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Bluehost hosting discount with free domain name and SSL.
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In the last 5 years, I have developed and worked on a lot of WordPress websites. I created a few websites for my friends. Helped in designing and developing WordPress websites for my clients. One of the biggest challenges, when you create a WordPress website, is choosing the correct hosting plan. Thankfully Bluehost hosting solves all your hosting issues. It even lets you get a free domain name. Let me show you why Bluehost plans are the best. Bluehost WordPress hosting is affordable yet efficient.

The biggest reason why you should opt for Bluehost

Bluehost has optimized its servers especially for supporting WordPress websites. If you go on WordPress official website, it shows that Bluehost is their official recommended hosting partner. If you read the article, it shows Bluehost tops the position as their trusted hosting partner. Dreamhost is in the second position and followed by Siteground. Let’s get into more details and lay out more specific details pertaining to Bluehost.

Free Domain Name & SSL

Bluehost also gives you the option to purchase a domain name for free and get SSL for a year without any extra cost. Once you sign up, on the page where it asks you to make a payment just choose your domain name and you get SSL free for a year by default.

Pricing & Features

I have been building websites for over 5 years now. I have used a lot of hosting companies that offer cheap hosting plans in the market. To name a few, Hostgator (Quite Expensive), Siteground, Dreamhost, etc. However, Bluehost beats every one of them. Especially when it comes to WordPress hosting.

Enough said and read, get me my discount coupon now from Bluehost.

Feel like exploring more, read on!

Bluehost promo discount ranges from $2.95 to $5.95/month. To further check the features of this hosting provider, check the image below.

Bluehost hosting plans and features
Bluehost plans with pricing and features.

Which plan should I go with?

Bluehost offers 3 shared hosting packages and 1 dedicated. All packages come with one free domain name, Free SSL Certificate & PHP 7.0 support. Here are the packages:

  • Basic: Let you host just 1 website.
  • Plus: Let you host up to 10 Websites ( Recommended plan)
  • Choice Plus: Recommended for those who need privacy for the domain & 1 Office 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days.
  • Pro: This is the most expensive plan and the additional features as compared to its predecessor are dedicated IP & high-performance server.

My recommendation will be to go with Plus plan and for the long term. Take hosting for at least 3 years. This will help you in saving a lot of money. Higher the term plan will be, you will get more savings. They also give you Cpanel, which helps you in creating professional free emails.

CDN (Content Delivery Network) Support in all Bluehost plans

They do not get tired of giving away features for free. CDN is great and effective when it comes to page speed. Bluehost offers free CDN to speed up your website. With the help of Cloudflare technology, it will load your website 4 times faster than normal. Another free giveaway that Bluehost gives is free credits for Adwords and Facebook when you start promoting.

Unlimited Bandwidth with Bluehost Hosting

Talking more about Bluehost, this hosting company gives many additional features in their plans. Below are the additions features that you will get if you purchase hosting from Bluehost.

  • Free Domain name
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Host unlimited Websites (Starts from Plus package)
  • Unlimited addon domains (Park your domain)
  • FTP access
  • Shell Access
  • One click WordPress installation

Now if you research and take a look at other hosting providers, not even one gives you all the above features in a bundle. If you are a budding blogger, the above features are what you need to start with. Summing up Bluehost gives you everything that you need to set up your WordPress website. I can vouch for them as I have worked on their servers when I created WordPress sites for a lot of my clients.

Exclusive Hot Deal on Bluehost Hosting

This deal is especially for my readers. The coupon will automatically apply once you click the link on this page. With this discount, you will get the maximum discount. The minimum plan is $2.65/month for the starter package three years term. This coupon gives you 20% additional discount when you sign up as a new user. Just remember Bluehost WordPress hosting plans will get you the discount only on new signup, there is no discount on renewal. The link below will give you a discounted rate on Bluehost. Hurry!


Hurry Up & Get Your Bluehost Hosting

This discount will not stay forever. Remember that you get a free domain as well along with the Bluehost hosting. So get it now. I am also putting up a video to guide you on which plan will suit your requirements.

To start with your WordPress website always go with shared hosting. Once your blog becomes popular and you start getting more traffic, you can switch to another plan which has dedicated hosting server. You can choose/switch the plan anytime, the balance of your existing plan us usually adjusted with the new plan rate.

Don’t wait, get hosting for your WordPress website now.

If you have any questions related to Bluehost hosting please drop them in the comment section. I would try to get back to you with an answer ASAP.