Cycle Ride From Old Manali To Solang Valley

I woke up the next morning. Vashist trek was tiresome, but also made my body acquainted with high altitude. “Read the full article here” I wanted to ride my bike today. Furthermore, I started looking at the map searching for places to visit around Manali. My friend suggested I undertake the Solang valley cycle ride. I immediately looked at google maps on my mobile and thought about having breakfast first and then head to the valley.

Breakfast Before Solang Valley Cycle Ride

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I have heard this from every other serious cyclist. If you take high protein and fiber breakfast you will have more energy to ride. I ate boiled eggs and a couple of bananas before heading for my Solang Valley Cycle ride. I asked the same question to one of the cycling fitness groups in my town, and below is the food intake that the group members suggested. (Purely Indian)

Vegetarian Breakfast
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Soya products (tofu, tempeh)
  • Whole grains (such as bread, oats, pasta, rice, and millet) and quinoa.

Note: I have written a complete article on the diet that you should take while cycling. Read the complete article by clicking this link.

Solang Valley Cycle Ride From Old Manali

I started around 10 AM on a cloudy day with the temperature just above 12 degrees. From old Manali and took the road all the way to the new Manali bridge. Then I took a left and found this milepost which said Rohtang “50 km”.

Rohtang milepost at Manali.
Rohtang milepost at Manali.

I started a little late, however, it had no effect as I had the entire day of my cycle ride. I stayed at old Manali. The route was not long but only 15 km. The only bottleneck was that is was 15 km of pure incline.

Solang Valley Cycle Ride
Solang Valley Cycle Ride

Scenic Spots On The Way

This is my journey through Manali to Solang valley. Learn how to prepare for long distance cycling and back packing.

Cutting Through Manali Traffic (The Nature Park)

As soon I departed from old Manali, I rode towards the new Manali. The road is amazing but comes with a lot of traffic. Fortunately, I was on my Merida 40 D and had no issues reaching new Manali, cutting through the traffic via the road adjacent to Nature park. This nature park is amazing. I still remember I went to this place a few years back and it is a bliss for MTB riders however cycles are not allowed inside and there is an entry fee of INR 20 for Indian tourists. Let me show you how it looks like.

Nature Park In Manali
Nature Park In Manali

After I crossed nature park and Manali mall road circle, I took the bridge and turned left towards Manali Leh Highway.

Vashisht Village

I love this place which is around a distance of about a few km from Manali. If you guys remember I did a trek at this place to Jugni waterfalls. Read the complete article here!

This place is amazing and helped in getting acquainted with high altitude physical activity.  This will be the first scenic spot on the way to Solang valley. In the article I share earlier you will find complete details, however, the picture which I liked a lot I am sharing in this post.

Vashisht Village on Route To Solang Valley.
Vashisht Village on Route To Solang Valley.

You can watch the entire video log of Vashisht Village by clicking this link. I am also embedding the video below.

Bahang Village

Beas river flows left of the entire route till Solang valley. It is so beautiful that you at times forget about the treacherous ride and want to stick to watch the water flow. This village, on the east side of the Beas River, is a pass-through heading north from Manali towards the Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass. Army base, last petrol pump, police checkpoint & a few attempts at “modern” tourist “attractions”. Any shopping requirements are much better supplied in Manali. I clicked a picture here watching the mighty mountains and listening to Beas river making a sweet sound of water gushing through it.

View From Bahang Village
View From Bahang Village

The distance from Manali to Bahang Village is 4.5 KM.

Nehru Kund

Nehru Kund is approximately 4.3 km from Vashisht village and about 5.7 km from Manali. The name came into existence when the first PM of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru visited this place and was strolling through and watching the scenic beauty which surrounds it. He absolutely loved and everyone does. Look at the pictures who would not love this place.

A view from Nehru Kund
A view from Nehru Kund

Isn’t this mesmerizing.


I crossed Manali, then Vashisht Village, then Bahang Village, then Nehru Kund and now I reached Palchan. Palchan is the point where the roads get dissected and one goes to Rohtang pass and the other goes to Solang valley, where I was headed on my cycle.

A view from Palchan!
A view from Palchan!

Right from this point, I turned towards the left to head to Solang valley.

Solang Valley

It’s just 2.7 km from Palchan, however, it’s a steep climb. Furthermore, this place is like an addiction. Once you reach the valley of Solang, your mind will not allow you to head back to Manali. I had to literally drag my body and mind back to Manali. Thank god it was mostly downhill. Else I would have stayed in Solang.

Unfortunately, I did not click any picture of Solang Valley and was busy making videos. You can watch the entire video log below. Do check out my YouTube channel. It’s crazy!

Heading Back To Manali

Even though I was mesmerized by the beauty this place had to offer, I had to retreat back to my hotel in Manali. I started after sitting there for few hours and headed back and enjoyed the downhill till the milepost said Manali “0”.

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