You don’t have to ask people about the royal aura of this place. Suppose there is a royal thread in the Indian fabric. In that case, it is indeed Rajasthan, and the pink city is the heart of this Rajputana land. Established by the Rajput king Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the town is heritage. You’ll find houses with those arching dome-shaped windows when you enter the city.

Enjoy the best sunsets, to the vividly colorful market, the Rajasthani Thalis with spices to play with your tongue, and specific clothes you won’t find anywhere except Jaipur. Check out the most famous street food places in Jaipur.

But what if you could feel like Royalty? Living in one of the palaces, getting that feeling of being served by people. Let’s explore the Royalty of Jaipur today. Jaipur is unique itself, and it can enable you to enjoy that Elite experience that no 5 stars can offer you in the entire world. Let us look at the top heritage hotels in Jaipur.

The Oberoi Rajvilas Jaipur

Heritage Hotels in Jaipur - The Oberoi Rajvilas Jaipur
By Amann 18 Singh – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

This hotel is located on the outskirts of Jaipur at Goner Road in 32 acres of land area and is one of the best heritage hotels in Jaipur. The quiet, peaceful hotel looks as if far away from mainland Jaipur. However, you can still make a quick drive from Jaipur’s historic forts and palaces—the grand hotel mixes traditional Rajasthani style with modern amenities.

The hotel offers garden rooms with four-poster beds and deep soaking tubs. Still, travelers go for the property’s tent-style accommodations, with campaign-style furnishings and fabrics with block print.

A lawn and a lake with an ancient temple in the middle add to its beauty. Nature marks its attendance with birds chirping in the morning to peacocks sitting on your windows. The Oberoi Rajvilas is a perfect base to explore the city.

It also offers a lot to do right there in the hotel. It has a luxurious spa, gigantic swimming pool, yoga and meditation classes, etc. Restaurants are romantic, serving Indian specialties against a backdrop of gold-leaf details, cane-backed pieces, and intricately carved architecture.

With this all, it looks like an Oasis in the city, and the guests are bound to say that. This is number one on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur

The Jai Bagh Palace

The Jai bagh palace
Courtesy: Trip Advisor

The Jaibagh palace has a vibrant spirit and is stunningly located in the lap of the Aravali range of hills near Amer fort. The hotel offers an enticing fusion of heritage and modern culture. This is one of the best heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Mewar style architecture has a luxurious interior with comfortable, cozy rooms suites with a beautiful ambiance. A bar that serves tropical and hard drinks is also there, and you can enhance your spirits near the pool while enjoying the eve. The hotel has a fantastic restaurant where you can enjoy multiple cuisines.

The Jaibagh palace is a perfect location to plan weddings. Unforgettable weddings and grand galas look fantastic in perfectly customized venues. The palace can accommodate up to 2500 guests at one time.

The weddings planned here are like a dream come true. The overall feeling after entering this hotel is as if you belong to a royal family. A place free from noise, pollution, and crowds feels like heaven, and such one place to stay in the Jaibagh palace.

This is number two on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur

Umaid Mahal

Umaid Mahal in Jaipur is one of the popular heritage Hotels in Jaipur
Umaid Mahal in Jaipur

The Umaid Mahal is a family-run, heritage-style boutique hotel that can make you travel through time, where the sand of time just stands still. Established in the heart of Pink city, here life is more about savoring each moment rather than rushing.

The hotel walls are decorated with beautiful frescoes, jharokhas, and intricate carvings. One of the best places to spend some moments of peace and joy far from the pace of the maddening world, sunlit courtyards and balconies of the Umaid mahal infuse the mind and body of the traveler with new vigor and vitality.

You can also sit on a terrace and recite a poem to someone looking in their eyes under a million stars and adorn both.

This is number three on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur

Umaid Haveli

Umaid Haveli in Jaipur
Umaid Haveli in Jaipur

Umaid Havel is 10 minutes away from the city center, this place is a perfect blend of the heritage of Rajasthan and is the epitome of modernization of the human realm. This restaurant stands tall amidst the green Aravali hills with frescoes painted in gold, waiting to serve visitors.

The place spoils you with Rajput hospitality and luxury with the best services at the command. The place has an infinity pool on the tenth floor providing world-class Rajasthani accommodation. Run by a family of Rathores, this is one of the finest hotels in Jaipur.

This is number four on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur

Alsisar Haveli

The Alsisar hotel is owned by the Shekhawat branch of the Kachhawa Rajputs. The Shekhawat clan was founded by the great warrior Maharao Shekha Ji. The family descendants have restructured and refurbished many old mansions to build a portfolio of some of the best heritage hotels.

The hotel is located a 5-minute drive from the pink city main center. The nearby places from this property are Amrapali Museum, Albert Hall Museum, Govind Ji Temple, etc.

This place has a fusion of both cultural heritage and modern amenities. The rooms have antique furniture and pointed arches. Both Indian and international cuisines are served here. The roof terrace also offers pleasant views of the Nahargarh fort. Only if they could say to Nahargarh fort owners.

This is number five on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur

Jai Mahal Palace

Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur
Jai Mahal Palace

The 272-year-old Grand palace is located at the heart of Jaipur. This Taj hotel property is an excellent example of Indo Saracenic architecture set up in 18 acres of the landscaped Mogul gardens. Painstakingly restored, the now Taj heritage hotel has been once a residence to three of the prime ministers of the state of Jaipur.

The perfect location puts this property close to the prime attractions of Jaipur like Hawa Mahal, City Palace, and Amber Fort. The palace has an all-day dining multi-cuisine restaurant marble arch offering a medley of flavors. The hotel offers a swimming pool, wellness center, life-sized chess, mini-golf course, etc., and a separate space for kids to play.

The hotel leaves no chances to pamper you. They offer Bajot private dining, a truly romantic and regal dinner. The place rejuvenates a body and has therapies at Jiva Spa, or one can also attend yoga and meditation sessions. The air in this palace might whisper in your ears.

This is number six on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Samode Haweli

Heritage Hotels in Jaipur

The haveli was built as a residence to the Rawals of Samode, and the descendants still live there.  Setup in a verdant garden, the apartments have been arranged around a series of intimate courtyards. 

The haveli was built around 225 years ago, and time has permitted a lot of additions and changes to the original structure.  The changes made give the haveli a unique and distinctive charm. The architecture is Indo Saracenic.

Each room in the haveli has a unique character and reflects the rich heritage and culture of Samode.  The haveli offers exotic cuisines to the visitors.  The restaurant that used to be a dining room is bedecked with colorful hand-painted murals.  They serve Rajasthani and international cuisines.

You can enjoy the lounge around the poolside pavilion of the magical Moorish style pool in traditional Indian beds or take a dip in cool blue water. 

One can also enjoy a drink while listening to the traditional Rajasthani music and dance show in the evening.  The sightseeing tours can be tailor-made to suit the visitor’s requirements.  You might also hear that classic tune calling you.

This is number seven on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Buena Vista Luxury Resort

Buena Vista Luxury Resort in Jaipur
Buena Vista Luxury Resort

The Buena Vista, which means ‘The Good View,’ fulfills the promise made by its name. Nestled in the lap of the Aravali mountains, away from the city center, where the surroundings are calm, and the sky erupts into a thousand colors as dawn turns to day and dusk falls tonight. One can inhale the cleanest air, a detox while enjoying.

Buena vista speaks the story of beauty, elegance, and luxury via its magnificent, majestic, and breathtaking ambiance.

This hotel seduces your senses with its mesmerizing surroundings, delights you with its vast spread serenity, tinkles you with its unmatched tranquility, and excites you with its ultimate grandeur, an example of the perfect blend of Indian and French cultures.

It is the best destination to rejuvenate oneself. The property boasts suites rooms with private pools where luxury is experienced in every amenity.

Soaking in the beauty of splendid shades of the sky during sunrise and sunset, where the open skies extend treat for eyes; Enjoy the hide and seek of clouds & birds. You can listen to the melodious songs sung by the birds that invite you to the peace and purity of Aravallis.

This is number eight on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Rambagh Palace

Rambagh Palace, Jaipur
Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

A residence of the Queen’s favorite Handmaiden, Royal Guesthouse, hunting lodge, and later as the home to Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II and his Queen Gayatri Devi, this palace has transitioned through time in a pretty graceful manner. The hotel offers grand luxury rooms and suites, which used to be the Maharaja’s Chambers.

The palace retains its grandeur, splendor, extravagance even today. The hand-carved marble jalis or latticework, sandstone balustrades, cupolas, and cenotaphs offer a grand sight. The former palace ballroom, Suvarna mahal, is built in French style and now serves as a royal feast for visitors.

One can enjoy a royal retreat to its fullest by indulging in the ancient Indian wellness therapies at Jiva Grande Spa. There is a polo bar too, which exhibits the trophies and memorabilia of the Jaipur Polo team.

Spread in 47 acres, it is one of the largest resorts in Jaipur. It is one of the best places for royal destination weddings and business events in Jaipur. With the finesse of Rajputana hospitality, this palace becomes the perfect one to be called the Jewel of the Jaipur. The purity of this place may make you feel that.

This is number eight on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Nirbana heritage Jaipur

Nirbana heritage Jaipur

A four-star facility situated in the heart of the pink Jaipur. The palace has been decorated with hand-carved stones and murals. This is a value hotel if you do not want to invest a lot of money for a stay.

Enjoy delicious meals and exotic drinks at the multi-cuisine restaurant and bar with a spa, pool, and banquet. The rooms are decorated in chic interiors.

This is number nine on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Chokhi Dhani Resort

Chokhi dhani resort
Chokhi dhani resort

Chokhi Dhani resort, a fine hamlet, is a 5-star Deluxe ethnic resort with traditional and picturesque dwellings set in a lush green landscape situated 25 km away from Jaipur. The resort offers royal cottages, luxurious suites, conference halls for all your business meetings, Best Rajasthani multi-cuisine restaurant.

This place focuses on preserving the heritage, and the resort is based on a village theme. The resort is decorated with wooden carvings and arches. There is a dining area vividly colorful in the Rajasthani theme. Royal suites also have a Jacuzzi and other facilities. There is a kids’ playing area with a caretaker for them.

They provide a buffet breakfast in the morning for both vegetarians and nonvegetarians. A swimming pool called ‘Kund’ for both adults and kids. There are village-themed villas for those visiting in groups. The cherry on the top is the live music and dance performance. You can feel like the Chaudhary Sahab here at Chokhi Dhani.

This is number ten on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Rajasthali Resort and Spa

Courtesy: Rajasthali Resort

Located against the backdrop of picturesque Aravali hills, this offers an exquisite stay in the lap of nature. Rajasthali resort offers a unique blend of affordability and royalty. This provides the princely tradition of Rajasthan and modern hospitality.

The rooms are excellent with the best views and peacocks sitting on the windows. The hotel staff is also expert in handling the destination weddings. The place offers swimming pools, luxurious tents with a jacuzzi too. Its cenotaphs, arch-shaped windows, sculpture make it more interesting.

This is number eleven on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Pearl Palace Heritage

Pearl Palace Heritage in Jaipur
Pearl Palace Heritage

This place is one of the preferred locations to stay in the city. This heritage hotel, specifically the boutique guest house, has 20 beautiful rooms. Many parts of the hotel have beautiful carvings made by hand.

This hotel has a unique character of its own, reviving the gracious royal lifestyles of legendary Rajput princes and various art forms of India.

The hotel offers unmatched charisma and world-class hospitality. Also, this is one of the best places to stay for couples and is also budget-friendly.

This is number twelve on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Dera Rawatsar Heritage hotel

dera rawatsar heritage hotel in Jaipur
Dera rawatsar heritage hotel

This is a family boutique hotel run by the House of Rawatsar. They trace their history from the Kandhlot Rathore clan of Rajputs. Being at the heart of Jaipur, the historical monuments, the walled city, the shopping areas, everything is just a few minutes away from here.

The architecture and interiors can cast a spell on the visitors as it contains both Indian hospitality and modernism. The hotel is easily reachable from the primary market.

This is number thirteen on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Laxmi Palace heritage hotel

Laxmi Palace heritage hotel in Jaipur
Laxmi Palace heritage hotel

This boutique cum heritage hotel has located 1 km from Jaipur’s central train station, and all the tourist attractions are within a 5-6 km radius from this hotel. This place offers various venues for various parties, wedding meets, etc.

The hotel boasts a spectacular view of the beautiful and unidentifiable stone-style pillars, a modern coffee shop, a grand banquet hall, an innocent pool, and a heritage dome.

The restaurant serves multi-cuisine food, and guests can enjoy rooftop dinner with a magnificent view of tiger fort. You can also enjoy the dance and musical performances by the local traditional artists.

This is number fourteen on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Hotel Bissau Palace

Hotel Bissau Palace in Jaipur
Hotel Bissau Palace

A wormhole in Jaipur, this place is heaven inside the gates. What waits inside is different from the outside world. This palace was developed by one of the great chieftains of the area, Rawal Raghubir Singh Ji, a man of vision and excellence. This place still has literary works, jewelry, and objects d’Art.

The Interior of the haveli-turned hotel is decorated with murals, ancient guns, flint glass windows and looks like a bridge between times. Long galleries with cane furniture, Rajasthani style architecture bring the Marwari Ambiance to the place.

Surrounded by orange, lemon, and gooseberry plantations, guests can enjoy a spectacular view of the Aravallis and greenery.

A budget hotel with a great swimming pool to complete some laps and dining offering multi-cuisine food is there to tingle your taste buds. This palace might give you Hotel California feels too.

This is number fifteen on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Hotel Jai Niwas

Hotel Jai Niwas in Jaipur
Hotel Jai Niwas

Jai Niwas is a centrally located garden-hotel in Jaipur. It is a charming renovated bungalow managed by the family. The lovely places are an excellent value for money, a quiet and green environment with modern-day amenities.

The tagline of ‘Your home in Jaipur’ fulfills the promise as the food offered here is so homely that you won’t realize you’re far from Ma ke hath ka khana. This place is perfect for writers, artists, musicians, etc.

It offers clean, neat rooms to make your stay memorable. The place offers a semi-open kitchen, the best anywhere to date, and the meals also don’t charge you with exorbitant prices. The peaceful environment here makes it perfect for the following couplet.

This is number sixteen on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Khatu Haveli

Khatu Haveli in Jaipur
Khatu Haveli

Khatu is a very celebrated pilgrimage site 80 km from Jaipur. Khatu Haveli was built by Thakur Sobhag Singh in the 19th century. Since then, 6 generations of the Khatu family have lived in this beautiful haveli. A haveli is a structure built around a courtyard. Larger ones have multiple enclosures, and one such haveli is the Khatu Haveli.

This haveli is characterized by rooms of different characters. There are heritage rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors and have easy access to the terraces.

Today, the Maharaja suite used to be the bedroom of Thakurani Saheba and has a large changing room and attached kitchenette. There is a room with a direct view of Nahargarh fort. The unique location gives the feel of what life looks like in Jaipur.

Jal Mahal, Jantar Mantar, City palace are nearby to this property.

This is number seventeen on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Krishna Palace

Krishna palace in Jaipur
Krishna palace

Krishna Palace is a heritage building, built some 80 years back. It looks like a palace and is highly recommended by the world-famous guide books like Lonely Planet, Routard and others.

The hotel has rooftops and garden restaurants. It is managed by an amicable family in Jaipur.

The restaurant has an open space surrounded by greenery where one can sunbathe while resting.

The hotel is ideal for both business travelers and holiday travelers. You might be fascinated by its architecture as there are long pillars and arched galleries.

The haveli-style build of this mini palace enables one to see the sky from the middle of the courtyard. Its ambiance is unique in both dusk and dawn. You will surely get some bhool bhulaiyaa feels once you reach this place.

This is number eighteen on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Om Niwas Suite Hotel

Om Niwas Suite Hotel in Jaipur
Om Niwas Suite Hotel

Om Niwas is a part of Arya Niwas hospitality chain, the parent of Jai Niwas and others. The hotel was established in 1982 by a retired radio engineer who had a passion for traveling. The hotel offers a clean, safe and affordable price range to stay with homes like food and comforts.

The suites are situated in a quiet area in the heartland of Rajasthan. Setup in a welcoming green and serene environment with large trees, it has a beautiful terrace with an astounding city view and landscape gardens.

This is the first all-suite hotel in Rajasthan. Every suite in the hotel has a separate private balcony and a well-equipped kitchenette. Guests can also seek tourism and ticketing services at the tour desk. Traveling and business needs can be appropriately managed here.

This is number nineteen on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Shiv Vilas Resort

Shiv Vilas Resort in Jaipur
Shiv Vilas Resort

Shiv Vilas is a palace theme Resort located on Delhi Jaipur Highway in the historical city of Jaipur. It is easily accessible by road and is just a 25-minute drive from the heart of the town. The resort offers scenic views as it is nestled in the Aravalli ranges.

It took 4 years to build this hotel. The architecture and interior show different Indo, Persian, Victorian themes. The resort is spread on thirty-two acres and rich with verdant trees, indigenous flowers, and exotic birds.

This place exhibits the exact regal experience that a modern-day human can have.

The hotel offers a Jacuzzi, Gymnasium, Sauna bath, etc., and looks exactly like a palace with playing activities for kids. This resort is especially the perfect spot for those planning a wedding or a function as they manage it well.

Everything is top-notch rooms to the delicious food with rich grandeur and the best hospitality.

This is number twenty on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Hotel Rajasthan Palace

Hotel Rajasthan Palace in Jaipur
Hotel Rajasthan Palace

Hotel Rajasthan Palace Jaipur is close to the Pink city area and Airport. The hotel has been in service with its guests since 1989 and has branches in Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi.

The hotel is Rated among the best hotels and places to stay in pink city Jaipur. Hotel Rajasthan Palace Jaipur offers its Guests three kinds of rooms to choose from: Deluxe AC rooms, Superior Ac rooms & Suites with a touch of Rajasthani architecture.

Hotel Rajasthan Palace Jaipur offers best-in-class amenities like a swimming pool for poolside parties and dinners, large size rooms, an open garden area for small parties and weddings, and all other amenities considering the modern Hospitality standards the comfort of the guests.

The hotel has a multi-cuisine restaurant serving the best authentic Rajasthani Food in Jaipur. It is regarded as one of the best places to eat in Jaipur. The food might tickle your senses, and the aroma of the excellent food is so good that you’ll thank yourself for making this decision.

This hotel is one of the best places to rejuvenate oneself as they offer a spa, massage, and beautician services.

Grand Gala dinners, puppet shows, art workshops, and cooking workshops make it a more special visit.

This is number twenty-one on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Vijayran palace

The Vijayran Palace is one of the finest heritage royal resorts in Rajasthan. Serene, Pristine, and solitary surroundings that sing the poetry of nature allow the visitors to set their souls free. It is an oasis of luxury and regal ambiance amid an arid desert, offering a perfect blend of modern-day amenities and a spiritual getaway.

Established in the lap of Aravalis, it has gorgeous architecture green, refreshing surroundings. You won’t miss the royalty feels, nor would you miss the feeling of being close to nature here.

The resort offers different rooms such as Jharokha haveli suites, Haveli Room with twin beds, Terrace haveli suites, Courtyard haveli suites, and presidential villas with private pools.

The comfort doesn’t end here. The Weddings at the vijayran palace are “the best. ” If you choose to have a wedding like kings and queens, this is the best place for one.

Set up in the lap of nature, the architecture, lush greenery, Jharokhas, and rugged mountains in the backdrop, the Vijayran offers an exotic pre-wedding photoshoot session.

An on-demand cultural show exclusively for wedding guests, including Rajasthani songs, dances, and much appreciated Ghoomar. All the royal pampering in a single package. The weddings at The Vijayran do not just stay in the couples’ minds. Still, their guests have an unforgettable experience.

This is number twenty-two on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

ITC Rajputana

ITC Rajputana in Jaipur

If something can be called a complete package, it is the ITC Rajputana of Jaipur. Inspired by the traditional Havelis of the region, ITC Rajputana has a red brick exterior. The hotel has been architectured with long corridors and secluded courtyards. The simplified latticework reminds you of the Rajasthani architecture presented modernly.

Jaipur has always had a royal cuisine. The place offers Indian and international cuisines from Kalanders of Urs at a Musafir Khana to the contemporary global. Peshawari and Jharokha might blow your mind with their aroma spread all in the air.

Peace, wellness, and fitness are generally promoted at the ITC Rajputana. Kayakalp spa offers some award-winning therapies. There is a gymnasium and a swimming pool here, which cater to personalized attention.

The place is best suited for picture-perfect weddings, social gatherings, and meetings with dedicated teams taking care of the event and those special touches that create all the difference.

The best thing to see here is that they have their Market called Marwari Bazar, and you can get Bandhani dupattas to blue pottery showpieces from here.

This is number twenty-three on our list of heritage hotels in Jaipur.

Summing Up Heritage Hotels in Jaipur

India has been a home to royalty with several Kingdoms from East to West, North to South. The Rajputana has maintained its presence and retained the sands of time first.

We might say to some extent that the princes under Mughals Britishers were able to safeguard their fortresses, and those have become a legacy for us today.

In ancient times, the royal pampering belonged to the novelty only. But now, you can experience the same royal facilities at one of these hotels.

Not just that you can visit them, you can also ponder over these architectural marvels built in India, which still carry Hazaron dastans. Have any questions about heritage hotels in Jaipur, please leave them in the comment box below.


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