I started my journey from Jaipur and reached Shimla and passed Rekong Peo, the serene beauty of Kaza hit my soul. The cool breeze and the heavenly rustling of the trees welcomed me. The town is nestled amid Snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. With a population of around 2000, it is considered a remote area.

Interestingly the maximum number of tourists it can accommodate during the peak season is also the same. Kaza is, however, the largest township and commercial centre in Spiti Valley. The town is divided into old and new city blocks, Kaza Khas and Kaza Soma. Today I will tell you about the things to do in Kaza. 

Rainbow at Kaza
Rainbow at Kaza

Refuel your vehicleKaza Tourist Places

Yes, you read that right! Refuel your vehicle as soon as you see the fuel station, that’s one of the first things to do in Kaza. Check out all the fuel stations in Spiti valley.

You might be thinking, how can this be a special thing to do? But the highest petrol pump in the world is here.

You will find a board that says “This is the world’s highest petrol pump” in bold letters. The petrol pump, at an altitude of 3740m, is the sole serving pump in the area.

Highest petrol pump in Kaza village
Highest petrol pump in Kaza village

If you are a rider, this will be a cherishable memory forever. You should refuel your vehicle even if you’re not because the next refuelling station is far away. 

Things to do in Kaza-Visit the local monasteries

Monastery in Kaza -  things to do in Kaza
Monastery in Kaza

After you get your fuel talked all filled up, one of the best things to do in Kaza is to visit Monastries.

You can find a majestic Stupa and Monastery near the fueling station. The Sakya monastery is the first thing you come across when you come to Kaza. It is open for only an hour (8-9 am), so you have a narrow window to visit the beautiful place. Around 50-70 monks offer prayers here every day. The Tibetan architecture of the Stupa provides all the spiritual and wholesome looks of the site. 

Things to do in Kaza-Shopping Artefacts in Kaza

Market in Kaza
Market in Kaza

Kaza is one of the most amazing commercial centres for nearby places. The vibrant market of Kaza offers a lot of stuff to buy and keep as souvenirs. You can buy a wide range of articles from household stuff and meals to some of the best souvenirs like flaglets, Buddha statues, etc. can be purchased from here. Some unique items found at the site are human femurs and skulls decorated with gold and silver. They are used as religious materials here.

People in nearby villages like Hikkim, Chiham, etc. depend on the commercial market in Kaza.

Things to do in Kaza-Understanding the Culture and Lifestyle

The unique triangular hooded bus stand at Kaza offers bus service to Shimla. 

A village called Hikkim is situated near Kaza. One of the best places to visit in Kaza.

check out my vlog for Hikkim.

This station has the highest post office in the world. One can send letters and postcards from here to their loved ones and eat Yar and Chulti meals here.

Post office at Hikkim_Facebook
Highest post office in Hikkim

Water freezes, and people use special-style washrooms here, which offers a sustainable way to live. The highest post office in the world is the center of all letters going to and from Kaza.

Any online payment services do not work here. There is an SBI bank and atm. The importance of education can be understood from the fact that there are even in the most remote villages here. You must meet locals and talk to them; they are welcoming people.

Things to do in KazaTalk to the calm river Spiti

Spiti river in Kaza
Spiti river in Kaza

Walk around the market to reach the fantastic landscape. After crossing the market and sighting some mountain dogs, you can finally feel the natural landscape filling in close.

The green environment, snow-capped mountains, and dynamic weather conditions are remarkable features of river Spiti. It flows across channels, meandering through the rugged terrain. Rainfall is rare in this cold area, and precipitation is mainly in the form of snowfall. The minimum temperature here drops to -25 degrees in summer and -40 in winter

Kaza places to visit, don’t worry the list is long.

Things to do in KazaEnjoy and click amazing scenery forever

People in Kaza

Kaza offers one of the best spots to click if you are interested in photography.

Sheep, people, markets, mountains, and the Spiti river are a few notable subjects to capture. You can sight animals like Snow leopards, Himalayan Ibex, Blue sheep, and red foxes in the nearby areas.

The Night sky is magnificent here, and people can stargaze. The experience is rejuvenating and connects you to the cosmos. Check out this picture that I clicked when I was in Kaza.

Do not forget to follow me.

Things to do in KazaAdventurous Hill climb riding

Ride the most treacherous roads in the Spiti for an exciting adventure. Different road signs warn you to stay alert to the surroundings. So, drive the ride of your life but with care. 

Things to do in KazaStacking pebbles for calm

Stacking pebbles in Kaza

One of the best activities to connect with mother nature is to stack pebbles of different shapes and sizes to balance them. It is a custom to make a wish when the activity is complete.

Things to do in KazaExploring guest houses and Local food

House in Kaza
Traditional house in Kaza, Spiti, Himachal, India

While roaming around markets, you can explore lodges and other places to eat. Himachal tourism guest house at Kaza offers an enjoyable experience at an affordable price.

A lot of private homestays provide fantastic food and insight into the culture. ‘Taste of Spiti’ offers excellent meals from Tibetan cuisine.

Things to do in Kaza-Cultural Festivals

If you come here in August, November, or mid-February, you can experience the local cultural festivals. People dress up to dance and sing local songs here. 

Around Kaza

Things to do in KazaThe Colossal Key Monastery

Key Monastery in Kaza

The monastery is around 14 km away from Kaza. On the way, the Spiti river makes its way through both grassland and desert topographies. The key monastery is situated at an elevation of 4115 m along the mountainside.

Key Gompa, as it is locally known, the monastery was established by Dromtone, a pupil of the great Buddhist teacher Atisha. It was attacked multiple times by Mongols, Sikhs, and others and destroyed by earthquakes. This is why it stands there in the form of various blocks. 

Key Monastery Vlog

There are three floors, 1st and 3rd, for pilgrims to offer prayers. When monks offer prayers, Cham dance depicts a pictorial view. Thangka paintings are all over the walls. 2nd floor is prohibited for commoners, and only monks can get into there. It is a must to sit in the meditation hall, and Please DO NOT miss the herbal tea they offer. 

Things to do in KazaGue, the Mummy village

No need to visit Egypt to spot a mummy. In 1975, a mummy was found here during an army excavation. It is more than 500-600 years old. An enlightened lama’s mummy is believed to be present in the tomb. The mummy is dressed in a silk robe and is found in a squatted position. Teeth and hair are also preserved, and it is open for visitors to watch it.

Things to do in KazaChicham Village and bridge

Chicham Bridge

Experience the raw life of Spiti in Chicham Village. A large gorge separates the village from the rest of the Kaza. Before 2017, the villagers used a manually operated cable bridge to cross it. In 2017, this bridge made the life of people easier. Chicham Bridge is the highest in Asia, with an elevation of 4145 m. One might wonder why people have set an abode in such a hard place.

Chicham Bridge Vlog

The answer is that the Gaddi tribals used to come here to graze their cattle due to the abundance of grass. They settled here, and the rest is history. 

Things to do in KazaKibber Village

5km from the Chicham is the scenic Kibber Village. Tourists visit the village to sight snow leopards, Himalayan Ibex, blue sheep, and Red foxes. Trekkers come here to trek at Prangla pass in the Summer seasons. Prangla pass is at a 25 km distance from Kibber. Kanamo peak is also visible from the village. 

Things to do in KazaTashigang

On the way to Tashigang, do not forget to stop and look at the unique panorama of nature. A lot of Yaks can be spotted in this area. You can also spot fossils in the soil. These are the result of the collision of the Indian and Eurasian plates from the Tethys sea. 

Tashigang is a village with a population of just four households. Life is hard here, but the vibrance of Indian democracy can be seen from here. An electoral booth is a setup here during elections. A school has also been established here to teach the three kids of the village.  After a long day, I stopped for some fabulous samosa chutney, a Tirik bread sandwich, and a barley chocolate milkshake. Barley adds taste to the shake. If wanderlust calls you, visit Spiti. It will Spitize you. If you want any other information, please comment below!

If you are still confused about what to do in Kaza, please leave a comment below and I will help you out.


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