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Jaipur Cycle Tours – Bicycles On Rent In Jaipur, The Pink City

Are you in Jaipur for the holidays? Do you want to view the charismatic beauty of pink city on bicycles? Then get on the saddle and ride through the city on a bicycle & take a plunge into the royal history of the pink city. Take the guided Jaipur Cycle Tours. However, “The question is where do you get bicycles on rent in Jaipur?” I have been into the cycling domain for over 2 years in Jaipur now. I have seen every nook and corner of cycling in the city. In this post, I will share the details of the top shops, startups, & cycling places who give bicycles on rent in the city. Take a ride on cycles with the guided Jaipur Cycle Tours.

Let’s take a look at the options available in Jaipur for bicycles on rent when it comes to Jaipur Cycle Tours!

So when it comes to renting cycles in Jaipur, I have narrowed down for 4 most popular options.

1. Cyclin Jaipur Guided City Tours

Founders of Cyclin Jaipur - Eléonore & Ophélie
Eléonore & Ophélie From Cyclin Jaipur’s Team!

Cyclin Jaipur was started by two French friends. Eléonore & Ophélie dazzled by the rich culture and heritage which the pink city had to offer, decided to open guided tours for tourists on cycles. Their venture kick-started in the year 2013, and since then they haven’t looked back. A variety of city guided tours are available on their website. You can even make the bookings inquiry right from the website itself.

Furthermore, this is what they have to say about their great Indian tale.

“We are two French friends, Eléonore and Ophélie, who created this initiative in collaboration with young Indians guides who want to make a difference and create something new here. We founded the first guided cycle tour of Jaipur in 2013 and kept on developing new activities in the Pink City”

So if you are new to the town and looking for a guided tour, do check cyclinjaipur out. Their tours are perfect covering every essential of the glorious pink city, without putting a dent in your pockets.

Presence: Website, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter

2. Le Tour De India

Jaipur Cycle Tours
Kushal Rathore, Director of Le Tour De India.

Le tour de India is a venture by Kushal Rathore who is the director of the firm. Along with Umesh who is a triathlete, they have turned this startup into a sizzling venture promoting ecotourism in the city. They have a good knowledge of the city as they hail from the pink city, and got a fleet of geared and non-geared bicycles at their disposal. Their major tours are within the city limit for tourists who wants to enjoy the traditional city routes and culture of Rajasthan.

Kushal proudly flaunts his ecotourism venture on his website, the “about us” section is enough to get yourself enrolled for one of his Jaipur Cycle Tours.

“A well-qualified team of People who are born travelers, people who bleed adventure, people who lust for the road never tread, people who find peace in the company of gods most feared creatures and environs, people who feel at home on wheels. We are the freaks, enthusiasts, roadies, trekkers, cyclists, walkers, wildlife buffs, overland travelers, a different breed of travel companions”

Presence: Website, Facebook, Twitter, TouTube

3. Pink Pedals

The pink pedals!
Pooja Vijay with cycloshot tribe members!

Before even I start telling you about this amazing venture. “Let’s give a shout out to all ladies out there. Yippieee!” They are sure moving up in the world and giving tough competition to men. The pink pedal is an amazing startup by Pooja Vijay. Pooja’s unique idea, yet so elementary is dragging every section of the society to nearby parks and gardens.  Furthermore, with the pink pedals now participating and supporting every event, they sure are a “talk of the town”. The pink pedals provide cycles on rent at nearby fitness parks and gardens on a very nominal price. So if you are into fitness or not into fitness, doesn’t matter! Do check out the pink pedals by Pooja Vijay. Everyone rides for a greener tomorrow.

Their vision is simple and their moto worth following which makes its way on their website elegantly.

“Pink Pedals, where cycling is a habit, is a bold initiative towards society in which we are working to provide all age groups a better idea of how to be fit, healthy and happy with minimum efforts. Pink Pedals is for everyone, men, women, and children”

Presence: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

4. Cyclo – A bike-sharing System

Jaipur Cycle Tours: Under the Smart City Mission, 20 docking stations are being set up in Jaipur where people can rent bicycles. The project has been christened ‘Cyclo’. You can pick up a bicycle from any of the docking stations and return it to any other bicycle station in the city. The scheme has already been implemented in a few cities including Mysore and Indore.

There will be 20 docking stations in the city. Here are a few of the locations for the docking station (bicycle stands):

  • Rajasthan University
  • Trimurti Circle
  • Central Park
  • New Gate
  • State Assembly
  • Kailash Mall Bus Stand
  • Jaipur Municipal Corporation office
  • Rambagh Circle
  • Moti Doongari
  • Janta Store
  • Narayan Singh Circle
  • Govind Marg
  • Rajapark
  • SMS Hospital
  • Vivekanand Marg C-Scheme
  • Ajmeri Gate
  • Panch Batti
  • Government Hostel
  • Albert Hall
  • Jawahar Circle

Some of these are the most crowded areas in the city where traffic jams are a big headache. But you can now simply park your car somewhere near these places and rent-a-bicycle. You don’t have to come back to the same docking station to return the bicycle because you can do that at any other docking station near your destination.

The payout is around INR 10 per hour. That’s it!

You may have to show some ID in order to rent a bicycle. Also, you have to fill up a form and provide basic details about yourself. You can get the form from the docking station or download it from the company’s website. All the docking stations will be connected through a software program. You can pay in cash or through credit cards or the Common Mobility Card.

In a later phase, an app will also be launched for people to book a bicycle online.

No presence on the web till now.

Summing Up

With the pollution on the rise and our ecosystem in danger, most noteworthy that cycling is a sure shot way of being fit and contributing to the environment in a positive way. So In case you are headed to Jaipur, do check out these Jaipur Cycle Tours options. There are a lot of other renting places, but the above mentioned 4 steals their way to the top 4.

Please comment if you think I missed something out. If you wish to share more about our city then please drop a comment below.

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