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Varun Tyagi a blogger from Jaipur

Hello there! Meet Varun Tyagi, a blogger from Jaipur. Welcome to ShutterholicTV Blog. He is a hobbiest cyclist & a tech blogger from Jaipur India. This blogger from Jaipur loves to travel, enjoy with his daughter & create amazing video and WordPress blogging content. Join him in his pursuit of healthy food, awesome travel videos, SEO, WordPress blogging and fitness Vlogging. He does this on his YouTube Channel. This channel is about his cycling travel escapades, captured videos, health & fitness videos, unveiling real India and setting up your own blog. He also is one of the SEO Expert in Jaipur writing about modern Google SEO.

Varun Tyagi did the corporate sector for a long 9 years, the only fact that I did not realize that it was the corporate sector who was doing him! lol!

Find out more about how he manage his blog and How he makes money from it by making videos and writing articles.

Business email: [email protected]

What do I use to record and make my videos :
I have a few cameras…
The one I use the most is the Canon 1200D
I also have a canon 80d and some go pros.
I use Filmora and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to edit my vlogs.

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Varun is a blogger from Jaipur writing about WordPress, SEO and his life | SEO Expert in Jaipur

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