Are you planning to build new website design and don’t know how to go about it? Contrary to appearances, this is not difficult, but to achieve real success, you need to stick to some important principles. If you want to learn more about them, look now at this article.

Nowadays, an authority website is already standard equipment of every entrepreneur who aims to achieve real success on the market.

He/she cares for a good image and wants to effectively reach the widest possible group of potential customers.

The plan to build such a site, regardless of its nature, is just a really small step to finalize your assumptions.

Yes, we are well aware of the fact that you can easily find hundreds of completely free tools on the web.

These tools guarantee the possibility of building a website even for people with minimal computer skills.

We will not hide that the use of free site builders can quickly turn against us without bringing success.

Even worse, if your site is created without a clearly defined goal, idea and a well thought out plan.

Have you clearly defined the purpose of your site?

Imagine starting a business without first determining the purpose of such a business.

It’s exactly the same as the site.

The goal is extremely important here because the site should look different.

For example, which is only a simple business card of the company. Another site will be built more to encourage customers to take advantage of the offer.

The online store will look different.

The goal, however, is not only to determine the very nature of the page.

It is also a thorough reflection on who should be the recipient of the created site.

At this stage, it is also worth starting to prepare the first plans related to the functionality of the site.

Let’s think about whether the site will be purely informative.

Whether there will be modules that allow the user to interact.

For example, contact the company, compare prices, set up a user account, order something and so on.

Minimalism sells well today

Many people certainly remember the 20th and 21st centuries, when websites were full of content.

Lots of information, often completely unnecessary for anyone.

These website’s designs were complicated and often even difficult to locate the menu, graphics saturation, flashing banners, and also intrusive ads.

Interestingly, such sites are still being created, and if you hit such a place, do you abandon it as soon as you enter?

A modern website is usually directed towards a minimalist style, or at least such that the content on it does not cause the user to feel overwhelmed.

It’s best to try to put yourself in the role of an Internet user.

By accessing a site with a specific topic and you know exactly what you would like to find on it.

Therefore, the interface should be created in such a way as to literally (and figuratively) lead the user by the hand to the purpose of his visit to the site.

The basic principles to build new website design in this style include:

  • Uncomplicated and immediately visible navigation section
  • Home page in the form of a “landing page” encouraging the user to perform a specific action
  • Transparency, i.e. the use of graphics and content only in the volume necessary to convey the most important information
  • Adequate readability, on which a huge impact on a thoughtful choice of font type
  • In most cases, the site’s graphics should be just the background, the secondary hero of the entire creation
  • CMS system tailored to the needs

Most modern sites are based on free CMS scripts for content management. They have a lot of significant advantages, which include, for example:

  • Quick construction
  • Low implementation costs
  • The simplicity of modifying the page by adding or removing modules
  • Intuitive and easy to use administrative facilities.

Interesting graphic website design has an impact on the conversion rate

A well-made graphic design is often responsible for half the success of the entire site.

Remember that in most cases only the first few seconds decide whether the newly arrived visitor stays on it for longer, or almost immediately escapes from it.

Graphics should be interesting – it must refer to the theme of the site, and to this should harmonize with its content.

It also cannot overly obscure content and make navigating the site difficult.

Remember also that although we have thousands of ready graphic templates for popular CMS systems, they are not always a good solution.

Our site becomes a copy of many other pages, which is why it doesn’t look very professional.

Similarly, using too many free graphics available on the web.

Think about how much more reliable the company presents itself, which in the contact section instead of the standard graphics from the network presents.

For example, a photo of its own team of employees.

For example, a construction company website background can be another example.

No free and well-known graphics from the photo bank will look as professional.

For example, a photograph presenting a job actually carried out by a company, e.g. building a house.


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