So after a long time stuck with COVID restrictions we finally were able to go to Rishikesh and stay in the awesome “Adventuria Palm Valley camps” in Rishikesh. I made a video log too that I am going to share in this article. Check out this article on how to reach Rishikesh from Jaipur.

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Rishikesh is situated on the bank of the river Ganga and the Gateway to the Himalayas is a town in Uttarakhand and is not just a mere tourist spot. The serene beauty of this place and the divine aura attract and captivate the mind, heart, and soul of everyone who visits this place.

Rishikesh is also famous as the Yoga Capital of the World, promotes and teaches Yoga and Meditation. People from all around the world visit this place to practice Yoga and Meditate to achieve mindfulness. Not just this, Rishikesh is also famous for its holy places like ashrams, Shiv temples, ayurvedic treatments, and many more.

A bonus point, if you are at Rishikesh, do try to attend the Ganga Aarti. You can address the ritual at Triveni Ghat or Lakshman Jhula. Let me mention one more thing, besides the divine and spiritual side, Rishikesh also has a thrilling and adventurous side to it, which lets you get your dose of adrenaline from all the fun activities like trekking, river rafting, camping in Rishikesh, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, and many more. Check out this amazing hike route to Patna waterfall.

Talking specially about camping in Rishikesh, you should not miss a chance to have the best camping experience. With Adventuria Palm Valley camps in Rishikesh, you can have the ultimate camping activities that trigger your adrenaline with the best location and best services. It should be on the top of your to-do list at Rishikesh because it is an experience worth reminiscing.

More about Palm Valley camps in Rishikesh

Adventuria Palm Valley camps" in Rishikesh
Adventuria Palm Valley camps” in Rishikesh

The palm valley camps in Rishikesh are at Ghattu Ghat, within walking distance from the Neelkanth Road. The hills, lofty mountains, and dense forests cover the boundaries of the campsite, making it one of the best spots for Camping in Rishikesh.

I loved this place for two things: First is the area, noise, and pollution-free, and the other is a cute little puppy I met at the campsite.

Tents at Adventuria Palm Valley camps in Rishikesh a small dog
Tents at Adventuria Palm Valley camps in Rishikesh a small dog

Talking about the forests, what comes to our mind is the Wildlife – the answer to that thought is no. No, Cheetas and Leopards won’t be visiting you at your campsite, and it is safe.

You can see multiple camping resorts nearby. Now, the best part of the camp was the river flowing in the backyard of the campsite. The location, the cool breeze, the sound of the river flowing, everything looked so heavenly. You would not need a device to measure the AQI (Air Quality Index) you will automatically feel the difference there.

The Guide to Palm Valley camps in Rishikesh

Tents at Adventuria Palm Valley camps" in Rishikesh
Tents at Adventuria Palm Valley camps” in Rishikesh

It is easy for you to reach your camp spot with the boards, standing by the side of the roads, to guide you to your destination. You have to climb down a rocky trail of 100m to reach your camping spot. A pro tip, if you are also looking for a good camping experience in Rishikesh, you can directly book your camp from MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, TripAdvisor, and many other sites, according to your convenience.

Also, carry your trekking shoes along with you would need them during the activities at the camp.

Starting with the stay, at the campsite, the tents are provided by the resort. So you do not have to carry any excess baggage. There were nearly 15 tents at my sight that were well-equipped with fans, coolers, beds, and a washroom attached to them.

Bonus points to the resort for this, amid covid everyone, is extra careful with hygiene, and this is where I liked my stay with the Palm Valley resorts the most. Also, the view from outside the tents is the perfect example of scenic beauty.  Also, the view from outside the tents is the perfect example of scenic beauty. Note that there are a variety of tents, and the price ranges from 900 INR to 3000 INR for one night, which varies accordingly.

Coming to the food, they provide meals in the buffet. You can serve your meal and dine with everyone in the dining area. I came across a few people looking for non-veg food, and do not worry, you might find it at the camp buffet. In case if you want to have something else you can bring it by yourself and ask the cook to make it for you.

The customer service and the hospitality are pretty good from the Adventuria Palm Valley camps in Rishikesh. There are resort staffs and caretakers to help you out there, and they will be the ones organizing everything for you at the campsite.

Things to do while Camping in Rishikesh

  • Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the environment.
  • The sound of the flowing river gives you a moment of peace.
  • Late-night bonfire and jam sessions.
  • Click wide-angle pictures of the river and the hills.
  • Know the Garhwal people, their traditions, and their food.
  • Gaming area for sports like Volleyball, and Badminton.

Summarizing Palm Valley camps in Rishikesh

Tents ar Palm valley camp in Rishikesh
Badminton and basketball net at Palm Valley Camps

The Palm Valley camps in Rishikesh are similar to the camps that you can think of when you plan camping in Rishikesh. But, what makes the Adventuria Palm Valley camp stand out is the vibe you feel and the scenic beauty of the natural surroundings.

While I was 100m away from the campsite, I was drained and tired, but as I reached and saw the spot,  I felt more energetic, and the sleep was all swept away. The calm, the peace, the bliss is what you will experience in the camp.

So, whenever you plan your trip to Rishikesh, make sure you also add camping in Rishikesh to your list. Also, while in Rishikesh, a few places you can visit are the Beatles Ashram, Ram Jhula and Lakshman Jhula, Patna Waterfall in Rishikesh, Marine Drive, and many more.

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