I so much wanted to write about the ruthlessly, consequently a mismanaged Indian Educational System. The same education system which has now become a factory. A factory that manufactures robots. I grew up in the same educational system. Studies and mugged up books. Early Childhood Education in India is a mix of things that are not even relevant.

“We all want a job that pays us in six figures every month. Look at the ground reality of our education system that how come it is going to help you in getting a job that could pay you in six figures”

Fundamental Problems With Indian Educational System

I have listed few problems with the Indian educational system that I observed during my educational stint.

The System Promotes Pointless Pursuit in Indian Educational System

Indian Educational System
Rat Race In India Among Students

I will be honest, all I see is a rat race. Consequently, all I see is an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit. Almost, everyone is running behind “Marks”. I mean are we serious? Where is the development of analytical skills? This rat race is exhausting, a repetitive lifestyle that leaves no time for relaxation or enjoyment. we need to change this with immediate effect. In addition to the system promoting the rat race, seems like the parents are just up for it.

“They want their kid to become a doctor, a government servant, or an engineer. The only three professions which exist in an Indian parent’s mind. Phew!”

No Personality Development in Indian Educational System

Indian Educational System
No personality development.

The most noteworthy point here is that the personality development of students does not happen in this system. People are more concerned about academic qualifications rather than personal development.  Success is determined by numbers on a piece of paper and not the natural caliber of a person. Also, the mere point of attending this system is to get marks and nothing else. Students do not pursue their hobbies or passion. They get into a race of marks hence, to earn more money.

“Our system demands good numbers from a child in an exam not to show his personality. Furthermore, a child is not well exposed to the outer world and he or she might not be able to develop a personality”

Analytical Research “Zero”, Only Fact Establishments

Blindly following the literature which was set by someone centuries ago. All we are taught is to mug up those beliefs and act on them. Follow it all our lives. Just imagine, we are born with nothing, in just 5 minutes of our birth, our religion, our caste our creed, & social status is defined. We all die defending it, something which was not even ours. We inherited it from someone else. Damn! Our children are not able to do the critical analysis of anything, for example, our history, culture, and religion. They take the line of establishment or the views of the predominant majority.

“Students are simply not able to look at things from their own perspective. If you want a society should become a lot better than we must develop a culture of looking at things critically”

We are simply failing at this because of our education system. Children must learn to criticize our own culture and other established narratives.

Missing Global Outlook

Our education teaches too much nationalism and it could create a negative mindset in our younger generation. Loving your country is a good thing but just blind love is dangerous. In our schools, children are not able to get a global outlook.

“I myself was not able to feel that I am a cosmopolitan rather I was thought to become jingoistic”

Jai Hind! Jai Hind! I mean yeah I love my country, however, there are other countries too. Let’s have a look at them too.

In-Efficient & Underpaid Teachers

Underpaid and In-Efficient Teachers!

To make things worse, our teachers themselves are not sufficiently trained to teach students. They do not have proper training that how they are going to impart values to children that are going to change the future of the country. If they can teach properly then the government does not have enough salary to pay.

“I still remember when I was in school, there was one physical instructor for 5 different sports. Especially relevant point is that he did not know even a single one of them”

Medium Of Language Of Our Education

Problems with Indian Educational System

We are not able to decide on the medium of the language of our Indian Educational System. So how do they are going to understand what teachers are teaching?

“Moreover, subjects like mathematics, physics, and arts have nothing to do with the medium of communication. Furthermore, over-emphasis on English could be wrong”

Indian Educational System Gives Education Which Is Irrelevant

Issues with Indian Educational System

Look at the current job market. I studied tons of things in school. I hardly use 10% of what I studied. Never wanted to be a scientist, however, I mugged up the periodic table. Marks! Had an interest in design and creativity, which I am pursuing now, after 9 years of wasted corporate life. Indian Educational System actually wasted my time, furthermore, It wasted years of my precious life.

No Innovation & Creation

It has become a common thing that every young student is interested in getting a job that pays them well. However, they would never like to become an entrepreneur. This lack of ambition does not allow our country to excel in any field. This attitude of our children making them slaves to few multinational companies.

Most privileged students in the country are equivalent to an underprivileged student in India. The same syllabus, same methods of teaching. Furthermore, there is no attention given to innovation & creativity. Create new things people, once you do that, you will innovate more creations.

I would say education is important, we spend only a few percent of our GDP on education, so our government should make education its first priority and try to address issues that are mentioned in this blog.

Learn how learning a musical instrument can help in your kids growth.

Summing Up

If the government is able to take note of these 10 problems then we can definitely overhaul our education system. having said that I do not see the solution to it in the near future. Follow your dreams like I am doing of blogging and creating a video on YouTube.


  1. Totally agreed My son is in 12th Std and appearing for NEET .whole family is exhausted with kind of study. Foolish rat race.

    • Thank you for your reply. Seems like the issue with every household with kids. I am going to raise my daughter in a different way. She is free to choose her own career. I think being a parent it is important to value your kid’s opinions too. The Indian parent mentality seems other wise.


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