The popularity of the Spiti valley has been increasing by the day. Especially after the Atal tunnel opened up, the number of travellers willing to visit the valley increased. In this article, we will see which is the best time to visit Spiti valley.

People want to know the best time to visit the Spiti valley. This month-by-month guide on road conditions, facilities, and weather conditions will assist you in planning your next trip.

The Manali route via Delhi is a total of 745 km stretch. But before taking any of the courses, we must know which season and class go hand in hand. Since the Manali route is closed for half a year, let’s reckon what the best season to visit depending upon the type of weather and ease of visiting is. We will start with the beginning of the year.

I visited Spiti valley this year from Jaipur, check out this article on how to reach Spiti.

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The Icy Cold Season in Spiti Valley-January, Feb & March

Best time to visit Spiti valley is in Winters
Best time to visit Spiti valley is in Winters

While extreme weather conditions exist in the winters of the whole of Northern India, these conditions are even harsh in the Spitian winters. This time of year, the temperatures can go as low as -20 degree Celsius. The valley is completely covered in snow, and the water is frozen. 

Roads from Manali to Kaza are closed. Link roads to Langza, Hikkim, and Komic are also closed. However, as we move towards March, some link roads start to open up. However, Kaza to Kibber is open mainly in winter. 

So, this is the best time to visit Spiti valley, if you see the valley covered entirely in snow. There is a lack of eatery facilities. Hotels are also closed, so the only way to get a stay is to be in the homestays. The facilities are fundamental. One has to use the dry pit toilets.

Beginning of a fantastic Tourism Season-April & May

Best time to visit spiti valley in going winters
Best time to visit spiti valley in going winters

This is the beginning of summer in Northern India. The white snow starts to thaw and gives a great feel. Though the Manali road is still closed, most link roads also open up by this time.

All the site seeing places also start welcoming tourists. Hotels start cleaning up and become functional by the end of May. This is best time to visit Spiti valley for folks who want to enjoy going winters. 

The respite from Indian Heat-June July

best time to visit Spiti valley is in Summers
Best time to visit spiti valley is in Summers

When extreme summers engulf the whole of India with the loo (the hot breeze), Spiti is a heavenly abode.

Calm wind in your hair and roads taking you places. The route to Manali and Kaza opens up, and so does the best part of the trip, the Chandratal Lake. Many people visit Spiti valley in this season to escape the summer heat.

A complete circuit of Spiti can be covered in this delightful season. Though snow melts, it can be spotted in bits and pieces over the mountain tops. All the roads are clean and open, and a bike trip is the best to visit.

You can plan your visit to Langza, Hikkim, Komic, Demul, Lhalung, Pin Valley – Mudh Village, Get, and Tashigang villages. Due to the snow melting, water crossings are sometimes hard to cross. June July is a pre-monsoon shower period, and some landslides might disrupt the journey.

So, be cautious of the landslides, and it’s all wonderful. Because this time, all the places like Key Monastery, Pin Valley, Kunzum, Chandrataal, and others are open to visitors. 

The Peak Season in Spiti Valley-August

best time to visit spiti valley in Monsoons
Best time to visit spiti valley

August is the peak time for monsoon in Northern India. The rains are pouring like anything, and the mountains of the Spiti become fragile. So, it is widespread to have landslides in these areas.

Both routes from Shimla to Kaza and Manali to Kaza get affected in the season. Spiti is a rain shadow area. So, If you manage to get into the Spiti, it won’t affect your trip much. Do not forget that you must return via either Manali – Kaza or Kaza – Kinnaur, which experience heavy monsoon rains.

Rohtang Pass will be a big mess, and roads to Mandi may be submerged. However, Climate change has affected the rainfall patterns in Spiti in the past few years.

This is the apple season of the valley, and the valley bears the juiciest apples in the season. One might find a lot of trucks on the way jamming the roads. I would avoid going to the top this month.

The colors of Fall in September-October in Spiti Valley

September October is when a mild winter starts settling around the corner. The temperature starts dropping, and dawns and dusks are chilly. This is the finest time to visit Spiti valley because the colors of fall start spreading in the Himalayan landscape.

The colorful skies are exciting, and the color of the water goes aqua. It is the season when natural beauty is at its best, with a fantastic, refreshing smell in the air.

It is time one should visit Spiti but with a bit more woolen. You can find delicious Spiti apples in Tabo, Haring, and even Kaza’s local house. Spiti Valley is famous for apples. Don’t miss tasting and buying if possible.

Roads are in the best conditions, and the water crossing becomes easy to pass. Sometimes there is fresh snowfall at Kunzum and Rohtang. You can complete the circuit this season too. Don’t visit at the end of October since Manali and Kaza can close anytime, and you can get stuck there. 

Traveling to Spiti in the chill of November-December

Winters have officially started in the Spiti by this season. Waters in the conduits freeze as the temperatures touch subzero. Hence, running water is a luxury at this time of the year.

It is the season when harsh dry winters start. Snowfall is less, and the winter is beyond the tolerance limit. Travel to Spiti Valley in November. You will have to endure many difficulties, such as icy roads, lack of electricity, subzero winter cold, etc. The streets are starting to pile up with black ice again.

The Kunzum Pass will be blocked for the next 6-7 months, so you will not be able to complete the tour. Though, the sightseeing is again open till December.

The landscape is again covered in snow. Life becomes hard here. As such, this route only allows one visit to Kaza. In winter, there is a heavy possibility that roads will be closed for several days due to snowfall that lasts for long periods.

So if you go on a road trip to Spiti Valley in winter, be prepared for extreme adventures and delays too!! Spiti spreads its color from edge to edge all year round. Some are easy to learn, and some are difficult.

We hope this article has helped you decide when to travel to Spiti Valley. Feel free to ask questions or share your valuable contributions during the Spiti Valley Road Trips season. We hope you are not looking for Spiti Valley Tour Packages. If so, read the guides and articles on this site before committing and spending that money.

Summing up the best time to visit spiti valley

Spiti valley best time to visit for me was in June. Weather is all good and roads are open. This is however also tiring as the tourist inflow is too much. If you love snowy mountains then the best time to go to spiti valley is during winters. Is you have any questions realted to Spiti travel please leave them in the comment box below.


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