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Major Changes To YouTube Partner Program For Spooky Channels

YouTube partner program (YPP) has done major changes set to come into force this year. Quite honest the terms now set will allow serious contributors to make quality content. So much bad content was uploaded last year. This led to wastage of time and I had to dislike a lot of videos. Let us take a look at what things have changed under the YYP. This is though a good change as only YouTube channels with good content will be promoted. All the unethical ways of YouTube channel promotion will now be of no use.


Reason For Change

Research done by YouTube shows a lot of channels made a lot of content, however we not able to cross the threshold of 100$.

They just kept on uploading useless content which was not a value-add to YouTube.

As a result of which about 60% of the channels made content not worthy of watching and somehow YouTube algorithms kept’s showing those videos/content under the suggested option.

This is what “Susan” the CEO of YouTube had to say last year for people making content which is not acceptable under YouTube’s guidelines.

What were the rules previously?

YPP did a change in the month of April 2017. YouTube restricted channels to monetize their videos if they did not have 10,000-lifetime views.

However, this rules was very lenient and it failed to have the effect which it should have.

Most of the channels were able to cross the 10,000-lifetime views even when the channels did not have any quality content.

YouTube has now realized that the standard which they ought to have should be a little strict and the channels stats a bit on the higher side.

Thankfully my YouTube channel surpassed that limit a long time back and met the eligibility criteria as per YPP program.

YouTube channel promotion however, will now be getting difficult. 

Recent Changes In The Rules

Once YouTube realized that the rule set by them of 10,000-lifetime views is not enough to make YouTube a quality platform for people. They have not done certain strict changes.

As per YPP , firstly to be eligible to monetize the videos, YouTube channel now must have more than 1,000 subscribers.

Secondly, the channel should have more than 4000+ watch hours in the last 12 months.

Only when your YouTube channel is in accordance with the above two rules, only then you can monetize your videos.

This change would be effective from February 2018.

How To Meet The Criteria

There is only one way you can meet the YouTube Partner Program criteria, which is to make quality content.

I started with randomly uploading videos and not bothering about specifics. Over a period of time, I have changed and so has my YouTube Channel.

Always remember it is important to make and upload content regularly. However, the content should be worthy of being uploaded and should be in line with your passion.

For an e.g. we all know that prank videos are the one watched by all and they tend to get a lot of views.

However, this is something that I don’t do and neither do I have any interest in them.

My interest lies in Photography, Cycling, Travel, and Fitness, and my videos are related to my passion and interest.

Watch the complete video here!

Note: Do the stuff that you really like doing, the idea is not just to make money, but to showcase your talent to the world.

Now, if you have any questions related to the YPP program please leave them at the end of the page.


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