Do you remember the first time you got your cycle? What an amazing experience it is to ride a cycle!! It fills you with life. Cycling in the beautiful Pink City of India, Jaipur can be an extremely blissful journey. In this article let us take a look at places to cycle in Jaipur.

The freshness in the calm breeze, the fantastic array of green beauty that experience while paving your way riding on the cycle is an unbeatable experience. 

It is not just physically healthy to explore the greenery and panoramic spots on your cycle but also a way for SOUL CARE- the biggest need of this hour to bring down your carbon footprint.

For the records, the cycle stores have reported that 2020-21 has been the golden period for the sales of cycles with a boom. Check out Jaipur’s top cycle shop.

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The buzz for cycling has taken heights in the city in the last five years. From solo riders to club cyclists- it has become a new trend to ride a bicycle now!! There is an end number of people who are crazy cycling enthusiasts.

However, there may be a fuss about the places to cycle in Jaipur. You need not hassle about where to cycle and what are some of the best cycling destinations in Jaipur. You can even join our group for cycling.

This city has enough to offer the thriving cyclists. Whether you ride a cycle just for leisure or want to challenge your strength, Jaipur has a venue for all. Based on the way you ride like trail biking or performance road biking you can get in touch with different cycling groups in Jaipur.

We will guide you with some of the best short and long routes to cycle in this Gulaabi Nagri. Here are the best scenic biking trails of Jaipur that have to be on your go-to cycling list. 

Check out these places to cycle in Jaipur.

Experience the beauty of Nahargarh Fort by passing through Kanak Ghati and Jal Mahal

The cobbled pathway from the old city to Nahargarh fort
Panoramic view of Jaipur city from Nahargarh Fort

If you want to begin your pedaling journey from the most popular Jaipur Cycling destinations then this cycling route is the right pick for you!! You would to thrilled to go on a challenging ride this route offers.

It is not just the adventurous hills, but also the panoramic scenery and views while riding around the exotic Jal Mahal located in Mansagar.

Places to cycle in Jaipur via Jalmahal and kanak ghati
Nahargarh cycling route via jalmahal and kanak ghati

You just need not more than a few minutes to reach the core heart of the astonishing nature. If you are new to the world of cycling, then consider the second route initially. However, all the expert or well-experienced cyclists can go for the challenging route and climb high! 

You have a choice to choose one of the two routes for reaching Nahargarh Fort while cycling. Riding through Kanak Ghati is the first route and the second one goes through the roads of Purani Basti that are pretty old and challenging.

Places to cycle in Jaipur near Nahargarh fort on cobbled pathway

This place stands first among the places to cycle in Jaipur.  

 Sagar Lake in Amer Fort – Second best place to cycle in Jaipur

There are many cycling routes in Jaipur, but the ride to Sagar Lake is a treat to your eyes. The immense calmness at the lake is just breathtaking. This cycling destination will gift you the charm of hills all around the lake, making the view more exotic and admirable.

Place to cycle in Jaipur - Cycle to Sagar lake near amer fort
Cycle to Sagar lake near Amer fort

You can follow the significant route section of the number 1 path till Kanak Ghati reaches Amber Fort (Sagar Lake). The people who cycle often will find this cycling route not very challenging or exhaustive.

Even the beginners could ride easily to the inclined sections of Kanak Ghati and Kheri Gate till Sagar lake. This cycling destination is around 11 km away from Albert Hall.

JLN Road is one of the best places to cycle in Jaipur

Whenever you are confused about where to cycle in Jaipur- just consider one popular cycling destination of Jaipur that is JLN Road.

Cycling at JLN road in Jaipur - Places to cycle in Jaipur
Cycling at JLN road in Jaipur

People who have cycled around this road must be knowing why JLN road is one of the best cycling routes in Pink City. No matter you are a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, this straight-in-line 10 km road is well-paved to give you a smooth cycling experience.

You get the freedom to prioritize your own section routes to ride around JLN road according to the availability of your time and energy. People who are running out of time prefer cycling in this area for a shorter time duration.

You can end your cycling ride at Patrika Gate or Jaipur Airport if opting for a long ride.

Cycling at Patrika gate on JLN marg Jaipur - Places to cycling in Jaipur
Cycling at Patrika gate on JLN marg Jaipur

To reach Bombay Hospital Mahal Road, Jagatpura from Albert Hall, you need to cover a distance of 16 km.

The cycling route via Nevta Dam

Everyone knows about Saint Xaviers College that is located near Nevta Dam. It is the unbeatable choice of people while searching for routes to cycle in Jaipur around the distance of 50 km. You require to have a ride of 25 km for one side ride.

Cycling till Nevta dam in Jaipur | Places to
Cycling till Nevta dam in Jaipur

Also, there are two routes for this cycling destination with an equal distance. As a cyclist, this route lets you witness the adventurous fun of some really unpaved sections giving you an MTB vibe with a road bike.

It is a well-known fact that there is a huge rush of traffic on Ajmer Road, still, it is the most preferable route choice for cycling enthusiasts.

Places to cycle in Jaipur near Nevta dam
Cycling till Nevta dam in Jaipur

For an alternative option, you can pick up the route going through Tonk Road and Muhana Mandi. You shall need to ride for 25 km from Albert Hall to Nevta Dam.

Short route places to cycle in Jaipur

There are times when you are short of time and want to go for short cycling fun. Or maybe you are just planning to begin your cycling journey with some popular shorter cycling routes in Jaipur. Here we present you some of the best short cycling routes in Jaipur.


Cycling at Vidhan Sabha near C-Scheme
Cycling at Vidhan Sabha near C-Scheme
  • One of the best places to cycle in Jaipur is area around c-Scheme. It has a lot of surprises for the people who love cycling with some broad and well-paved routes. There are multiple varieties to cycle in this area with routes like Bhawani Singh Road, Vidhan Sabha Road, Statue Circle, Ashok Udhyan/Deer Park, Central Park, Prithvi Raj Road, and Janpath.
  • You must try all these fabulous roads for a pleasant cycling experience.

Mahal Road

This is the one I like. One of the best places to cycle in Jaipur. Traffic is less and the roads are wide. Usually, cyclists from Malviya Nagar, Pratap Nagar, Raja Park, and nearby areas prefer this. This 3 km stretch from Malviya Nagar is often known to all cyclists.

Summing up best places to cycle in Jaipur

So these are the best Jaipur cycling destinations recommendations for every cyclist. You would be pleased while pedaling around the beautiful bazaars, busy streets of the Muslim locality, historic Albert Hall Museum and more to witness the true essence of Jaipur

For fulfilling the body fitness needs to pouring the soul blissful requirements- CYCLING is now playing a successful role for every kind of joy you want for your body. Recreate those joyful days from your childhood. Let’s venture off with the cycles and revitalize yourself with the exciting thrill that comes your way while discovering life with moving destinations.

You just need to have time, energy, love for cycling, and definitely the best routes with you for a great cycling experience in Jaipur! Any questions regarding places to cycle in Jaipur, just drop a comment below.


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