We all love the likes on our posts on social media as much as comments. Be it Facebook or Instagram. We do almost anything to get more people to like our posts, on these platforms. I use it for my cycling posts. We use creative and user engaging content, use hashtags, promote our posts by paid advertising, and do whatnot. I have a healthy Instagram and Facebook profile. Last week while posting an image on Instagram, as usual. I was using a few hashtags which I used earlier and to my surprise, my post engagement was too low as compared to the previous posts. Furthermore, the engagement was so low that I thought if there was something wrong with Instagram or what? I was a victim of the Instagram shadowban. Also, we will take a look at the Instagram shadowban tester. This is also referred to as shadowban checker Instagram.

History & Cause of this Instagram glitch

This term shadowban is not new, it has been in the social world for quite some time and was first used by Twitter. Twitter was blocking users on a temporary basis is found that user was spamming or posting unwanted tweets which do not comply with twitter policies. The meaning of the shadowban is to block a user on the social platform without letting the user know that the profile is being shadowbanned. Spooky! Isn’t it!

The causes of the Instagram shadowban can be numerous, however, major would be the user being spammy, inappropriate, or even abusive. Now what is interesting is that even the non-spammy behavior of a lot of users has landed them in the shadowban basket. Look at the statement by Instagram on this issue.

Let’s see what are the contributing factors which trigger the shadowban of a profile on Instagram. You do not want to lower your post engagements now, do you?

Do not use broken or banned hashtags

With millions of user daily who posts uncountable content on Instagram, it is very difficult for them to track which user is posting what. However, at times when the algorithm of Instagram comes to know that there is an occurrence of spam due to any specific hashtag, and it simply bans the hashtag.

Instagram ShadowBan

Do not use any broken or banned hashtags. Even if you use one banned hashtag, the Instagram algorithm will block all your hashtag in a post. This means your post will not appear in the search for other hashtags that you embedded in your post. Furthermore, this will bring down your engagement significantly.

Using Softwares For Auto Post

Are you using any software for auto posting your content? Instagram now has implemented strict policies about 3rd party software. Instagram refreshed its policies to be harder on bots, including bots that auto-like, auto-remark, and bots that increase your followers. On the off chance that you utilize any sort of 3rd party software or bot-like programming, there’s a possibility that a) Instagram knows, and b) you will be shadowbanned. Conclusion “Do not use it”!

Limit your activity

Avoid going all bonkers on Instagram. Limit your likes, comments, and follow. If you suddenly start liking all the posts, start commenting like there is no tomorrow, and follow 50 accounts and suddenly unfollow 30. This makes Instagram bots suspicious and they will ban you. Try to subtle.

Be in the good books

Instagram does look at the people reporting your profile, however, they would take action only after investigating. They will see if the ban reported is violating Instagram policies or not. If yes, your account might get banned permanently or might get shadowbanned.

How to check if your profile is Shadow Instagram Banned?

Use Some Other Account To Check

Take help from your friend. Ask your friend to unfollow you and then try to search the hashtag that you embedded in your post. See if your post comes up in recent posts. If it comes you are all good.

Use A Instagram Shadowban tester or checker tool

I am not very sure of the accuracy of these Instagram shadowban tester or checker tools. However, these tools have worked for me so far without any issue. For a few of my friends, they did not just click. Just key in your post link or your user handle on Instagram and the tool would tell you if you are doing alright. Click here to check out this online free tool.

How To Come Out Of Instagram Shadowban or this Instagram glitch?

  • Stop using the banned hashtags or broken hashtags, the good thing about this shadowban is that this is not permanent, it comes and normally goes within 2-3 weeks for most of the users.
  • Stop using bots or auto response software, work on Instagram only. Using one of those good-looking 3rd party software is going to make your life tough, nothing else.
  • If you think something is not right and you find yourself a victim of shadowban, report it to Instagram. To do this, simply navigate to your Instagram profile and select the “cog” icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Next, scroll down and select “Report a Problem.” A pop-up should appear with a few options. Select “Something Isn’t Working,” and write a short message that clearly describes the issue.
  • Take a break from Instagram, and let it be cool down for a few days. Furthermore, things will be coming back to normal, sooner than you would expect.
  • Do not forget to check the status of your profile on the Instagram shadowban tester or checker tool when you are getting less engagement.

Furthermore, If you like what you read and you do not want to be the victim of shadowban, please keep in mind these things. Share the article & the video with someone who you think might have this problem. Watch the video below which I made for Instagram show ban or shadowban.

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