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Top treks/hikes in Jaipur

Top 5 treks in Jaipur

I am a mountain guy, to be honest. I love treks and hikes more than strolling on a beach. Living in Jaipur is a boon. I stumbled upon a lot of articles none of which could really tell you which are the most adventurous treks in and around Jaipur city. I am going to list all treks in Jaipur in this article.

Starting from the water valley trek in Jaipur or better known as Hathni kund trek on which I wrote an article and also made a vlog. Then we have the Chour Ghati trek in Jaipur, which originates from Galtaji and ends at Khole Ke Hanuman Ji. Also, the Chulgiri Trek in Jaipur is a bit tough but famous in the entire fitness community of Jaipur.

The Chulgiri temple is worth a visit. Lastly, the Sagar lake trek is my favourite.

There are a few other hikes in Jaipur that I would cover too in this article.

Water Valley Trek Near Nahargarh Fort (Hathni Kund)

Water Valley Trek Near Nahargarh Fort - treks in Jaipur
Water Valley Trek Near Nahargarh Fort remains the number 1 trek in Jaipur on my list

This water valley trek in Jaipur is also alternatively named Hathni Kund Trek. We locals anyways call it Hathni Kund trek. Kinda desi! Although the word resembles the presence of elephants, I have to my strangeness, found no elephants. Afterwards, I became aware that this trek is immensely famous and usually starts from Charan Mandir near Nahargarh Fort. I made a vlog too on my YouTube channel for this trek. Check below.

Hath Kund trek with my gang!

Amongst the renowned trails in Jaipur, this is one. The way from Charan Mandir to the temple is amazing. The water valley trek in Jaipur gives you a feeling as if you are in some hill station strolling in the jungle. Once you reach the temple you need to meet “Lalli Baba”. He has been living in the temple for the last three years and has not gone out into the city. Crazy right? But it is true. Fortunately, we had a chance to sit in the small temple he lives in. Watch the vlog above!

The Location of Hathni Kund

The starting point of this trek is Charan Mandir. However, I have completed my initial journey with loose gravel. But, I have been blown out by the inexplicable beauty of the flowers of the sickle bush tree all throughout my journey. The walking trail from the Charan Mandir to hathni Kund itself is amazing as the water valley trek.

Sagar trek near Amer fort (Sagar Lake trek)

Sagar lake waterfall
Sagar lake waterfall

This is the second-best trek on my list. God, I love this place. If you are a serious fitness enthusiast then this is the trek for you. If you are mad about fitness then this is the place that will test your strength. Imagine picking your bike on your shoulders and going 2 KMs up the hill. Sweaty phew! This trek starts from Sagar Lake which is very near Amer fort and goes all the way up to a small waterfall that gets active in the rainy season. Watch the vlog below to get a better understanding of the entire trek.

Sagar lake trek almost turns into a hill station in the rainy season. You will see a lot of crowds these days. Summers are generally harsh so it is advisable to go for this trek early morning. If you are an adventure lover then evenings would do as well. Just ensure to return before dark, or else it is going to be too adventurous for you. Read more about the Sagar lake trek here.

Vlog on Sagar Trek near Amer Fort

Location to Sagar trek

Reaching this place is very easy. All you need to do is reach Amer fort. From Amer fort, the start of the trek which is Sagar lake is just half a KM away. Ask any local or check on Google maps, the place is easily accessible.

Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev Trek

Amongst the popular trails in Jaipur, this one comes with a hilly region filled with fierce and savage animals. For conducting morning treks in Jaipur, this spot is not a suitable one.

I have closely followed this trek and it further led me to the Nahargarh Wildlife Sanctuary of Jaipur. Here, I have fulfilled 2 of my desires. Firstly, I have taken the route of this trek through Nahargarh Biological Park which offered me a flat path and took away all of my physical pain. Secondly, I finished my journey to the temple through the VKI area. It was really adventurous.

The Location of Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev Trek from the collection of trails of Jaipur –

I was looking out for camping in Jaipur. This place offered me that but in return took a little bit of my extra time.

Chour Ghati Trek in Jaipur

Amongst the most deserted treks in Jaipur, I have found Chour Ghati Trek in Jaipur to be considered one. When I read about the place, it was completely desolate, but when I reached here I visualized that the trek became quite eminent with the help of some commercially oriented guides. Through further interaction with the common local people, I could see the ancient picture of this place. I just could visualize a very calm and consecrated place without any hindrance of thieves or Chours.

My guide told me about the existence of leopards in the locality but I missed the chance to see them.

The Location of Chour Ghati Trek in Jaipur

When I decided to trek this place, I detected the location of this place near the Jaipur Galtaji gate. Loose gravel remains on its trail till just before the final climb.

Nahargarh Fort Trek

While searching for the most renowned hikes in Jaipur, I locked Nahargarh definitely as one. As a contemplation to all the trails in Jaipur, this one initiates from Purani Basti and finishes near an old stepwell of Nahargarh Fort.

Local guides showed me the way towards the Filming place of Rang De Basanti, which happened here.

Way to the trek!

This place is one to undoubtedly carry out morning treks in Jaipur. My sweet behaviour with the common dwellers of this place, helped me to know that this trek is a flat 15-minute journey and stands within 100 meters of height.

Many trails in Jaipur are not covered through noted routes. This place is one among them.

The Location of Nahargarh Fort

I found this trail to be very short whereas additionally, I recovered my fitness and speed during the journey. Although, I tried to overlook the ascension and cobbled stones in the given path.

With a closer look, I saw this place to be located just at the base of the Nahargarh Fort walking ramp.

Chulgiri Trek

My experience in this trek was very rustic and countrified among all the hikes in Jaipur. According to me, the salience of this place originated from the placement of Digamber Jain temples near it.

Dissimilar to Chour Ghati Trek, here my sight was filled with leopards due to its presence near Jhalana Forest.

I would suggest that future comers to this place climb the stairs of the temple to find one of the trails in Jaipur. This place offered me a complete panorama view with cardio workouts.

The valley of this place offers the runners to have a wonderful run-up ramp.

The Location of Chulgiri Trek

Without prior knowledge, this trail opened me up to a paved path and it has helped me in building my endurance. I am flabby now but tolerant.

Wherever I have seen, I have only found Thor Danda in this whole tract.

This trek is very near Ghat Ki Guni which is situated on Agra Road.

My Overall Experience and Journey Result

Finally, the above 5 treks or hikes can be regarded as the top 5 treks/hikes in Jaipur in my opinion. Although, there are also a few other trekking places in Jaipur which is very much enthusiastic and attractive for travel lovers.

But, I would suggest people to go these places for having a wonderful experience of Wildlife, Thrill and enigma.

Any questions related to the treks in Jaipur, please leave them in the comment box below.



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