The facts in this article are based on my life experience with running blog sites. Google did not approve my first blog site which was The second site was again a failure which was Both these domains are not with me now. My current blog site which is is approved for Google Adsense. Furthermore, my YouTube channel is also Approved for AdSense monetization. Let me guide you and layout the points that tell you about the eligibility for AdSense. Especially focusing on AdSense for WordPress as I use it for my site CMS. Blogger AdSense eligibility is something that every blogger is looking for however, very few articles tells you the inside story.

Let us start with the basics first.

What is Google AdSense?

This program enables website owners to act as publishers and display Google ads. This is the most simple way I can define AdSense.

The ads which run on the website can be text, image, video or interactive ads. The ads are usually text, image, video or interactive ads.

This way a lot of publishers like me can showcase their talent or nurture their hobbies and earn from it. Bloggers AdSense eligibility is same as it is for other website owners. be it a e-commerce or a visual only website.

Thanks to Google many publishers are now working full time and earning a massive amount of income every month.

Yes, Google pays you every month, provided you cross the threshold of $100.

Do you know that there are over 10 million websites using Google AdSense? I am one of the publishers on the list too.

Why apply for AdSense?

Yes, I mean why do you need AdSense. There are a ton of other advertisers online. There has to be something special.

AdSense had a lot of plus points. Let us look at these USP’s one my one.

  • The usage base is huge, they have over 10 million websites who are using this monetization platform.
  • They help you in choose different ads format like text, image, video and interactive ads to drive maximum revenue. Most noteworthy, they help you in doing this by their auto ads.
  • AdSense has a very detailed security, transparency and safety for advertisers and publishers. Google acts as a link between these two entities.
  • The set up easy and most of the publishers with little knowledge of website creation can integrate their website with AdSense.

Most note worthy, you can customize your own ads sizes as per your placement on your website.

With the help of Google AdSense auto ads the placement is done strategically.
Strategically places Google ads in sidebar of my blog site

How to integrate AdSense to your website?

Integrating Google AdSense is easy. All you need to do it place a short code to your web pages and Google takes care of the rest.

I use WordPress as a CMS for my blog site. AdSense for WordPress is easy to integrate. I use newspaper 9 theme which gives you options to place your advert codes for header footer and other sections on your website.

In newspaper 9 theme you can place your ad codes in theme panel.
Place to input your ad codes from AdSense in Newspaper 9 theme in WordPress

Once you place your codes Google will start displaying ads on your websites. Ads will appear based on the browsing history and other relevant factors related to user browsing behavior.

Do not try to click your own ads of use methods for increasing revenue by telling people to click on the ads. Google systems are intelligent enough to catch if you are using malpractices.

Furthermore, once caught Google can permanently suspend your ad account.

So folks this was a little over view of Google AdSense, likewise let us take a look at the eligibility for AdSense in 2020.

What are google AdSense eligibility criteria?

All the articles that you see offer you information close to approximation of how you can get approved.

There are a few things that I learned from my failures and now running a successful AdSense approved blog site.

Below are the most common rejection reasons. Before applying however, I would recommend you check the Google guidelines for AdSense.

1. Poorly written content

I would also quote here that this is the most important google AdSense eligibility criteria.

Not only your content should add value but should be neatly crated without any grammatical mistakes. Furthermore, a grammatically incorrect content will get you rejected straight away.

Most noteworthy, Google pays a lot of attention to your content. They check if it adds a value to user experience.

2. Pay attention to your blog design

The web pages should not hurt your eyes. I went on a website recently which a bright yellow background and black text poorly organized. I immediately bounced of as the color combination started hurting my eyes.

Create a website which is easy for your visitors to understand and the color combinations are soothing.

Similarly, blogs which are difficult to understand gets rejected by Google AdSense. Layout. blocks, color combination and other elements should be places with a strategy. Just do not put them just for the sake of it.

For bloggers AdSense eligibility is a bliss. I have seen many full time bloggers who made a fortune from AdSense. Do not create a hideous website.

3. Do not miss important pages

Many of my friends run WordPress websites. Few of them got rejected from AdSense. They sought my help and after looking at their sites I found that few important pages were missing.

Pages like About us, contact us, privacy policies & terms and conditions. These pages give a very professional look to the website.

This induces a trust factor in the visitors making them feel that the website is trustworthy and the knowledge of the information is authentic. Hence it is always important to have these pages.

Getting approved for AdSense for WordPress is easy if you follow the tips that I am sharing. Above all please note that a privacy policy page is a mandate by AdSense now.

4. Your website does not comply with Google AdSense guidelines

The guidelines are strict and Google AdSense does not approve certain niches. If your website is related to violent Content, sexual content, child abuse content, gambling, etc you will not get approved.

Poorly written content with grammatical mistakes will get you rejected. If your website have no organic traffic or if your traffic is coming through illegal sources you will get rejected.

So what should you do?

Well I am going to share 12 key points here. If you keep in mind these points your blog will get approved from AdSense. Consider this as google AdSense eligibility criteria broken down in smaller points.

These are helpful especially when you want AdSense for WordPress website and other type of websites.

Bloggers AdSense eligibility check list

1. Pay attention to content

Write epic content with adds value to a Google user. High quality content with proper heading, sub-headings and bullet points will help. There is a human who will approve your application so in short write content to impress the one who will approve your blog site.

2. Create privacy policy page

Create a privacy policy page which is an easy task. You get online privacy creators which are good enough. Remember this is now a mandate by Google AdSense.

3. Create about us page

Create a about us page that tells your visitor that there is a human behind the blog. This helps in strengthening visitor blogger relationship. This inspire trust.

4. Create contact us page

Create a contact us page. This will help your visitors to connect with you in case they needs anything. This also helps in regular improvement of the blog as you keep getting feedback.

5. Create menus easy to navigate is one of the bloggers AdSense eligibility criteria

A clear and easy to navigate menu is what impresses visitors. They should not get lost when they come to your website. Have you categories listed down in your main menu. Make sure all important pages as discussed above are visible and there is an email on the contact us page. Same email that you are using to sign up for AdSense. This way Google knows you are the same person who is applying.

6. Number of posts for AdSense for WordPress

There is no clarity on how many numbers of posts are required to get approved. I have seen people with over 100 posts getting rejected and also seen 3 post website getting approved. So I believe the meaningful content in 3 posts are more important than 100 plus bad content posts.

7. Google AdSense eligibility criteria includes having a good blog design

There are over a million themes when it comes to WordPress. Choose you theme as per you blog niche. A clean fast loading blog design is loved by all as there is no wastage of time.

Below mentioned features will expedite your approval process.

  • Simple design with a professional touch
  • Easy and clear navigation
  • Menus are to be strategically placed and as per blog niche
  • Good website load time
  • No useless elements just to crowd the page
  • You should do SEO from the start of your blog

8. You can apply only if you are 18+

You need to be above the age of 18 in order to earn from AdSense. If not the application will get declined.

Mostly new bloggers get rejected as they are below the age of 18 and they do not understand that this is a prerequisite to apply for AdSense.

Moreover, do not lie to AdSense when it comes to age as they need an ID proof which gets cross checked as well.

9. Check your niche

AdSense for WordPress does not get approves if your blog niche is under the restricted categories from Google. Below are the categories which Google does not support.

  • Porn site/Adult sites
  • Pirated or copied content
  • Unethical hacking information websites
  • Illegal drugs information sites
  • There are limited languages which Google Ad-sense supports, check if your language is accepted or not.

10. Remove other ad networks

Bloggers AdSense eligibility also tells you that if you have other ad networks approved on your blog AdSense will not work.

Usually other networks are easy to get approved like Clicksor, Infolinks, etc.

Google AdSense will not be approved if you are running other ad networks. When you are applying to AdSense make sure that other ad networks are turned off, else you will be rejected.

11. Traffic sources and Google AdSense eligibility

Google hates when yo get traffic to your website from paid adverts. Google wants you to do an extensive SEO and make sure that you are getting tons of organic traffic.

If you have not done the SEO, or if you are running paid ads to get traffic to your website forget about getting approval from AdSense. Google will straightaway reject your application.

You need to bring traffic to your website organically through search engines by doing extensive SEO.

12. Using top level domains

This has been a recent change to Google AdSense policies. If you are using a sub domain blogging site like blog spot. It is highly unlikely that you will get approved.

You need to have a top level domain of your ow hosted, only then Google takes a look at your application.

Choose a short and preferably .com domain name. This will tell Google that domain name belongs to you and you are there for a longer run in blogging business. Blog spot’s blogger generally are there for a short term and tend to close their blog or rather don’t update the blog regularly.

Another important thing that I have noticed is that especially in Asian countries blogs which are not over 6 months old do not get approved. So this is an important point when it comes to getting approval.

What if you get disapproved for AdSense for WordPress site?

Or for that matter any website, I just keep on mentioning WordPress as my site is built on this CMS.

  • Firstly work on your grey areas as per the list above and improve you blog. Make sure that you cover up every loophole before applying for AdSense again. Although, bloggers AdSense eligibility is a little different from the ads running on e-commerce site, try to make your website meaningful for the visitors.
  • Secondly, if you are not able to fulfill google AdSense eligibility criteria, there are other ad networks where you can apply. Like Infolinks,, Bidvertiser Etc. When it comes to payout they are not as good as AdSense however, something is better than nothing.

Summing Up

Getting approval for AdSense is not that tough if you follow the above check list in 2020. With extensive experience with AdSense I am able to generate a decent amount of income which is growing steadily.

If you have questions further, please leave them in the comments below. Especially if you want AdSense for WordPress let me know as my WordPress site is approved for AdSense.


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