The devotion towards Lord Hanuman will take you to all places of Hanuman Ji, but you might have seen all areas with red or orange murtis of God. The uniqueness of Kale Hanuman Ji ka Mandir lies in the fact that the idol of Hanuman Ji is black in color here. Lord Hanuman is a deep devout of Lord Rama and had a crucial role in Ramayana. 

The unique Lord Hanuman Ji temple in Jaipur offers a strong spiritual connection to devotees. The 1000-year-old temple offers a unique experience to all its visitors. The serenity and unusual spiritual energy make it a highly revered place of worship.

Many devotees visit the temple for peace of mind and relief from worldly issues and mental pain. The fantastic location of worship has a unique history associated with itself and the Black idol of Hanuman Ji. Let us know what the history behind it is.

The Sun God was the Guru of Hanuman Ji at one point in time. Around the completion of Hanuman Ji’s learnings, he offered to give Guru Dakshina to Lord Sun. The Sun God told him that his son Lord Shani is one of his own wills and does not listen to him, and he wishes that Hanuman Ji brings Lord Shani to him as his Guru Dakshina. To fulfill the wish of his Guru, Lord hanuman went out looking for Lord Shani.

After a long-drawn struggle, he finally found Lord Shani. When Lord Shani met Hanuman Ji finally, he was impressed by his devotion towards Lord Son, his father as Guru. Lord Shani said that he would not fulfill any wishes of his devotees until they worshiped Lord Hanuman. Lord Shani imbibed his black color onto Lord Hanuman. Thus, the temple of Kale Hanuman Ji ka mandir denotes the black color imbibed in hanuman Ji. 

Marvelous Architecture of this Glorious Temple

Kale Hanuman temple in Jaipur
Kale Hanuman temple in Jaipur

“Temples are an expression of God’s love.”

– Jean A. Stevens.

The beautiful architecture of the temple is ancient. The beautifully carved pillars in the temple’s sanctum are made as per the Pushta Nakshatra.

The temple was built about 100 years ago, and artists were brought in from Kolkata to construct this marvelous temple. The temple’s sanctum is pious and makes you feel connected to Lord Hanuman.

The beautifully carved temple is also an excellent place for historians and architecture buffs to explore. 

Location of Kale Hanuman Ji Temple

The Kale Hanuman Ji temple is situated on the same road as Hawa Mahal.

The temple is just 5 minutes away from City Palace towards Amber Road on foot. This pure place is located at Chandi ki Taksal. The name Chandi ki Taksal is derived from the fact that this place was used by then kings to make silver coins in the older times. Maharaj Jai Singh set up the silver minting place. The glory of Jaipur as a silver minting place began from this era. 

The Peaceful Sanctum of the Temple

kale Hanuman idol in the temple
kale Hanuman idol in the temple

“Those who understand the eternal blessings which come from the temple know that no sacrifice is too great, no price too heavy, no struggle too difficult in order to receive those blessings.”

– Thomas S. Monson.

This unique temple offers peace and bliss to all visitors. Tuesdays and Thursdays are busy days at the temple.

People visit the temple for blessings and to keep Nazar dosh at bay. Newborn babies are brought to the temple for the blessings from Hanuman Ji and to remove any Nazar dosh.

A visit to this pious sanctum will offer a deep dive into Hindu traditions and a spiritual experience. The black idol of Lord Hanuman is adorned with silver accessories, and it looks so enchanting. You can offer Prasad at the temple. 

Darshan At Kale Hanuman Ji Mandir

You will experience a profound rooted spiritual awakening at Kale Hanuman Ji Mandir. The entry to the temple sanctum is free, and you can visit Monday to Sunday 5:00 am – 1:00 pm (Morning), 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm (evening). On the heavy rush days, that is, Tuesday and Saturday, the timings are 5:00 am – 2:00 pm (Morning), 5:30 pm – 11:30 pm (Evening). You must follow Hindu Traditions while visiting the temple. There are no long lines at the temple, so it takes only 1 hour to visit and complete your trip to the temple. 

Legacy of the Temple in Present times

Kale Hanuman idol inside kale Hanuman temple
Kale Hanuman idol inside kale Hanuman temple

The legacy of this holy temple situated in Chandi ki Taksal continues even today. Many celebrities like Bipasha Basu, Shilpa Shetty, and Ekta Kapoor have visited the temple sanatorium for the darshan of kale Hanuman Ji. 

If you are an ardent follower of Hanuman Ji, you must visit this marvelous temple. This temple is a place where your wishes get fulfilled. The legacy of the temple is because of the pious and spiritual energy at the sanctum. 

The divinity of Kale Hanuman Ji Mandir

Many people have noticed positive changes in their lives after visiting the temple with a pure heart. Many inner heart wishes and wants get fulfilled here.

Many people say that complex problems like lawsuits, unhealthy competition at work, household negativity, and other physical and mental issues get solved by just paying a visit to Kale Hanuman Ji mandir. Many people come back and visit the temple after their wishes get fulfilled as boons. 

Other places to Visit around the Sanctum of Kale Hanuman Ji ka Mandir

Two notable places around Kale Hanuman Ji ka Mandir are the Akbari mosque and Chandrapole Gate.

The gate hosts a complete bazaar of Rajasthani artifacts and local crafts. You will love to explore the local market and buy souvenirs for your family and friends. Here, you can find beautiful threadwork, bandhani, mirror work, etc. here. The beautiful Akbari mosque reminds me of the Mughal influence and past. The mosque is built on a raised platform and has three gateways. The long hall in the mosque is a prayer hall. The mosque was built by Raja Bharmal on the orders of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Entry to the mosque is free. 

A lot of people are devout of Lord Hanuman, the monkey god. Are you among them?? In that case, you must have visited several Hanuman temples around the country.

 “You are never lost when you can see the temple.”

– Gary E. Stevenson

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