Welcome to yet another another article in the year 2020. First of all a very happy new year to everyone. The latest from@GoogleSearchLiaison is that the search giant rolled out google core update 2020 recently. This Google update in January 2020 on Thursday which was 16th of the month sprouted some unexpected results.

For webmasters wondering about the handle of @GoogleSeachLiasion, this is the official twitter handle for Google’s insights as to how the searches work. Follow this in case you want to keep yourself updated with all the future Google updates for searches.

They however quoted that the update might take two weeks to get implemented. However, they have started running this update on mos tof their data centers.

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Google core update January 2020 Summary

Let us view the timeline as per the set of events from Google.

  • Google search liaison announces roll out of their core update on January 13th 2020
  • Google plans to roll out this update in the next couple of weeks, although they have started implementing this of their data centers
  • It is tough to comment on the update and it’s affects till 100% implementation of all data servers is complete
  • This is in continuation to the earlier core updates which were launched in year 2019
  • Once visible change is the appearance of brand logo/company icon or Fevicon in the searches before results.

What webmasters should know?

Google is always changing its algorithm. This is a fact that everyone knows. Daily there are updates which are rolled out. However, these smaller updated are sometimes are not noticeable. Even the impact is not noticeable.

The difference between smaller updates and a core update is that core updates tends to impact searched in a broader way. These core updates not rolled out daily, but once of twice in a year.

Most noteworthy, the Google only confirms these broader updates as these impact the searches in a massive way.

Some websites might get traffic gain, some might loose. However, Google always is ready to help webmasters in overcoming the traffic losses by suggesting fixes. They do this because they know webmasters will look for these fixes.

Questions webmasters should ask after the launch of Google core update of 2020

If your website seems impacted by this update, it is not mandatory that you might have been penalized. However, there might be other websites that might have more refined content that you might have.

We all know the importance of creating quality content.

Google wants us webmasters to question ourselves if the traffic drops after this update. There are many set of questions that they want us to analyze which you can find in this article. However, let us look at these questions at a macro level.

Ask your selves these 6 questions.

  1. Does your content feel original and free from plagiarism?
  2. Are your meta title and description appealing and make user to go through your content?
  3. Is the content trustworthy, error free and, coming from a authoritative website?
  4. Is the content well researched and filled with facts and analysis?
  5. Does it have many annoying ads and does it load on all the devices quickly?
  6. Does your content add value to user experience as compared to your competitors?

The updates coming from Google have always emphasized on quality or content rather than quantity.

Webmaster’s responses so far

I was going through the Twitter feed. Mostly there are mixed responses. Few of the webmasters which understood the update and are in sync with the Google’s update mechanism are OK. The other are quite worried. Few of the website already saw a drop in rankings and hence web traffic.

Let us look at few of the webmasters reaction on this update.

I would not call it a racket as I got a bump in my web traffic

The above tweet is hilarious. I know that this does not happen when you create epic content. Good quality content always wins.

This webmaster was certainly not happy with the changing algorithm. Instead of blaming Google must have worked on their website.

Another one.

So there you see webmaster looking to work in sync with Google are looking for answer rather than blaming Google. Nice approach!

Summing up

The only noticeable change which is visible right now it the appearance of company icon or Fevicon in the SERP’s.

Rest will be unveiled in coming few days. However, the strategy still remains the same.

Think like a user!

This like a user who is looking for information on the search engine and carefully craft your content with added facts, analysis and value addition as compared to your competitors.


If you have any question related to this update please drop em in the comments below.



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