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Guide on building a website which stands out

Website Authority Business Model

This article is about building your own authority website and getting it monetized.
A comprehensive guide on internal linking in modern SEO

Internal linking for SEO

We all know the important role played by links in SEO. Proper linking is important and an integral part of modern SEO....
What are tags in WordPress? | Learn how to optimize them for SEO

What are tags in WordPress?

I use WordPress as a content management platform for my blog site. I use it because it's easy to set up and...
low-quality EMD sites doe more harm then google | Learn why?

What is low-quality EMD?

I wrote an article about the exact domain match earlier. Also, I stressed that these do not work anymore. However, few webmasters...
Site Organization | creating a site map | Clear Hierarchy of website | website organization structure

Site Organization

Welcome to yet another article. In this article, we will discuss in detail about site organization. I have always emphasized that Google...
Create a sitemap for WordPress and submit to Google search console

What is a sitemap?

Welcome to another article in my SEO 2019 and beyond series. In this article, we would create a sitemap and then submit...
On-page content structure in SEO

On-page content structure

I wrote an article earlier about the on page SEO factors before. However, that was a brief introduction to on-page SEO. This...
SEO Keyword Themes article

SEO Keyword Themes

I wanted to write about SEO keyword themes just after I wrote about content quality. This is because it comes under content...

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