The pink city always greets Diwali enthusiastically, getting transformed into the radiant shades of yellow during the festive season like Diwali. Jaipur during Diwali is splendid, the gorgeous lanterns and delicious confectionary make this festive season of lights super exciting with the high celebratory spirits of Jaipurites!

You can wholeheartedly relish the Diwali celebrations with utmost gusto only if you visit this fantastic city. Your eyes would be pleased to witness the breathtaking Diwali celebration in Gulaabi Nagri. 

Jaipur has some marvelous places that commemorate the festival with a lively vibe and ambiance, giving you an experience of a lifetime.

Popular landmarks like the city bazaars brim, musicians playing folk favorites, the Nahargarh Fort present us the ravishing sights of the glow of lights that surrounds the whole city with some really creatively made lamps and other artifacts.

Fall in love with the delicious Marwari food and shop for exquisite handicrafts on your sojourn via Jaipur city. Do check out my article on the famous sunset points in Jaipur.

If you also want to enjoy the glitzy avatar of tinseled Jaipur during the Diwali festival and to bring a sparkling glow to your life, then we have some of the best pick spots for you. Here are the most popular places to visit in Jaipur during this Diwali: 

Johri Bazar in Jaipur during Diwali

Johri bazar in Jaipur during Diwali
Johri Bazar in Jaipur during Diwali

One of the most popular centers of attraction for tourists is none other than the jewelry market known as Johri Bazar. The spectacular radiance of this splendid market during the festive season would leave you spellbound.

A huge crowd of visitors rushes out in Johri Bazar, specifically on the day of Dhanteras, for purchasing the gems and jewels on this auspicious day. You can have a glimpse of a tremendous market with mini shops having a stunning variety of gold, silver, utensils, and other expensive stuff. The breathtaking view with a bright luster of lights will take your heart away.

You must add this Bazar to your bucket list while traveling to Jaipur during Diwali. 

The Nahargarh Fort

View from Nahargarh fort Jaipur during Diwali
View from Nahargarh fort during Diwali

The gorgeous view from the most happening places of Jaipur- Nahargarh Fort is spellbinding during Diwali. Your best bet could be to take a ride for Nahargarh during sunset and cherish the beauty of Gulaabi Nagri decked up with Diwali lighting.

Undoubtedly, this heavenly place is a popular pick for tourist destinations no matter what time or season you prefer- once a beauty remains forever a beauty.

You would be flabbergasted while witnessing the ravishing glory of Nahargarh chased by a quantum fold during Diwali days. You will find the entire Jaipur city pleasantly delightful from its façade, and its glamorous transformation from pink city to gold city is breathtaking. You cannot afford to miss the scenic view of the amazingly-lit city and pleasing layers of bright lights shining like the sky full of stars on Diwali from the top of Nahargarh Fort.

Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal in Jaipur During Diwali
Jal Mahal in Jaipur During Diwali

There is no chance that you visit Jaipur during Diwali and skip your way to Jal Mahal. It is the royal charm of Pink City that glows like a Maharani during the festive days.

While visiting Jaipur, no one can resist the graceful elegance of Jal mahal – the alluring water beauty. The Diwali fiesta turns Jal Mahal into the most astonishing view that your eyes won’t be able to forget ever. It is beautifully decked up with sparkling lights to illuminate the spirit of Diwali.

The impression of glittering water under the golden lights is just going you amaze you with its magnificent sight of the Mahal (Palace) situated in the Man Sagar Lake. 

Chaura Rasta

Chaura raasta in Jaipur during Diwali
Chaura Rasta in Jaipur during Diwali

After witnessing the gorgeous palace, forts, and markets, if you feel like- DIL MAANGE MORE, then you are definitely not out of options. There is no chance that you are done visiting all the popular places in Jaipur during Diwali.

The sight of buzzing roads in Chaura Rasta is another beauty to be cherished during the festival days. This is a historical as well as an iconic road situated in the walled city zone of Gulaabi Nagri, consisting of the smart traditional structures, pretty huge trees, and sanctuaries having their back from the past hundreds of years.

The enticing lighting and decorations all over the Chaura Rasta during the celebrations in Diwali season is the reason why it’s the favorite pick of Jaipurites and other visitors seeking a glimpse of Pink city.

World Trade Park

World trade park in Jaipur during Diwali
World trade park in Jaipur during Diwali

Want to know one of the posh & luxurious spots in Jaipur?? It is none other than World Trade Park- the center charm of this city !!! It captured the crowd from day one of its excellent creation.

With its fresh construction, WTP is the happening place where people rush to hang out, shop-hop, eat-treat, watch movies, and most of all is the glory of this mall just rises 100% during Diwali season wrapping itself in its very own elite and sparkling charisma.

That warm glow and glisten with the likenesses of fireworks and the lights all around the mall are WOW!. Your eyes can never forget the radiance of this deluxe space full of magnificent lightings and decoration. 

Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple in Jaipur during diwali
Akshardham Temple in Jaipur during Diwali

People adorn this sacred place as a Mini Vrindavan of Gulaabi Nagri where you can absorb the pure moments of serenity and tranquility. Especially during the days of Diwali, this god space showers high vibrations and holy energies.

If you are visiting Jaipur during Diwali season, then Akshardham temple can undoubtedly give you goosebumps under the divine rays of Lord Krishna’s blessings showering on you.

Diwali celebration at this space is full of bliss, bright lighting decoration, mindful wisdom, and traditional god rituals to blow your mind with a peaceful ambiance.  

Gaurav Tower

Gaurav Tower in Jaipur During Diwali

Nowhere in India, will you find a place like Gaurav Tower that embraces Diwali in the most exciting way !! The crowd dressed in charming ethnic attires is filled with enthusiasm to embark on the beautifully arranged colorful lightings, the tinseled buildings, bride-like dolled-up shops during Diwali days.

You can definitely plan to hang out at G.T. to capture a delightful experience in your memories. This popular hangout point is also known as TREND-MAKER because of its mesmerizing diversity of shops.

All the shopping lovers can grab the best of the trending clothes and other shoppable things within your budget here. 

Mirza Ismail Road

One of the most ravishing streets in Jaipur – MIRZA ISMAIL ROAD, natively known as M. I. Road is the soul of Pink City !! Starting from Sanganeri Gate and accompanying you to Government Hostel, M.I. Road brings you the vivacious, lively, and effervescent ambiance that also mirrors the royal heritage of the Pink city.

For the most happening Jaipur trip during Diwali, we would recommend you to initiate your joy at M.I. road during night hours to feel the magic of this city working. This spot is going to present you with the Las Vegas vibes during the Diwali Days in Jaipur. With its glorious lights and marvelous decoration, M.I. Road has an awesome market for the shopaholic peeps. 

Nehru Bazar and Bapu Bazar

Bapu Bazar in Jaipur during diwali
Bapu Bazar during Diwali

Jaipur city has the two most adorned markets, well constructed in a traditional essence. The mesmerizing creation of these two astonishing markets – Nehru Bazaar and Bapu Bazaar get lit up spectacularly, and you should never miss it by any chance.

There are some awesome possessions in these markets that are aesthetically popular such as footwear, home decor items, endowments, readymade garments, and many more.

For treating your eyes magnificently, there are busy shops and streets decorated and garnished with sparkling lighting during the Diwali season. These splendid bazaars must be on your checklist for this Diwali trip to Jaipur. 

Summing Up

Diwali is one of the most joyfully celebrated festivals in India unifying us with our high festive spirits. It is a really glamorous and dazzling celebration in Jaipur that lures tourists not only from India but also from abroad countries.

From old to young, all get dipped into the fervor to experience this incredible Diwali festival jumps zenith in the city and that makes it more exciting for you to witness Jaipur’s Gala Diwali.

These places in Jaipur offer regal Diwali celebrations that just cannot be matched! This Diwali, why don’t you plan to witness the grandeur celebrations during the auspicious occasion in Jaipur!!!

These 9 places to visit in Jaipur during Diwali are worth going to. Go on a shopping spree at these Diwali places in Jaipur. Check out these spectacular places. Missed out any place in Jaipur during Diwali do leave in the comment sections below. Check out my vlogs on Jaipur.

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