers and other local shops.

Best time to visit the Ganesh Mandir at Moti Doongri

Though you can visit this temple at any time of the year, the Moti Dungri is thronged by devotees every day of the week but Wednesday is one of the busiest days here.

A small fair is set outside the temple this week hawkers selling toys, sweets, and other knick-knacks cover the road leading up to the temple. You can buy Prasad on these streets. The holy walkway will make you feel connected to the divine even before you reach the pious sanctum. 

Other Attractions near Ganesh Mandir at Moti Doongri

  • Birla temple: Birla temple is dedicated to Lakshmi Narayan, this temple is also a magnificent work of architecture. There are many food stalls near Birla Mandir which you should try for an authentic taste of Rajasthan. 
  • Hanuman temple and Goddess Durga temple: This temple is towards the right of the Moti Dungri temple. The Hanuman temple is flocked by devotees especially on Tuesdays.
  • The grand Lord Shiva temple: You must visit the temple for the blessings of Lord Shiva. 
  • World Trade Park: is an amazing place to explore with family and friends. 
  • Raja park: is one of the most amazing areas to explore in Jaipur. Some places like Pali dhaba remain open till 4 am. The area is just 15 mins away from the sanctum of Moti Dungri. 
  • GT: a famous shopping complex is worth visiting while you are in the area. You must take a stroll through the market and buy local Rajasthani handicrafts.

Tips for the visitors

In case you visit the Ganesh Mandir at Moti Doongri on Wednesday, it is prudent to visit in a cab or public transport.

There are some trees right outside the temple which are home to monkeys, so keep your belongings close to you unless you want them snatched. The rush in the prime locations can make your experience overwhelmingly tedious. 

Any questions related to Ganesh Mandir at Moti Doongri, please leave them in the comments below.



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