Essential Safety Tips for Riding Your Bike During Night-Time

Cycling night!! Racing your Bike During Night! It gives a chill down the spine immediately. Night ride, something we all want to do but is scared to the core. Especially on Indian roads, it’s scary. It’s a proven fact that rides during the night are more dangerous as compared to rides during the day.  I have done a few night rides since the time I started cycling. Let’s look into what you can do to ensure your after-dark cycling trips remain safe and enjoyable.

1. Cycling Night With Lights

cycling nights
Night ride with lights!

Virtually the most important component of your bike when riding at night. Not only does it solves the purpose of making the path visible, but also helps in letting others know about you. Now there is a different kind of lights for cycle available in the market with different modes. I use a Sigma buster which is the best, and the flash mode on it. Research indicates that flashing lights are more visible to other drivers than static lights. It saves battery too! Also, it’s been proven that the lights on ankles catch more attention than any other location on your bike. Lights that trace the movement of your feet as you peddle are the most eye-catching of all.

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2. Reflective Gears Are Must During Cycling Night

There has been an increase in the number of accidents with cyclists. The prime reason is visibility and post-sunset hours. Fluorescent color is great, however, it does not cut the fatality percentage. I recommend using plenty of reflective material on every possible part of your cycle. look for reflective surfaces and pump them up. Most bikes will come with some reflective areas, but if you’re serious about staying safe at night, you’ll want to beef these up. Get some reflective tape, and use it liberally: helmet, clothing, bike frame, rims, and pedals.

3. Knowing Your Route – Do Not Go blind On Cycling Night

This happens a lot when there are brevets being organized. I have seen it has a drastic impact on the people participating. It’s always good to scout the route a day or couple of days before your race/brevets. Those ways you are aware of any pot hols, blind intersections, gravels, mud, stones, cobbled &  virtually any accident attracting situation. If you have to take a new route, do some research first. Is there a bike lane? Is it well lit?

4. Traffic Laws Are Meant To Be Obeyed

If you expect others to follow traffic laws around you, they expect the same from you. India, however, is a different story altogether. Speed thrills them, and once the STRAVA came out with KOM concept, there were no stopping accidents then. People are mad about being KOM’s these days, even in my city, that they pay no heed to traffic laws. Their only aim to get better and accomplishing the “being better” goal by speeding. It’s tempting to ignore the rules of the road, especially if there’s traffic and you’re in a hurry, but this is the cause of a large percentage of bike accidents. Weaving through traffic or around parked cars is especially dangerous at night. Ride like you’re invisible – because to inattentive drivers, you often are.

5. Treat Your Bike Better Than You treat Your Lady

Absolutely, in my cycling world, the people are known for how good they treat their bikes. Anyone who’s had to change their tire in poorly lit conditions knows it’s not fun. Not to mention dangerous, if you don’t have plenty of space away from the road, or if you get a flat in a rough area. Minimize the chances of breaking down by taking extra care of your bike. Don’t forget to inspect your tires, chain, and brakes before setting off at night.

6. Keep Your Bike Safe on cycling Night

Be safe during cycling night
Locks are important!

Your riding in India bro, what do you expect. Always carry locks, any of them, combination or key lock to make sure that your bike is safe. During long night rides, you will be stopping at places to relax and have food. Make sure that your bike is in the safest area, lock it. Lately, there has been a lot of bicycle theft in the country. We keep on looking at those posts on the majority of the groups. The best solution is the U-lock and cable combo. A good U-lock at least 13mm thick may cost more than 500 to 1000 INR, but it’s worth it! The cable is to wrap through the lock and around your front wheel, which can be removed in seconds if not protected.

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Summing Up

Biking at night can be intimidating if you’re not used to it, but there’s something very special about a peaceful night-time bike ride that everyone should experience occasionally. If you stay alert and follow the safety tips above, you’ll be able to safely enjoy the beauty of night time riding.

Moon captured at night during Cycling Night


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