Cycling Clubs In Jaipur For Group Rides – Go Biking In Pink City!

Cycling clubs in any city or area are responsible for forming a strong community. I am a part of few cycling clubs in Jaipur, the pink city. However, different clubs have different guidelines and you might like few and hate few. Never the less, clubs are important when it comes to team building, hosting, organizing events. Group rides are fun, your social circle expands and you get to know a lot of people, that you may not meet otherwise.

Cycling Clubs In Jaipur
Cycling Clubs In Jaipur

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In this article, I would list all the cycling groups in Jaipur with their pro’s and cons. Now, most of the riders who are into serious cycling, prefer to ride solo. Bag up a lot of kilometers under their profile on Strava. However, few are more inclined towards riding in groups. Riding in groups is fun and rewarding socially. You get to visit new places, from a new perspective every time. So let’s take a look at these cycling clubs.

Jaipur Cyclist

Jaipur cyclist is the first ever club of the town. This cycling club can be termed as the father of all cycling clubs in Jaipur. This group has the most respected and prominent members of Jaipur cycling. Jaipur cyclist is a group which has most of the tenured and experienced riders. So people who are looking for serious fitness can join this group. However, the membership of the group is hard to come by and all you can do is request them to get added in the club. The right of admission is reserved with the admins and founder members of the group.

This group has a presence on Facebook.

The group has a lovely mission statement on Facebook which reads as…..!

“A group of committed cyclists in Jaipur. The tourist city of Jaipur has tracks and trails galore. Let’s get together and explore the area. Cycling is the perfect activity to get you fit and have fun while doing it”

If you are in Jaipur, and you want to join the Jaipur Cyclists, get in touch with the club page on Facebook.

“Pros and cons: This is the most strongest and oldest group of riders. There are no cons for this group. It’s a good group to join, if they allow you to join. You must be a serious cyclist”


Cycloshot Tribe

cycloshot tribe in Jaipur
Check out the group logo!

This is the coolest and by far the most active group in town. This group came to life when 5 friends, photographer, and cyclists decided to form a comprehensive group to promote cycling. This group is a combination of professional cyclist & photographers.

The motto behind the group is to promote cycling showing viewers the picturesque locations of Jaipur with their cycling in the picture click. Cycloshot tribe frequently organizes fun rides on weekend and most commendable trait of this group is their daily rides, which are not to be missed. If you are a regular cyclist, you might want to join this group for a good riders company.

“This is a complete non-biased group as no cycle shop owner is added to this group”

Most of the time group members carry professional cameras and action camera for ride coverage. Pictures and videos are a must when tiding with this cycling club. Catch all the action on my YouTube channel.

The group also has the web presence on Facebook and Instagram.

Click here to visit my YouTube channel for Cycloshot Tribe Video Ride Logs

Key Riders & Admins of Whatsaap Group: Dr. Ajay Jain, Nimit Agarwal, Trilok, Varun Bhatnagar, Varun Tyagi.

“Pros and cons: This is the most amazing group of riders, in case you are into photography as much as cycling. I mean who would, not want to get their picture clicked. There are no cons for this group. It’s a good group to join”

If you are in Jaipur, and you want to join the cycloshot tribe, get in touch with Varun Tyagi on +91-8440088591 or click the highlighted link. 

Pink City Cycling Club & Soigneur

Pinkcity and Soigneur, these are two WhatsApp group created by Manu Sharma, who owns bike studio in Jaipur. I did a write up for bike studio in one of my articles. Click here to read that article. I have been to every nook and corner of Jaipur city to find a good mechanic and my search ended at Bike studio. Probably the cycle chop with the best mechanic in town. This group hold and organizes frequent group rides. Recently they organized a fun and photography ride to one of most touristic location in Jaipur.

The group has a presence on Facebook & Instagram and Web.

Key Riders & Admins of Whatsaap Group: Manu Sharma.

“Pros and cons: This cycling clubs is owned my Manu Sharma, who is in turn the owner of Bike Studio. So anything wrong with your bike, he is the guy from Jaipur that you need to get in touch with. The only con is that this group needs to focus on getting bigger in city, so adding more morderators or admins will not be a bad idea.

If you are in Jaipur, and you want to join the Pink City Cycling Club or Soigneur, get in touch with Manu Sharma on +91-7791929292

Jaipur Cycling Community

Jaipur cycling community is a combination of riders from different groups. This is the only group where I cease to exist, as the inclination of this group has changed over time.

The group has a presence on Facebook only.

“Pros and cons: The group guidelines are very not very rider friendly. This may be the biggest but yet is not the most active group in the city.

If you are in Jaipur, and you want to join Jaipur cycling community, please get in touch with them on their facebook page. 

Summing Up

There are many small groups in the city as well. Some are area wise local groups, and some are serious fitness related cycling clubs. My views on the groups are my opinion only and are based on that observation which I observed in the groups. The idea is to keep fit and keep cycling irrespective of the group that you are in.


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