Siteground Hosting Review

If you consider yourself to be choosey and opt for the finest, best and most reliable hosting service for your website needs, SiteGround is the ultimate stop. Whatever be your need: a small one-page web portfolio, or a full-fledged e-commerce website or a portal on any vertical. SiteGround hosting has solutions and services for each requirement. This will be a comprehensive SiteGround hosting review for new webmasters looking for a reliable hosting solution. In this article, we will discuss every factor-like SiteGround Customer Support, SiteGround Server Speed, SiteGround Security and see if SiteGround is worth it. Especially SiteGround WordPress hosting since WP is the most common web blogging platform these days.

SiteGround is holding 4th rank out of all hosting companies.
SiteGround is ranked at number 4 out of 28 hosts

It’s said that only the special service and quality that make a service sustain in a competitive market. SiteGround is one such winner to come on top and retain the position and goodwill.

They provide various services. Their services include cloud hosting shared hosting, Virtual Private Service, hosting for resellers, corporate hosting on dedicated servers backed up by HTTP/2, NGINX, and PHP7.

Why SiteGround? Check this SiteGround hosting Review.

Web Hosting

Well, to be quite honest this hosting company tops the chart in all the major metrics. Most noteworthy, SiteGroup tops the chart when it comes to getting support. Let us talk about these metrics in detail in this SiteGround hosting review.

1. Uptime close to 99.999% (Checked for 2019)

This hosting provider holds exceptional name when it comes to up-time.
SiteGround’s impressive performance when it comes to uptime

I never had any issue with SiteGround when it comes to hosting. I never saw my website going down for a moment. This is the reason why I recommend SIteGround hosting to the people I know.

If your website never goes down none of your visitors will be unhappy. This is what every webmaster wants. SiteGround excels in this and has shown tremendous uptime of 99.999% which I called virtually 100% uptime.

Check below uptime metric recorded in the year 2019

Last 16-month average UPTIME in this SiteGround Hosting Review

  • January 2019 average uptime: 99.99%
  • February 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • March 2019 average uptime: 99.99%
  • April 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • May 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • June 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • July 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • August 2019 average uptime: 99.99%
  • September 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • October 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • November 2019 average uptime: 99.99%
  • Till 10th December 2019 average uptime: 99.95%

2. SiteGround Server Speed while doing SiteGround Hosting Review

Server Speed is incredible and lightning quick.
53% of users online leave pa page if the load time is more than 3 seconds

Statistics say that on average, a visitor to a webpage does not wait for more than 3 seconds if the site is not loaded. Check the research done by Google.

The loading of the webpage has to be super-fast as it is one of the most essential features of any website. Team of experts handling servers of SiteGround is working day and night to improve the SiteGround server speed to provide the finest output to the clients.

Servers of SiteGround use SSD which is 1000 times better performer than normal drives. This helps in increasing the SiteGround Server Speed phenomenally. Caching of webpages plays an important catalyst for faster access. Free CDN helps to speed webpage load time and pumps up SiteGround server speed.

SiteGrouns servers are already optimized for WordPress. So, if you have a WordPress site SiteGround servers will work best for you.

3. SiteGround Security (Free CDN & SSL)

You get free CDN and SSL which is a mandate if you want your website to rank higher.
SiteGround offers free CDN and SSL

In spite of so much advancement in technology, there are hardly any days when we don’t get to hear the report on data hacking or cyber theft. SiteGround provides its clients with the world’s most secure service. HTTP/2 methodology is used for the support of web servers. I have been using their service for almost 3 years now and can certainly vouch for SiteGround Security.

Each account holder gets access to firewall applications for their web hosting services through SiteGround Security. Whenever new threats have emerged in the market, the programming team from SiteGround comes ready with security patches within no time ensuring the ultimate security.

SiteGround Security even withstands

4. Reviewing Customer Support in SiteGround Hosting Review

Customer Support is amazing. Their turn around time for any sort of issue is less than 24 hours.
They provide a knowledge base for customers to find their own quick answers. Otherwise, you can call in over the phone or use the 24/7 live chat.

SiteGround Customer Support is amazing. Good web service and hosting plans at lucrative offers are something all the companies can manage. However, the utmost important part of the service providers is to provide support for the same in case of emergency.

Most organizations fail in this field as they look for more sales and getting new transactions. SiteGround differs from the lot. They believe in customer satisfaction and they retain the client ay any cost. SiteGround Customer Support offers service in various ways including by mails, phone or raising a trouble ticket from the dashboard.

5. SiteGround Hosting for WordPress

Their Hosting for WordPress is amazing. They have servers optimized for WordPress
SiteGround servers are optimized for WordPress sites

WordPress is the topmost Content Management Service provider all over the globe with capturing almost 35% of websites live on the internet. All SiteGround WordPress Plans come loaded with WordPress enabled hosting solutions.

The auto-update of new plugins on WordPress is a normal feature. Regular monitoring of the website for any unauthorized access or vulnerabilities is on check all the time. With data centers spread all over the globe and regular patches for updates make the site load much faster than compared with any other platform. The installation of WAF also protects your data.

6. World wide Data Centers

SiteGround has data centers all across the globe

SiteGround’s data centers are spread across Asia-Pacific, North America, and Europe. They have their servers located in Amsterdam, Chicago, and Singapore. With such a widespread data network, one can be sure of 0% data loss and 100% uptime. What else does one require from its website?

7. SiteGround Affordable Pricing

Their Affordable Pricing is just awesome. You can choose a wide variety of hosting plans as per your needs.
Check out the affordable hosting plans from SiteGrounds

No matter what service you provide or where your servers are located, neither people think of the latest hardware you use to prevent data theft or data loss. Mostly, the client finalizes a service provider on the basis of the rates they offer.

For any client, they are inclined to opt for those WordPress hosting provider who charges them less. People tend to neglect the services they are getting as additional benefits. Price becomes the deciding factor. However, when it comes to SiteGround discounts, they offer the most convenient, reasonable and affordable prices for the world-class service they offer.

Not just WordPress, but SiteGround is an expert in providing hosting solutions to Joomla and Drupal websites along with PrestaShop and Magento for e-commerce developments.

All their web hosting service plans can be tailor-made as per one’s need and requirement without binding them with any unwanted deal.

Check out the WordPress hosting plans below.

SiteGround plans are best for WordPress websites.
Compare hosting plans for WordPress from SiteGround

SiteGround Hosting Review: Siteground WordPress is becoming synonym with WordPress Hosting!

SiteGround Customer Support from SiteGround will help you choose from the three plans they have for WordPress hosted sites.
Plans for WordPress sites

Siteground offers 3 different hosting plans for WordPress. It is up to one’s choice of what his need is. The selection of an option from the 3 is very difficult. Neither you want to pay more, nor you want to miss any feature of Siteground by selecting a lower option. 500 MB is the maximum that one gets as a database server space.

SiteGround Hosting Review & Plans!

  • Startup Option: ($3.95/Month) This is the most basic hosting of SiteGround WordPress. Truly speaking, this category lacks both the speed and features too. Until and unless, you do not expect much from the website, opt for this else jump to the other two. One can have a website running for less than $4 a month. It lacks the SuperCacher option.
  • GrowBig option: ($5.95/Month) This option is perfect for mid-size businesses, students or portfolio based websites. Most of the features provided here are common and needed by most. SSL certificates and SuperCacher comes along with the plan for as low as just $6 a month. The backup option for websites is great for users.
  • GoGeek option: ($11.95/Month) Any website expecting more than 25,000 visitors a month, shall opt for this option. The section is slight highly-priced but is surely worth the money. Just for $35 a month, one can expect the finest features one can think of. All e-commerce features come packed with the plan.

SiteGround Customer Support will help you choose hosting solutions. These plans provide a variety of features for all types of users.

Tools for WordPress

SiteGround has come up with amazing tools specifically for WordPress users to make them switch to SiteGround with ease. Hosting plans for WordPress from SiteGround are most recommended.

Get amazing tools by which you can migrate your existing website to their servers.
WordPress tools from SiteGround

Faster WP Launch

  • Faster WP Launch: One can use the WordPress Launch Pack for one-click easy to use website creation. One shall take the full benefits of this powerful and unique feature-packed option. SiteGround Server Speed is seriously amazing.
  • WordPress – One click & Install: Users are saved by the tedious task of downloading WordPress and its installation and configuration by providing an easy to use the click-install feature. Siteground WordPress feature does all the necessary steps on behalf of the user that one can easily create a faster WordPress website.
  • Easy to use Functional website: This WordPress starter pack can be easily used by the user once they login to the control panel of the administrator. This feature comes power-packed with varieties of website templates and various modules like an e-commerce store, single-page personal portfolio, contact form, and others. Any user with zero knowledge of technical know-how can use this option for an easy WordPress enabled website.

Existing Site Migration

Siteground Plugin for Migrations comes with no charges. Professionals and experts support systems are available 24×7 with GoGeek and GrowBig plans.

Site migration is done by SiteGround support team free of cost.
Free site migration from SiteGround

SiteGround Migration Tool: One of the most popular features is the SiteGround Migration Tool that is available free for all users.

Siteground will offer a token which is to be used within the plugin. This tool migrates the entire data of an existing website to Siteground WordPress hosting area in a secure way without any downtime to the website. If you need help with this tool you can get in touch with SiteGround customer support.

Supported Migration: If you are comfortable with migration process SiteGround Support staff are there to help. Each plan permits one free migration. However, if someone is wanting more migration, they can pay a sum of $30 for the service per site and the entire needful task will be handled by SiteGround customer support.

Siteground knows the in-depth know-how of the migration process as they are credited for approx 50K transfer a year.

More on updates and security

Siteground is well known for providing regular updates to WordPress plugin at regular intervals. Patches are released and installed automatically on the server.

Security is one of the most important factor why people go for this expensive hosting. | SiteGround Customer Support
SiteGround Security is exceptional

One of the most important aspects of any website is to keep the website updated with the latest plugins to get the finest output. User has the option to select the time interval between the updates or can also opt for real-time updates for as and when the patches are released.

User has the option to skip any particular version of the update if your website is not ready to meet the new changes.

Siteground technical team is well equipped with all necessary tools to combat vulnerabilities exploits that keep attacking WordPress servers. Firewall security is quick to respond and releases security patches soon. In short SiteGround Security is top-notch along with SiteGround Customer Support.

Unmatched Performance

CDN at no cost, optimization of images, control of PHP, strong caching are few of the SiteGround security features that speed up the entire performance of the website.

Faster & Optimized Solution

Wordpress websites on SiteGround are comparatively faster than sites hosted on other servers. All sites provide a faster-caching option which loads the site faster by optimizing the images.

This solution is achieved by the Super Cacher Tool available for GoGeek and GrowBig users.

SG Optimizer plugin in association with dynamic cache enabler NGINX eases the entire process for faster loading of the website. Users can utilize the plugins for HTTPS and PHP with one click only.

Both of the options help to load the website in a much shorter time. Plugin for SG Optimizer consists of various features including HTML ad CSS minifications, GZIP compression, optimization of images and faster loading.

Rather then user selecting and installing multiple plugins for better performance, it is better to use this and get the finest result.

Free CDN Service

With each hosting plans for WordPress Siteground and Cloudflare have joined hands to offer CDN (Content-Delivery-Network) for all their users. It helps to speed up the loading time for visitors from all over the globe.

RailRun plugin acts as a catalyst for faster loading of websites. The feature helps in spam reduction, traffic from malicious code is blocked and generates content on the go.

With over 152 CDN networked hubs, visitors get the pages from its nearest available server reducing load time drastically. The finest part is that this entire feature comes free for premium Siteground customers. Isn’t this SiteGround Server Speed great, besides the finest SiteGround Security?

Tools for WordPress & Hosting plans for WordPress

SSL Certificates

No more payment of hefty renewal fees every year for SSL certificates. SiteGround has partnered with Let’s Encrypt that provides SSL at no charge.

All Siteground hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate. They are supposed to encrypt the data in safe mode before it reaches the client via the guided network.

Data transmission between the client and server takes place in a close guarded environment with the help of these certificates.

Daily backup

Each website hosted on SiteGround has a minimum of 30 duplicate backups.

In order to restore the website without any downtime, backups are a daily routine. Apart from default timers, users can have their own comfortable schedule time for taking backups.

Tool for Staging

Most of the website needs regular updates and modification for the data on the website.

The staging tool creates a copy where the user can make necessary changes before the site goes live.

Command Line Programming

For the hardcore geek who still swears by line by line coding, option for WP-CLI I is the need. Various parameters are available for a seamless transition. SiteGround services are for all.

Students, freelancer, small company, big organization, a non-profit organization, or an online shop. SiteGround has something or the other to offer all fulfilling their entire needs of a domain, and hosting solutions.

SiteGround may not be as popular name as HostGator or GoDaddy because they do not believe spending thousands of money on advertising, rather they believe the same amount of money spent on improving the service and infrastructure which will be directly beneficial for the end-users.

Summing Up

Sitegorund is here, not just to sell service for once, rather they heavily imply on after-sales service, SiteGround server speed, and customer satisfaction. SiteGround reviews reveal that it has played an active catalytic role in success stories of numerous people all over the world in succeeding with their online business. If you have any questions on SiteGround hosting review please leave them in the comments section below.