Your new website! It is almost finished, looks beautiful and technically everything is in perfect shape. The most difficult part is done by the web agency and the only thing you have to do now is the content.

Apple egg, right? Not so. We often see things go wrong. That is why we have listed for you what you should take into account. In this article I would take you through tips to write content specifically article writing tips for beginners in this content writing guide. In the end of the article you can download content writing tips in PDF.

Take your time

You know your company, you know what you want to say so that the website is so filled. In practice, this appears to be more difficult than you think. Take the time to write and post the content. It is unrealistic to think that you will have filled the website within two weeks. Good planning is therefore essential. This is exactly what you will learn in this content writing guide.

The people at have posted free manuals with which you can set up a good schedule. It is important that you appoint 1 person within your organization who monitors the overview and keeps the final editing.

Then point out the people within your organization who will produce the content. Are you going to do it alone? Then make sure you schedule fixed days to work on the content.

If you take the time and occasionally put your work away, you create much better content than you want to produce it all in one go.

Stick to content agreements

There is a good reason that you had a new website created. This is for example outdated and is no longer of this time.

Together with the internet agency, you determine which content you want to place where and how; your content structure.

They create a design based on this. Then it is up to you to make the content fit into the design. If you stick to the agreed structure, there is no problem.

It is logical that you want to tell as much as possible about your organization, product or service, but this is not always relevant or possible.

Stick to the content structure

When you start placing the content on your website, it is important that you take into account the content structure that you have previously agreed with the web agency. Otherwise, your text will not fit in the design.

Do not use your old website texts

We often see that customers use the old website texts for the new website, but this does not work. These old texts are often too long and not well written. So start writing again.

Keep it short

Your visitor wants to find what he or she is looking for immediately and not first to talk about something he is not waiting for.

If your story does not fit in a certain block or on a certain page, then link to another page where you explain it in detail or try to shorten your story.

Layout is essential

Visitors to your website scan the page to see if the answer to their search query is there. If they do not find what they are looking for, they will be gone quickly. You can prevent this by making your web texts scannable:

So you get a scannable text with a good layout! It is important to remember that you must format the text in the CMS. What you should not do is copy everything directly from Word into your CMS.

The page then becomes a monster. There is a chance that you copy the layout from Word and you will be left with weird and different fonts.

  • What do you keep in mind?
  • Attractive, substantive headlines.
  • Short paragraphs.
  • Spacers.
  • Enumerations.

What is your message?

Vague texts that actually say nothing. We often see that happen. You want to write creatively, but you create a text that is so unclear that you almost don’t understand it anymore.

It is very important that you keep in mind who you write the text for and what exactly you want to convey. You know the subject you write about inside and out, but is this also the case with your target group?

When determining the strategy, your target group is defined on the basis of personas. These are non-existent, fictional persons who symbolize the different user types of your website.

You can read exactly what it means in our blog about personas.  It is important that you write from their ideas. Start with a fresh start and keep it short, concise, and clear.

By mapping out in advance what your target group wants to know, you create structure in your content.


An image says more than a thousand words, but not if you use very standard stock photos.

If your texts are on the website, the images must be supportive. In many cases, however, we see that visual material has no added value, but has only been put there because there had to be a picture.

Another common mistake is that the color of your image blends with the design of your website. Red and orange simply do not match.

Test it out and you know if it fits together. You can download the content writing tips in the PDF below.

I hope this content writing guide and tips & tricks were useful to you. Comment below in case you have a question or a query.


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