Vegetarian Cycling Diet For Riders Who Say A Big “NO” To Meat

Vegetarian Cycling Diet
Vegetarian Cycling Diet

This article is especially for riders who are vegetarian and do not include nonvegetarian diet in their vegetarian cycling diet. I have a lot of rider friends who are on the verge of making nonvegetarian food a big taboo. If you take a look at our country India, a lot of people do not intake any nonvegetarian food in their diet plan. This is primarily because of religious bounds and beliefs. However, no offense to anyone here. I wanted to layout a simple vegetarian plan for all my fellow riders.

“A lot of people who are vegetarian and are expert in this field like my rider friend Dr. Ajay Jain (A Leading Physiotheraphist) contributed to the making of this article”

Furthermore, Dr, Ajay Jain says there is a thumb rule of cycling diet plan. He put’s it very eloquently as he says “Thumb rule of Vegetarian Cycling Diet is simple carbs before workout and amino during workout protein after workout then complex carb post your cycling plan”.

Indian Food Habits

He also insists on not taking any complex carbs during the workout. I have seen a lot of my cycling friends who ride around the city and then have complex carbs breakfast. (We Indians really can’t live without Samosa, Poha, shakes and Kachori, Damn! Where is the laughing smiley)

“Furthermore, the doctor suggests that sugar should be avoided if u want to derive more power from muscles. Black unflavoured chocolate is more healthy energy source than dairy milk because later has sugars in high quantities”

Note: The black unflavoured chocolate is available at almost all good bakeries. The brand Morde is brand that you should look for as it’s good and slab can be used multiple times and is affordable. Sushil Soni an experienced cyclist from Jaipur suggested this which is used by many.

Diet Suggested

Vegetarian diet suggested by Dr, Ajay Jain is mentioned below.

Take simple carbs like include any fruits before you ride.

Amino rich products like BCAA, amino acids majorly supplements can be taken during the ride.

Protein-rich products like Whey, Paneer, Tofu, Boiled Pulses once you finish your ride.

Avoid complex carbs like chapati, rice and almost every complex carb food that we Indians love. Avoid street food at any cost.

Pro’ & Con’s Of Vegetarian Cycling Diet

If you are wondering if the vegetarian cycling diet that you have chosen is good for you or not? Here are the Pros & Con’s.

Pros of a Vegetarian Diet
  • Vegetarian people have a longer lifespan as proven and suggested by a lot of studies.
  • Vegetarians have a lower risk of developing any heart disease. Almost 32% less as per studies.
  • People who are vegetarian have a lower risk of developing cancer, Especially breast, bowel, and prostate cancer.
  • Veg diets are more economical as compared with non-vegetarian diets and hence saves a lot of money.
  • It is better for the environment as livestock farming is responsible for 15% of greenhouse gas emissions.

“Hang on now, just hang on! it has some cons as well”

Cons Of a Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian diet lack nutrients. You should have a plan in place for compensating lack of certain things found in nonvegetarian diets. Else, you can fall short on protein, iron, zinc, omega-3s, and, for vegans, calcium and vitamin B12.

Plant-based diets are not very calorie-dense. So you may unintentionally eat too few calories to fuel your cycling.

“That’s all that there is folks when it comes to vegetarian diet for my cycling buddies” Now the coice is yours!
I am a non-vegetarian and have a mix of both veg and non-veg both. However, I now conclude that being on a vegetarian diet outlies the non-veg diet by a significant margin as per studies. Furthermore, if this is the case why are most of the athletes who are not Indian origin performs better than us? Also, most of them are on a non-vegetarian diet plan. (Confirmed with various riders from other countries)

Summing Up

The debate is long and never-ending. So with few, I would agree to disagree and with few, I will agree with the most. However, the simple philosophy when it comes to extracting maximum performance while cycling as per my conversation with a lot of prominent people in the fitness industry is……!

  • Hydration support should be proper and should be available all the time.
  • You need to get a sound sleep before your commence your ride.
  • You need to take care of your meals, they should be timely and following products in the articles.
  • Consume less sugar and salts as they tend to induce lethargy in your body.
  • Don’t consume too much oil, however, always remember that fats are a must.

“If you like the article please share it with your ride buddies and comment if there is anything to add. Experience riders can add on to the article and the article will have the contributor’s name”

Happy cycling people!

Be fit and Keep Inspiring.

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  1. There are several issues which are individual person specific in diet too…1) vitamin and electrolyte deficiency mars performance and metabolism irrespective of type of diet.
    2) the need for amino acid replacement during a ride ia subject to how much one rides…recreational rides or short rides for burning calories do not call for such supplements. The reason i say is because i am a practising dr as well , and as in everything else , we Indians love to mimic all a gimmick …our peope would want to buy fancy expensive supplements and stuff just to ahow off without realising health consequences of the same…underhydrated circulation with poor electrolyte balance with additional burden of ingested proteins /amino acids it with a nice simple pain killer taken to relieve a simple catch or sprain or DOMS have the perfect Recipe for kidney injury. So stress more on hydration, vitamins , micronutrients…agreed we should avoid too spicy n oily stuff.. a vegetarian source of soy or whey protein in small proportion is good as supplement for average cyclist..for professionals and ppl into endurance training, higher doses and additional isometric training would also help.

    Avoid smoking and alcohol …avoid too much tea and coffee as well unless u really want to hurt your own self…antioxidant rich fruits and greens helps like no one else.

    Rest is already detailed by you and a lot still remains to be discovered. 😊

    • Thank you, Dr. Parag, for this information. This will certainly help me in further refining this article. The details provided by you are going to help a lot of riders in future who will be undertaking these treacherous mountain rides.


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