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Hathni Kund in Jaipur

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How do you imagine Rajasthan’s authentic desert site, where you will find sand dunes that are 20-50 meters tall?
But no! There are several places here where nature will amaze you with its beauty. One of them is Hathni Kund in Jaipur. Where you can visit Kund behind Charan Temple, Hanuman temple Hathni Kund. While this trek of Hathni Kund at Nahargarh passes through a lush green area covered with trees and bushes. This location is uncommon to most people as this is far away from Jaipur and also there are no roads from Charan temple that lead to Hathni Kund. As the place is far away from the city in between the lap of nature. Anyone can admire the beauty of this place after trekking here. This Kund behind Charan Mandir is one of a kind and attracts many folks looking for trail fun.

This sight is most common during the rainy season.

How to reach Hathni Kund

This is the trekking spot located 17 km away from Jaipur, this is the hidden gem of the pink city. You can reach Charan Temple according to your convenience from Jaipur.

The trek from Charan Temple to Hathni Kund at Nahargarh is approximately 4 km. (Both side) Just for everyone to understand the route better I created a vlog on my YouTube channel.

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On the way to Hathni Kund at Nahargarh

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You will glimpse one of the best views of sunrise at Jal Mahal. Jal Mahal is located in Mann Sagar Lake. Both the sunrise and sunset are beautiful to watch. If you love sunrise, check out my article on the best sunrise spots in Jaipur. Especially you will fall in love with the sun if you travel early morning this is the favorite view of every jaipurite and who have visited this place till now. The best time is from 6 am to 8 am and after 4 pm to capture the evening sunlight glow on the Jal Mahal, and after sunset to capture the palace lights. The reflection of the sun around the Jal Mahal surrounded by the mountains creates the perfect scenic view to start your trek.

Charan Temple & Kund behind Charan temple

Charan temple remains a well-known landmark on the way to Nahargarh fort. Before starting my trek with my friends we thought to visit the Charan temple premise. It was a wonderful site beyond my imagination the view from there was astonishing. The Jal Mahal can be seen from there and green cover of Aravalli ranges. Read more about the Charan mandir of Nahargarh here.

Trek started to Hathni Kund in Jaipur

There are two ways to start your trek, one from the right of Charan temple and another from Vidhyadhar Nagar jungle. But we took the route from the Charan Mandir this is the place where we started our trek and ended at the same place. Meanwhile, the way was uneven I will suggest you wear trekking shoes. This place is full of Anogeissus Pendula trees lush green plants after watching this you won’t believe you are in Jaipur. But I will recommend you trek in a group as in this place you will encounter wild animals like panther and snakes. However, you will find many groups heading there. As the place is extremely crowded during monsoon because the best view seen during the rainy season. You will explore many species of beautiful birds and a variety of flora on this trail

Hathni kund in Jaipur during rainy season
Hathni Kund during rainy season

Hathni Kund at Nahargarh

When I reached the top of Hathni Kund I was amazed to watch the beauty of the place and couldn’t resist taking pictures. The place is far away from the hustle-bustle of the city. you can sit there for a long time to soak the beauty in your eyes. After sitting there for a while we headed towards the kund. While there were already many groups enjoying the waterfall and there is another Kund besides the Kund. The place was almost full as it was the weekend.

Kund behind Charan Mandir is filled with lot of hiking groups

Beauty of Hathni kund

This water is present not just in the monsoon but even in the following months of the monsoon. But the waterfall can be seen only in the monsoon due to the rain.

The waterfall appears to be the most beautiful phenomenon in this world. Its real beauty and peaceful effect are always incredibly tremendous for almost everyone. The elegance and magnetism of waterfalls are so enormous that no one can avoid confessing ‘amazing view’.

And watching water tumble off a rock face into a pool or raging river beneath. The noise it makes, the sheer volume of water – it’s magical. The giant rock from where the water was falling seems to be thrilling from the Kund. Furthermore, the most important thing I love to do is clicking pictures. I clicked the picture of my surrounding and mine too.

Hanuman temple Hathni Kund.

There were two ancient temples situated there shiv temple at hathni kund near waterfall zone and another one is Hanuman temple. There is one caretaker of this temple, Sheoram where I had a conversation about Hathni Kund about his stay & how he lived there for so many years.

Hathni kund name origin

Hathni kund or Kund behind Charan Mandir is derived from a local Rajasthani word relating to one of the four directions. Many people say that the origin of the Dravyawati river in Jaipur is Hathni Kund. Thereafter it was named as Hathni Kund.

Summing Up

Finally, we returned to Charan Mandir, via the same trail. I had never been to this place earlier but no doubt. It was an amazing experience there and would love to travel there again and again. I will always suggest this spot to everyone who will visit Jaipur.

At last, The one thing that I was disappointed with was the disposable plastic glasses and bottles that were thrown around Kund behind Charan Mandir. It’s a request to everyone please don’t repeat this kind of activity. A reasonable process of waste removal is also a responsibility towards the environment. Be a responsible person think about nature. As a consequence, it will lead to extinct of nature, “save nature, save the environment”.

Would you like to visit this place if you ever been to Jaipur?
If yes then, gear up with essentials and start an adventurous trail with your family or with your friends. In this coronavirus ensure your safety by taking a mask and sanitizer. If you have any questions related to Kund behind Charan Mandir, please comment and I will try to answer them ASAP.


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    • Less than an hour brother, it all depends on how much time you want to spend. Once we went for a photography tour to this place and ended up spending two hours. Although without stoppage you can cover it within an hour.


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