How to shoot an amazing hyper-lapse video in GoPro 7?

GoPro 7 Black is the most amazing action camera ever by GoPro. Thanks to Nick Woodman. I wrote an article about how smooth the video is with the hyper smooth feature of GoPro 7 Black. In this article, I would guide you to make an exceptional hyperlapse video from GoPro 7 Black. Let us first understand what is hyperlapse?

Time wrap or better called hyperlapse is hyper smooth applied very efficiently to time-lapse. Even if you move in a scene it allows you to capture smooth video footage in time-lapse mode. However, just make sure that you use a memory card of class 10 and above with over 3 GB of memory.

This is my last video in which I talked about the hyper smooth video in GoPro 7 Black.

How does time-lapse or hyperlapse work?

The camera analyzes the scene to apply TimeWarp based off of your selected speed. It then processes the footage in the camera and produces the TimeWarp video. Below is the resolution to which you need to pay attention while creating a hyperlapse video.

GoPro hyperlapse resolution table

Most noteworthy is the speed at which you need to create a hyperlapse. Speed is different in different situations. The table below tells you what speed to choose in a given situation. These were taken from the official GoPro website and I tested them and got phenomenal results.

Time wrap or Hyperlapse speed variations

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Things to keep in mind while selecting speed.

There are few things which you need to keep in mind while selecting the desired speed. These factors, in turn, make a lot of difference when it comes to perfecting time wrap or hyperlapse video.

  • What is the extent of stabilization you need?
  • How long will be the video footage?
  • How much would you move in the video?

The most recommended and default configuration speed is 10x as it works with most of the video scenarios.

I have tested this and 10x works for me pretty good in most of the cases.

I did a test for all the speeds with different activity and video scenarios. The table below would guide you to use which speed in which situation.

Quick guide for selecting time wrap or hyper lapse in GoPro 7 Black.
Quick guide for selecting time wrap or hyper lapse in GoPro 7 Black.

Quick tips to make a hyperlapse video.

  • Use 10x speed as this is the best speed which comes by default.
  • Use chest mounts as this mount tops stability chart. Read More
  • Higher speed gives better stabilization as more frames to choose.
  • Zooming in can help with stabilization

Check out the hyperlapse video tutorial on my YouTube channel.



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