Are you looking for web hosting? Looking for the best one to choose? Well, we have picked Bluehost and Siteground hosting services. But, we have confusion about which hosting service is the best. You should be careful when choosing the best web hosting. Choosing the wrong web hosting, unfortunately, affects the search engine rankings and business. That’s why I have posted this article to clarify your confusion. I hope you will get a better understanding of the Bluehost vs Siteground hosting. In this article, let us take a look at a comprehensive comparison between them. We will discuss WordPress integration, hosting customer support, hosting price comparison, and hosting setup process.

We have done complete research to compare the two leading hosting provide Bluehost and Siteground. So take a deep breath and understand the comparison of Siteground and Bluehost.

What online users want?

Below is a small survey that I did on my blog and asked random people about what they expect from their hosting company.

FEATURE% of Users
IT’S FREE2.18%

So people want quality support as compared with other features.

Bluehost vs Siteground Overview

Bluehost and Siteground are leading web hosting services. Both are officially recommended by Before going for comparison, let us discuss its overview. Then, we will have a clear idea about the Bluehost vs Siteground web hosting.

Bluehost is a leading web hosting provider and recommended by in 2005. Now, it is accessible over 2 million websites worldwide.

It offers a variety of hosting options such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, eCommerce, VPS, and dedicated servers. It quickly drives excellence and regulates their server hardware. Well, it will improve the user experience and shows the performance.

Siteground, on the other hand, has decent web hosting services. It gives hosting services to location specific hosting for 3 data centers. Gamut is the hosting option that decides to run the shared hosting services. As a result, it works independently like a fully equipped dedicated server.

Comparison between Bluehost and Siteground Hosting

I have discussed the comparison by seeing its features, performance, and ease of use. Both providers deliver the same performance but with distinct operations.

They both have an almost equal customer base. Bluehost and Siteground are beginner-friendly and scalable. Users can experience a good hosting service by picking the best two web hosting services.

Domain purchase feature of Bluehost and Siteground

You get free domain with BlueHost but not with SiteGround | Hosting price comparison
Get a free domain name with Bluehost unlike SiteGround (Note: Free domain name worth up to $15 only)

At first, the domain feature for Bluehost has an attractive name for lots of users. The domain name in Bluehost has a money-back guarantee and registration free up to $15.99. It is a good role to target the audience globally. Even you cancel the plan with Bluehost, domain name works smoothly. Your plan will not expire until the renewal comes.

Likewise, the Siteground does not offer a free domain. But, you can get a daily auto backup on price plans. It can easily restore websites and others. You have to recharge for a domain name with Siteground. Before the startup, it becomes free and upgrades to the higher tier price plans.

Bluehost vs Siteground: Which has better WordPress integration?

Both SiteGround and WordPress provide seamless integration with WordPress
Both hosting companies provide integration with WordPress

WordPress is the major online presence for web hosting. It uses nearly 36% of the internet. Having WordPress has surprising benefits and build the site easily. It has created a list of hosting providers and pick among them. So, Bluehost and Siteground have WordPress to host the websites effectively. Choosing the best hosting service is a bit difficult challenge. You have to analyze thoroughly before picking web hosting.

Fortunately, both Siteground and Bluehost have a strong WordPress focus. It offers quick installation and 24 hours support with updates. They will maintain the sites professionally and gives a stunning appearance. With lots of benefits, websites will turn into leads by having a tailor-made security feature.

Bluehost vs Siteground: Customer Support

SiteGround has 24 hours chat support unlike Bluehost. Hosting customer support is better with SiteGround.
SiteGround is much better when it comes to customer support

While running the websites, sometimes an error may happen. Solving the errors and fix the problems is a burden. That’s why it is important to decide on great hosting customer support. However, hosting customer support is a boon for website hosting. You can always go ahead on the leading competitors like Bluehost and Siteground. Both give 100% satisfaction when it comes to hosting customer support. But, we should check the main difference in how accessible and useful for others.

Bluehost Hosting Customer Support:

Bluehost web hosting service has strong customer support. People can get a solution from contacting the professional staff. It includes live chat, call, and tickets. So, it is valuable for customers to get error fixing techniques by 24 hours of customer support. But unfortunately, Bluehost does not have 24/7 live chat support.

SiteGround Hosting Customer Support:

Another hand, Siteground has equal customer support the same as in Bluehost. Luckily, Siteground has 24/7 live chat support. They have impressive systems to ensure the best and fastest services for all. Users will get an automated response from the Siteground web hosting service.

Bluehost vs Siteground- Hosting Price comparison

Hosting price comparison | SiteGround is more expensive than Bluehost, however I would say that's justified looking at the quality of service.
Hosting price comparison says that SiteGround is expensive than Bluehost

Pricing is the best thing to keep in mind when picking the web hosting. Bluehost and Siteground have separate pricing plans. Users should choose according to their demands. Also, check for affordability and can opt for shared hosting plans. With every shared hosting plan, pricing may differ. So, it is better to discuss its comprehensive difference between the pricing plans of Bluehost and Siteground and do a through hosting price comparison. Hosting price comparison also helps in planning your website budget.

Both Bluehost and Siteground offer a 30-day money-back guarantee option. If you love them, you can find the best one. When comparing both, Bluehost has a better pricing plan than Siteground. It is worth and useful for spending money. Of course, Bluehost plans are cheaper than Siteground. So, you can pick under your budget.

Below is the hosting price comparison between Bluehost and SiteGround.

Bluehost$2.75/Month $6.95/Month $6.95/Month $79.99/Month
SiteGround $3.95/Month $80.00/Month $3.95/Month $296.00/Month

Both BlueHost and SiteGround provide a range of value-added features. They provide the most effective functionality than the average WordPress host. In order to implement this process, the value-added features are effectively utilized. On the whole, they are pretty even on the feature front via BlueHost provides you a slightly simpler dashboard. It is mainly to use those features for providing a slight edge.

Hosting setup process: Features of BlueHost:

  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage on most of the plans are available. The basic plan consists of the 50 GB storage limit
  • Custom hosting dashboard is the main feature but still, you can still if required
  • The built-in caching system is utilized to increase the speed of your website
  • WordPress updates are automatic
  • Free SSL certificate through Let’s Encrypt that will help you to make your website to be secured with HTTPS
  • Most plans, one can able to host unlimited websites
  • The modern technologies it supports are PHP 7.0
  • Most effective WordPress staging websites for testing

When there is an enormous number of a similar feature, there is one area where BlueHost tops. That area is a custom hosting dashboard. This provides a user-friendly interface for beginners to manage the required aspects of your website.

Hosting setup process: Features of SiteGround:

  • Like BlueHost, Free SSL certificate through Let’s Encrypt
  • Automatic updates are provided for the WordPress core software
  • Host number of websites on the important plans
  • The built-in caching system is utilized to turn out your site to load very fast
  • Most effective Cloudflare CDN integration is provided for quick global page load times
  • 10 to 30 GB website storage is available based on the plan
  • Simple staging websites
  • Modern technologies are used here that includes PHP 7.2 and HTTP/2

To access the above-mentioned features, you have to make use of the standard cPanel dashboard. This makes it very much ultimate and most unique.

Important factors:

Both the BlueHost and SiteGround can able to make it simple to create the new WordPress website. But the SiteGround makes the migration process very simple. Apart from the functionality that you checked out about, both BlueHost and SiteGround are consists of the user-friendly process. It also offers the most generic auto-installer to assist you to install WordPress for providing the best wizard tool. This tool pops up on your initial visit that makes the process to be very user-friendly.

They also offer the most extraordinary 24/7 support through email or ticket, live chat, and phone. As it is said, but there is a difference that occurs when it comes to supporting the quality of these hosts. Most of the WordPress users also suggested that the support process is best in SiteGround very effectively.

  • WordPress-specific support quality
  • Overall support quality

The hosting setup process of BlueHost:

This BlueHost is best in providing the most ultimate tool to help you for creating a new WordPress website:

  • This host is not providing any kind of free migration service
  • While BlueHost making it very simple to create the new website, you will require to migrate the site manually. This can be acceptable when you are looking to move the existing website to BlueHost.
  • BlueHost also providing the premium migration service that can able to move around five websites.

The hosting setup process of SiteGround:

By making use of the SiteGround you can able to grab the tool which can able to help you by most effective ways:

  • You can able to install Joomla, WordPress, Weebly or Drupal
  • Even you can consist of the SiteGround install WooCommerce for you in case you are required to create the eCommerce store with WordPress.
  • Transfer the accessible website.

This process also recently launched its own SiteGround Migrator plugin for the effective hosting setup process. That plugin makes it simple for everyone – especially non-technical users to migrate the unlimited websites of WordPress to SiteGround. This host can able to effectively migrated one site for you on the higher-tier plans.

Performance of BlueHost and SiteGround:

There is research has gone through and it has been found that SiteGround provided better performance. It can provide faster page load times when compared with the BlueHost. Below, you can find a summary of the data based on research conducted through Pingdom from different locations.


  • Tokyo: 2.87 seconds
  • San Francisco: 2.86 seconds
  • Washington D.C.: 2.75 seconds
  • Sydney: 3.73 seconds
  • London: 3.43 seconds


  • Stockholm: 1.390 seconds
  • New York: 0.645 seconds
  • Melbourne: 1.563 seconds

Ahead of page load times, it is also very much important that your website is consistently available to the visitors.

When to choose BlueHost?

Both the hosts can able to provide you a great job with its most effective functionalities. Sure you won’t get such type of functions from other cheap shared hosts. For instance, each provides staging sites, a really easy setup wizard and built-in caching that helps in creating the new site.

By considering this, the BlueHost process is somewhat user-friendly. So, in case you are searching for the best user-friendly experience, then sure this host is the perfect option for you. Also, this host’s plans are cheap when you consider the free domain name. So, if you don’t want to spend more money, then BlueHost is suitable for you.

Finally, I recommend you BlueHost, when you are looking for an affordable and beginner-friendly host.

When to choose SiteGround?

Web Hosting

Apart from an affordable and beginner-friendly host, if you concentrate on support and performance, then SiteGround is the best option for you. As it is already mentioned, SiteGround provided better performance than BlueHost in the page load tests.

This is most needed since the page load times will create a huge impact on the experience of the visitors. It also consists of certain higher support ratings based on the survey of the WordPress hosting. It will suggest you get the most effective support from the SiteGround.

Overall, in case you require the best support and performance, sure I will recommend you SiteGround


I hope this article helped you choose between Bluehost and Siteground web hosting. Both Bluehost and Siteground is a leading provider with full packed performance. Both have excellent features and functionalities. They both work well for web hosting and recommended for everyone. Their hosting setup process is easy for anyone new to making websites. If you want to start a website, check the comparison discussed above. So, it let you get the best services for your website. Spend only a little time and find the difference between Bluehost and Siteground. Both have amazing performance and features. They are the best competitors in web hosting services.


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