Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple is beautiful yet a difficult place to reach if you are riding a cycle. This is one of the iconic places on the outskirts of the pink city, Jaipur Rajasthan India. If you are going to this place on a cycle, you better be fit and healthy. The incline is steep and even in the low gears to conquer this incline, you will have to sweat a lot.

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I hate waking up early in the morning, especially in winters. It’s less than 10 degrees in Jaipur these days. Winter is in full swing, with temperatures going down as less as 5 degrees in the morning at some places in Jaipur.

“I have been to Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple before and it was fun then, well what has changed now?”

The rules have become strict now, than ever before. We were advised to keep our cameras inside and not to click any pictures because few young guns fell while taking a selfie some weeks back. You cant even click pictures with our cellphones on the way to the temple.

“I mean really? This is exactly what happened”

I got up at 5:30 AM as we had to assemble at our meeting point. Three riders joined me at an iconic place of Jaipur, Birla Temple. My friends Saurabh, Nimit & Shreyansh, were all excited to be on top of Chulgiri hill. Primarily because Saurabh and Shreyansh were cycling Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple for the first time, whereas I and Nimit have done Chulgiri hill ride a few times before.

Route To Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple

We took JLN road and took a right turn from Trimurti circle and went riding via raja park and transport Nagar. Most of the way till “Ghat Ki Gunni” tunnel is inclined, which is a good workout flat road. From the tunnel, it’s quick decline, and all you have to do is sit on your bikes and enjoy. This leaves you right at the foothills of Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple mountain.

The Way Up

The way up is unforgiving, I mean cyclists with little or no experience have no chance of riding to the top of this hill. Even average cyclists have to stop and then catch their breath and then move further. This is because the incline of Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple hill is very steep. This is by far the steepest ride trail I have seen in and around Jaipur city. You would be surprised to know that the length of this stretch is only 2 KM from the Jaipur Agra highway.

STRAVA Details

Now there are two segments on this hill. The Chulgiri climb and the  Chulgiri downhill.

Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple STRAVA Segments

I am also including specific details for these two segments, so the professional riders are aware of more specific terrain details.

Chulgiri Climb

Strava Segment - Chulgiri Climb
Strava Segment – Chulgiri Climb

Chulgiri Downhill

Strava Segment - Chulgiri Downhill
Strava Segment – Chulgiri Downhill

Inside Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple

Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple

Now let me tell you the temple is beautiful.

Surrounded by Aravali hills, this place is literally door to heaven during the morning. In the year 1953 is entitled as the start of the Jain sanctuary on the slopes of Aravalli. Jain Acharya Shri Desh Bhoosan Ji Maharaj picked the Aravalli slopes for building the Jain sanctuary and named the slopes as ‘Chulgiri’ Building the Jain sanctuary in the Aravalli slopes was the best test before Jain Acharya Ji, yet as is commonly said, nothing can be fixed if the soul is valid.

“Note: In case you are wondering how did I manage to get the images for this place clicked, these images are from my previous trips when the picture clicking culture was still there”

Some More Vital Information

I did manage to extract some more information which was a little too internal for someone who wants to visit this place.

Nearby Main city: Jaipur city, approximately 6 km.

Contact Numbers: 0141-2170773, 5171100

Major Event: Annual Gathering on 28th May.

Temple Info: This Kshetra is located on the hill, with 1000 steps. Vehicles can reach the top after a 4km climb. Google Map shows the exact location of the temple, off Jaipur Agra Road, 11kms from Jaipur.

Management: Trust: Shri Digambar Jain Atishay Shetra, Parshwanath, Chulgiri Prabandh Samiti. President: Shri Sumerchandra Soni (0141 2372689) Trustee: Dr. Subhashchandra Kala (0141 – 2603251) Organizer: Shri Mahendra Kumar Shah (094131 – 57255)

Chulgiri Digamber Jain Temple On My Youtube Channel

I made a lot of videos before, some raw some edited. These days it is very difficult to make videos or click pictures as the security is too tough, for some not very logical reasons. However not commenting anything on it though. However, I made a video of my past Chulgiri trip which was uploaded to my YouTube Channel. Watch here and share if you like.

Hope there are few good things that you may have picked from this article. In case you think I have missed something out, please let me know in the comments below.

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Happy cycling!

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