300 Km Brevet – My Journey


From 200 Km to 300 Km Brevet – Story of my second brevet

I literally can’t sleep right now. My 300 Km Brevet is tomorrow, and I started writing this article a night before my ride. I do not know if this happens with everyone, but before any cycling event sleep tends to vanish. I recently did 200 Km Brevet on November 1st 2018. You can read about it by clicking here. In my last article, I wrote about the tip’s and tricks to complete a 200 Km Brevet ride. Let me take you through my journey of completing a 300 Km Brevet ride. Now, these rides are tough, however with a little practice and planning these rides can be a cake walk. Enough of talks, let’s try and get some rest, coz we would need it on the ride.

Preparing for 300 Km Brevet

Once you do a 200 Km Brevet your mind and body automatically adjust and get acquainted with another 100 plus Km for your next brevet. I am doing short rides of 40 to 50 km every alternate day and on weekend I do around 100 km. This keeps your body and mind prepared for this upcoming brutal assault. Just kidding, it’s not that tough as it sounds. So you were to ask me how did I prepare and what schedule I followed? I was doing short rides during the week and long rides of 100 Km and more on weekends. Make sure you are training pretty good enough for the 300 km. Do a long ride for around 100–150 km and see how you feel. I already did 200 km so this part is covered for me.

Read the ruled and regulation of brevet by Audax India here!!

Things to pack for 300 Km Brevet

Now considering the fact the I am doing brevets in the winter season, there are few things that you might need to consider having before you start the ride. Even though in my last article I elaborated how you can prepare and what to carry on brevet rides, let me tell you in a nutshell what do you actually need to carry. This is what I am carrying.

  1. Front and rear lights (required by ACP)
  2. A good quality helmet
  3. Backup front and rear lights
  4. Reflective vest (required by ACP)
  5. Spare tyre tubes
  6. Spare Chain
  7. A portable pump which can be attached to your bike’s frame
  8. Extra batteries for any electronic device you depend on (phone, GPS, etc.)
  9. Energy bars in case I get hungry during the ride
  10. Electrol powder/Glucon D
  11. Two water bottles
  12. ID cards and some cash (Not more than INR 2000 and that too in change)

**Require by ACP: Mandatory things need to be carried as advised by Audax Club Parisien

In addition to these items, you need to carry anything else peculiar to your needs.  Most randonneurs will carry sun-screen, and many will carry Tums, for the stomach problems that are common on long, hot rides, as well as a chamois cream, Ibuprofen, and anything else that makes long days in the saddle more comfortable. We had a discussion today on our Brevet group about carrying eye drops for dryness. Carry it if your eyes get dry on the ride. Or else go for a cycling shade which covers your eyes completely.

The Ride Day

I got up 4:30 AM in the morning. The flag off was at 6:00 AM, and you at least need to reach 30 minutes before to get your brevet card and attend the briefing by ride marshall. These things are important especially if you are not doing brevet from your local club and travelling to another city to do brevets. Without clear route instruction, you will be lost.

We started at 6 AM in the morning an headed to Jaipur Sikar highway. Riding in winters is fun. Your body does not get too tired and cool breeze surely helps a lot. After riding for almost about two hours, we hit out first control point.

First Control Point of 300 Km Brevet

First control point for Audax 300 KM Brevet

First control point was on Jaipur Sikar road. We rode with little efforts but swiftly. Our marshal vehicle was already at the control points. We had breakfast and then headed our way to Sikar Bikaner highway. I would suggest not taking long breaks at control points. Try to limit your breaks, as your body cools down, and lethargy kicks in. Keep your halts short and start your ride to the next control point. 

Second Control Point 
of 300 Km Brevet

By the time we reach our second control point it was almost noon. As usual, our marshal vehicle was there. Tiredness does not kick in till the time you cross 200+ KM in a 300 km brevet.  After doing a couple of brevets I think the distance has got nothing to do with you getting tired. The last leg of the ride is the one which is most tiring. Till the time you keep your brain keeps functioning, and it tells you that your body is not tired, your body basically does not get tired. So make sure that you determination is firm before attempting any endurance feat. 

Third & Final Control Point for 300 km brevet

So, at exactly 150 km turn point we had our third and final control point. We took almost 8 hours to reach half way through. Riding till the turning point is easy compared to returning back to the finish point. This I realised after having 3 flats and a busted tire. 
Puncture kit, spare tubes and a spare tire, this is what I recommend that you should carry. Other riders might or might not help, like in my case, I got plenty of help from the fellow riders.

Heading back to Jaipur

Heading back from the final control points in endurance rides are tough. The reason why I say it’s tough is that the body tries to take control over your mind and force you to make multiple stops. You can make stops, however, keep a check on the clock. Stressing again on firm determination and making up your mind for the last leg of the ride is essential. Ever thought while working out when your body does not listen to you when you get tired, it’s the mind which gets your body back on track. If you believe that this is something you should achieve, your body will have no choice but to align itself with your mind. This is exactly what I did. We reached Jaipur at around 10 PM, with few hours still remaining. As soon as you reach your finish point, the body rejuvenates and you no longer feel tired. I guess it’s all in the mind.  

Stay tuned for my next 400 km brevet coming up on December 22nd this year. Thank you for reading, if you have any questions please drop in a comment below. I would love to answer any questions you might have. 


  1. How frequently do u need to have energy gel. How many extra tubes and tyres you kept. What do u do when it’s cramping in calf, quadriceps?

    • I carry energy bars, at least 4.(There is no limit) India my friend is full of food joints, so there is no need to carry energy gels. I carry one extra tube and a puncture kit with one small portable pump. When I get cramp I usually stop at a place and have full stretch exercises, moreover since this is not a race so all riders will be happy to help with stretching. I remember my friend, even though he could have gone, but he helped me in getting my stretches and I was ok. If you are riding solo you should know your body anatomy. Anything else please let me know buddy.


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