If you are an adventure seeker visiting Manali, you can go hiking at Lion King Rock AKA Bada Patthar trek in Manali. This trail near the Hadimba Devi Temple is a must-try if you enjoy outdoor excursions.

The short, steep hike follows the Manali Wildlife Sanctuary’s perimeter. A mesmerizing experience is guaranteed, in addition to beautiful views.

This is the perfect location for trekking if you want to take a half-day hike through the Manali woods. About 2 kilometres from Hadimba Temple is the starting point of the Lion King Rock Trek.

Hiking through the pine tree forests is a delightful experience. Upon reaching the summit, you can see the large rock. The Lion King Rock is also referred to as “Bada Patthar” by the locals. Your view of the entire Manali valley is mesmerizing once you have climbed the rock.

Bada Patthar AKA lion king rock Trek Manali
Lion king rock Trek Manali

After a brief hike along the trail, you will start approaching rugged terrain. It is a little-known offbeat tourist destination that is surrounded by pine forests. As a result, you can go there with your family or friends and unwind in the peaceful surroundings.

The Lion King Rock formation offers a captivating view of Manali city. On a clear, sunny day, you can see the snow-capped peaks surrounding Manali. Check out the Vlog I made for this trek and subscribe to my youtube channel.

Where is Bada Patthar Trek AKA lion king rock Trek Manali in Manali?

The short hike to Lion King Rock Manali (also known as Bada Patthar) requires walking through the pine trees for more than 30 minutes. If you want to see Manali from above, you must visit this location.

As it progresses, the trail becomes increasingly narrow and leads deeper into the dense pine and deodar forest. You can get to the rock perched on the brow of a hill by following it into the woods. A panoramic view from the top of the rock shows Manali in the valley below and white glaciers covering the horizon.

Allow yourself some quiet time to unwind. And you’ll sense a connection between you and your inner self.

It’s an excellent location for picnics and camping. The charming area surrounding Lion King Rock is beloved by photographers as well. For even better views and the thrill of hiking through pine trees, you can hike up to Lama Dugh.

Bada Patthar Trek Manali Timings and Entry Fees

Lion King Rock hike in Manali
Lion King Rock hike in Manali

Although Lion King Rock is accessible at all times, it is recommended that you go during the day for the best views. Therefore, the best times to visit are from 8 AM to 5 PM. Additionally, tents can be erected nearby for overnight camping. Throughout the entire year, it is open.

No fee is required to visit Lion King Rock.

Best time to visit Lion King Rock

Winter and spring, October to April, are the best seasons to visit Lion King Rock. Today’s temperature is suitable for hiking and exploring the area. Trekking is fun, and you can view Manali from above. On a clear day, all distant peaks with snow are visible.

I visited in winter and experienced the first snowfall atop the Bada Patthar. It was indeed a mesmerizing experience.

Time to explore Lion King Rock

It takes about half a day to hike to Lion King Rock in Manali. The 2-kilometre trail can be walked in about 30-45 minutes in ideal conditions, and the same amount of time is needed to return. The top is a great place to unwind for an hour or two while taking in the surroundings.

You can stay longer if you want to see Lama Dugh. You can return by the end of the day after a full day of trekking. Even overnight camps are feasible. We did not stay for long as it started snowing while our entourage was atop Bada Patthar.

Things to consider when visiting Lion King Rock.

  • Dress in multiple layers.
  • Carry a lot of water.
  • Take some snacks with you.
  • Carry a rain umbrella.
  • Binoculars and a camera are also essential.
  • Don some relaxed walking or trekking shoes.
  • If you plan to stay the night, bring a torch.
  • Going uphill is tiring and coming downhill is risky (Be Cautious)

How to reach Lion King Rock Manali?

The hiking location at Lion King Rock is 4 km from the Manali bus stop. The Lion King Rock is located 317 kilometres from Chandigarh International Airport and 282 kilometres from Kalka Railway Station, respectively. There is a small airport in Bhuntar, Kullu, 53 kilometres away.

You can visit Lion King Rock Manali in the ways listed below:

By motorcycle: Manali offers rental motorcycles. You can hire one to transport you to the trailhead so you can hike down to Lion King Rock.

By auto-rickshaws – Auto-rickshaws are also widely available in Manali. They are a typical method of discovering Lion King Rock and the surrounding tourist attractions.

By taxis/cabs – In Manali, tourists find that private cabs and taxis are the most comfortable mode of transportation. To travel to the Lion King Rock trekking location, you can reserve one for the entire day from reputable car rental companies in Manali. Enjoy the trail by strolling down it, then return to your hotel in comfort.

The charm of this hill town and its attractions make it a great place to visit. It would be best if you enjoyed every element of your journey here. It is a place that is hard to leave. Plan a trip to Manali today. If you have visited Manali before, let me know if you know about the Bada Patthar trek before!

Any questions related to the trek, please let me know in the comment box below.


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