Welcome to Cycloshot Tribe!

Cycloshot Tribe is a non-profitable Jaipur cycling group. Consequently, a Community that is free from being used as a monetized platform. Something that we were very keen on doing. This group is young, energetic, and filled with athletes who not only showcase their top game. Furthermore, love clicking their sports odyssey.

Join us to become a member of this sports community today. Cycloshot tribe is just not for cyclists. The groups comprise runners, cyclists, and people who love trekking during the weekend.

Furthermore, We love clicking pictures. In addition to athletes, we have a group of athletes who loves clicking pictures and would love to capture you some time on your cycling, running, or trekking activities. Above all we love having fun, so you are going to have a gala time with us.

Get in touch with our group admins of Cycloshot Tribe

Nimit Agarwal: +91-9001798304

Varun Tyagi:  +91-8440088591

Ajay Jain: +91-9314660681

Varun Bhatnagar: +91-9910204441

Cycloshot Tribe! Jaipur Cycling GroupIf you wish to join our WhatsApp group then please fill the form below and one of the admin will connect with you. Make sure to mention your WhatsApp phone number. 

Seems like this is going to be fun! What are you waiting for? Come join us!

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Also, use #cycloshot to get featured on our social media profiles. Cyclotshot tribe is one of the best Jaipur Cycling Group, and we look forward to spending time with you.