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Learn How To Use Your Camera & Learn Essential Photography  & Videography Skills

There is no better feeling than capturing breathtaking pictures. When I got into photography & videography, it was literally too difficult for me to learn. One the world wide web, I stumbled upon thousands of web pages, with un-measurable content created by professional content creators.

I always thought, if there was a rookie school where I can learn to use a camera? But I couldn’t find any. So I decided to put up this blog together and have learning to photograph as one of the categories on my blog. More than a category this has now become my passion.

Stay tuned to my blog and learn the photography basics and more importantly how to use your camera. I would keep the language very simple and easy to understand. Especially for new bees who want to learn the art of capturing magnificence.

Come learn with me and dive deep into the world of photography.

GoPro 7 hyperlapse or timewrap

Hyperlapse Video

How to shoot amazing hyperlapse video in GoPro 7? GoPro 7 Black is the most amazing action camera ever by GoPro. Thanks to Nick Woodman. I wrote an article about how smooth the...

GoPro 7 Black Hyper Smooth Feature

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Cycling At Bijli Mahadev

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Mobile Photography Tips For Cyclists

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best action camera mount by Varun Tyagi

Best Action Camera Mount Ever

The Best Action Camera Mount Ever For Stable Videos One of the always talked about subject when it comes to making cycling videos. Which is the "Best Action Camera Mount" that helps in creating neat...

Using Diopter Adjustment

Diopter Adjustment In DSLR My friend came across this problem while operating his brand new DSLR camera. All the pictures were blurry and even though he tried fiddling with the autofocus system of the camera,...
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