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What one experiences when entering the Spiti Valley is surreal. I along with two of my friends decided to do the Shimla Manali Spiti Circuit on our bikes. We thought that we might carry from fuel cans, but petrol pumps in Spiti Valley did not disappoint us and we got to the fuel stations every few hundred kilometres. Take a look at the map below for the Spiti Valley circuit from Shimla to Manali.

Petrol pumps in Spiti valley and spiti tour map
We started from Shimla and ended the circuit in Manali

The valley is home to white hills, long roads, and snow-filled deserts. These features are more than enough to make it a popular tourist destination.

Spiti Valley is a part of Himachal Pradesh and is located at an altitude of 12,500 feet above sea level. Spiti receives only a few days of sunshine. This makes it one of the coldest places in India. It is accessible only in summers while it remains covered with winter snow.

Spiti means Middle Land as it is a separating factor between India and Tibet. The major tourist attraction here includes trekking which leads to incomparable views from mountain tops. If you are looking forward to visiting Spiti, this might be the right guide!

Petrol Pumps in Spiti Valley

Let me just clear the doubts about carrying fuel cans. You do not have to, look at the petrol pumps in spiti valley, guide map. There are a lot and you will find them at each 150 to 200 km mark.

Petrol pumps at Spiti valley
Spiti valley fuel map

The longest stretch that you will go without petrol pumps in Spiti valley will be from Kaza to Manali which is about 180 KM. If you get your tank filled in Kaza you can easily reach Manali.

While travelling to a far-away place like Spiti, it is crucial to plan the journey in detail and in advance.

The pre-requites for this journey include listing out eating joints, hotels, car service stations, restrooms, and most importantly, fuelling stations. Here is a guide to the petrol pumps in Spiti valley.

Petrol Pumps in Spiti Valley from Manali


  • Ambika HP Center is a fuel station located at Bahang, 5 kms from Manali. Hindustan Petroleum Ltd owns it. One can also find car service stations and small eating joints here.

Rohtang Pass

  • After Manali, once you cross Rohtang Pass, there is only one petrol pump in Tandi village, about 10 KMs before Keylong and 110 km from Manali.  
  • Tandi petrol pump is the only place you will get fuel on Manali Leh Highway. The next petrol pump will be 365 KMs away at Karu just before Leh town.

Kaza/ Tabo

  • Indian Oil Fuel Station at the Gramphu-Batal-Kaza Road is the World’s Highest Fuel Station. Facilities like drinking water and restrooms are available here. Hence, three central petrol pumps can be found from Manali to Kaza.

Petrol Pumps in Spiti Valley From Shimla to Spiti

Shimla to Narkanda

Many petrol pumps are located on this route. From Shimla to the Kinnaur district, many fuel stations can be found along with car washes, car service, and air filling stations. Some of these are:

  • HP fuel station in Kingal is located on NH-22. The fueling station is in close vicinity to a car service station.
  • Civil Supplies Corporation Hindustan Petroleum has located only 1 km from the HP fuel station in Kingal. It is also close to a car service station.
  • Narkanda Filling Station by Indian Oil is also located on NH-22. It provides an air refilling service.
  • Narkanda Filling Station by Indian Oil is also located on NH-5. 

Kinnaur (Reckong Peo, Kalpa, Sangla, and Nako)

Like Narkanda and Shimla, petrol pumps are not an issue on this route. Many fuel stations, air filling stations, and car service stops exist.  

  • Indian Oil Petrol Pump-owned Kinfed filling station is located at Shudharang, Reckong Peo, Himachal Pradesh.
  • HP Petrol Pump is located at National Highway 22, Powari, Himachal Pradesh. Car service stations are available nearby.
  • HP Petrol Pump is located at National Highway 22, Tapri, Himachal Pradesh. Car service stations and air refill stops are available nearby.
  • HP Petrol Pump is located at Mandalli, Chirgaon, Himachal Pradesh. Facilities like car service, car rental, and air refill stops are nearby.


Petrol pumps in Spiti Valley
Highest petrol station in Kaza

Indian Oil Fuel Station at the Gramphu-Batal-Kaza Road is the World’s Highest Fuel Station. Facilities like drinking water and restrooms are available here.  

Last Fueling Stations in Spiti

In district Lahaul & Spiti, there are only two petrol pumps. As mentioned above, one of these is located at Tandi (Lahaul valley), which is 105 kilometres away from Manali and the second is in Kaza (Spiti valley), which is 421 kilometres away from Shimla.

In Lahaul valley, after Tandi, another petrol pump is situated at Leh (J & K), 368 kilometres away from Tandi.

Note**: There is a fuel pump at Sangla which is not on the map. Ask any local resident of Chitkul or Sangla they will tell you it’s right there on the main road connecting Sangla and Chitkul.

Additional facilities on the way to Spiti

Major stops such as Shimla, Narkanda, Manali, and Kinnaur districts have great eating joints and cafes. One can find small stalls for tea and snacks on their way from Kinnaur to Spiti.

However, it is always better to pack good snacks and water for your journey from Shimla/ Manali to Spiti valley. Hotels, homestays, and PWD restrooms can also be found at all the major stops.

Conclusion for Petrol Pumps in Spiti Valley

The way to Spiti is undoubtedly a traveller’s delight. With prior planning, one can enjoy the trip most amazingly. The most important factor while travelling to such hilly terrains is fuel storage.

While one can always note the fuel stops on the way to their destination, it should always be kept in mind that fuel stations in hills are very far away. Hence, storing fuel for an emergency should always be considered before travelling.

To avoid being stranded in the middle of nowhere, keeping a reserve of fuel is essential. You can keep jerry cans and cold bottles as your reservoirs. These cans and bottles should be air-tight and leak-proof.

Any questions related to these fuel pumps please ask in the comment section below.


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