Cycling clubs in any city or area are responsible for forming a strong sports community. Let us talk about cycling clubs in Jaipur. I am a part of a few cycling clubs and groups in Jaipur. Different clubs have different guidelines and you might like a few and hate a few. Nevertheless, clubs are important when it comes to team building, hosting, organizing events, and expanding your social circle. In this article, I would list all the major cycling groups in Jaipur with their pros and cons.

Riding in groups is fun and rewarding socially. You get to visit new places, from a new perspective every time. So let’s take a look at these cycling groups of Jaipur. For better understanding, I will mention beginner groups, MTB groups in Jaipur & Road bike groups in Jaipur separately.

Cycloshot Tribe – Excellent for new riders!

Dats me with the camera along with the tribe members!

This group came to life when 5 friends decided to form a comprehensive group to promote cycling, running, and swimming. This group is a combination of professional cyclists & riders who love to click their daily sports activity along with runners and swimmers. You can term it as a triathlon group too. And boy they love to flaunt their workout too.

The motto behind the group is to promote fitness showing other members of the community the picturesque locations of Jaipur. Furthermore, motivating them to get into a fitness routine.

Cycloshot tribe frequently organizes fun rides on weekends and the most commendable trait of this group is their daily rides, which are not to be missed.

If you are a regular cyclist, you might want to join this group for a good rider company.

Most of the time group members carry cameras and GoPros for ride coverage. Pictures and videos are a must when riding with this cycling club. Catch all the action on my YouTube channel.

Group Logo & Group Specs

MTB group in Jaipur | Cycloshot Tribe Logo |  Cycling clubs in Jaipur

Web presence: Facebook and Instagram
Who can join: Cyclists, Runners, Swimmers, Hikers
Ideal for: Beginners, intermediate and professionals
Bike Type Entertained: Every bike that has two wheels and pedals
Immediate connect Varun +91-844008891 (Whatsaap Only) Nimit Agarwal +91-9001798304
Strava Club Link: Click Here

Pros and cons: In case you are into photography as much as fitness. I mean who would, not want to get their picture clicked while cycling. There are no cons for this group. However, if you are looking for a company of more professional rider with whom you can plan your training there are other serious groups as well.

MTB group in Jaipur – Trail hunters AKA MTB Ride Club

MTB club members at Garh Ganesh trails

As you can see the fun fill & energetic folks are fans of trails and hate flat roads. These folks organize rides in the wilderness and on the wild trails in and around Jaipur city. They have been to every jungle area that you can find on Google maps in and around Jaipur city.

In short, if you want to go for short rides inducing yourself with an adrenaline rush then this is your group. You need to have an MTB and join them on the rides.

These folks won’t add you upfront if you connect. In order to be a part of this group, you need to join them on one of their planned rides.

On weekdays you might see them with other club members around Jaipur city, however, if you are ever visiting Jaipur on a Saturday or a Sunday connect with them. They have long trail rides which are often fun to be a part of.

Group Logo & Group Specs

MTB ride club aka trail hunter group logo | MTB group in Jaipur

Web presence: Facebook and Instagram
Who can join: Cyclists only
Ideal for: Intermediate and professionals mountain bikers
Bike Type Entertained: Strictly MTB
Immediate connect Rishi Pareek: +91-9782527861, Trilok: +91-7737107300
Strava Club Link: Click Here

This is the only MTB group in Jaipur when we talk about cycling clubs in Jaipur as if now and I guess more is not needed. One MTB group in Jaipur is more than enough.

Pros and cons: This is a fun group to be in with all the lively members. They love riding to different locations each time, so it doesn’t get boring. However, this club is not for beginners and requires at least average MTB handling skills. These folks wander in the forest on broken trails and tracks, so if you do not know to handle your bike right, you might injure yourself. So join only you are an adrenaline junkie. 🙂 This MTB group in Jaipur is for some serious trail fun.

Road bike group in Jaipur – Rajasthan Road Riders

Members of team Rajasthan road riders

Rajasthan road riders are a road bike group in Jaipur. If you have a road bike and want to enjoy some long-distance speedy rides. Then this is your group to be. Speed is their defining characteristic. If you are looking to push yourself and want to go for century rides then this should be your choice.

Formed in 2018 RRR is a group of Hardcore Road-bike Riders who have formed this group with a clear intent of promoting cycling and making it more than just a hobby.

On weekdays they go out for elevation training and short distance speedy rides and weekends ride is mostly a 100km one that too at a good speed.

The group has a good mix of riders of various age groups, professions, and riding experience. Being a part of Rajasthan Road Riders definitely gives you a much better idea about serious cycling.

Group Logo & Group Specs

Web presence: Facebook and Instagram
Who can join: Serious cyclists only
Ideal for: Intermediate and professionals road bikers
Bike Type Entertained: Strictly road bikes and hybrids or MTB if you can keep up with them
Immediate connect Bijendra Singh: +91-9314122222, Utkarsh Tripathi: +91-8051496600
Strava Club Link: Click Here

Pros and cons: This group has professional and serious riders. Not only are good at cycling but filled with an abundance of knowledge. Any query related to cycling just pop in a question, and you will get expert advice from the members. The only, part that you need to worry about is to keep up with them. They are fast riders, so if you ride slow you better hope that they are not on a training ride else you’re gonna be left behind if you decide to ride with them. Road bike groups in Jaipur are not many but this one tops the list when it comes to professional road racing.

Jaipur cycling community

This was the first ever group that I joined. This group has cyclists from all across Jaipur. This is also one of the oldest groups in Jaipur.

They organize rides all across Jaipur city and also is a registered cycling group with Audax India. This group is the only group that organizes Audax BRM’s in collaboration with Audax India. The scout leader of the group is Sunil Sharma, an icon when we talk about cycling culture in Jaipur city.

He also operates Bicycle Paradise, which is a high-end shop for purchasing good quality imported bikes and accessories.

Group Logo & Group Specs

Jaipur cycling community logo

Web presence: Facebook and Instagram
Who can join: Cyclists only
Ideal for: Beginners, Intermediate, and professionals
Bike Type Entertained: All cycle types
Immediate connect Sunil Sharma aka Guru Ji: +91-9413967530
Strava Club Link: Click Here

Pros and cons: This is an amazing group for all types of cyclists. Guru Ji is a gem of a person and keeps the community together by conducting frequent group rides. There are no cons to this group.

Summing up the article on cycling clubs and groups in Jaipur

There are many small groups in the city too, some cycling clubs in Jaipur are based on the areas riders come from. However, you will find the riders who are in these small groups also in the bigger groups that I mentioned above. My views on the above-mentioned groups are my opinion only and are based on my observation of cycling in Jaipur. The idea is to keep fit and keep cycling irrespective of the group that you are in. So keep pedaling and keep the pink city green! Wink Wink 🙂

If you have any questions related to the groups above please drop in a comment and I would love to answer you.


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