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5 Beautiful Indian Rivers For Travelers

India is a naturally beautiful country. Some of them are important as many people’s lives depend on these resources. One of such resources is rivers. A large population of India belongs to the farming community who depend on the water received from these Indian rivers for their crops. Rivers sustain many other communities in different ways. There are many rivers and waterfalls in India.

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  1. Godavari
Godavri River
Photo by Hariya1234,CC0 1.0

Originating in the state of Maharashtra, the Godavari River is just next to the Ganges in the term of length. Spanning through many states on its way, the river empties out in the Bay of Bengal. From its extensive river network, Godavari is the source of many tributaries. Furtheremore, places of natural beauty such as valleys, waterfalls and many more. Interesting fact about the Godavari is that the river originates not so far from the Arabian Sea. Yet it travels miles in the opposite direction and pours into the Bay of Bengal. The river is of religious importance to Hinduism and there are many religious cities in India based on the banks of the river.

  1. Brahmaputra
Brahmputra river
Photo by Sagnik bhansho,CC0 1.0

The name of the river literally translates to ‘son of Brahma’. The mighty river of Brahmaputra transcends international boundaries while on its path as it flows through China, India and Bangladesh. Along the river are some of the most scenic places of interest in the country. It originates in the Angsi valley in the Himalayas in the beautiful regions of Tibet and the basins covered by the river are consecrated by plenty of precipitation. There are cruises operated on the river through which you can see the places that are dependent on the river such as the farming community, the wildlife conservation and the fishing community. Its sheer opulence impresses everyone that experiences it.

  1. Jhelum
Jhelum River
Photo by Talha,CC BY-SA 3.0

It spans to over seven hundred kilometres in length and is an important tributary to the river Chenab. If we assume that Jhelum is probably the most picturesque river that flows through the country, we would not be much wrong in our assumption. This river flows through Kashmir Valley which is considered as the country’s Elysium, Jhelum subsequently enters the neighbouring country of Pakistan. The river originates from the foundation of the Pir Panjal range and along the way are some of the most scenic gorges and plains you will ever see.

  1. Sharavathi
Sharavathi River
Photo by Ashwin Kumar,CC BY-SA 2.0

Indigenous to the state of Karnataka, the river Sharavathi is rather shorter in length but is blessed in other things. The places around the river are endowed with a wide array of vegetation cover and animal species. Nature’s beauty is present in abundance and is evident to anyone who visits. There are mentions of the river in the epic, Ramayana. A part of the river basin’s area is known as Sharavathi wildlife sanctuary. Which is home to many rare and endangered species. The might of the river also contributes to the famous Jog falls, which is evident as the waterfall reaches its full glory when water is released from the nearby embankment.

  1. Indus

Indian Rivers
Photo by Joonasl,CC BY-SA 3.0

The name of the river speaks volumes as it has a major historical significance. The river emerges from the snowcapped hilly plateaus of the Tibetan region. Furthermore, the majority of the river flows through the adjacent country, Pakistan. A small but spectacularly alluring part of Indus river flows through India. It has other names in many languages and has mentioned in the religious scriptures of the Vedas. Traversing a length of more than 2800 kilometres, the river is one of the largest in the subcontinent.

If you go through the history of Indian rivers, there is a common, underlying theme. They sustain life around them and contribute the development as well as the prosperity of our nation.

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