Let us talk about sunrise spots in Jaipur. Jaipur popularly called a pink city offers you beautiful historic forts, palaces, art & culture, and being a foodie I must say amazing and delicious Rajasthani food. This place attracts both foreign and domestic travelers. I got a request from a lot of travelers asking me about the sunrise and sunset points in Jaipur. So, in this post, I am going to take you to four amazing sunrise & sunset spots in Jaipur.

I cycle a lot in the mornings, so frequent encounter with the sun coming up is not new to me. I like watching the sunrise from Nahargarh a lot, as it’s my favorite place to ride. However, there are other places too, So in this article, I am going to talk about sunrise from Nahargarh, Amer, Jalmahal, and Chulgiri.

Let us talk about each one of them in detail here.

1. Sunrise from Nahargarh hill

Ask any Jaipurite, Nahargarh is going to be the favorite for most of them. Not just tourists but this place get a lot of attention from the film and television industry too. Do not get surprised if you see movie shoots happening in and around Nahargarh.

You get to see the entire city from the Nahargarh Fort. Almost!

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But what makes this place so crazy and hard to miss.

Well, first of all, the Nahargarh fort is beautiful and depicts the rich culture and heritage of Jaipur. This place is liked by almost all the folks irrespective of age. However, you will find a lot of young crowd in and around Nahargarh.

There are two routes to this majestic palace. One is by taking a scenic road route all the way from Jalmahal surrounded by lush green plantations.

Sunrise from Nahargarh is one of the amazing spots in Jaipur.
Feels like you are driving/riding to a hill station on this scenic route to Nahargarh.

The second way is through the cobbled way from the city interior.

Cobbled way to Nahargarh with a spectacular view of the pink city

Things to remember while traveling to Nahargarh Fort: Sunrise spots in Jaipur

  • Keep the mountain clean. Jaipurites won’t feel good if they find you littering around. Bring your trash and take it with you and dump it in a public bin later. KEEP NAHARGARH CLEAN. YOU FEEL ME!
  • There is a fee for motorized vehicles at the entry point and then in Fort and Wax Museum. Bicycles are exempted from the enter tax, however, tourists even on bikes need to pay to get the entry in the fort and Wax Museum.
  • Follow the speed limit, there have been numerous accidents. Yes, this is an accident-prone area as it has some blind turns.
  • Always give way to the vehicles climbing first. Keep the speed in control as there are a lot of cyclists on this route.
  • This is a protected area and there is frequent movement of police and army personnel. This hill holds the Indian airforce base. So, no-nonsense and no drink and driving. If you’re caught there are heavy fines with punishments.
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So, this was all about Nahargarh which tops the list when it comes to sunrise spots in Jaipur.

Sunrise view from Nahargarh Fort (Cobbled Way)

2. Sunrise from Jalmahal

Jalmahal or better called as water palace is another point from where you get a spectacular sunrise view.

This palace stands proudly in the middle of Man Sagar Lake.

Jalmahal at Man Sagar Lake

I love this place. However, the fun is when you go in the early morning. It is less crowded and more peaceful. When the day progress, it becomes more crowded and noisy.

It is a bliss to watch sunrise and sunset from this place.

Caught the sunrise one fine morning at Jalmahal

There are a lot of things that you can do at Jalmahal. This is also bliss for photographers. You will find plenty of people carrying cameras here trying to capture the beauty of Jalmahal at sunrise and sunset.

This place is generally crowded and fill with tourists in the tourist season.

The entry to the palace is closed for the public as if now. You can still go near the palace in a boat, however, entry inside the palace is not allowed.

This is an amazing place to visit and is one of the great sunrise spots in Jaipur.

Things to remember while traveling to Jalmahal: Sunrise spots in Jaipur

  • Jal mahal stands just 5 km from the city. You can reach Jalmahal by taking a cab/Tuk Tuk or rent a bike for that matter. In case you need help in renting a bike let me know, I will help you. Get in touch with me through my contact us page. WE RENT BIKES AND ORGANIZE CYCLE TOURS! Send inquiry to shutterholictv@gmail.com
  • You can rent a boat and get closer to Jalmahal, however, entry inside the palace is prohibited.
  • The lake gets a lot of attention as a lot of migratory birds come to this place in the month of November. So do not litter around and do not go on a feeding spree giving them the food you eat.
  • Do not throw garbage in the lake. Keep the lake clean, there are penalties if someone is found littering around. KEEP THE LAKE CLEAN.
  • Sunrise from Jalmahal is a bliss to watch, travel safe, and follow the instructions from your tour leader all the time. Let me know if you want me to show you around the pink city. Send me an email as we do organize the city tours.

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3. Sunrise from Amer Stair Way

Do not confuse this with the Amer fort. This sunrise spot is just in front of Amer Fort. There is a stairway that leads to the top of a mountain.

This is just in front of Amer Fort. Look at the picture below for reference.

Amer fort stairway to sunrise point is one of the most amazing sunrise spots in Jaipur.
The stairway you see in-front of Amer Fort leads to sunrise point

This picture is clicked by my friend Nimit, check out his Instagram profile. Furthermore, If you want to be a part of our morning cycling excursions, check out our cycling club in Jaipur.

From the top of the hill

To get to this place you need to have an average fitness level. You need to climb the stair all the way from the bottom and to the top. Stairs unlike you have at home, are centuries old and are a little tough to climb as their height is more than usual.

One thing that this place promise is a good leg workout every time you climb.

Things to remember while climbing Amer stairs: Sunrise spots in Jaipur

  • Getting to the top of Amer stairs required a moderate fitness level. Stairs are many and bigger than your normal stairs at home. So make sure that you are fit before coming to this place.
  • Carry water bottles as you are going to sweat a lot and you need proper hydration. I do not want you to feel thirsty when you get to the top.
  • Be cautious when coming down. Some of the stairs are broken and there is a chance that you may slip and injure yourself. Better yet see if you can get a company of a local like me.
  • When you get to the top the view is mesmerizing. The walls are small so be careful. I won’t recommend bringing kids to this place. If you decide otherwise, then do not let them go off your sight.
  • Lastly, keep this place clean, do not litter around.
View of Amer Fort when we started climbing the stairs

I am sure you cant wait to see sunrise from Amer after reading this, so get up in the morning and get some amazing leg workout.

4. Sunrise from Chulgiri

I wrote an article earlier about the Chulgiri temple. This beautiful Jain temple is located on a hill at Jaipur Agra road enclosed in the Aravali range.

This temple is a Digambara shrine, and is very peaceful and clean.

Chulgiri jain temple at top

To get to this temple you need to walk on an inclined road for about a couple of kilometers. Unlike Nahargarh or Amer, which offers you a greater challenge when climbing or riding to these places, this Jain temple is easy to reach.

You can hire a cab to get to the temple and back. You can even walk/ride to this temple and back. This is just 9 km from city center.

The reason why I like this place is because it gives you two spectacular views.

First is the Jaipur Agra tunnel.

Jaipur Agra tunnel surrounded by lush green plantations

And off-course how can you miss the sunrise from Chulgiri.

Sunrise from Chulgiri Jain temple

Sunrise from Chulgiri always is great for cyclists and runners. The sheer fact that this place even though just a couple of kilometers, provide tiring incline, and test your leg strength.

So in a nutshell, Sunrise from Chulgiri comes with a tough workout if you are not going via vehicle. So it is a delight for athletes.

Things to remember while visiting Chulgiri Jain temple: Sunrise spots in Jaipur

  • Photography is prohibited in and around the temple. Although the route and the temple are quite scenic, they would strictly advise you to not click pictures.
  • The way to the temple is a steep incline, so drive carefully and do not stop at any point on the way. People have a habit of stopping at each turn and looking at the view, which is not a good idea considering the security around.
  • The temple premises are clean and littering around will surely get you into trouble. Make sure that you do not litter around and use trash cans.
  • If you’re hungry do not worry, there is a canteen on the temple premises. They serve amazing breakfast and lunch.

Summing up the sunrise spots in Jaipur

So there were my favorite sunrise spots in Jaipur and I am sure it would be yours too once you visit them.

If you have any questions related to sunrise from Nahargarh, Amer, Jalmahal, and Chulgiri do let me know in the comment section below.


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